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Top 5 Premium Steam Iron Between 800 to 2500 Rupees

Bajaj Majesty Aero Cordless Steam Iron Review Specifications Price Online in India

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray

The 1440-Watt Steam Iron from Philips has become really popular in the market recently. About three months back, I was also in need of an iron box. Overwhelmed by features and reviews, I had purchased this device for family use. My experience with the Philips iron box has been excellent so far. When I have opportunity to praise the product in this review article, I won’t hesitate saying go for it.

User Friendly Design: The first thing to mention here would be the comfortable grip of the handle. It mimics the design of the human hand and never lets you feel tired during the operation. The unit weighs in at 1.1 KG, which is not a lot considering the price point. Its water tank is transparent and also features a leak-proof cap on the mouth. The alleviated back helps in winding the cord after the use.

Though I am not satisfied with 1.8 meter cord as it swivels in 180 degrees only, this creates a problem during rush hours.

Ultra fast Heating: This iron box is a beast when it comes to performance. It consumes 1440 Watts of electricity and gets heated up within a few seconds. The black linished soleplate offers frictionless movement over all kinds of fabrics. Moreover, it never leaves any mark of steam or spray on clothes.

No Steam Burst: The only thing that disappointed me a lot was the absence of steam burst feature. You will not be able to vertically treat your clothes with this iron. But it is equipped all other features like Water Spray and Steam Cloud.

This Philips steam iron box comes with easy to use controls

Using this iron box is really easy. The temperature control wheel is labelled with suitable temperatures of all major types of fabrics. There is a push button adjacent to the handle that enables the water spray. A user guide also comes along the box.

Philips GC1905 1440-Watt Steam Iron with Spray Review Specifications Price Online in India

Low Capacity Tank: The tank of this Philips Iron box can only contain 180 ml of water. But the water usage gets considerably reduced as the iron does not have steam burst feature.

Safety: Philips has done everything in its hand to ensure your safety. Water passages are tightly sealed and the iron has also got overheat protection feature. However, be sure to not place your hand in front of the soleplate because the steam that comes out will burn your skin.


  • Overheat protection
  • A great number of temperature options
  • Water spray
  • Comfortable handle
  • Button groove
  • Cord winder
  • Easy cleaning


  • Low water capacity
  • Lacks steam burst feature

Verdict: The Philips GC1905 does lack a number of features, which are definitely needed on a steam iron. However, your money will not go waste. This steam iron box is highly durable and its performance is beyond expectation.

Price 1170 Rupees
Power Consumption 1440 Watts
Water Tank Capacity 180 ml
Cord Length 1.8 meter
Steam Output 17 gm/min
Features Auto Shut-off, Water Spray and Steam Cloud
Soleplate Black Linished
Weight 1.1 KG
Warranty 2 Years


Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Plus 1300-Watt Steam Iron

Maharaja is really an appreciable brand, not because it is an Indian electronic manufacturer, but because the prices of all its products are highly reasonable. While doing the background research for this article, I came to know about the Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Plus Steam iron and it caught my eyes right away. At first, I could not even believe that it is available at a highly affordable price of 799 rupees.

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Non-Stick Soleplate: The soleplate of this iron is made of highly durable materials and can resist high temperatures. If the right temperature is used according to the type of fabric, no damage will ever occur. Moreover, there is a button groove just above the soleplate, which helps a lot in reaching the trickiest parts of fabrics.

Heats Up Really Fast: It is a 1300 Watt iron that means its soleplate will heat up within no time. The result is faster operation and crease free fabric.

Long Power Cord: The 1.9 meter cord of this device is long enough that you will never need an extra power extension cable. Also, 360 degree rotation helps a lot it from getting tangles. Furthermore, Maharaja provides a cord winder at the backside of this iron.

Maharaja Whiteline Aquao Plus 1300-Watt Steam iron Review Specifications Price Online in India

This Maharaja Steam Iron comes in a good design

One of the main highlight of this iron box is its steam boost capability, which is generally not available on any other device at this price. Users can also choose from any of two steam cloud modes i.e. low and high. There is also a spray nozzle at the front of this iron.

