As a parent, you aware, how fascinated small children are for toys. Our growing kids especially boys are always attracted to action toy cars. However, without a proper guide you will find difficult to choose a toy with elegant look, solid built and limitless performance. And, above that all, safety concerns because most of toys are imported from Chinese factory whether cheap harmful chemicals are used in denting and painting.

We have researched a lot on the internet and filtered out six good quality premium toy cars. This article will be providing you all the details that are important in parent’s perspective.

► Majorette Audi A7 RC Toy Car

The Majorette Audi A7is a great replication of the popular Audi A7 car. It will bring great fun for your kids who are developing interest in cars. You can purchase this premium toy car for 1999 INR.

Looks: This luxury car is really hard to distinguish from its real companion. Your kids will have a great time playing with this car as all the curves are replicated in an exact manner. The inside of this car is also decorated because of which it feels much closer to the original.

Majorette Audi A7 Review and Price in India

Age Group: The Majorette Audi A7 can be gifted to kids who are 5-15 years old. As boys develop a great interest in cars from their initial years, this toy car can take their interest to a next level.

Controlling: This toy car comes with a single handed Remote control that will be easy to operate for a kid. With the remote control move this car in all the directions including forward, backward, left and right.

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Power Consumption: The car takes in three AA batteries while the remote takes in one 9V battery. Batteries that come with the toy can easily be recharged.

Parental Guide: If you have kids below the age of 12 years, then you should give them a proper guidance. Watch out for any sharp and loose corners, especially the battery compartment. This luxury toy car gets manufactured in China, but you do not have to worry much as Majorette takes all the precautions to ensure safety.

Main Features: This toy car comes with a scale of 1:12 against the original Audi A7. There are lights on the front and the back which does light up.

Buy 2000 Rupees


► Dash Porsche Panamera RC Toy Car

The Dash R/C Porsche Panamera is a premium looking toy car that comes at a price of 1665 INR. The manufacturer has tried to copy all the textures of the real car, but its bad build quality can disappoint you.

Looks: Both the exterior and interior of this toy car are the perfect reflection of the original Porsche Panamera. Headlights and taillights come with a premium looking texture. Everything seems to be great on this toy except the tires.

Age Group: The Dash R/C Porsche Panamera toy car is not for children below the age of six and above the age of 12. However, there are some adults who also like to play with toy cards to live their childhood again.

Dash RC Porsche Panamera Review and Price in India

Controlling: This toy car comes with a remote control and a detachable antenna. Your kids can easily control this toy car with the help of its easy to use remote control.

Power Consumption: The car body runs on a single AA battery whereas the remote takes in a 9V battery. Power consumption of this car is much less when compared to other RC cars, but the batteries that come in the box are non-rechargeable. So you will have to spend a decent amount of money to buy extra rechargeable batteries.

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Parental Guide: It is mandatory that you guide your kids on how to play with this premium toy car. You will also have to make sure that while playing with friends, your kids do not engage in any kind of fight.

Main Features: LEDs in the headlamp and taillight give a premium effect in the dark. Moreover, there are shock absorbers on the front and back wheels.

Buy 1700 Rupees


► MJX Mini Cooper S RC Toy Car

Mini Cooper S has created much curiosity among car lovers. And, when a car becomes famous, it does not take much time for toy companies to create a toy replica of it. The MJX Mini Cooper S is a scaled down version of the Mini Cooper S with a scale ratio of 1:10. It is available in the market for the price of 1999 INR.

Looks: This toy car comes painted in a rally theme, which gives it a sporty looks. Smallest of the details like disc brakes, seats and headlamps look much similar to the real car.

MJX Mini Cooper S Review and Price in India

Age Group: It might be a small toy car, but it is not suited for kids below eight years of age.

Controlling: The MJX Mini Cooper S comes with a three band remote control feature. It means even if there are other remote controlled toys around, and then also your kid will have no problem in controlling this car.

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Power Consumption: This toy car comes with a set of rechargeable batteries. The remote unit supports a 9V battery and the car unit takes in only one AA battery.

