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Top 5 Mixer Grinder Between 2000 to 6500 Rupees

Top 5 Mixer Grinder Between 2000 to 6500 Rupees

Based on Amazon India recommendations, we are presenting the top five efficient mixer grinders. These mixers are built to perform. Your choice of one will have premium features, durable built, noise free operation and high output on low power consumption. These cool grinders are based on the latest technology and powerfur noiseless motor. They are good choice for hard spice grinding.

Prestige Hero 550 Watt Mixer Grinder

Prestige is a premium Kitchen appliances manufacturer in India. I haven’t used a Prestige gadget, so cannot comment on the durability factor of its wide range of Kitchen appliances. However, Prestige held’s a reputed place in the list of top three Kitchen appliances brand for dearing quality and long lasting durability.

Amazon India recommends Prestige Hero mixer grinder as a top seller of this month below 2000 rupees. This is a simple yet effective machine for day-to-day mixing and grinding work. I love working in the Kitchen even buys many tools, pots and gadgets for fast cooking. Prestige never came on my radar because most of its products are pricy, which is not approved by my monthly Kitchen budget. On the Prestige Hero, Amazon India is offering 40% discount (at the time of writing review) that brings it in a budget friendly price range.

Prestige Hero 550Watt Mixer Grinder

Motor: Motor and its power define a working ability of a mixer grinder. With a 550 Watt motor, the Prestige Hero does mixing, grinding and Chatani making at a perfect degree that gives even output.

Four Jars : There are three stainless steel multipurpose jars. The main jar has a capacity of 1.5L. This Jar is good for dry grinding. The second jar is good for 500 to 600ML juice making that can be served between three members of a family. All three jars have solid built that will go for years of usage.

Most of us buy a mixer grinder by looking at brand value. We never put attention on the design ergonomics. One easy twist in design can make a poor gadget to absolute performer and the vice versa.

Prestige has built all three jars with an intelligent design that makes this mixer grinder – a high load performer. If you look at the shape of Jar, diameter from bottom to top increases slightly that makes it very effect against flow thrust that comes from rotating blades. Most of mixer jar have a shrunk bottom, which is a poor design. Initial thrust will affect around base and gradually moves up.

Another fact to consider is, with a high diameter at Jar base keeps center of gravity low that stabilizes a machine during long process. The Prestige Hero does not require additional hold even ingredient rolls on high-speed at top of the jar.

Blade : These three stainless steel Jars comes with a unique blade designed for effective mixing and grinding work. I am not very happy with blade design. I am using a Philips mixer so I can read difference between four prong and three prong blades. I prefer four prong blades, layered in two has an odd arrangement.

Built: This is a nicely built mixer grinder with a white ABS body has a decoration of cool maroon colour. There are four feet underneath that holds surface really tight during an indigenous work.

  1. LED Power Indicator
  2. Water drain outlet technology is new to use. According to the brand, this innovative technology increases life span of a mixer grinder.

Warranty: Two years of warranty

Verdict: Most of the low budget mixer grinders are available with three prong blades. Therefore, leave that apart and review it for the core features. I am really impressed with Jar design and built quality. 550W motor is perfect for a Kitchen works where food is cooked for a family of 5 to 6 members. This is a uniquely designed mixer grinder, not so noisy but very effective in routine works.

Price 2000 Rupees


Preethi Steel Supreme MG 208 750 Watt Mixer Grinder – Lifetime free service – My Pick

I have been using a Preethi Induction stove from the last three years. Therefore, I assure of the quality of Preethi kitchen appliances. The Preethi Supreme MG 208 is a premium mixer grinder has an optimum motor power of 750W for easy mixing and grinding works.

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Control: Your home maker will love an easy control mechanism of this mixer. The main rotary has three point speed control, which enables a homemaker to fuel up speed according toughness input for desired output.

Jar and Blades: Preethi ships four multi-usages jar those are built with plastic and stainless steel socket base. While choosing a mixer grinder, pay attention to blade design, built and sharpness because it has major role in the performance thereby making a difference between two machines. If a blade looses sharpness easily that will translate into noisy grinding session with high power usages. Preethi’s mixer jar comes with uniquely designed blades, which are made of high quality hard steel. I am sure it won’t lose sharpness even after many years of usages.

Preethi Steel Supreme MG208 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

  1. Main Jar = 1.5L (Dry grinding – 0.5L, Wet grinding-0.5L, Blending-1.0L)
  2. Middle Jar = 1.0L (Dry grinding – 0.5L, Wet grinding-0.4L)
  3. Super Extractor = 1.5L (Blending-0.7L)
  4. Chatani Jar = 0.5L (Dry grinding – 0.3L, Wet grinding-0.2L, Dry grinding-0.3L)

Stylish Design: This is a stylish mixer grinder has many advance features to secure its design and colour coating. Its body is made of stainless steel ABS material has glossy Matt finish onto. Also, Preethi has applied an anti fingerprint mark coating, which protects from wet marks, dust, improper care. I have a Philips mixer, which is always criticized for a dirty looks, despite spending time in hard cleaning. But this problem won’t come with this mixer even you do not clean it for many days. I cannot miss the mention of crome plating, which adds a shining decoration for well-being in your designer Kitchen.

