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Top 5 Over The Head Wireless Headphone Below 5000 Rupees

Supra Aural Jabra Move

Bluedio Turbine 2 Bluetooth Headphone

Although I do not always recommend a small brand but sometimes we have to make an exception. In Indian headphone market, there are many non-popular international brands offering a great product line up. One such brand is Bluedio and we are going to discuss its Turbine 2 headphone here. You can purchase this super headphone for an attractive price of just 2,730 rupees.

Superb Audio Quality: This headphone produces really loud audio with a huge 57 mm driver unit. Frequency response range of 20-20000 Hz offers superior sound quality. Although the bass levels that this device produces are not as deep as what other premium series headphones generate but you will definitely get a great music listening experience with it.

Over the Ear Design

The ear pieces of this headphone fully cover user’s ear that feels comfort during a long music listening session. As the headphone comes with a closed back design, you will get an isolated experience, which is good for movie watching and gaming.

Bluedio Turbine 2

Good Connectivity Options: This is a Bluetooth headset so it will work wirelessly with your phone and PC. Moreover, it sports a micro SD card slot and has also got a media player onboard. The controls are located on the right ear piece. Also, the manufacturer has provided two 3.5 mm jacks on this device, one for connecting devices and another for sharing music with other headphones.

Long Battery Life: This headphone features an inbuilt battery that takes about two hours to get fully charged. On a single charge, it gives about 10-11 hours of power backup, which is really a great thing.

Mind Blow Design: In spite of being a budget headphone, its design will give you a premium feel. The ear pieces can be rotated up to 195 degrees for portability. Adjustable headband and extra padding make it possible for this headphone to fit on user’s head of any shape size.


  • Superior audio quality
  • Produces sharp treble
  • Good for gaming and movie watching
  • Closed-back, circumaural design
  • Strong build and attractive looks
  • Built-in battery offers really long power backup
  • Long Bluetooth range and also comes with two auxiliary jacks.
  • Inbuilt microphone for noise reduction

Cons: Bass levels are not that deep

Verdict: If you are a gamer who also happens to be found of movie watching, then this headphone will be the best budget option. It isolates the user from surrounding and gives an immersive experience. We certainly recommend premium quality headphone model the Bluedio Turbine 2. Read also Branded Headphone Earphone under 2500 Rupees.

Impedance 16 Ohms
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20000 Hz
Driver Units 57 mm
Battery Backup 10-11 Hours
Connectivity Bluetooth and 3.5mm Audio Jack
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 2730 Rupees


Circum-Aural Philips SHB7000 Headphone

Phillips not only makes durable daily care products, but it is also good at manufacturing amazing electronic products for home entertainment. The latest headphone series that it has launched are really popular in the market. Philips finds a special place in music lover’s heart as its gadgets are affordable, durable and certainly premium. Without doubt today Philips is a highly regarded electronic products manufacturer in India.

The Circum-aural Philips SHB7000 headset can be purchased in the market for an amount of just 2785 rupees. It offers some really attractive features that cannot be found on most of the headphones launched by other manufacturers in the same price segment.

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Circumaural Design: The main idea behind the circum-aural design is to give the users a comfortable music listening experience. However, the headband of this gadget remains a little tight for those users have bigger head in size. So remember, the Philips headphone model may not be suitable for many users. Padding on both earpiece and headband will relieve you from pain while listening to music, but not for a longer duration.

Circum Aural Philips SHB7000 headset

Wireless Connectivity: Inbuilt Bluetooth allows it to connect with laptop and other devices wirelessly. The Bluetooth feature can cover wide range and remains completely free from any kind of distortion. Philips has also provided a 3.5mm jack on this device in case the user prefers wired connectivity. The headphone also comes with a microphone that can be used to make calls.

While all the features of this Philips headphone appear to be perfect there are a few cons gets noticed only after frequent usages. Many users have expressed displeasure with echo problem that arise when using it at high volume during calling.

