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Top 6 Electronic Kettle for Instant Cooking Boiling Below 1500

Kettle is one unique type of kitchen gadget finds importance in our fast life making food struggle easier. It is a choice for mom has small babies, a student needs more time to study or a traveler wants bacteria free water. In fact, according to me, it one preferred kitchen appliance along with induction stone. We decided to have a review article after we got one in our office for boiling water and egg. In this unique article, we are reviewing five affordable Kettles available online for multipurpose usages, got adequate safety, requires less power, gives quick result and certainly very easy in cleaning. Read also Stainless Steel Philips Eletric Kettle under 2500 Rupees.

Morphy Richards Voyager 300 Stainless Steel Kettle for Travelers

Morphy Richards being an old player of electronic market never disappoints its customers. This electric kettle matches the bar settled by the company in market in terms of quality and service. The product is listed in beverages category and is cheapest option available in stainless steel in this segment.

Features: Morphy Richards Travel Jug designed intuitively to suit your travel needs providing better beverage quality. Carry your hygiene wherever you go with this kettle. This kettle comes with a stylish and durable stainless steel body available in two colors that are stainless steel and black. It runs on power supply of 1000 and can store up to 0.5 liters of water. It is crafted with sophistication that is reflected from its stylish and durable stainless steel body.

The box contents of the product are the Kettle itself, Instruction manual, customer care list and Guarantee card.

Its functionality gets enhanced with a concealed heating element for easy cleaning and maintenance. This electric kettle features an innovative temperature control system for easily heating water to a specific temperature, which is displayed by the Neon indicator on bottom rim of the body. It has a very firm fiber handle with a rubber reset button, which supports whole kettle. It features a spout for easy withdraw for simpler use.

Morphy Richards Voyager 300 500ML Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Limitations: My qualms are that the Kettle is not enabled with auto cutoff function, which is very helpful in boiling water; it shuts down as soon as water is boiled. Generally, many of the Kettles in this range have a no dry-boil feature which switch-off power supply if it is running empty saving electricity. Also, for some people who want their kettle to come with a long cable, this device has very short cable, which made it inaccessible to me in many conditions. You will need a power cord extension for that. Many Kettles nowadays comes with cable shortage facility, which is too not found in this.

Verdict: Overall the product gives tough competition in this range as compared to its competitors such as Orpat OEK-8137 and Prestige PKCSS. I found this kettle quite promising in terms of usage and longevity. This product can be used by all age-groups.

The product is listed at Rs 1699 Morphy Richard Official on official website while you can get a discounted price of Rs 1365 at Amazon India. Read also Efficient Wonderchef Electric Kettle below 2000 Rupees.

Power Consumption 1000W
Good For Water, Tea, Soups
Warranty 2 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body Stainless Steel
Buy 1350 Rupees


Prestige Multi Cooker 1 Liter

The Prestige home appliances brand is a part of reputed Indian business house the Prestige TTK Ltd, registered in Chennai. It runs well-established business that has nation wise footprint, offers fast service support too. For service request, buyer can fill an online form to get a service engineer at home. Click Here for Prestige service support form.

We are reviewing one litre kettle from the brand, which is designed for instant noodle, pasta, tea, boiling egg and verity of quick cooking. In terms of look and feel, the Kettle is an impressive choice.

A non-stick frying pan with glass lid costs around 1500 rupees. However, this gadget at a price of just 1300 rupees has steel body, energy saving heater concealed underneath and a glass lid over it. I am crazy about Kitchen gadgets. I love to buy lots of Kitchen stuff. Recently, I got this product in my Kitchen. That evening I spent most of my time cooking some instant recopies in this Kettle. Already I have one Cordless Prestige Kettle good for just boiling needs. Since I could not monitor the ongoing process in the old one, most of the time, boiling result was not according to my satisfaction. The new prestige Kettle 41574 lets monitor the ongoing process, got it a place in my favorite gadget list for instant cooking.

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It looks premium have advance feature for temperature control for better cooking. In fact, I would go to the extent saying it is one must have gadget if you are planning for a short stay away from home Kitchen. Small or more rightly instant cooking can be performed with utmost care and monitoring.

Prestige 41574 1 L Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Power: A capacity of 600 Watt is indeed less as compared to other listing in this review article. Generally, minimum requirement for speed cooking is around 1000W. Nevertheless, cooking processor won’t be slow since the glass lid creates effective air-tight compression from the top. When other Kettle lets steam lost, this genius design gets steam pressure for faster cooking much like a cooker. Indeed, a simple and easy concept helps energy saving thereby money saving.

Features and Safety: Similar to other gadget in this list, it also features auto power-off in case of dry heating. Temperature control knob allows you to adjust power release according to cooking requirement. Certainly, it cannot have lockable lid as it is more like a frying pan with a glass lid on top and heater at the bottom.

