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Top 7 LG LED Smart TV 32 Inch Under 35000 Rupees

LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN5650 Specifications

TV is a magical electronic device for on time entertainment, news, and latest information. In the Indian society, TV brand and screen size defines family status. If you shelter a TV with screen size 32 inch or more then you can claim to be part of high status class.

Today’s Indian family cannot be completed without a living or bedroom TV. A couple doesn’t have kid that is fine, but not having a TV in drawing room becomes a matter of social debate in neighbor. Even husbands life is peaceful as long as TV is working. Whether it is watching of a cricket match or daily TV serials or premiere of a new movie, TV is must. One of my neighbour uncles has said, he loves TV because that is a unique device which attracts everyone in family equally. In his words, a family unites and spends time together because of the living room TV.

Here we are discussing LG’s top 7 smart LED TV with 32 inch screen. The LG ( Life is Good) electronic is Korean Giant having more than ten years of successful operation in India. It has been a reliable and popular TV brand. With the large network of sales and service centres, LG owns significant share in the annual TV sales in India.

The Listed seven LED smart TV features 32 inches of screen size. Please note, 32 inches TV is an ideal and best-selling modern screen size worldwide. The screen size is neither big nor small. It is absolutely perfect for bachelors, small medium families. Also, the available television contents are best suited to 32-inch screen. If there is iota of doubt as far as TV screen size is concerned, trust me the right screen size is 32 inch the best fit for your home.

 LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN5650 – JAZZ LED LCD TV

The LG LED LCD TV is referred as “Jazz LED TV” according to official website descriptions. With the Screen ration of 32: 80 CM, it features HD display with a resolution measured as 1366 by 728 Pixel on an advance IPS LCD LED panel. It is powered by LG’s XD engine, which comes with resolution upscaler and 7 pictures mode along with noise reduction technology. User can set 7 pictures mode reframed in available 8 aspect ratio modes while there are three modes available for AV option.LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN5650 Specifications

LG’s grand TV is equipped with Dolby digital sound in the form of 120W RPM of 2.2 channel speaker system. There are two sub-woofers to enhance bass and sound quality in the attendance of “clear sound II”. Six sound modes – Standard, Music, Cinema, Sport, Game and User Setting can be optimized with three modes that are Normal, Wall-Mount Type, and Stand Type.

Making it a smart TV, the LG TV features some of basic connectivity options. First, the TV is optimized to support mobile phones through enabled MHL technology. The LG TV has given one USB port at the right edge. Being close to a smart TV, it supports playback of HD videos from third-party storage in DivX HD player. Headphone can be connected to an audio jack placed at side edge whereas two HDMI connectivity ports are placed at side and the rear of the TV.

Today’s TV is not just an ordinary idiot box. LG TV Model 32LN5650 lists some key features, which makes it a special product. Some of them are useful in our day to day life. I would like to get your attention on some special features such as Smart Energy Saving, Simplink and Key Lock options. Smart Energy Saving helps it to reduce power bill, Simplink gives additional connectivity with third-party component and Key lock option gives authority to forbid free and unauthorized access to TV in your absence.

Remote: The LG LED TV model comes with a usual remote.

The LED TV is down with mind blowing sound system, crystal clear picture quality and 1200 W PMPO DTS surround sound production. Popcorn pot in hand and lights off – You are straight into your small cinema hall with loved one.

Price 34000 Rupees
Display 32inch, LED, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 Pixel
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 1200 W PMPO
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 1 ( At Right Side)
HDMI Port 2 ( At Rear + Side)
Headphone Port 1 ( at Side)
Special Smart Energy Saving, RF In, 7 Pictures Mode, 6 Audio Mode
Weight 8.39 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 73W, 0.5W (Stand By)

LG 32LN5150 – Transform LED LCD TV

This LED TV model has some key features to make your life easy and propositional advanced as we are concentrating on the balance of technology in our daily life. According to the official listing details, the smart TV model features some of advent features, not features in competitor products, available in similar price band.

Key Features: LED, Transform TV, IPS Panel, USB Movies, All Round LG protection, Triple XD Engine, Smart Energy Saving, Motion Clarity Index 100, Audio Out, Motion Eco Sensor, 2 Channel Speaker, Wide Viewing Angle and HDMI.

The LG 32 inch LED TV is packed with 4 external connectivity option wherein one USB port, two HDMI port and one Headphone 3.5 mm audio port is listed. Its HD display features 1366×768 Pixel resolution in the ratio of 32:80 cms. Coming to the Video properties, it lists Triple XD engine that gives dynamic picture enhancement with five modes of picture quality – vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sport, and Game in the aspect ratio of 7 modes that are 16:9, Just scan, Original, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom and Cinema Zoom. The AV mode function comes with three options that are off, Cinema and Gaming.