Offers Good Music listening experience

The Philips headphone produces great audio at all the frequencies. Impedance of 32 Ohm ensures high volumes without consuming much power. Moreover, the 40mm neodymium driver units are good at giving users immersive and isolated experience.

In spite of all goods, I do not find this gadget to be a suitable choice to use in a music production house. It fails to produce deep bass because of the limited frequency response range of 20 – 20,000 Hz only.


  • Bluetooth connectivity range of 15 meters
  • Impedance of 32 Ohm
  • 40-mm driver units
  • Produces really loud audio
  • Circum-aural ear pieces
  • Offers long battery life


  • Not good for people with bigger heads
  • The cord that comes along is really short
  • Call quality is not that great

Verdict: This Philips headphone is only good for occasional music listening. It is not meant for wearing on the head for a longer duration. The manufacturer should have equipped it with a flexible headband and large ear cups. Moreover, this device will also disappoint you with its bad call quality. Read also Philips Wireless Headphones Below 5000 Rupees.

Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency Response Range 20 – 20000 Hz
Driver Units 40 mm
Battery Backup 9 Hours
Connectivity Bluetooth and 3.5-mm Audio Jack
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 2800 Rupees


Creative Sound Blaster Jam

These days everyone likes listening to music while working out, walking and travelling. To be compatible with these activities, a headphone should be lightweight, minimalistic and equipped with wireless connectivity.

The Creative SoundBlaster Jam headphone seems to be a perfectly fit solution for all the requirements that I have discussed in the above lines. Moreover, this headphone is available in the market with a really attractive price tag of 2,780 rupees.

Comfortable built and Flexible Design: The headphone model does not come with class-leading flexible headband and large ear pads, but still it is quite comfortable in daily usages. Also, the ear pieces do not come with pivot functionality, but they do twist at an angle to fit the natural shape of ears.

Creative Sound Blaster Jam

The materials that Creative has used in the making are of high quality as well as lightweight. However, the headband is loosely attached with the ear pieces, which can be a problem for many. Moreover, as this headphone does not feature a circum-aural design, wearing it for longer durations will cause pain in the ears.

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Decent Audio Quality of this Headphone

This headphone set comes with rather small 32-mm driver units, but the audio they produce is of really great quality. Bass and treble levels are really appreciable. It also sports a special bass enhancement button that can be pressed to amplify the lower frequencies. But you should not consider this headphone as a perfect option for movie watching or music production. The truth is that this device is only suitable for listening to music on the go.

Great Connectivity Options: This headphone has really impressed me most at the connectivity front. You will not face any kind of problem while pairing it with any device that supports wireless headphones. The headphone also comes with onboard NFC connectivity, which will be appreciated by smartphone lovers. It comes equipped with an Omni-directional microphone capable of recording audio from all sides. However, the calling quality of this device is undesirable.


  • 12 hours of power backup
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Attractive design
  • Easy to carry
  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity
  • Bass enhancement button
  • Inbuilt Omni-directional microphone


  • Not good for longer sessions
  • Headphone is not that flexible

Verdict: We should appreciate the hard work that Creative has put in order to fit all the modern features on a headphone of such low budget tag. Certainly, there are some cons, but still this headphone will be a good purchase in my opinion. Read also Creative Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling.

Driver Units 32 mm
Battery Backup 12 Hours
Connectivity Bluetooth and NFC
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 2750 Rupees


Skullcandy Uproar S5URHW-462

If you ask any person related with music production to recommend a good and affordable headphone, I am pretty sure that they will advise you to choose any headphone offered by Skullcandy. This brand has got a really big fan base in the market. Skullcandy products are considered the best in all price ranges.

Overwhelmed by the product popularity, my team decided to do a review and bring out all pros and cons in the user’s benefit. Recently launched Skullcandy S5URHW-462 headset comes at a popular price of just 3099 rupees.