However, the only thing that you will not like about this product is its low capacity storage tank that can only hold 150 ml water at once. One might have to refill it about 3-4 times during the whole ironing session.

Safety: This Steam iron box is ISI certified, which means it is 100 percent safe for everyone’s use. When the soleplate reaches the desired temperature, Auto Shut-off feature kicks in and cuts the power supply. Not a single drop of water leaks through its tightly sealed tank, which eliminates any chance of short circuit.

Comfortable Design: Uniquely designed handle helps in maintaining the natural posture of human body during the operation. All the controls can also be reached without removing your hand from the handle.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Button Groove
  • Long power cord
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Steam Burst, Steam Cloud and Water Spray function

Con: Low water tank capacity

Verdict: If the budget is limited and you seriously want a quality steam iron with all the features, this is the product that you should be looking for.

Price 1100 Rupees
Power Consumption 1300 Watts
Water Tank Capacity 150 ml
Steam Output 0-13 gm/min
Features Water Spray, Steam Burst, ISI Mark, Auto Off and Swivel Cord
Soleplate Non stick
Warranty 2 Years


Havells Admire 1600-Watt Steam Iron Box

Havells is a respected home appliance manufacturer and its products are really popular in India. However, the one thing that I do not like about this brand is its price strategy. Products that Havells sells come at a blown up price and the same is a case with the Admire 1600 Watt Steam Iron. You will like its features and quality, but those are not in sync with its price of 1580 rupees.

Unattractive But Quality Build: This iron box is not as aesthetically pleasing as other irons that are manufactured by the brands like Philips and Bajaj. Still, the quality of the materials used is great. Its handle offers a firm grip and helps in faster operation. Users can also reach the steam controls using only one finger during the ironing session. It also comes with a 360 degree swivel cord for tangle-free operation during rush hours.

Havells Admire 1600 Watt Steam Iron Review Specifications Price Online in India

Good Quality Soleplate: Its soleplate is coated with a special PTFE plastic material that helps in frictionless movement over clothes. This iron never sticks to the fabric no matter how hot the soleplate is. Though it can damage your favorite dresses if the temperature control wheel is not adjusted according to the type of fabric. Ironing around the buttons also becomes a hassle free task because of the groove provided. Moreover, special design of the tip of its soleplate lets you easily cover the hard to reach parts of clothes like sleeves.

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Steam Burst and Water Spray Functionality of this Iron Box

Apart from creating steam cloud, this iron is also capable of generating burst that helps in vertical steaming. For stubborn creases, the water spray feature can be used. The most attractive of all is the 320 ml water tank that allows for long session without a refill.

Maintenance and Safety: The features like Anti-Calc and Self Clean help in reducing the stress of maintenance. For your safety, electricity supply gets cut once the soleplate reaches the desired temperature. There is also a LED indicator on this iron that tells the user when to start the ironing operation.


  • Durable and leak-proof build
  • Anti-Calc Function
  • Water spray and steam burst
  • Tank can hold 320 ml of water
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Temperature control wheel
  • Overheat protection
  • LED indicator
  • Button groove

Cons: Design is not that attractive

Verdict: No doubt Havells Admire Steam Iron offers a perfect ironing solution. However, I will have to say that its price is still too high.

Price 1600 Rupees
Power Consumption 1600 Watts
Water Tank Capacity 320 ml
Features Auto Shut-off, Water Spray , Steam Burst and Steam Cloud
Soleplate PTFE Non-stick Coated
Warranty 2 Years


1200-Watt Steam Spray Iron Philips GC1010

Philips always prefer to make products to relieve its customers who think ironing is a tough job and to get a wrinkle free cloth in just one press is impossible. The product is the power tool packed in a supreme quality body with exciting features.

Design: Sleek and stylish are the words to describe the body of iron. The aluminum soleplate gives the product a classy design and open contact with fabric.

The Company gives only one colour option on this product. It has proper vents for steam to exit. It also features a temperature with three stages and an indicator light. Further, it has got a small water container for steam ironing. The grip on the handle is quite comfortable and convenient.

