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Top 7 Electric Shavers In India Under 3000 Rupees

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

Outside your home, first you are judged by your dress and looks. Other factors come later. To enhance your looks, to make it WOW, you should work on your dressing choice and your beard & mustache. In fact, to win in this highly competitive world, the first thing matters – is your personality. Your beard plays a pivotal role in making you look extraordinary. One may look an ordinary man, a corporate executive, or a hunk to attract females just by adding an extra angle to his beard. In fact, money does not always get you everything. So, keep yourself up to date.

Further, to be winner always in today’s fast-moving world, you just need to change your personality according to place, time, or requirement. However, going to a salon for a new look and style is neither a practical solution nor financial. Then what is a cost-effective solution for the proper care of beard & mustache? You should buy an electric shaver. Read also Flyco Shaver for Indian Men below 1400 Rupees.

Regular Razor: A traditional razor is not skin-friendly and leaves cut marks on face after-shave. Therefore, to give a unique style to your mustache & beard, the only solution is to invest in an advanced electronic shaver, which comes with smart functions, too. An office-going person like me wants convenient, fast, and smooth shaving every day. That is only possible by an electric shaver.

Electronic shaver is the coolest innovation, which genuinely made men’s life easier. Today’s battery operated shavers have all-in-one feature. They come with the precision of fine blades, which evenly cuts or trims beard without hurting skins.

Best brand for electric shaver: With many best-selling electric shavers listed online, the brand Philips has the leadership position in the market currently. Other favorite brands are Nova, Panasonic, Agaro, and few other international names.

The brand Gillette does not require an introduction to Indian men. However, despite having leadership in men's care, it is still not a big name in the electric shaver market. This US brand has launched just one electric shaver.

Warranty: All the 7 listed electronic shavers have two years of service warranty. Especially for Philips customers, the first year of service is approved based on the purchase slip or bill. However, to avail the second year of service warranty — requires online registration of the product at the Philips India website.

Electric Shaver for Daily Use: To novices, let me inform upfront, you need some time before you could make the best use of an electric shaver. Apparently, shavers discussed here are the best electronic shavers in the Indian market. Moreover, they have easy to use features. Hence, even if you are going to be a first-time user, you could buy one of these seven advanced electric shavers. However, you need some passions. First, you need to know exactly how to use an electric shaver.

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In this exclusive article on best electric shavers, four battery-operated shavers are from Philips. The balance three are from – top brands for battery-operated shaver, Panasonic, Gillette, and Agaro.

I am sure today you would find a perfect electric shaver for your need from these top 7 electric shavers in India in the price range of 1000 to 3000 rupee budget. Read also Affordable Premium Shaver and Trimmer for Men.

→Philips Aqua Shaver AT890 Electronic Saver

It is a waterproof electronic shaver and designed to work with dry, foamed or gelled skins. Philips At890’s rounded low-friction heads adjust to the curves of your face to limit skin damage. You will find dual blade precision which works such a way that the first blade pull up the hair and the second blade cut it from root without harming skin. Also, it is equipped with top trimmer for stylish grooming of your mustache.

Philips Aqua Touch Shaver AT890

I am really impressed with an overall balanced designing of the shaver. You get a perfect grip and the same time internal motor does not generate too much vibration and noise. You will find that it is easy to control while you are styling mustache according to your wish.

Philips’s AT890 features one LED indicator which gives a quick status of low battery, charging and full battery status. A quick three minutes of charging is sufficient for one complete shave. In general, the product requires 60 min of charging that will give you for more than 17 shaving.

It offers quick Rinse technology, which makes it easy to clean in day to day uses. You just need to pop up the shaver head and put underneath of a water tap. The waterproof shave is protected by Philips’s two years of full service warranty.

Price 3000 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Head Type Flexing Head
Recharge Time 60 Min
Use Time 50 Min, Up to 17 Shaves
Warrenty 2 Years


→Philips Men Shaver AT756

This is one more good quality electronic shaver from Philips. While we compare specifications, we find it very similar to the shaver At890. Battery quality is one of the main reasons to have price parity between these two products. The At756’s battery requires at least eight hours charging to reach about 100%. After the completion of full charging, you would get approx 40 minutes of shaving that is equal to more than 10 shaving session. The Waterproof electronic shaver comes with Quick Rinse technology, which gives easy cleaning option.

