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Top 5 Vu LED TV in India under 25000 Rupees

Vu 23.8 JL3 60 cm Review and Specifications

We are reviewing here some of the most popular Vu LED TV sets available currently online under 25000 Rupees. These LED TVs comes with HD or FHD display and through that offers excellent viewing experience. Our hard work helps in deciding an appropriate TV set for your home. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.

Vu 40-Inch LED TV with FHD Screen

For the theatre-like experience at home people buy a big screen TV from popular brand like Sony, LG, and Samsung by paying huge money. Would you believe me if I say that you can get a 40 inch fully featured LED TV just for the price of 25,490? Yes, that is true. The Vu 40K16 LED TV set has all the features that you look in a big LED TV and is yet quite affordable for Indian middle class. It is in the market for quite some time now, but still has the specs that can give a tough competition to any TV from any popular brand.

Design: When you look at LED TVs, all of them look almost the same. The only difference you can find is in their sleekness and thickness. The Vu 40 inch LED TV measures just 57.9mm when it comes to the thickness and the black color makes it amazingly sleek. The ultra thin bezels just enhance the beauty of this LED TV. However, the one thing that I do not like about Vu LED TVs is that it bottom bezel is always thicker than others.

Display: It features a full HD screen with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Let me make one thing clear that the pixels alone do not define the resolution of a display. The pixel size, pixel spacing and technology behind make much difference in the picture that gets produced. The 1:1 mapping technique working behind the display produces each pixel relative to its original position for seamless viewing.

Vu 40K16 102 cm Review and Specifications

The A+ Grade panel with Achromatic technology enhances the image to its maximum capability. The blacks look black and the whites look white because of its dynamic contrast ratio of 1000000:1. Moreover, the Micro Lens Advance Design gives the smartphone-like experience even in bright lights. The impressive viewing angles of 89o in all the direction can be regarded as an exception.

Sound and Connectivity Features of this Vu LED TV

The Indian display brand Vu really needs to work on its sound technology. Even with dual speakers with True Sound technology at the back, the sound output of this LED TV is dull. If you have two fans in the room running at full speed then it is sure that you won’t hear what the characters in a movie are saying. To overcome this problem, users will have to buy additional set of speakers.

Connectivity: The Vu 40K LED TV does not lack at the connectivity front. You get 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports along all other connectivity options. The pre-installed DMP player enables users to play videos and other media directly from their pen drive.

This LED TV can also be used as a monitor to your laptop or PC using the HDMI/VGA port.


  • 1:1 mapping technique produces true images
  • Special panel design results in great contrast ratio
  • The soft-processing working behind the scene enhances the graphics to its maximum capability
  • Pre-installed DMP player for playing media files
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports


  • Sound quality is really bad
  • TV Remote size is very big
Display Size 40 inch
Screen LED, Full HD, 1920×1080 Pixels
Headphone Jack 1
Power consumption 70W
Speakers Output 7W×2
Buy Online 25000 Rupees


Vu 32-Inch LED TV with HD Display

A few years ago one friend of mine asked me to help him in selecting a 32 inch LED TV. At that time no Indian TV manufacturer used to produce a reliable and durable product. I recommended him that select from either Sony or LG. As for today, the time has changed much and the Indian TV manufacturer Vu is leading the wave of innovation with many affordable LED TVs.

The 32K160 80 cm LED TV that it offers come at the price of 16290 INR, though the official website lists the price as 20,000. However, one strange thing that I found on Vu’s website is that it says its TVs are exclusively available at, but in real you can buy find them on the website of other online retailers as well. Leaving the availability behind, let’s dig in the specs of this LED TV.

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Design: It is quite exceptional that a 32 inch LED TV at this price point can offer such a slim and sleek design. It is just 59 mm thick and can be mounted on a wall. The ultra thin bezels are something that no one would expect on this LED TV. This slimness has been possible only because of Vu’s special edge-LED design. Though we usually do not find edge-LED panels on premium TVs, but the quality that this TV has is really appreciable.

Display: The Vu 32 inch LED also features an A+ Grade panel to produce bright and crisp images. The Achromatic technology removes all the fuzziness in the processing and renders an awesome viewing experience in HDR. Dullness in sunlight is a normal problem in most of the budget LED TVs, but the Vu 32K160 80 cm LED TV features a Micro Lens Optical Design that keeps the images sharp even in bright day light. For the sake of informing you all, it features viewing angles of 89o in all the directions.

Vu 32K160 80 cm Review and Specifications

The dust and moisture resistant fitting makes the inside of this TV durable. Moreover, its smart processing feature remarkably reduces the power consumption.

Other Cool Features of this Vu HD LED TV

The dual speakers on the back coupled with the True Sound technology produce cinema-like experience in your room. However, the room itself should not be bigger than 20 square feet.