Philips GC1010 Review Specifications Price Online in India

Features and Specs of Philips Spray Iron

This power device does consume lots of power as it consumes 1200 Watt and runs on 220V of power supply. It weighs about 998 grams, which will make you feel ironing. It has launched aluminum soleplate which heated up very quickly and provides smooth slipping over fabric.

The water tank in iron can hold up to 150 ml of water for steam ironing enabling longer duration of ironing. It delivers uniform steam to give the user a great experience. The iron gives you a temperature control knob with three stages to configure according to your fabric. Philips added a feature for self-cleaning called as Calc cleaning, which increases the iron’s durability.

The indicator light goes on green when iron is heated up sufficiently. It has a 1.9-meter-long braided cord for optimum use. We get two years warranty on the iron used against any parts repairing or replacement.


  • Thin aluminum linished soleplate for quick heating
  • Temperature control knob with indicator
  • Calc cleaning
  • Proper vent for steam outlet


  • Small water tank
  • Possibility of water leak
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Conclusion: The Philips GC1010 steam iron serves its purpose quite well. Enjoy wrinkle free apparel every time you use this product. Its Calc cleaning feature adds functionality that usually companies give for more than 1.5K bucks. The user friendly design and powerful crease removal features come with this product.

Price 840 Rupees
Power Consumption 1200 Watts
Water Tank Capacity 150 ml
Steam Output 15 gm/min
Features Water Spray, Calc-Clean function
Soleplate Linished Coated
Warranty 2 Years


Bajaj Majesty Aero Cordless Steam Iron

Cordless irons are great at offering of hassle-free operation, but they are generally priced too high. However, good to have stiff competition among iron manufacturers, which have resulted in lowering of prices of even these types of irons. The Bajaj Majesty Aero Cordless Steam Iron, which was earlier selling at 2699 rupees, can now be purchased at the price of 2295 rupees under a special web offer.

Consumes 1280 Watts of Power: Considering the price of this cordless iron, the power consumption of 1280 Watts seems to be decent. The soleplate reaches its maximum temperature within one minute, which is really a great thing. Another benefit of using this iron is that your electricity bill not get highly affected as it consumes less electricity that other products of the same price segment.

Transparent Design: The outer shell of this Bajaj iron is transparent that helps the user in knowing how much water is left in the tank. Even the tank has a capacity to hold 280 ml of water at once. Slightly curved handle gives comfort to the hand during operation.

Bajaj Majesty Aero Cordless Steam Iron Review Specifications Price Online in India

Ceramic Coated Soleplate: Your clothes will never get damaged as the ceramic coated soleplate of this cordless iron effortlessly floats over the clothes. However, the temperature control wheel should always be adjusted according to the type of fabric.

Button Groove and Durable Charging Stand of this Bajaj Iron

Bajaj knows how hard it is to iron around buttons and other attached accessories, which is why a button groove has been featured above the soleplate. Apart from that the sharp tip of this iron enables faster ironing of tricky parts.

Durable Charging Stand: The charging stand is made of premium quality materials and the slot that gets connected to the circuit board of the iron is highly durable. There is no chance that you will ever suffer from an electric shock. Its cord measures 1.5 meter in length, which is manageable considering that the stand will remain at one place during the whole operation.

Safe To Use: Overheat protection feature prevents the soleplate from getting uncomfortably hot. Moreover, a thermal fuse inside the iron unit cuts the power supply in case of a short circuit and avoids any type of accident from happening.


  • Vertical ironing
  • Button Groove
  • Ceramic coated soleplate
  • 280 ml water tank
  • Shock proof body
  • BIS approved
  • 2 years of warranty

Cons: Usage can be tricky for a first few days

Verdict: The Bajaj Majesty Aero steam iron box offers the best-in-class features like cordless operation, large water tank and durable body at this price. You will not regret the decision to purchase this device.

Price 2500 Rupees
Power Consumption 1250 Watts
Water Tank Capacity 280 ml
Steam Output 14 gm/min
Features Cordless, Water Spray, Steam Burst and Steam Cloud
Soleplate Ceramic Coated
Warranty 2 Years

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