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In audio section, we find two speakers with 5W×2 directed towards to viewers and designed to produce audio output in 5 sound modes. With four connectivity ports, the talked TV features 8 cabinet keys reset properties. Though, it features smart power saving, but lacks the much needed security lock option to prevent unwanted access.

According to the official data, despite having HD display and 32 inch screen size, the LED TV consumes only 55W in active mode whereas limited with 0.5W power consumption in the standby mode.

LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN5150 Specifications

As like the first model, buyers are not benefited with advance remote. The sales pack includes a usual remote to operate the TV. You don’t need to buy additional speaker for a home party. The power packed TV model blessed with excellent viewing angle, colour reproduction and best class of speakers. The TV is sufficient to transform your home party into a real night club party.

Price 33000 Rupees
Screen LED, 32inch, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 Pixel
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 5W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 1 ( At Right Side)
HDMI Port 2 ( At Rear)
Headphone Port 1 ( at Side)
Special RF In, 5 Pictures Mode
Weight 6.7 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 55W, 0.5W (S)
Warrenty 1 Year

LG 32LN571B – HD Smart LED LCD TV

This is a product from LG’s smart TV family. It comes with 32 Inch HD LED screen optimized for seven modes of video, reset in eight modes of aspect ratio. The model features LG’s in house patent Triple XD engine which brings features such as resolution upscaler, dynamic colour enhancer and noise reduction in image production.

LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN571B Review

One directional two speakers are authorized to loudness of 20W with extra enhance of surround sound plus. Audio system in the product features six modes of sound input, which is again redefined in three modes of audio properties reset.

Since it is a smart TV, we find many computer related functionalities. The product shelters dual core CPU to operate with online applications. It features voice reorganization technology as an addition to the magical remote function. You can install apps from LG official store along with social media integration such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter. Above that all, you can use your smartphone as a smart remote after having installed a smart remote apps of LG.

The smart TV features latest technology in device to device connectivity. DLNA and NFC are two advance options beside MHL Compatibility and option of network file browsing.

LG’s smart TV comes with my favourite option that is on demand recording of TV programs. Because of external device compatibility, users are allowed save the recorded HD program videos directly to a Hard Disk. I had tested with one TB Seagate which was easily recognized and supported with the product. So, you are free to record any program on one click and store directly into the connected external HDD.


A smart TV requires a Smart Remote. The LG has worked hard to design a dedicated smart remote for the smart LED TV.

Great Picture Quality with Nice clarity along with advance Internet Option setup. The 32inch LG TV can play all media files.

Price 32000 Rupees
Screen LED, HD Ready, 32inch, 1366 x 768 Pixel
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 10W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 3 ( At Side)
HDMI Port 3 ( At Side)
Headphone Port 1 ( At Rear)
Special DLNA, NFC, Wi-Fi, RF In, 7 Pictures Mode, 6 Audio Mode
Weight 6.7 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 1W(S)
LG 32LB620B – HD Cinema 3D LED TV

Key Features: LG Cinema 3D, Comfortable 3D Glasses, Dual Play, Smart Mobile Link Compatible, 2D to 3D, Flicker Free 3D, 3D Depth Control, 178 Degree Viewing Angle, Virtual Surround Sound, Clear Voice II, Triple XS Engine, Metallic Design, Bollywood Mode, Indian Regional Language Options

3D TV is a next level concept in the TV industry. According to current market reality, the development of 3D concept devices is in baby age. While you look at the current market, you won’t find many products, which renders the imagination of 3D in your living room. The current development in 3D technology is not feasible due to lack of 3D contents.   According to my information, the LG was the first TV brand had shown interest in the development of 3D technology for masses. The 3D LED TV is one such attempt from LG to capitalize on the current 3D market. LG's target is to control the 3D TV market which going to have significant slice from the existing TV Bazaar in next five years.

The 3D smart TV is well appreciated by users but doesn’t make sense in day to day usages. Besides watching 3D movies, there is no use of the 3D capability as daily shop contents are available in 2D format. Even Nat GEO, Discovery and BBC, recognized for providing real HD contents are not keen in 3D contents.

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Therefore, if you are buying the 3D LED TV then, be clear that the 3D Tag is just for namesake. You don’t get wrong impression so I clarifications, the 3D LED TV is perfect and provides real 3D experience while you watch a real 3D content.


