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Top 5 Smart Printers in India Between 9000 to 9500 Rupees

Top 5 Smart Printers in India Between 9000 to 9500 Rupees

We are back with another smart printer review in this June. In this article, we have listed five all-in-one printer, which comes with the best functions, features, and adhere to international standard of printing solution in day-to-day office.

One of these five machines could be a productive and cost effective printer solution for your office. Further, because of multi-function abilities there printers are fully qualified for print, copy, fax, and scan jobs. I would highly recommend them for office usages more as thier multi-function ability has not much requirement in domestic use.

Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer

The Camera brand Canon is attracting many customers with its Pixma series printers these days. This series is famous for its affordability and ergonomic design. Recently Canon added another member to this series by launching the Pixma MG5670 Printer. This printer is currently available on online for a price of 9100 Rupees.

Like other Pixma printers, this printer also features a curved body that looks pretty attractive. Wide easy to use panel with a 2.5 inch display enhances the usability of this inkjet printer. The build material used is highly durable and also provides a nice finish to this device.

Printing: If you are looking for quality, then this printer is the best option for you. It prints at the speed of 8.7 ipm (Color) with a resolution of 4800 X 1200 dpi. You can also get high-quality print on a 10 X 15 photo paper in just 44 seconds. This printer also comes with a duplexer that allows for automatic double side printing.

Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer Review and Prince in India

Scanning and Copying : The Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer features a flatbed scanner with a Contact Image Sensor. It is capable of scanning documents at a high resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi. Scan area of 216 x 297 mm enables this printer to scan the most used media sizes like A4, Legal and Letter. A normal A4 size document takes about 14 seconds to get scanned.

In normal conditions this printer can make 7.2 color copies per minute. The first copy takes about 20 seconds to come out, which is not much delay. Like most of the printers of this price segment, the Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer allows a user to make 99 copies on a single command.

Paper Handling: This printer comes with double front paper cassettes that means you can load two different sizes of paper at the same time. The input tray has the capacity to hold about 100 plain A4 size paper at once.

Connectivity & Other Features: The Canon Pixma MG5670 Printer comes with wireless capability. It also comes with the convenient features like Air Print, Cloud Print, ePrint and Access Point Mode. This printer supports Wireless PictBridge using which a user can print images directly from a camera.

This inkjet printer consumes only 12 Watts of power and supports a wide range of voltage input (100-240 Volts). The printing driver contains many templates with an option to edit the images.

Pro Features:

  • High print resolution. Best suited for printing photos
  • Consumes only 12 Watts of power
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Wireless support
  • Can print on the double sides automatically
  • Two paper cassettes


  • No ADF
  • Consumes a little more ink than other printers of this segment
  • No faxing support

Verdict: This printer can give a tough competition to any other printer in this price range. It is power efficient and prints great quality images. Canon is really building up its own environment which seems to be focused on cameras and printers.

Price 9100 Rupees


Canon PIXMA MG6470 Multi-Function Inkjet Color Printer

There comes a time when you need high-quality prints at a fast speed. Most of the budget printers in market are not capable of printing good quality graphics and texts at a fast rate. Canon has understood this problem, which is why it has launched the PIXMA MG 6470 Color Printer. This machine comes at the price of 9500 Rupees and packs some great features.

This printer, with its premium design, just adds to the beauty of your work area. Canon has also made sure to provide comfort to the user as all the controls are located at one place and are easy to use. The printer weighs just 6.4 KG and only takes a little space of your desk.

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Printing: The Canon MG 6470 Inkjet can print at a really high speed of 9.7 color images per minute. If your work requires printing in black, then the same speed can jump to a whopping 15 images per minute. The quality of the prints from this printer remains unmatchable because of the resolution of 4800 X 1200 dpi. Border-less images with a size of 4 X 5 inches take only 44 seconds to get printed. However, this printer doesn’t support automatic double side printing.

Canon PIXMA MG 6470 Multi-Function Inkjet Color Printer Review and Prince in India

Scanning and Copying : This printer features a Contact Image Sensor, which is capable of scanning documents at a resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi. A normal A4 size document usually takes 14 seconds to get scanned. Users also get the ability to select the resolution of the scan.

Scanning A4 size sheets is an easy task on its 216 x 297mm flatbed. You can also choose the copy quality from any of the Fast, Standard and High modes. However, lack of an Automatic Document Feeder can increase the inconvenience for many.

Paper Handling: The printer supports the most used paper sizes like A4, Letter, Legal, A5 and B5. You can load about hundred A4 size plain paper in the input tray at one time.