Modern Looks: This headphone can be a perfect choice to show off in friend’s group. Its attractive finish will blow your mind on the very first look. This device does not feel cheap at all and the materials used in the making are of really high quality. However, it is not the best headphone when it comes to comfortability. As it is made for on-the-go use there is no padding on the headband. Moreover, the ear cups are really small. So, in no way, you will be able to use this headphone for longer sessions.

Skullcandy Uproar S5URHW 462

Sound Quality is Good: Sound quality of this headphone is not as impressive as other headphone models in 3000 rupees price segment. The 40 mm driver units can produce loud audio, but compromises at deep bass levels. So, the users love POP and ROCK genres will be disappointed with the performance of this headphone.

Amazing Battery Life: This headphone can be a good option for those who always forget to charge their electronic devices. It will offer at least 10 hours of power backup on a single charge.

Limited Connectivity Options

In terms of connectivity, Skullcandy has limited this headphone just to Bluetooth pairing. Limitation in connectivity front might be a problem sometimes when a user prefers wired connectivity for easy setup. There two audio jacks on this device, but both used to share music.

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  • Really long battery backup
  • Eye-catching design, highly portable
  • Good for on-the-go usage
  • Sweat proof body
  • Large driver units


  • Audio quality is not impressive
  • No line-in connectivity
  • No noise cancellation

Verdict: Whether to buy this headphone or not totally depends on your requirements and budget. If you have limited money and are looking for a device that will give good music listening experience, then this headphone is not the right choice. It is only good for on-the-go usage. Read also Skullcandy Bluetooth Headphones with 12 Hours of Battery Life.

Battery Backup 10 Hours
Connectivity Bluetooth
Headphone Jack 2
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 3100 Rupees


Supra-aural Jabra Move Wireless On-Ear Headphone

The Supra-aural Jabra Move headphone is made for those love music as the birth right. It offers superior and unparalleled sound quality. Perhaps, you cannot get a better headphone that produces good quality audio than this. However, to take this product home you will have to spend 4699 rupees, which is a lot.

Immersive Audio: Thanks to the 40 mm neodymium driver units that help this headphone in producing high volume audio. It generates mind blowing audio at all frequencies. This remarkable headphone suits the needs of all types of users. You can use it to watch movies, listen to music or play games.

Supra-aural Design: The supra-aural design makes this headphone compatible with outdoor use. It is not bulky, so you will be able to wear it while travelling in a bus or walking on a road. Another great thing about this headphone is that it gives an immersive experience. However, there is a catch. As its ear cups do not cover the whole ear, longer sessions can result in pain. Also, the music that it produces leaks through the ear cups as they do not properly seal the ears.

Supra Aural Jabra Move

Easy To Pair

Connecting this headphone to a smartphone or a laptop via Bluetooth connectivity is really easy. Moreover, you can also use this device to receive phone calls because it sports an inbuilt Omni-directional microphone. It can be directly connected to a device using an auxiliary cord.

Durable Body: This headphone looks great and it is durable too. The frame of its headband is covered by a soft material from the outside. Even the plastic parts that it features do not result in any kind of flexing or creaking.

Battery life is not that Great: Eight hours of power backup might sound impressive, but is far less than what other companies offer. In my opinion, this headphone should have offered at least 10 hours of battery backup on a single charge.


  • Produces immersive and high-quality audio
  • Large 40 mm driver units
  • Inbuilt microphone enables calling functionality
  • Attractive design
  • On the ear design

Verdict: The only thing that will stop customers from buying this headphone is its price of 4700 rupees. Yes, it is true Jabra Move produces really amazing audio. However, just for the sake of excellent sound output we should not spend whopping (close to) 5000 rupees. You can get a comparable headphone with excellent audio and premium comfort at a much lower price. Read also Ultra Premium Headphones For Indian Music Fans.

Driver Units 40 mm
Battery Backup 8 Hours
Connectivity Bluetooth
Weight 150 grams
Inbuilt Microphone Yes
Buy 4700 Rupees
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