Video: The 3D TV features Picture Wizard III with Triple HD engine which brings active noise reduction and dynamic white and colour balance. User gets 8 pictures mode to set the display under enhancement of 8 standard aspect ratios.

Audio: One way directional two speakers is equipped by 20W surround sound output while there is “clear voice III” with Bollywood Audio Mode. User can set the six mode of sound under optimization of three mode of audio.

Connectivity: The device hosts smart mobile link compatibility alongside 1 USB, 2 HDMI and 1 Headphone Jack port at rear and side. To play USB hosted videos, it features DivX HD player which supports FHD playback.

Smartness: Besides usual features, the 3D TV features subtitle and functionality reset options in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali languages.

Cinema 3D: Keeping feasibility of 3D content, the TV comes with advance tools to correct 3D contents, change format and conversion in 2D version. Viewers need to wear 3D glasses to watch 3D contents or else it is going to be usual 2D visual. There is smart work from LG side to provide pair of 3D glasses in the sales box.

I have experienced 3D viewing on the TV while watching Kung Fu Panda 2 Hollywood movie. It was quite diligent and mind blowing experience for me. However, the problem is, besides 3D cinema contents, there are not much is available in market with 3D Tag.

Picture quality and 20W audio output is noted features above its USP of 2D and 3D picture productions ability. The 2D and 3D features are useless and doesn't make sense in daily and day usages. Nevertheless, LG effort has to be appreciated as brings most advance TV technology under 35000 budgets in India.

Price 31000 Rupees
Display 3D, LED, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 Pixel, 32inch
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 10W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 1 ( At Right Side)
HDMI Port 2 ( At Rear + Side)
Headphone Port 1 ( At Rear)
Special 8 Picture Mode, 6 Audio Mode, LG Cinema 3D, RF in
Weight 5.9 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 55W, 0.3W (S)
Warrenty 1 Year
LG 32LB5610 – Full HD LED TV

Key Features: Full HD, IPS, Metallic Design, Bollywood Mode, Regional Language Option, Smart Mobile Link Compatibility, Clear Voice II, Virtual Sound, Triple XD Engine, MCI 100, 2 Channel Speakers System, USB Movies Support, DivX HD, HDMI 2, Smart Energy Saving.

LG’s FHD TV comes with resolution support of 1920×1080 Pixel and screen ratio of 32:80 cms while clear viewing angle goes upto 176 degree in normal contrast. At the current price of thirty thousand, the LG product rents advance connectivity option supported enhance video and audio properties.

Video: LG’s patent technology Triple HD Pictures is supported Picture wizard III towards offering quality video contents. We find 8 modes of Video setting option redefined by 8 modes of aspect ratio. XD engine in the TV brings on board some automation features such as Active Noise Reduction with Dynamic Colour enhancer.

Audio: Two channel speakers can be extremely loud upto 20W of sound output. Under the audio enhancement, LG’s FHD TV lists “Clear Audio II” powered by six mode of sound and three mode of audio optimization.

Connectivity: Out of four connectivity ports, two ports are for HDMI, one for USB and remaining one placed at side of the TV for headphone support in the form of 3.5 MM audio jack. The TV supports USB file play as it owns DivX HD player and pictures browser engine to support the feature.

LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LB5610 Specifications

Smartness: LG’s FHD LED opts for poor smartness as it does not have much to offer as far as Smart TV options are concerned. With “Smart Power Saving” options and Motion Eco Sensor it listed control panel reset in Indian Regional Languages.

The FHD LED TV comes of a usual remote set. LG's cool TV comes with fancy design with unique protection features while there is awesome pictures quality. The LG TV is powered by DivX player, which plays all kinds of videos and movie clips. Sound quality is great; especially Bollywood Mode is bringing excellence in entertainment value. We just noted big concern in viewing angle.

Price 30000 Rupees
Display LED, FHD, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, 32inch
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 10W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 1 ( At Right Side)
HDMI Port 2 ( At Rear + Side)
Headphone Port 1 ( At Side)
Special 8 Picture Mode, 6 Audio Mode, Smart Energy Saving, RF In, Slim LED
Weight 6.2 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 55W, 0.3W (S)

Key Features: Smart TV, Magic Remote Ready, Smart Mobile Link, Time Machine, Wi-Fi, Smart Share, Voice Recognition, Game World, Tag On, Mira Cast, Intel Widi, LG’s Premium Content, Metallic Design, and Bollywood Movie Mode.

Today’s 3G network connectivity and Social Media trends demands for more than a HDTV. Since HD smart TV concept became viable for general consumer, LG has taken lead position in the section delivery. A Smart LED TV balances your TV news and entertainment alongside daily dosages of online news and online activity.