Parental Guide: MJX is a popular toy brand and this premium toy car gets manufactured in Hong Kong under controlled environment. Generally there is no vulnerability of health problem, but parents should make sure that their kids do not take apart the parts of this toy, especially the batteries.

Main Features: The MJX Mini Cooper S comes with four way control feature including forward, backward, left and right.

Buy 1900 Rupees


► Toyzstation Range Rover RC Car

The Toyzstation Range Rover Remote Control Car is available for a price of 2099 INR. It is a 1:12 scale toy and is manufactured in China.

Looks: This toy car very much carries the original design, but the build quality is below the mark. The seat of the car is made in poor quality plastic and the body does not feel great either. However, the tires and headlamps do deserve some appreciation.

Age Group: This toy car is for the children belonging to the age group of 5-10 years. Truly speaking there is no restriction on the maximum age as even adults are found playing with toys many times.

Toyzstation Range Rover 1 12 Remote Control Car Review and Price in India

Controlling: It is a fully functional RC toy car. Its remote is suitable for single handed control and is much more easy to use. Kids can easily move the car in any direction they want. However, single channel frequency can be a problem when there are other RC toys around.

Power Consumption: This toy supports 2AA batteries for the remote and a single 6V DC battery for the car body. The two batteries take about two hours and 45 minutes to get charged.

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Parental Guide: The Toyzstation Range Rover 1:12 Remote Control Car comes with a non-toxic label, meaning it is perfectly safe for your kids. However, it is required to keep an eye on your kids while they play with it.

Main Features: The open top of this toy car attracts kids. There comes a detachable hood along with it for a more real feel.

Buy 1800 Rupees


► Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang GT RC Toy Car

The Mustang has been a much appreciated car from a long time. Kids love the toy model of this premium and sporty car. The Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang GT is an affordable yet quality gift for your kids at just 1440 INR.

Looks: This toy is a die cast replica of the Ford Mustang GT at 1:24 scale. Every part of this toy car carries the look as the real car. Premium quality rims of tires make this toy much more attractive.

Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang GT Review and Price in India

Age Group: The Maisto 1967 Ford Mustang GT RC toy car is not for smaller kids. You can gift it to your kid only if he is above the age of 10.

Controlling: This premium toy car comes with a dashboard style remote control, which enhances the playing experience of kids. The multiple frequency transistor provides uninterrupted playing time to the kids while playing with friends.

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Power Consumption: You will need one 9V battery and two AA batteries to run this car. The most efficient and economic option would be to buy a set of rechargeable batteries so that you will not need to buy a new set every time.

Parental Guide: Parents should make sure that this toy car is stored in a perfect place where kids below the age of 10 cannot reach. Proper guidance should be given to the kids before allowing them to play with this toy.

Main Features: It is a fully controllable car that can move in four direction. There are working headlights and taillights which provide cool look to it.

Buy 1600 Rupees


► Maisto Chevrolet Camaro SS RS RC Toy Car

If your kid loves speedy cars, then you give gift of the Maisto Chevrolet Camaro SS RS. It comes with a pistol grip controller for easy handling and can be purchased for just 1295 INR.

Looks: The ABS material used on the body is of really premium quality. Black strips on yellow background make this toy car look exactly like the real Chevrolet Camaro SS RS. It is 24 times scaled down version of the original car. The bonnet and doors can be opened, which is really a nice feature at this price point.

Age Group: The Maisto Chevrolet Camaro SS RS RC toy car is ideal for boys belonging to the age group of 8-10 years. You should not give this toy car to a kid less than Eight years of age.

Maisto Chevrolet Camaro SS RS Review and Price in India

Controlling: As already mentioned this toy car comes with a pistol grip controller that can be used to move the car in any of the four directions which are forward, backward, left and right.

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Power Consumption: You will have to spend a little extra on the front of power. The remote takes in two AAA batteries and the car body takes in two AA batteries.

Parental Guide: As the doors and bonnet can be opened easily, it is important to tell the kids not to take any part in mouth. It is also important to always make sure that kids do not fight using this car as that can be much more dangerous for them.

Main Features: Maisto has made this toy car keeping in mind speed lovers. It is a sporty car and is really powerful. However, its high power consumption can be a little disappointing for many.

Buy 1100 Rupees