Warranty: One year of agreement does not include warranty or replacement of glass lid. For Kettle, if there is fault in machine, buyer is entitle to free service otherwise its steal body or plastic base do not get anything – warranty, guarantee or replacement.

Verdict: The Prestige 41574 is a favorite electronic Kettle. In fact, it is mini cooker with electronic heater. At the price of 1300 rupees, with a glass lid cover and efficient heater, it is definitely a buy. Read also Buy One Hot Electric Kettle For Your Kitchen.

Power Consumption 600W
Good For Boiling and Instant Cooking
Warranty 1 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body Stainless Steel, Glass Lid
Buy 1350 Rupees


1 Liter Orpat OEK-8147 Cordless Kettle

My memory about Orpat brand goes back to an alarm table watch, my brother gifted in my fifth standard. I am still using the table watch. I trust this brand more than any other Kitchen Appliances manufacturer in India. Its OEK 8147 electronic Kettle model has compact design made of the best built material Aluminium Die Cast, which is considered more robust and durable than steel.

There is a great number of features pushes it in the top line of superior Kettles in India below 1500 rupees.

Capacity and power: It consumes 1350W operation power, which is too much for a small Kitchen gadget meant to perform small task. This is simply waste of energy translates into high electricity bill end of the month. Have you seen Government advertisement promotes ideal cooking on medium or low flame to conserve precious energy?

The Orpat OEK 8147 has cylinder shape that measures in 190 mm height, 170 mm width and 150 mm depth. With a capacity of 1L, literally, it can do all boiling and instant solid cooking. Use it for making of hot water, milk boiling, instant tea, coffee, green tea or so on. Also, it can cook pasta, noodles and pretty much anything by following instant recipe.

Orpat OEK-8147 1L Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Features: Of course it has the regular features such as auto switch-off on empty cooking, lockable lid on single touch, automatic shut-off upon inconsistency in power supply. Its heating support is concealed underneath does even cook for better taste. Furthermore, its top area is wide so that user can push hand easily to complete cleaning inside.


  1. Aluminium Die Cast Body
  2. Multipurpose usages besides the regular boiling need
  3. Lockable lid in action on one easy touch

Cons: High operational power requirement

Verdict: The Orpat OEK-8147 with cooking limit of 1L and power requirement of 1350 Watt is one of the best choice at 850 rupees. If other electronic Kettles will last one to three years, this Orpat kitchen gadget will work for you more than three years. Read also Do you have a Perfect Green Tea Maker in Your Kitchen?

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Power Consumption 1350W
Good For Boiling and Instant Cooking
Warranty 1 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body Aluminium Die Cast
Buy 850 Rupees


Nova KT 729 Multi Function 1L Electric Kettle

Nova as a brand does not hold good reputation in the market. I was first introduced to the brand when my friend wanted to buy a Chapatti maker. He asked my suggestion as his wife wasn’t had practice to make soft and rounded chapatti. I am certainly good at cooking desk, was not very interested to suggest one since electronic Roti makers listed online had negative ratings. Even I want to buy a Roti maker, but most of them available online has red flag and poor review. Unfortunately, this space is still waiting for a reliable product from a trusted brand.

My friend had zero-in at the Nova Roti maker at Homeshop18. His bad luck or bad choice, the product was dead on arrival. I decided to help him for refund from the brand. Fortunately, after months of regular follow-up, finally I was successful to get full refund.

Capacity and use: The Nova KT 729 can cook up to 1000ML liquid or 700 grams instant foods in one go. In spite of poor brand reputation, this product has got my attention because of glass lid, low power consumption figure and stylish look. Similar product from Prestige costs 1300 rupees. At the price of 995 rupees, it is a good alternative for those wants to save money by taking risk on poor service support from the brand.

Nova KT 729 Multi Function 1L Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Cordless: I would request user to pick a cordless Kettle as using them is much more convenient than a corded one. This gadget is made of stainless steel has a glass lid on the top, base is made of plastic indeed a cordless design for ease in use.

Safety: In terms of protection, it features dry boil protection and automatic shut-off in case of voltage instability. To maintain hygiene in cooked food, heating elements concealed underneath rounded off by a stiff plastic shell. Overall, the Kettle is safe, durable and maintains hygiene level.


  1. Glass lid to review the cooking food
  2. Simple and aesthetic outlook goes well in decorated Kitchen
  3. Low power consumption

Cons : Bad customer support

Verdict: It is an alternative to Prestige 41574 1L Electric Kettle. Both Kitchen gadget sports similar design and features. However, in terms of post sales service, Prestige has better track record so costs 300 rupees more whereas Nova is not very popular brand offers bad service support costs 300 rupees less. Ultimately, choice is yours. If you ask my opinion, I would go with Prestige because just for 300 rupees I cannot waste 1000 rupees. Read also IFB Microwave Oven with 71 Menu and Steam Cleaning Feature.