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LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LB582B Specifications

Packed up with Slim LED module, the Smart TV offers all Smart TV features whereas market selling price falls under 30000 rupees to become affordable for masses. This is one of the finest choice available in the current price band.

Video: With 8 modes of video and aspect ratio, the HD smart TV features Pictures Wizard III and Triple XD Engine while there is picture noise reduction and dynamic colour balancer too.

Audio: 20W double speakers are powered by six mode of audio setting while there is three mode of device sound optimizations. There is DTS surround sound decoder in the company of sound quality enhancer “Clear Audio II” technology powered by smart sound mode. In case of Bollywood Cinema content, users gets additional sound mode that is Bollywood Audio, bested suited with Bollywood Songs and related contents.

Connectivity: This is one of most advances smart LED TV provides multiple connectivity options to justify its smartness. With whopping 7 external hardware ports option in the unity of Ethernet cable and in-built Wi-Fi, the TV goes step forward than its competitor in the market. It has three USB and HDMI Ports alongside one port for headphone at rear. Moreover, there is NFC and DLNA connectivity option as well.

Smartness: The LG TV is built on Net Cast 4.5 which supports social media integration of Facebook, Twitter and Skype with full online browning. Though the online navigation could be acted by magical remote which hosts extra key to manage and arrange browsing, still the TV features voice recognition technology for easy access management. User gets option to download free app from online store while LG provides exclusive premium content from its India specific online store at free of cost.

LG’s low budget Smart TV supports recording of HD content and store directly to an external Hard Disk upto 2TB of database. It has internal memory of 1.5 GB. Users are allowed to record and play content directly from content hosted memory place. LG gives more smartness by adding Motion Eco and Intelligent Sensor besides smart energy saving features.

Remote: Magic Remote

The LED TV supports joy stick manual button operation and packed with three direction adjustable wall mounting Kit. Very good colour reproduction, audio output, and auto detection of media content in your laptop while connecting through Wi-Fi or USB. The magic remote listed advance buttons for online navigation and properties reset. Its classy look adds extra to your living room decoration.

Price 28000 Rupees
Display 3D, LED, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 Pixel, 32inch
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 10W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 3 ( At Side)
HDMI Port 3 ( At Side)
Headphone Port 1 ( At Side)
Special Ethernet Supoort, Wi-Fi, 8 Picture Mode, 6 Audio Mode, NetCast 4.5
Weight 6.2 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 55W, 0.3W (S)
Warrenty 1 Year

Key Features: LED, Mobile HD Link Compatibility, USB Movie Support, All Round Protection, Triple XD Engine, Smart Energy Saving, Motion Clarity Index 100, Audio Out, Motion Eco Sensor, Dual Speaker Mode, and HDMI.

LG LED TV 32 Inch 32LN541B Specifications

With 178 Degree viewing angle and the experience of real LED comes on the current market price of twenty five thousand. This is an absolutely perfect choice for bachelor or small families. The LG has packed the product with top noted specifications where pricing remains low as we compare with existing competitor products in the given price band.

The HD LED TV is packed with 32 inch of screen frame in LCD display with LED backlighting. There is all round protection for advance IPS panel. Triple XD engine takes the job for crisp and crystal clear clarity in pictures with additional enhancement in account of 6 modes of sound and 7 modes of video properties setting.

To take the quality level at new high, it features Picture wizard II with aspect ratio of 8 modes along with Clear Voice II. For connectivity it has four port options wherein one port is for USB, two ports for HDMI and balance one for Headphone Audio Jack.

It features 7 types of special feature including key lock option. The key lock option in a TV becomes useful while you want to avoid excess or misuse of the TV.

Overall it is a complete package according to market standard and daily life requirement. Some of my bachelor office colleagues own the TV model. According to their verdict, this is the best LG one can buy while budget is limited within twenty five thousand rupees.

Because of Dolby Digital Decoder and one way two channel speaker, it brings cinematic experience in your drawing room with 20W audio output. This sleek and amazing screen is best in the market with price tag of 25 thousands.

Price 27000 Rupees
Display LED, HD Ready, 1366 x 768 Pixel, 32inch
Audio Output 2 Speakers, 10W×2
Video Output DivX HD Playback,Triple XD Engine, IPS LCD Panel
USB Port 1 ( at Side)
HDMI Port 2 ( at Side + at Rear)
Headphone Port 1 ( at Side)
Special 7 Picture Mode, 6 Audio Mode, Smart Energy Saving, RF In
Weight 6.2 Gram ( With Stand)
Power Consumption 70W, 1W(S)
Warrenty 1 Year

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