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Top 6 Cool Lava Mobile Phones Between 1000 to 2000 Rupees

Top 7 Cool Lava Mobile Phones Between 1000 to 2000 Rupees

We all have better understanding in the selection of a medium and high budget smartphone. In addition, one can take suggestion from friends, web articles, YouTube videos and customer reviews at shopping websites. However, most of us struggle in picking a good mobile phone in feature phone segment. This segment, which is a collection of less than 2000 rupees mobile phones, is absolute a dark room. You won’t get support of any review article or unboxing video. Even we face dilemma in selection of top phones. All new launches pack almost the same feature, design and operating procedure.

We love to take challenge and do not believe to run behind popular mandate, which is to suggest the best 10000 rupee smartphones. With full confidence, we are suggesting here some six mobile phones between 1000 to 2000 rupees budget from Indian brand Lava. In them, my favorite is Lava Spark Curvy. In fact, the Spark Curvy model is an amazing phone and a perfect choice to gift someone.

In last Six months, the Indian brand Lava has become aggressive in low budget segment. This brand is doing noble job by launching cool cellphones with mighty battery power and mouthwatering features. Lava’s keen interest in low-budget segment has given us confidence to suggest its recent launches. We are confident of quality and durability in these 7 feature phones.

Lava KKT Star

The Lava KKT Star is a low-budget dual SIM enabled feature phone. It features a 2.4 inches display and comes with an alpha-numerical keypad for input. It sports a 1.3 MP primary camera that can be used for recording videos and taking pictures. Lava KKT Star does not come with internal memory, but it comes with a micro SD card slot that supports up to 16 GB MicroSD storage capacity. It also comes with a powerful 1800 mAh battery.

  • Dual SIM
  • 4-inches screen display
  • 3 MP primary camera
  • 1800 mAh battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Long-lasting battery : With an impressive 1800 mAh battery that stores juice for many days allowing you to enjoy using this cellphone without continuous recharging. It provides you with many days of standby time and several hours in continuous talk time.

Lava KKT Star Review and Specifications

Dual SIM support: This Lava phone packs a dual SIM enabled handset that allows you to use two SIM cards at the same time without having to switch back and forth.

Display : It comes with a 2.4-incches screen display with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels. While the screen is not that big, it offers a decent display with clear images.

Camera : It sports a 1.3 MP rear camera that you can use to capture memorable moments. The camera also supports video recording, which means you to record your greatest moments and watch them later.

Memory: This KKT star does not come with inbuilt memory. However, it comes with a memory card slot that you can use to expand the phone’s storage capacity up to 16 GB. This allows you to store all your songs, photos, videos and other files.

Connectivity: Lava KKT Star is GPRS enabled, allowing you to download songs, images and videos online. It comes with a pre-installed web browser that you can use to surf online. It also comes with a Bluetooth adapter, allowing you to share files with friends.

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Pro Features:

  • A long-lasting battery
  • Two SIM cards
  • Very affordable

Cons : Low camera resolution

Verdict: The KKT Star is a cost-friendly handset that is designed to provide users with a performing yet affordable phone. While it lacks advanced features like an OS, CPU, Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS connectivity, it is still a decent phone and it gives users a great value for their money.

Buy 1070 Rupees


Lava Spark Curvy

The Indian brand Lava has been moving in supersonic speed to grab low budget mobile phone market. The Spark Curvy is an example of Lava’s serious approach. I am in love with this cellphone because of its eye candy design. The best thing to note here, it is not only a good looking gadget rather its specifications are also superb. Indeed, this is a curvy and quite impressive phone to gift someone. Read also Top 5 Lava Mobile Phones Between 900 to 1500 Rupees

It features in-mould lamination, which is a high quality plastic decoration technology, mostly used in a pricy gadget for perfect texture and designing.

Good looks matter only while there are top-notch specifications. The Spark Curvy has more advance calling features than a 10000 rupees smartphone. User will get premium options like call recording, auto redial and hands-free option. However, my emphasis is pointed at a feature called Blacklist, which enables a user to block unwanted calls. This is great feature for female users because they are harassed by mentally dumps of our society.

Lava Spark Curvy Review and Specifications

The Spark Curvy features a 2.8 inches screen with 240P resolution and 143 PPI pixel density. In the camera section, it packs a 1.3 MP rear shooter with a LED flash and digital ZOOM. Users are allowed to record video in AVI file format. Yes, we can confirm of the impressive video quality.

1400 mAh battery seems OK for two to three days of easy usages. For connectivity, it features a micro USB port and Bluetooth. Lava has made it available in two colour variants. I would recommend while variant because of the premium design. For entertainment, user can play preinstalled (Eat n Run and F1) games and SD Card videos. There is a fast FM tuner that comes with a recording option.

  1. Games: Eat N Run, F1
  2. 300 SMS storage
  3. Calculator, World clock, Calendar, Alarm, Profiles, Torch Light, Multi Languages, Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker, Voice recording
  4. FM Radio with recording option
  5. Video recording in AVI format
  6. Video Player Formats support: 3GP, AVI, MP4
Buy 1250 Rupees


Lava Spark Icon

The Spark Icon is a new sparkling feature phone under 1500 rupees. It requires dual SIM cards in mini size. Therefore, in order to use this phone with existing SIM cards; you need to resize them in mini shape. SIM card resizing is easy and cheaper. You can easily get this done at a local mobile shop by just paying 20 rupees.

