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Top 5 Mobile Phone Between 1100 to 1200 Rupees

Micromax X605 Connectivity Ports

iBall Supremo 2.4D

iBall has always been criticized on the front of quality, but its products are famous in the market because they offer amazing specs at affordable prices. The iBall Supremo 2.4D feature phone, which is available in the market for just 1070 rupees is the best option for those who are limited on the budget but still want great features.

Design and Display: Like all iBall products, this feature phone also comes with a much attractive form factor. However, you might get disappointed with the quality of the materials used in the outer shell. It has a decent 2.4-inch display, which offers a resolution of 320 X 480 pixels. Graphics do appear crisply and appealing on the screen.

Battery: The high-resolution display of this phone demands more power and in this situation, the 1000 mAh battery will not prove to be of a greater use. You will hardly get one day of power backup on the iBall Supremo 2.4D.

Features: One of the most attractive features of this phone is the rear VGA camera that comes equipped with LED flash. The phone also supports video recording, but the quality will be not that great. There is an inbuilt media player on the iBall Supremo 2.4D that supports MP3 file format. The best thing about this phone is that you will be able to listen to your favorite radio station without connecting the earphone. Features like Stopwatch, Alarm, Calendar and Calculator are also on board.

IBall Supremo 2 4D Review and Specifications

Connectivity: It is a dual SIM phone and supports GSM networks. The phone also comes with connectivity options like GPRS, Bluetooth and micro USB port.

Brand Value and Warranty: The Supremo 2.4D does offer one year of warranty, but you would not like the customer service that iBall provides.


  1. VGA camera with LED flash
  2. High-resolution display
  3. 16 GB microSD card support
  4. Hindi language support
  5. Wireless FM Radio


  1. Bad battery life
  2. Build quality is not that impressive

Verdict: You can buy this phone as its features are exciting, but I advise you to look for alternatives before making a decision final. I am saying this because my friends have suffered problems with post-purchase service of iBall.

Price 1200 Rupees
Screen 2.4 inches
Camera 0.3MP, Digital Zoom
Memory up to 16GB MicroSD Card Support


Lemon B417

The Indian electronics manufacturer Lemon might not be performing great in the smartphone world, but when it comes to feature phones, it has earned a good reputation among the people. The recently launched Lemon B417 offers a great display, Bluetooth connectivity, 1MP camera and a powerful battery at just 1225 rupees.

Design and Display: This feature phone comes in a minimalistic finish. Buttons on the keypad are large and easy to press. The outer shell of this phone is really sturdy and durable. All texts and icons appear large and sharp on its 2.4-inch display that features a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels.

Battery: Thanks to the massive 1800 mAh battery that provides, at least, two days of power backup to this phone on a single charge. It is a perfect phone for you if your job requires traveling to remote areas.

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Features: The 1MP rear shooter cannot take high-quality pictures, but at least, this phone has a camera. One of the most surprising features of this phone is that it got a G-Sensor. It is a multimedia phone and can play various types of media files. You can also attach a 16GB micro SD card to this phone and enjoy an unending playlist of your favorite songs. Other features of the Lemon B417 include FM Radio, LED Torch, Auto Call Recorder, Alarm Clock and Mobile Tracker.

Connectivity: This phone has got dual SIM card slots on the back both of which support GSM networks at 1800/900 MHz. Bluetooth connectivity allows users to receive files wirelessly from other Bluetooth enabled devices. The phone is also equipped with a micro USB port.

Brand Value and Warranty: You get one year of warranty on the handset. However, when it comes to post-purchase customer service, Lemon has a bad reputation.

Lemon B417 Price Online in India


  1. Good resolution display
  2. User-friendly keypad
  3. Torch
  4. Mobile Tracker
  5. Dual-SIM
  6. WAP support
  7. Massive battery
  8. microSD card slot


  1. Internal storage of 139 MB only
  2. Bad customer service

Verdict: This phone from Lemon offers really attractive specs compared to its price. If you can manage with the brand value, then it can be a great solution.

Price 1225 Rupees
Screen 2.4 inches
Camera 0.3MP with digital ZOOM
Memory Up to 16GB


Micromax Joy X605

Only 65 gram is the weight of Micromax’s August released the Joy X605, which packs 1000 mAh battery for minimum two days of usages. Its current MRP at Amazon India is 1125 Rupees.

Micromax X605 Display

Dual SIM: The phone supports 1G and 2G networks for that user needs to insert two SIMs in mini shape. GPRS class 12 delivers better data speed on the 2G network making internet browsing experience really exciting.

There are other connectivity options on the phone for data syncing and charging. The micro USB port works in dual fashion that is charging as well support to export import of data to a computer. Bluetooth connectivity works better for sharing images, songs and videos with friends.

Bulky shape: The Joy X605’s gross weight is 65 gram, but its thickness of 15.5 mm is huge. This comes in spite of low capacity battery measured in 1000 mAh battery at its back. Generally, a feature phone looks bulky because of a big battery in backpack, but that is not a case with the X605. It is bulky without major add-ons or a mammoth battery power.

Multimedia: Play 3GP and MP4 video files in good clarity on the 2.4 inches TFT screen. The phone also features a nicely designed audio player that can play media files like MIDI, MP3 and WAV.