Connectivity: The Canon PIXMA MG 6470 Multi-Function Inkjet Color Printer comes with both USB and Wi-Fi connectivity options. Its Access Point Mode feature allows a user to directly connect his smartphone to this printer. If you own an Apple device, then the Air Print feature will certainly prove to be helpful to you. The PIXMA Printing Solutions App, which is available for Android and iOS devices can be used to print and scan documents.

Other Features: This printer comes with an Auto Power On feature that starts the printer automatically when a print command is sent from a computer or smartphone. Further, your electricity bill will remain unaffected by using this printer as it consume only 13 Watts of power. It also supports a wide range of voltage inputs i.e. 100-240 Volts.

Pro Features:

  • Best for printing images
  • High printing speed
  • Consumes less power
  • Can copy and scan
  • Users can print using their mobile devices
  • Auto Power On feature


  • Automatic Document Feeder is missing
  • Cartridges are costly

Verdict: It is a nicely packed machine and is best suited for home use. Semi-professional photographers can go ahead and buy this printer without having a second thought. However, if you print a lot of documents, then you should also consider the price of cartridges before making a purchase.

Price 9500 Rupees


Canon Pixma MX477 Printer

When it comes to buying of a quality multi-function printer, the Canon has really better catalog to offer you. The Canon MX477 is a premium looking device that comes at an affordable price of 9000 Rupees. This inkjet printer packs some great features that do not usually come in this price segment.

The Printer looks much premium on a table because of its sleek and sturdy body. It can be placed anywhere as it features a small and compact design. However, this printer is a little heavy because of it’s of weight of 8.4 KG.

Printing: You get amazing quality of print outs on this device because it can print at a high resolution of 4800 X 1200 dpi. This printer is best suited for printing photos because the high dpi. It is also capable of printing color prints at the speed of 5.5 ipm. This number jumps to 9.7 ipm in the case of mono prints.

One thing that will annoy you is the most is absence of a duplexer because of which this printer fails to automatically print on both sides of the paper.

Canon Pixma MX477 Review and Prince in India

Scanning: The Canon Pixma MX477 Printer can scan documents at a resolution of 1200 X 2400 dpi at 48-bit, which is really high. You will not miss out any detail no matter how small it is. Color documents take about 12 seconds get fully scanned.

Copying: This printer has got an ADF (Automatic Document Feeder), which makes it much convenient for you to make multiple copies. You can make color copies at the speed of 4.7 ipm. On a single command not more than 99 copies can be made. You can adjust the quality of copy from any of the 3 modes, which include Fast, Standard and High.

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Faxing: The printer also comes with Faxing capability. Documents can be transferred at the speed of 33.6 kbps. However, the maximum resolution that can be achieved while sending fax is 300 X 300 dpi in the case of Mono mode and 200 X 200 dpi in the case of Color mode.

Paper Handling: The input tray of this printer supports a wide range of formats including A4, Legal, A5, Letter and most of the photo formats. Paper guides can be used to make sure that the text gets aligned properly. You cannot load more than 80 A4 size papers at once in the input tray.

Connectivity: The Canon Pixma MX477 Printer comes with the connectivity options like USB 2.0 and Wi-Fi. It is really a great thing that Canon has manage to give this printer wireless printing capability at the price point.

Other Features: The printer consumes only 18 Watts of power which makes it highly energy efficient. You also get various convenient features like AirPrint and Access Point Mode. Users can also print the documents using their smartphones by installing the PIXMA Printing Solutions App.

Pro Features:

  • Multi-function
  • Wireless printing capability
  • Power efficient
  • High printing resolution

Cons: No duplexer

Verdict: It is a tightly packed device that comes with all the necessary features. Most of the printers of this price segment don’t have wireless printing support. The best thing is that you can use this printer for all your tasks like printing documents, printing images, copying and even faxing.

Price 9050 Rupees


Konica Minolta 1580 Model All-in-One Printer

Japanese camera brand Konica is famous for quality camera. Besides it has a large catalog of image color printer that mostly focused on commercial use. If you run a big office or frequent require bulk paperwork, then the Konica Minolta 1580 All-in-One printer can prove to be an affordable solution. You can get this printer by spending just 8880 Rupees.

This printer comes with a classical design and is not much attractive in terms of looks. I think Konica should understand that people these days rate design on the same scale on which they rate features. It is really a bulky printer and you will not be able to move it alone.

