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Top 6 Indian Brand Phablets With 6 Inch Screen

LAVA Magnum X604 Review Rating and Specifications

A big screen smartphone offers easy navigation and great flexibility for the completion of official and personal works. There are many popular PC-based applications have been redesigned to work on the mobile phone screen to achieve a fabulous presentation. And, these recreated applications required a slightly bigger screen, ideally 5.5 to 6 inches to work with better litheness. Moreover, in terms of true multimedia value, a big screen phablet offers pleasant entertainment than a smaller screen smartphone.

The trend of smartphone with big screen came to light after the launch of Samsung’s galaxy note series. That time tech pundits had out rightly rejected the idea of a big screen for a pocket gadget. However, Samsung has affirmed the continuation with regular lunches and finally succeeded in the creation of a unique market with big screen smartphone where it enjoys a leadership position. Read also Top 5 Phablets Under 20000 From Indian Mobile Phone Brands.

I own three smartphones; two of them have the screen size of 6 inches. Because of these 6 inches phablet, I rarely bother to care about personal laptop during my travel. While I can do everything on my pocket phablet than carrying a 2.5kg laptop in my backpack does not make sense.

The current list of top 6 big screen mobile phones or Phablet with 6-inch screen size includes two smartphones from Micromax and rest four smartphones are from XOLO, LAVA, Intex, and Spice. These phablets fall between the price range of Rupees 7000 to 13500 in the Indian market.

Micromax Canvas XL A119

Micromax’s January release comes with 6inch qHD display wherein we find 184 ppi pixel density. Though we can argue, it has poor pixel density, but the same plays a smart role in reducing battery consumption. It has decent 2450 mAh battery backup which requires around three hours of regular power connection to achieve 100% charging. A fully charged battery lasts for two and a half days as confirmed by users. Read also Voice Calling Micromax Tablet with 4000 mAh Battery.

Micromax Canvas XL A119 Review Rating and Specifications

The XL A199 runs on Android Jellybean version 4.2.2. Micromax has not released any text on the update of the OS. However, you can opt to upgrade current 4.2 to Android version 4.3, which is more stable than Android 4.2.2. Since the featured hardware is sufficient to enroll Android Kitkat; I believe, very soon Micromax will release a patch for Kitkat rollout in the XL 119.

Micromax’s Canvas XL shelters 1.3 GHz quad core processor from MediaTek, along with 1 GB RAM and 4 GB inbuilt memory. Out of 4 GB flash memory on board, user’s share is approx 2.5 GB and the rest will be used by the OS and locked applications. In general, Android version 4.2 usages are limited within 260 to 320 MB RAM space, so you will be left with around 700 MB for third party apps installation. After the OS update, RAM consumption will be reduced to just 150 MB or 190 MB that results in higher RAM power for end users.

There is a popular opinion for having a decent pair of 8 MP primary and 5 MP front facing camera in the XL A119. Both visual capture equipment is autofocus and joins the league of HD recording with a resolution of 1280×720 Pixel. The camera specifications are really good and produce quality output. A basic survey of users review for camera quality doesn’t figure negative comments. So, I am assured to have a decent pair of camera residing on top of the back and front in the Canvas XL2.

The Dual SIM phablet comes with some trendy features. Some of them require special mention here. Face and voice unlock feature let you control the access to the device. Bluetooth tethering creates wire free safe and secure internet connectivity on your Laptop or desktop. Under the sensing capability, it lists Light, Proximity, and G-Sensor. Read also Lenovo LeEco Micromax Smartphones with Hot Camera.

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Price 13000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, Android, USB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 10.4mm Thickness, 180g weight
Screen 6inch, qHD, 184PPI
CPU 1.3GHz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 4GB Memory
Camera 8MP{P}, 5MP{F}
Battery 2450 mAh

XOLO Q2500

Lava’s value brand Xolo endorsement in the 6-inch screen phablet category shaped up in the form of the Q2500. The Killer Smartphone brand has registered a significant appreciation from users and tech buddies for the craft and performance of the Q2500. Read also Top smartphones with good battery life under 7000 Rupees.

XOLO Q2500 Review Specifications and Rating

My pick runs on Android Jellybean which can be easily upgraded to Android Kitkat 4.4.2. In fact, XOLO has already released an Android Kitkat Patch which exhausts around 400 MB data in the OS upgrade.

This is a phablet with Dual SIM and 6 inch HD screen. Its rich HD display with 245 PPI pixel density drain the battery very fast. However, the same has been settled with 3000 mAh battery which indeed requires four and half hour for full charging that back up the smartphone for 24 days on the 3G network. Even the overwhelming majority of users confirms for having a long lasting battery in the Q2500. A gentleman usage of the smartphone does not require charging up to 48 hours.