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In terms of uniqueness, it features a Torch light, Hindi and other Indian regional language typing, auto call recording and voice recording programs.Lava Spark Icon Review and Specifications

This is a solid phone for multimedia experience. Play 3GP, AVI and MP4 video files utmost 240P quality in the inbuilt video player. The Lava Spark Icon is programmed with a fine FM tuner, which comes with a recording option. You can record and store FM live programs in a micro SD card. To store personal contents, you need to insert a microSD card (8GB).

The Spark Icon features a 2.8 inches TFT display with 240P resolution and a pixel density of 143 PPI. In my opinion, 2.8 inches screen is a perfect size in a feature phone for playing of cool preinstalled games like Snake and Tweety Bird. With a 1.3 MP primary camera, which is backed by a LED flash and digital ZOOM, the Lava spark Icon can take some cool shots.

Lava has added some fancy features like calculator, World clock, Calendar, Alarm, SMS storage. You can sync data from a mobile or a computer via USB or Bluetooth port.

  1. Games: Snake, Tweety Bird
  2. 300 SMS storage
  3. Calculator, World clock, Calendar, Alarm, Torch Light, Multi Languages, Auto Call Recording, Voice recording
  4. Audio Player Supports: AAC, AMR, MP3, WAV
  5. FM Radio with recording option
  6. Video Player Formats: 3GP, AVI, MP4
Buy 1500 Rupees


Lava KKT 28 Plus

This is one more advance feature phone from Indian brand Lava. It packs a regular specification set with popular features for better usability. You can use two mini SIM cards in this dual SIM phone. Making it a multimedia friendly device, Lava has powered this phone with an ultra SD port, which supports memory expansion up to 16GB.

The KKT 28 Plus flaunts a 2.8 inches screen with a pixel density of 143 PPI that brings 240P resolution in the display. It does not have a front facing camera, but you are allowed to capture true moment of life with an inbuilt 1.3 MP rear camera. To get snaps in perfect quality, the primary camera gets a LED flash and digital ZOOM.

Lava KKT 28 Plus Review and Specifications

Without a solid battery power, all features in a phone are equal to a big ZERO. This Lava device packs an 1800 mAh battery that requires around 2 hours and 40 minutes of charging to achieve 100% strength. In our observation, one 100% charged battery could fuel up this phone for 36 to 40 hours against frequent multi usages. A basic usage of this phone will require charging of the battery once in three to four days.

I am impressed with Lava as it works hard to make a phone truly special. In terms of game and multimedia performance, this is indeed a hot gadget under 1400 rupees. There are some preinstalled games for full-on time pass. Besides the installed games, the end users are allowed to play MP4 video files in good quality.

  1. Hindi and Indian Regional Languages keypad input
  2. Mobile Tracker
  3. Music Playback with loudspeaker
  4. Calculator, Stopwatch, World Clock, Calendar, and Alarm
  5. Games and Internet browsing through GPRS
  6. Bluetooth and USB port
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Buy 1400 Rupees


Lava KKT Uno Plus

For specifications and multimedia value, this lava phone gets our poor rating. Despite its attractive price tag, we have not impressed and rating it with KICK. As like other phones in this list, the KKT Uno Plus is a dual SIM phone. Its internal memory is reserved for preinstalled function such as operating system, SMS store, contacts collection, polyphonic ringtone and wallpapers. Therefore, user has to opt for a microSD card to store songs and images.

If you are planning to buy this phone for multimedia value, then place an order for a microSD card with a limited capacity of 4GB. Although it supports 8GB of external memory on paper, but in reality it is limited to a 4GB SD card support.

Lava KKT Uno Plus Review and Specifications

It s display size is smaller than what we have seen in a regular feature phone. The 2.4 inches screen has a TFT display with a resolution of 240P wherein colour limit stands at 262K. I am surprised for a pixel distribution rate of 167 PPI. Yes, I agree higher PPI renders clear and sharp icon, but all that a cost of accelerated battery draining. Its battery with 1700 mAh power is not suitable for a 167 PPI display while the notion is to save battery as much as we can.

  1. SMS Store capacity is just 100
  2. Calculator, Stopwatch, Alarm, World clock, Calendar
  3. FM with Recording
  4. Music Play with mp3 files support and loudspeaker
  5. Hindi and other Languages input
  6. Auto call recording
  7. Mobile Tracker
Buy 1250 Rupees


Lava KKT 34 Star

The KKT 34 star has a robust specifications and solid design to fit in everyone’s requirement. This is a dual SIM smartphone wherein both SIM cards have to be in mini Size. It is aimed to be a perfect feature phone for nonstop entertainment. Our assertion is backed by an inbuilt storage boost, which shoots to 16GB in real usages.

You cannot expect much of visual multimedia experience in a feature phone. The Lava KKT 34 star sports a small display that is 2.4 inches with a resolution of 240P. I am not a fan of high pixel density in a phone display. Therefore, a pixel distribution of 167 PPI is good to make display sharper, but that will suck lots of battery fuel even in casual usages.

Lava KKT 34 Star Review and Specifications

We are impressed with backup capacity of 1800 mAh battery, which is indeed last for two to three days against normal usages. Connectivity options are fairly limited to Bluetooth. This goes against the concept of a complete feature phone below 1350 rupees. In our opinion, missing USB connectivity is a big negative.

  1. Calculator, Stopwatch, World clock, Calendar, Alarm
  2. 100 SMS Storage
  3. Video Player supports 3GP, MPEG4
  4. FM with recording option
  5. Wireless FM
  6. Audio Player supports AAC, MIDI, MP3, WAV
  7. Audio Player with Loudspeaker
  8. Auto Call Recording, Mobile Tracker
Buy 1350 Rupees

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