Good fact about the X605 is it supports loudspeaker, which is indeed loud during audio and video playback. Not only you even your family members can enjoy your brilliant songs collection on this phone.

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Ringtone: Since a feature phone is meant to be a good solution for daily calling needs, ringtone loudness and clarity becomes very important. In this phone, a user can set a favorite song for a ringtone or choose vibrate mode which helps while driving.

Popular features: Make your daily life more productive with the calculator, Stopwatch, World clock, calendar and multi-alarm functions. I really miss auto call recorder, torch and mobile tracker feature on this phone.

Performance: In the low budget segment, the brand Micromax has a reputation like Apple. The user gets good calling experience and lag free usages. I am sure there won’t be any complaint about the phone besides frivolous camera feature.

The Phone runs on Nokia’s popular operating system Symbian, which is based Java. You will be able to play only java based mobile games when a few of them is preinstalled by the brand.

Display: The Micromax X605 sports a 2.4 inches TFT screen supports 262K colours and the resolution is measured in 240 × 320 pixels. With a pixel density rate of 167 makes the screen look warm and very clear in daily usages.

Verdict: For a price of 1125 rupees, the Micromax Joy X605 is a worthy consideration. However, I would not recommend it because the brand does not add a charger in the sales box. Fairly limited to features and only 1000 mAh battery on the back, the Micromax X605 is least worthy choice in the current list of top 5 mobile phones.

Micromax X605 Rear

Price 1125 Rupees
Screen 2.4 inches
Camera 0.3MP with digital ZOOM
Memory Up to 8GB


Onida KYT200

Onida is one of the most trusted Indian brands and you might be interested in its KYT200 feature phone if the budget is under 1500 rupees. Currently, the phone is available for a payment of 1199 rupees in the market.

Design and Display: At this price point, it is really hard to find a quality phone like the KYT200. Onida has used premium quality materials in making the body of this feature phone. It feels much more comfortable in the hand because of the slightly curved edges. The display is small yet comes with a high resolution of 320 X 480 pixels.

Battery: The phone packs a 1500 mAh battery, which will last more than 24 hours against hard usages. However, those like listening to music all day nonstop needs to carry the charger along.

Features: The inbuilt media player of this feature phone can play various audio/video media formats. There is also a micro SD card slot on the back using which the storage can be expanded up to 8 GB. The VGA rear camera is another attraction of this phone, but do not expect it to capture stunning images. Extra features like Mobile Tracker, Alarm, Calculator and Calendar will enhance the end user’s experience with this phone.

Onida KYT200 Review and Specifications

Connectivity: In terms of connectivity, this phone offers the feature like Bluetooth, GPRS and dual SIM support. Call quality also seems to be decent. The Onida KYT200 comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack, which means you will be able to attach different types of modern headphones to it.

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Brand Value and Warranty: Onida is a famous brand in India and there is no doubt that its products are of great quality. Moreover, you are also getting one year of warranty on this phone.


  • High-resolution display
  • Decent battery life
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD Card slot
  • Mobile Tracker

Cons:- Lacks micro USB port

Verdict: I would personally recommend buying the Onida KYT200 as it is from a reputable brand and also packs great features.

Price 1199 Rupees
Screen 2.0 inches
Camera 0.3MP with digital ZOOM
Memory Up to 8GB


Rage Glamour

Our search of top 5 mobile phones between 1100 to 1200 rupees ends at the Rage Glamour, which packs both quality and features. In spite of low brand equity, the Indian brand Rage can claim for some of most affordable phones in the low budget segment.

Design and Display: Feature phone manufacturers generally do not offer too many color options, but Rage is not like any other electronic brand. It has made this phone available in various colors like Grey, Blue, Champagne and Green. The build of the Rage Glamour is solid and attractive. You will not notice any flex or creaks on it. There is a 2.4-inch display on this phone that offers a decent pixel density of 167 PPI.

Battery: It houses a huge 1800 mAh battery inside. It will not be a foolish thing to say that you will get power back up for days on the Rage Glamour.

Features: Equipped with a digital camera, this phone also supports video recording in low resolution. The storage of the Rage Glamour can be expanded up to 16 GB using a microSD card.

The preinstalled Ninja Up game on this phone never let you feel bored in free time. Other features like FM Radio, Torch, Mobile Tracker, Auto Call Recorder, Folder Guard Theft and Alarm make the Rage Glamour a worthy buy.

Connectivity: The phone offers superb calling quality on both SIM card slots. It also features the connectivity options like micro USB, Bluetooth and GPRS.

Rage Glamour Review and Specifications

Brand Value and Warranty: The manufacturer is giving 12 months of service warranty. As a phone brand, Rage does not have a good name when it comes to resolving service center issues. Moreover, you will also face a big problem in finding its service center near your residence.


  • Great battery life
  • microSD card slot
  • Bluetooth
  • FM Radio
  • Auto Call Recorder
  • Torch

Verdict: The Rage Glamour can be a good choice for budget customers. However, you should also consider its low service center penetration before making the purchase.

Price 1200 Rupees
Screen 2.4 inches
Camera 0.3MP with digital ZOOM
Memory Up to 8GB
Battery 1800 mAh

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