Printing: The Brother DCP 1601 All In One Printer is only capable of printing documents at a low resolution of 600 X 600 dpi. However, in HQ1200 mode the same resolution increases to 2400 X 600 dpi. It takes about 10 seconds to print the first sheet after which you will be able to print 20 pages every minute. You will have to rely on your hands to print on the back side of the sheets as there is no duplexer on this printer.

Scan Copy and Paper management: This printer can do color scanning at a high resolution of 600 X 2400 dpi. The scanner glass allows a user to scan any document with a size not more than 216 X 297 mm.

It takes about 12 seconds for this printer to make the first copy. On average, you will be able to make 20 A4 size copies per minute. Copying many documents at the same time can prove to be a little difficult as there is no Document Feeder on this printer.

The input tray of this printer is enough strong and big to hold 250 sheets at once. However, the output tray is a little small and can only contain 100 sheets. The paper sizes that this printer supports are A4, A5, Legal, Letter, B5, A6, Executive, Monarch and Folio.

Konica Minolta 1580 Model All in One Printer Review and Prince in India

Connectivity and Power: The list of connectivity options on this printer is really short and contains a USB port only. It is an unfortunate fact that most of the budget laser printers do not come with Wi-Fi.

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The Brother DCP 1601 All In One Printer consumes 445 Watts of electricity on an average. However, this number can jump up to 1080 Watts on a busy day. Even on standby mode it consumes 55 Watts of power.

Pro Features:

  • Can print at a high resolution
  • Best suited to make copies
  • Multi-functional
  • Comes with large input tray


  • High power consumption
  • Limited on the connectivity front

Verdict: Even if this printer comes at an affordable price, it is highly recommended that you delete its name from your list. The biggest downside of this machine is its power consumption. In the standby mode only it consumes more power than a normal inkjet printer.

Price 9500 Rupees


Samsung SCX 3401 Multifunction Laser Printer

Samsung printers are famous for their build quality, but when it comes to print quality, they always lag behind. It seems that the Korean giant is not learning anything from its mistake of the last few years. The Samsung SCX 3401 is a multi-function laser Printer, which despite being priced 9300 Rupees does not feature any special feature to attract people.

This printer comes with a durable body and a premium looking design. It weighs just 6.7 KG and occupies much less space when compared to its size. However, there is nothing special as all other printers from Samsung look exactly the same.

Printing: The Samsung SCX 3401 is capable of printing documents at a resolution of 1200 X 1200 dpi. This much resolution is good for plain documents, but it in printing graphics you will get disappointed for sure. The first print takes about 8.5 seconds to come out, but after that you can get 20 prints every minute. You will have to manually reinsert the paper if you want to print on the other side as this printer lacks a duplexer.

Scanning: This printer can scan documents at a resolution of 600 X 600 dpi in optical mode and at 4800 X 4800 dpi in enhanced mode. But you will have to understand that the enhanced mode is just a trick to increase the number of dots. The scanned documents can only be sent to PC, which is again a big drawback.

Samsung SCX 3401 Multifunction Laser Printer Review and Prince in India

Copying: As the Contact Image Sensor of this printer is itself not much powerful, you cannot expect great level of details in copying documents. The first Monochromatic copy takes about 14 seconds to get processed after that the copying speed jumps to 20 copies per minute. One good thing here is that you can zoom up to 400 % at any particular part of the documents.

Paper Handling: The input tray of this printer has the capacity to load 150 sheets while the output tray can hold only 100 sheets in faced down position. You can use various size of media for printing purpose like A4, A5, B5, Letter, Legal, Folio, Envelope and Oficio.

Connectivity: You should better think twice before considering this printer for your office as it features only aUSB port. In the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity, you will not be able to enjoy much of the modern day features.

Other Features: An Eco mode button on the front panel can be pressed to set the printer to most efficient settings at once. The driver software that Samsung ships with this printer provides some extra powers to the user. You can remove images from the documents increasing the life of ink cartridge.

This laser printer consumes 310 Watts of power which makes it not suitable for homes.

Pro Features:

  • Eco mode
  • Premium design
  • Powerful driver software
  • Multi-functional. Can copy, scan and print
  • 433 MHz processor
  • ID copy function
  • Special print screen button


  • Low printing quality
  • No duplexer
  • No ADF
  • No Wireless capability

Verdict: There is not much to discuss about this printer. The most disappointing fact is the absence of Wi-Fi connectivity option without which the usability of this printer gets limited. It also consumes a lot of power so before making a decision just consider all aspects of this printer.

Price 9300 Rupees

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