Its smart Digital Noise Reduction feature is capable of effectively removing all the background noises.

Connectivity: There are two connectivity panels on the left and the bottom side of the back. Accessing them can become a little messy if you plan for a wall mounting. However, you get more than needed connectivity options at your ease.

The 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports are rewriting what budget level LED TV can offer. You can also use this LED TV as a monitor for your PC or laptop. Additionally, the headphone out feature also makes its entry.


  • You get a 32-inch LED TV for just 16290
  • Wall mountable
  • Only 59mm thick
  • Produces sharp and bright images even in bright daylight
  • True Sound Technology
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports


  • It should have featured a full HD screen
  • Accessing the connectivity ports can become difficult in the case of wall mounting
Display Size 32 inch
USB Port 2
Screen LED, HD Ready, 1366 x 768
RF Capable YES
Speaker 6W x 2
Power Consumption 50 W, 0.1 W (Stand By)
Buy Online 16500 Rupees


Vu 28-Inch Television set with 16 Watt Audio Output

As the competition among the various TV brands is getting hot, the Indian manufacturer Vu is now taking every price and size segment very seriously. Its 18.5 inch and 23.8 inch LED TVs are performing quite well in the market, but many people find these sizes small in this modern world that wants a theatrical experience at the home. Therefore, these people can make an entry in this gamut by buying the Vu 28 inch LED TV.

Vu 28 JL3 71 cm Review and Specifications

I would also like to recommend this 28 inch TV, those are planning to buy the 23.8 inch one and the reason that I am saying this is the price difference. Although Vu’s official website is listing the 28 JL3 71 cm LED TV at the price of 15000 INR, but you when you will head over to the website of its exclusive partner, the same figure drops to the affordable budge of 11,990 INR, just under 12000 rupees.

Design: Ultra-thin bezels in the wide range of Vu TV makes introduction in the Indian display market with this 28 inch LED TV only. Compared to its size, the thickness of 71 mm makes it look slim and premium. The controls and connectivity ports are hidden behind the sides because of which the front panel remains clean. However, the biggest downside of the design of Vu 28 JL3 71 cm LED TV is that it cannot be wall mounted.

Display and Connectivity Features of this Vu 28 Inch TV

All the major features that you find in other TVs offered by Vu, makes way into this 28 inch LED TV. The Advance Micro Lens Optical design provides high transmittance that ultimately polishes the picture quality. The A+ Grade panel avoids the formation of ripples while pressing the display with a finger. Also, the Vu TV has excellent job in addressing of the problem related to leak of light, which remains a tizzy issue in most of available branded and non-brand LED TVs.

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There might come a time when you would have to place your TV in unwanted positions, but then also the wide viewing angles (178o in both the axis) will make sure that you do not get any kind of distortion.

Sound: This is the only area where Vu fails to perform. Even after featuring the True Sound technology the sound output remains below than expected. However, you do have option to add external speakers of your choice.

Connectivity: Sit back and hold tight because now you will get to know what a little price difference has special for you. The Vu 28 JL3 71 cm LED TV features 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports which can make your experience a lot better. You can connect your PC and a set top box at the same time using the HDMI ports. On the other hand, the two USB ports will let you connect a pen drive and a hard disk simultaneously.

Moreover, all the ports that you expect on a premium TV are present on the back of this LED TV also.


  • 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • You get a 28inch LED TV for just 11,990INR
  • Ultra-thin design
  • Wide viewing angles (178o both vertical and horizontal)


  • Becomes a little heavy at 5.6KG with the stand
  • No wall-mount option
Display Size 28 inch
USB Port 2
Screen HD Ready, 1366 x 768
RF Capable Yes, 1
Speaker 8 W + 8 W
Power Consumption 65 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)
Buy Online 15000 Rupees


Vu 24-inch LED TV with 1080P Screen

When I suggest someone to buy a LED TV from Vu, no matter how much appreciate its features, he refuses to rely on the brand. Less popularity might be a reason because people tend to go with the most popular brand if they have a good budget. However, the rise of other Indian brands like Micromax has made people to give little reliability on small manufacturers. We already know that Vu has big gamut of affordable yet feature-full TVs, so it would be nice if we can give little appreciation to this emerging brand.

Vu 23.8 JL3 60 cm Review and Specifications

Selecting a perfect size when you have big range becomes difficult, but if you have a small room and want a decent quality experience then a 24 inch TV might fit your needs. The Vu 23.8 JL3 LED TV lies somewhere around that size and also comes at a very affordable price of 10490 INR. Surprisingly, this affordability will not make your watching experience poor and you will believe it as we discuss more about this LED TV.