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Philips Aqua Touch Shaver AT756

The AT756 is a good choice for the first time users. This is a multipurpose shaver where users get the option to pop up trimmer to give a unique style to mustache and sideburns. You can use it for wet and dry shaving while it works perfectly with foamed skin by using the “lift and cut” technology.

The cordless shaver requires two changeable batteries and has two years of full service warranty from Philips. In the sales box, you will find a charging adapter, shaver’s head protection cap, cleaning brush, a pouch for the shaver. At the straight center, two LED indicators for giving information related to battery status and blade position.

Price 2500 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Head Type Flexing Head
Recharge Time 480 min
Use Time 40 min
Warrenty 2 Years


→Philips AT620 Electric Shaver

At the current price of 2000/-, it is a perfect choice for young kids. The AT620 gives you smooth and cut free shave without putting much effort. Philips’s masterpiece works for wet and dry shaving and powered by dual blades, precision, and high-speed motors. It is a waterproof gadget so you are free to put it under water tap for cleaning after shaving. By the way, the shaver does have an advanced cleaning feature called Quick Rinse technology.

Philips Aqua Touch Shaver AT620

Some users have complained that it requires two to three strokes to achieve a perfect shave. As I mentioned earlier in this article, you need some practice before you are being satisfied with your face shavings. Complement by good batteries set the shaver gives backup of 30 minutes, equal to 10 and more shaving sessions.

The trimmer has only pros and almost no cons. However, I could still notice one. It makes a lot of noise that is quite irritating for your family members while you are shaving.

Price 2000 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Head Type Round Shape
Recharge Time 10 Hours
Use Time 30+ Minutes, Up to 10 Shaves
Warrenty 2 Years


→Battery Powered Panasonic ES3833 Men Shaver

Panasonic lists a dynamic shaver which gives fast shaving on time crunch day to day life. Especially I would recommend it for regular travelers since it consumes very less battery power. You can use 2AA batteries, easily available in the local market. The best past of shaver is sliding trimmer which does the splendor job in trimming sideburns and your mustaches. It features a single foil blade system which runs on a very high-speed motor. The ES 3833 is a cordless shaver work in dry and wet condition. Panasonic gives two years of free service which can be obtained with the given warranty card in the sales box.

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Panasonic ES 3833 Shaver

Before you become a master, you need at least three to four tries to obtain perfect shaving. Some users have complained that it leaves hair behind. The problem occurred due to improper balance of the shaver during its usages.

Price 1800 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Warrenty 2 Years


→Philips Aqua AT610 Electric Men Shaver

I find the AT610 to be a good trimmer than a shaver. Although it works in dry & wet shaving along with all types of trimming. It is a sturdy and quick result oriented shaver for young Indian. Priced less than 2000, it is one of the affordable choices in the current list of top 10 electronic shavers. The best part of the shaver is long lasting blades to make you worry free for at least three to four years.

Philips Aqua Touch Shaver AT610

During the test, I was not so comfortable with the shaver; still, I included since it is the best shaver in the current price category. It does require charging about ten hours, which gives more than 10 shaving and 30 minutes of trimming session.

Price 1700 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Recharge Time 10 Hours
Use Time Up to 10 Shaves
Warrenty 2 Years


→Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

World’s best shaving product maker brings a decent product, which is a combination of trimmer, shaver, and line styler functions. Comparing its blade quality with other listed shaver in the list, I consider it more accurate.

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler

It comes with fine blades; the size is not so perfect which led to uneasiness while you are doing the trimming. Gillette’s multipurpose shaver is powered by three adjustable blades which adjust for styling, evenly trimming or clean shaving. It is a waterproof craft work perfectly on wet or dry skins.

Price 1400 Rupees
Wet and Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Warrenty 2 Years


→Agaro DS761 Electric Shaver

The cheapest shaver in the list is designed to give five-star salon qualities shaving that too on very minimum cost. The Shaver blade of this electric shaver is movable in 360 degrees so that users can enjoy smooth shaving. A high-speed motor powers three independent rotating head of this Agaro electric shaver. Not just affordable, the Agaro trimmer is fast and very easy to use.

Further the Agaro DS761 requires 8 hours of charging and gives around 30 minutes of shaving time. In that time, you can have up to 10 perfect shave which means you can use it for a month on a single charge.

Agaro DS761 Electric Shaver

Price 1200 Rupees
Wet & Dry Usage YES
Cord Cordless
Head Type Floating Triple Rotary Head
Recharge Time 8 Hours
Use Time 30 min
Warrenty 2 Years
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