MediaTek chipset 6582, which is a quad core processor with a clock speed of 1.3 GHz takes processing jobs in the attendance of 1 GB RAM and 4 GB flash memory. Having just 2 GB user memory doesn’t make sense in a multimedia value-centric phablet. So, you can take benefit of MicroSD card port which supports memory expansion up to 32 GB. Xolo’s genius craft with balance processing configuration makes the Q2500 a sluggish-free phablet.

While it comes to render a good camera configuration, the XOLO scores better than the entire Indian brands. The Q2500 grabbed an 8 MP rear camera with Sony BSI sensor while there is 2 MP front facing camera. The rear camera is nurtured with auto focus, low light enhancement, face detection, HDR, and Panorama and FHD that is 1080P recording. A general view rates its camera quality is a true value addition in the grand craft.

For video and audio playback, it loads default android player, a bit enhanced to support – MP3 file format for a song and a video file in DivX, MP4, and MPEG4 file formats. There are some complaints regarding lack of sufficient loudness in sound output. I would suggest installing “Volume booster” to reset the internal audio setting for louder sound output. Read also Top 3 Xolo Gaming Smartphone Under 20000 Rupees.

Price 11000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, Android, USB, OTG, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 9.9mm Thickness, 164g weight
Screen 6inch, HD, 245PPI
CPU 1.3GHz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 4GB Memory
Camera 8MP{P}, 2MP{F}
Battery 3000 mAh

LAVA Magnum X604

Lava’s entry in the 6 inch phablet league added more value to the Phablet category, while buyers are having more option in less than 15000 budget umbrella. The phablet lists almost similar specification than the XOLO Q2500. Read also 9 Best 4G VoLTE Mobile Phones under 10000 Rupees.

LAVA Magnum X604 Review Rating and Specifications

The X604 is a story of wrong selection of third party component. Despite having a promising and great outer look, it ends as not impressive as far as performance and application smoothness is concerned. Even its 6 inch HD display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 Pixel tagged to bad viewing angle. At the positive side, its display tends to sharp, 16M rich color and good brightness.

Due to metal frame fabrication, the phablet has a weight of 207g which goes against in today’s lightweight device era. The Lava has done enough for its premium build as it fits in glossy, matte finish panel surrounded by a metal rim.

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The phablet runs on a quad core Broadcom processor with a clock speed of 1.2 GHz. The selection of the Broadcom processor lets this phablet trap in legs and delayed switching between home screen and app navigation. Action and Racing games are just out of course due to poor backing from the processor.

Its multimedia feature just works as a face saver. Impressive sound output, FHD video playback, latest media file format supports and option to control music effects – are some key features, which is sufficient to make it a worthy consideration.

The Magnum packs 8MP primary and 2 MP front facing camera. With a BSI sensor in the primary camera, users get a good photography experience in daylight and indoor area as well as in low light. Also, FHD recording produces good quality videos with noise free sound recording. 2600 mAh battery is once again a plus point as medium usages go on for one and half day with seeking charging option.

If we minus performance side, Lava’s X604 is a decent phablet with true multimedia, camera, and premium design. To make it a worthy choice, Xolo gives a free leather flip cover in the sales box. Read also Paisa Vasool Phablet from Lava Below 11000 Rupees.

Price 10000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, Android, USB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 8.9mm Thickness, 207g weight
Screen 6inch, HD, 245PPI
CPU 1.2GHz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory
Camera 8MP{P}, 2MP{F}
Battery 2600 mAh

Spice Stellar Mi 600

Indian Smartphone brand Spice’s recent launches have seen a success in the market. Its new smartphones are dynamic and loaded with quality oriented specifications. Buyers lust for premium smartphones from the brand has grown up after the launch of new range smartphones including the Stellar Mi 600. Read also Are you looking for a Triple SIM Mobile Phone Online?

Spice Spice Stellar Mi 600 Review Rating and Specifications

Though the phablet doesn’t host the out of box specifications, but user response on social media platform makes it a gadget to consider in the current list of top 6 phablets with 6 inch screen size. The Spice should re-work on the naming of devices as the name of phablet doesn’t make any sense.

Spice’s new generation phablet sports a 6 inch display with qHD resolution. In processor side, we find a MediaTek quad core processor with 1.3 GHz clock speed as well as 1 GB RAM. It hosts a 4 GB inbuilt internal memory, which is expandable up to 32 GB with a MicroSD card. For photography, the Mi 600 lists a 8 MP primary camera and 3.2 MP front facing camera. The Device’s rear camera is supported by a LED flash and digital ZOOM. 2500 mAh battery brings two days backup and seven days standby on the 2G network.