Power Consumption 600W
Good For Boiling and Instant Cooking
Warranty 1 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body Steel, Glass Lid
Buy 1000 Rupees


Pigeon Kettle Favourite 1000 ml

This is a simple yet durable Kettle gets listing here because of good words from my office colleague using it in home. In addition, it has high positive rating at Flipkart. Pigeon has three Kettle variants listed online – the Favourite 1000ML is indeed a favorite choice for everyone.

Pigeon Brand: I am a crazy Kid for Kitchen appliances. However, I have never got to use Pigeon products although that does not take away the fact that it is a reliable Kitchen products manufacturer in India. The brand is ISO certified attracts buyer with popular slogan “Ghar Banata hai Kitchen Se”. It ships product from three manufacturing plants located in Bangalore, Baddi Himachal Pradesh and new hub in Sikkim. Buyer can reach the company for service support via

Email – [email protected]; SMS – TALK to 09740034444; Toll-Free – 180042566666

Power Indicator : The product features a regular red colour indication. That does not look good in a decorated kitchen. Today’s next generation appliances come with LED indication. I am not saying the indicator has any negative impact as far as its workability is concerned. Only fact is since we pay more, we should get standard component not something designed in 90s.

Pigeon Kettle Favourite 1000 ml Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Power Consumption: Like other electronic Kettle in this list, it also consumes 1350W power. Yes, it helps cook fast, but wastes energy unnecessarily. Since we do not have choice, let’s bear it at a current price of 850 rupees.

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Convenience Features: The power indicator works as status notification. Single touch easily lockable lid makes it ideal to be used by senior citizen or kids in home. Swivel cord feature help adjusting according to user’s convenience. The Swivel base is indeed necessary if your Kitchen is quite congested and you wanted to fix the Kettle at a tiny place.


  1. Stainless steel body
  2. Pigeon Trust and care
  3. Swivel base
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Fast cooking

Cons: Operation power requirement is high

Verdict: As aforesaid, the Pigeon Favourite 1000ML Kettle gets listing because of recommendation from my friend. Except high operational power everything seems to be fine in this electronic Kettle. It is made of steel, offers easy cleaning and delivers instant food much faster than other options in this range. At the current price of 850 rupees, it is a value pick. Read also Low Cost Best Selling Air Fryer in India.

Power Consumption 1350W
Good For Boiling and Instant Cooking
Warranty 1 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body stainless Steel
Buy 850 Rupees


Citron EK001 1L Electric Kettle

Flipkart does not want to remain mere an e-retailer. It has big ambition as wings spreading in many lucrative businesses. So far, it has launched brand in tablet, USB drive, keyboards and Kitchen segment. Its Kitchen appliances wing Citron is widely promoted at Flipkart thereby getting better response from buyers.

The Electronic Kettle EK001 has a capacity of 1000ML useful for all kinds of boiling need. You can make it workable in office, home kitchen or during long travel. It is compact, durable and stiff for better usages in any conditions.

I mostly use my electronic Kettle for boiling water and eggs. I avoid boiling milk or doing some solid cooking since cleaning sticky inside is really tedious. Particularly, metal coil gets lots stuff stick cannot be used for the second time without proper cleaning.

The new Citron EK001 has addressed all those complications making it friendly for all types of boiling needs followed by easy cleaning. With five unique features, which are removable filter, lockable lid, dry-boil protection and automatic shut-off, it is good device at current market price of just 600 rupees. Its body is durable made with ABS material has steel substance as well.

Corded : I would not like to endorse corded Kettle as using that is bit inconvenient. Corded means a long cable with big solid three pin plug will be hanging left to right when user is trying to extract ready stuff outside. This Citron Kettle is corded, which does not get my endorsement in terms of convenience in the regular usage.

Power consumption: It requires 1650W operation power. This is too much for a variable gadget meant for basic needs. Although it has high rating because of undue benefit from the parent Flipkart, but its overall specifications do not indicate to be a good choice for monthly electricity bill.

Additional Features : There are some cool features to help user for better using of this Kitchen gadget. Measurement bar, control for strix, detachable strainer and hidden heating element to maintain hygiene in cooking stuff, making it a multi-feature product in use.

Citron EK001 1L Electric Kettle Review and Specifications

Safety: There are many protection features added, making its use a kid’s play. This device won’t be active if inside remains empty due to dry-boil protection. Automatic shut-off feature ensure for better safety in case of overheating, power surge or high voltage fluctuation.

Verdict: For a price of 600 rupees, this is a fine product with all popular features. However, I won’t recommend since it is corded and required high power input for basic boiling needs. Understand this, whatever you will save because of less MRP will be added up to monthly power bill. Still, buying the Citron EK001 won’t be a bad choice. Read also Reliable Wonderchef Philips Coffee Maker for Small Offices.

Power Consumption 1350W
Good For Boiling
Warranty 1 Years
Power indicator YES
Automatic Shut-off YES
Body Plastic
Buy 600 Rupees

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