If you have renovated Kitchen and wish to have an ultra premium mixer grinder with decorative look and advance performance, then this is a one choice you should consider.

Turbo Vent Technology: Preethi Supreme MG 208 features advance ventilation technology, which prevents overheating at a consistent temperature for fast grinding without burning ingredient taste.

Extractor : This is one important feature in a mixer grinder. The Preethi MG 208 has a super extractor which helps in easy collection of fresh juice, ginger garlic paste, coconut milk and other stuff.

Safety : Preethi’s premium mixer grinder features a regular safety protection. There is an auto power cut for overloading, low input, power fluctuation and complete freezing upon poor handling of control button.

Warranty: I trust Preethi for better quality kitchen gadgets. In addition, it offers lifetime free service and two years of guarantee. This is the best post sales support a customer can wish for.


  1. Excellent post sales service in the form of lifelong free service
  2. Matt finish body with Anti finger print mark coating
  3. Stainless steel ABS built with a Chrome decoration
  4. Faster grinding and zero noise

Verdict: I am surprised with the quality and performance of this elegant Kitchen gadget. Still you have doubts, do not worry, Preethi gives lifetime free service and two years of guarantee not warranty. A brand guarantee means complete replacement of a non functional module and warranty means repairing of that module. Trust my suggestion and make a positive decision for Preethi Steel Supreme MG 208 mixer grinder.

Price 5760 Rupees


Kenstar Stallion Dx KMD60W3P-DBF 600-Watt Mixer Grinder

The Stallion 600W is an Amazon India's best selling mixer grinder also one finest offerings form Kenstar’s catalog. The mixer grinder comes with three jars for multiple mixing and grinding works. Moreover, there is delivery of optimum performance from its 600-watt motor. The Stallion is one power efficient mixer grinders in the market.

Kenstar Kitchen technology delivers for a great balance in performance, power consumption and ease in usages. The locking suction feet holds surface really tight so it runs without worrying about falling apart due to high thrust from rotating blades. This feature makes it a great value machine at a cost of 3500 rupees.

The high-quality stainless steel blades offer the possibilities of Wet and dry grinding, Mincing, Whipping, Blending, Grating, Pureeing, and Chutney making

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Flow breakers: The flow breaker mechanism is aimed at boosting its grinding performance. In this process, ingredients are run on high-speed to make powder or paste.

Kenstar Stallion Dx KMD60W3P DBF 600 Watt Mixer Grinder

Safety with Smart sensor technology: The smart sensor technology makes the machine auto shut down in case of overuse, overload, power fluctuation or miss-handling. Please take a note of this as it ensures safety of a user and also helps increasing of motor lifespan.

Lid clips: The given jars features unique lid clips allowing the end user to lock it well for hand-free usages.

Unbreakable Jars: The jars are made with the highest quality unbreakable polycarbonate and stainless steel.

N-Dura Oil Seal: The specially designed oil seal makes a tough cover around dome so it remains well-oiled to enable smooth functioning. The oil seal also prevents friction and heat generation, which improves the jar and motor life.

Powerful motor: The 600W motor is highly powerful and operates efficiently.


Ergonomic Shape: The mixer grinder has a special pyramid shape that allows you to adjust it in a congested Kitchen in order to utilize space efficiently. It also comes with a cord winder that allows you to store efficiently to free-up kitchen space.

Durability: The special mechanisms like the N-Dura Oil Seal and smart sensors allow the mixer grinder to last long even on the regular usage cycle.


Slow in processing: The power efficiency mechanisms have caused the Kenstar Stallion to be a bit slow in processing compared to other machines available in the 600W mixer grinder range.

Verdict: The Kenstar Stallion Dx KMD60W3P-DBF 600-Watt Mixer Grinder is one efficient mixer grinder has a value for money considering the numerous features that allow extending its lifetime, despite regular usages.

Price 4250 Rupees


Morphy Richards Icon Essentials 600 Watt Mixer Grinder

American brand Morphy Richards makes Kitchen appliances for rich household. Its products are very costly in fact scary for Indian budget household. A common Indian like me with limited fuel in pocket cannot even dream for a Morphy Richard product. However, the good news is, only for this month the brand offers huge discount to boost up sales. Amazon India offers whopping 33% of cut in the MRP. Since I can afford 3500 rupees of current selling price, it won’t be a bad idea to have it in my Kitchen. Let’s look at all features and functionality of the Morphy Richards Icon Essentials Mixer Grinder.