Design: Like with every other brand, when you move from an entry level product to an intermediate level product the quality also gets improved. The same concept applies to Vu 23.8 JL3 LED TV as well. However, the thickness measures 69.9 mm, which is slightly higher than its small brother. But do not worry as more space will bring more features.

Some Cool Features of this 24 Inch LED TV

First things first, the main feature of this LED TV is the Full HD resolution at 1920 X 1080 pixels, which is generally hard to find at this price point. The A+ Grade Achromatic Panel does its job quite well. The processed graphics appear crisp and rich in color. Also, you do not get ripples while pressing the display, which is another feature of all the Vu TVs.

The viewing angles in which you will be able to view everything without distortions are 178o vertical and 178o horizontal. What more would you want from a TV so low priced?

Sound: I would say that Vu has delivered big improvement in the sound quality of this LED TV over the 18.5 inch model. This LED TV also features the True Sound technology amaze you every time it is tune on. Vu’s display blend with ultra sound quality certainly does give many positive points in favor of the 28 inch Vu LED.

Connectivity: Looking at the price point, the connectivity options are really abundant. You can find the USB, HDMI, VGA, RCA, Audio and RF ports facing the floor on the backside. The position is something that should be criticized as you will face much hassle connecting your cables if you plan to mount this LED TV on a wall.

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You can use the Vu 23.8 JL3 60cm LED TV as a monitor for your PC also using the HDMI/VGA port. Moreover, the mobile display transfer capability can be said more of an exception.

Yes, you get the famous Headphone out feature that is present in almost every Vu TV. The benefit of this feature is that you can watch movies at night without disturbing your family.


  • Wide viewing angles
  • Ripple free display
  • Sharp and rich image processing
  • Headphone out
  • Good connectivity options


  • The bottom bezel can be annoying sometimes
  • The connectivity ports will prove to be unreachable if you mount this LED TV on a wall
Display Size 24 inch
USB Port 1
Screen DLED, Full HD, 1920 x 1080
RF Capable YES
Speaker 3 W + 3 W
Power Consumption 42 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)
Buy 10500 Rupees


18.5-Inch Vu Student LED Television set

Vu is an Indian budget TV manufacturer that has gained much popularity recent years. If you are ready to compromise a little on quality, then you can get a good number of specs on an affordable price. LED TV with wide gamut starts from the Vu 18.5 inch model, which you can get at an attractive price of 7690 INR from Flipkart. When compared to LED TVs with same specs from other brands, you get a price difference of at least 1500 INR, which is quite an exception. However, the reviews that the Vu 18.5 VL 47 cm LED TV has got from the customers are not that appealing.

Design: If you plan to mount it on a wall, then it will add to the beauty of your house for sure. With just 53.6 mm thickness, it will feel like the TV is carved from the wall itself. The bezels are not ultra-thin, but they do give this LED TV a premium look. However, if you plan to put it on table, then there might be some injustice as you will have to sacrifice a whole table just for an 18.5 inch LED TV.

Display: The Vu 18.5 VL 47 cm LED TV certainly gets an upper hand on the display front. The 18.5 inch LED features many different technologies that enhance the watching experience. ADSDS (Advanced Super Dimension Switch) technology prevents the formation of ripples when someone puts pressure on the display. Also, the ADSDS technology effectively fuels in wide viewing angels (170o Horizontal and 160o Vertical) that ultimately allow the user to mount this LED TV at any height or corner.

Vu 18.5 VL 47 cm Review and Specifications

The A+ grade pure prism panel eliminates light leakages while producing rich and clear images. It is obvious that you can only get Edge LED display in this price range, but the quality of it is really appreciable. Moreover, the LED TV is HD ready at the resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels.

You Can use this LED TV even as a Computer Monitor

It does feature True Sound technology that, according to Vu, generates high quality surround sound in a room up to 20 feet wide. However, it should be mentioned here that you will not get that much good quality of sound as mentioned by the manufacturer. The digital noise reduction feature works to a level though.

Connectivity options: The LED TV features all the necessary connectivity ports like USB, HDMI, RCA and RF. Well, it could have been better if it featured more than one USB and HDMI ports.

We all unintentionally disturb the silent environment of our family members at night while watching movies. But that will not happen again, thanks to the headphone out feature that allows connecting a wired or wireless headphone directly to this LED TV.

You can also use this LED TV as PC monitor to get a high-quality experience.


  • Very affordable
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Rich and crisp image processing
  • The ADSDS technology prevents the ripple generation while pressing the display
  • Headphone out
  • Can be used as a monitor using the HDMI/VGA port


  • Sound quality is not that great
  • The build material feels kind of cheap
Display Size 18 inch
USB Port 1
Screen HD Ready, 1366 x 768
RF Capable YES
Speaker 3 W + 3 W
Power Consumption 36 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)
Buy Online 7700 Rupees

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