Spice has made it available only in White (Mild) color and in the coming days, the black variant will be available online. Buzz your friends by SMS, MMS, and Push Mailing. Further, it supports VOIP that is the voice over internet protocol, or 3G video calling.

The dual SIM smartphone features Dual SIM 3G that is to have 3G connectivity in both SIM ports. Other connectivity options are GPRS/EDEG, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. Four in one Pen and Smart flip cover inside the sales box requires special mention. With the help of PEN, you can draw your creativity and publish at social media networks.

The current price, which is less than 10000, The Stellar Mi 600 is bundled with true sales value that makes it a hot choice in top 6 phablet list. Read also 8 Unique Android Apps for Making Your Smartphone Use Truly Special.

Price 9000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, Android, USB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 9.6mm Thickness, 189g weight
Screen 6inch, qHD, 960×540 Pixels
CPU 1.3GHz Quad Core, 1GB RAM, 4GB Memory
Camera 8MP{P}, 3.2MP{F}
Battery 2500 mAh
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The i15 has a lower specification than the rest of phablet in the current list. Intex’s budget-friendly phablet is driven by a quad-core processor, which clocked at 1.3GHz. Today’s competitive market where specification defines whether a device is good or bad, Intex flagship smartphone is limited within 512 MB RAM and 1.7 GB inbuilt memory. Read also Intex Smartphones with 4G LTE Support below 4000 Rupees.

INTEX AQUA i15 Review Rating and Specifications

While all new smartphones are powered by Android’s latest version Kitkat 4.4.2 then the phablet runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.2. Its 6 inch qHD display offers 960×540 pixels resolution with 262 thousand color reproduction. The Display is a good combination of high contrast and brightness. You might experience blur production due to low pixel density and limited color reproduction. 8 MP primary and 2 MP front facing camera is just for namesake. Although you may not experience issues in day shooting but the real horror unfolds in indoor or low-light photography. 2400 mAh battery is a good specification, but still, it is the lowest in our six phablet list.

Now the question is why the phablet is listed here? I have gone through a random online search to build its true review from actual buyers. Buyers are happy with the performance, build and multimedia value addition. That results in making the Intex Aqua i15 a decent performing phablet. Read also Top 4 Intex Smartphones Under 9500 Rupees.

Price 8000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, Android OS, USB, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 9mm Thickness, 190g weight
Screen 6inch, qHD, 960×540 Pixels
CPU 1.3GHz Quad Core, 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory
Camera 8MP{P}, 2MP{F}
Battery 2400 mAh

Micromax Canvas Doodle 3

I own a Doodle 3 with 512 MB RAM. Recently I upgraded its Android Jellybean OS to Android Kitkat. Before The KitKat upgrade, I used to experience frequent network connectivity issues. Based on last five months of usages, I can ensure that it is a good phablet does a noble job in day-to-day life. My personal usages are limited to reading news, playing arcade games and doing some office related works. Overall, I can sum up the phablet as a good choice at the current market price. Read also Should you Buy a Micromax Alpha Laptop? Find out.

Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 A102 Review and Specifications

Its 6-inch screen features FWVGA display with 854×480 Pixel resolution and has a 163 ppi pixel density. You may not experience sluggish performance; despite it has a dual-core processor with 1.3 GHz clock speed. The Doodle 3 was introduced with 512 MB RAM, but the new model comes with 1 GB RAM. After the introduction of new OS, such as Windows and Firefox – optimized to consume less hardware, the Google became eager to design Android for limited hardware resources. I host more than 20 apps that consume approx 290 MB while the 173 MB spared for further utilization. While there is a 1 GB RAM, you will be benefited with sufficient spared RAM.

Micromax Canvas Doodle 3 is powered by a 2500 mAh battery. On medium to heavy usages, it lasts for 24 to 36 hours. A full charging of battery requires around three and half hours. There is nothing to discuss as far as its camera is concerned. Overall camera performance is just below average.

You will find a decent flip cover inside the sales box. Since it is available in white and Gray color options – I would suggest going for gray color variant as the cheap plastic body of this device collection dust that is tough in cleaning. Read also Micromax Flagship Smartphones under 14000 Rupees.

Price 7000 Rupees
Feature Dual SIM, GSM Network Support, Android, USB, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS
Screen 6inch, 854×480 Pixels, 163PPI
CPU 1.3GHz Dual Core, 1GB RAM, 4GB Internal Memory
Camera 5MP{P}, 0.3MP{F}
Battery 2500 mAh

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