Good for: Wet and Dry Grinding, Chatani Making, Juicing, Mincing, Blending, and Grating

Motor : At a price of 3500 rupees, a 600 Watt motor is little less if we review in terms of money versus capacity. Please do not read that we consider a 600W motor less effective. In fact, a 500W mixer grinder is more than sufficient for a small family needs. Morphy Richard has effectively utilized motor capacity in delivering of 20000 run per minute. With three speed control, I am sure the end user will get evenly sized output in a few seconds.

Morphy Richards Icon Essentials 600 Watt Mixer Grinder

Jars: Morphy Richards offers three multipurpose jars for all basic works. These Jars are made of stainless steel have an intelligent built twist that delivers in the form of high load mixing and grinding. This is also a healthy design for avoiding flow thrust in stable position of the machine.

The main Jar has a huge capacity of 1.5L and it can use for blending, whipping and liquidizing functions. A regular medium size 1 litre Jar is good for both wet and dry mincing and effortless grinding. The last one is 0.4L capacity Chatani Jar should be used for making of Coconut Chatani, Ginger Garlic paste, Master seeds paste, Methi leaf paste and all sorts of wet masala paste.

Blades: Five types of multi-design blades are added in the sales box for all your kitchen need.

Built: As like all other advance mixer grinder in the list, this craft is also a work of ABS material that is stiff, durable and good for years of usages.

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Control: The Icon Essentials Mixer Grinder has one control button with three speed setting.

Warranty: America’s premium Kitchen appliances brand Morphy Richards offers two years of easy service.

Verdict: This is one quality mixer grinder. However, I did not find any quality that would force us to say WOW! If your budget is around 3500 rupees and need an advance mixer grinder for decorated Kitchen, then this is one Amazon India best selling mixer to consider this month.

Price 3500 Rupees


Preethi Eco Plus MG 157 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

As a true believer in the quality of Preethi brand, I present you one more advanced Mixer Grinder with high speed 750W motor and four stainless steel jars.

Warranty: Preethi offers the best post sales service in the Kitchen appliances segment. There are basically two service agreements. The first service benefit is a guarantee of two years, which means live worry free for two years as the brand service centre will replace a faulty component at free of cost.

The Second warranty is for lifetime free service. I have never heard such customer friendly approach from an Indian brand. According to warranty terms, the end user can take benefit of free service once two years of guarantee period expires. A customer needs to pay only labor cost that requires for a component pairing. Besides labour cost everything will be free. I cannot comment much on behavior of Preethi service center as I never got a need to visit there.

Discount: For this product, the Flipkart offers much better discount compare to the Amazon India. Preethi has tagged this mixer grinder with a price of 5100 rupees. Going by the current trend, Flipkart is making it available at 3900 rupees whereas Amazon India asks you to pay 4500 rupees. In my observation this mixer grinder does not qualify a price value more than 4000 rupees.

Motor: If a mixer grinder is limited at few businesses than powering it with a massive motor is a wrong decision. A high power motor requires more electricity to start and continue the operation. In my opinion, this mixer grinder needs only 600 to 650W motor. Nevertheless, the 750W motor works as a big booster and delivers 20000 run per minute.

I do not question performance of this motor, but I have serious doubt on requirement of this much power in a basic performing mixer grinder.

Jars: The good feature of this Kitchen gadget is four multipurpose jars. At a cost of 4000 rupees, four Jars make it a hot choice for buyers. These Jars are made of a great mix of shinny stainless steel and transparent polycarbonate. In fact, you are allowed to review the ongoing process that really helpful in highly captive morning hours.

  1. Main Jar – 1.5L capacity – 0.7L dry and 0.5L wet grinding
  2. Middle Jar – 1.0L capacity – 0.5L dry and 0.4L wet grinding as well as 0.6L blending in one go.
  3. Super Extractor – 1.5L capacity – upto 0.7L blending with easy extraction
  4. Chatani Jar – 0.4L capacity – 0.2L wet and 0.3L dry grinding in one batch

Blades : Preethi gives the best quality blades that are made of stainless steel has sharpness like a shaving blade. Thanks to these ultra sharp blades, a process becomes really fast, gives evenly sliced output, requires low power consumption and finally all in noise free Kitchen.

Preethi Eco Plus MG 157 750 Watt Mixer Grinder

Built: The body of Preethi Eco plus MG 157 is made of standard ABS material, which seems strong and sufficient durable for many years of usages. I was expecting anti-fingerprint coating, but the low prices do not approve the same.

Verdict: I will buy this mixer grinder if my pocket is limited at 4000 rupees. Current huge discount at online shopping websites are making it a hot choice. I do not recommend this Kitchen gadget if its price surge up from the current price.

Price 4000 Rupees

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