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Top 5 LED Monitors With 18.5 Inches Screen Under 6000

Philips LED Monitor 193V5LSB2

The selection of a computer monitor from thousands of available choices is not so easy job. So here is the list of top five LED computer monitors with good viewing angle, contrast ratio, and HD resolution. These display hardware are eco-friendly, reliable, sensitive to power consumption and have energy star rating.

18.5 inches screen size is absolutely perfect for all purposes. The screen size is neither big nor small for web browsing and multimedia works. The list includes top rated computer monitors from Samsung, HP (Compaq), DELL, Philips, and AOC.

I have an AOC LED monitor, which I had purchased online around three years before. I would like to admire AOC’s hardware as I never faced any issues or technical problems. My personal experience with AOC has been great. Therefore, I would always prefer AOC while it comes to buying a computer monitor. Read also LG Micromax LED Monitor under 7000 Rupees.

Samsung LED Monitor LS19C170

This is a newly launched product with all advanced connectivity options. The Samsung is a pioneer in bringing display products at the affordable cost. However, it doesn’t hold high reputation while it comes buying a computer peripheral.

Samsung LED Monitor LS19C170

The LED monitor LS19C170 is newly listed computer hardware from Samsung. The Eco-friendly monitor has a screen size of 18.5 inches with a clear resolution of 1366×766 Pixel, which a bit above the HD resolution. It offers LED backlit technology while the wide display measures in the ratio of standard 16 by 9. The Display has been designed to cool your eyes with horizontal viewing angle of 90 degrees whereas the vertical viewing angle stands at 65 degrees.

For connectivity, it offers more option than other listed peripherals in the article. The Samsung LED monitor comes with three connectivity port, while we find DVI port as default to receive signal from the CPU. Besides DVI port, users get VGA port and HDMI port option.

With just 20-watt power consumption in active mode, the Monitor offers parts replacement and service warranty for 1095 days or three years.

Price 6000 Rupees
Screen Size 18.5 Inches; 1366X768 Pixels
Power Consumption 20W(A)
Weight 3.1 Kg
Warranty 3 Years


AOC E943FWn LED Monitor

The AOC is the market leader in display products and also my favorite computer monitor brand. Talking about this AOC monitor, it promises top class specifications while it has limited option for connectivity. The display’s screen size can be measured in 18.5 inches and resolution of 768P while it is a wide display in a ration of 16 into 9 with LED clear backlit technology.

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It comes with an unbelievable viewing angle of 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically. Since other display brands offer such a great viewing angle at a high cost, so the specification seems bit manipulated. Yet, I can’t ignore my personal experience with AOC monitor, which has been good.

The AOC offers Illuminated touch keys for the display adjustment control panel. The touch keys are much smoother than a traditional press button. You can adjust the display through installed control panel or embedded touch pad. However, I would urge to leave the display setting as it is. Display’s default settings are absolutely perfect in the normal circumstance.

AOC LED Monitor E943FWn

The lightest monitor in the list loads only 2.12-gram weight on your computer desk. According to the AOC’s stated specifications for this monitor, it requires 18-watt power in active mode and just 0.5-watt in the standby mode. I would like to add here; my home electricity bill has been reduced by approx 300 rupees (60 unite×5 rupees) monthly, which indeed is a great relief in today’s high inflation.

Current Price 5900 Rupees
Screen Size 18.5 Inches; 1366X768 Pixel
Power Consumption 18W(A), 0.5W(S)
Weight 2.12 kg
Warranty 3 Years Onsite


Dell Computer Monitor IN1930

I don’t think I need to write more words to explain about the brand DELL. Dell is a trusted brand sales durable hardware. The LED monitor IN1930 is loaded with similar specification than the AOC monitor E943FWn. Read also Samsung Dell Computer Monitor for Home Use.

Dell LED Monitor IN1930

The 18.5 inches wide display supports HD plus resolution, subjected to 16.7 million color production. The Dell’s display sports great viewing angle of 170-degree and 160-degree of horizontal and vertical viewing respectively.

While the AOC E943FWn is the lightest then with approx four kg weight, the Dell IN1930 is the heaviest in the current list of top LED monitor less than the 6000 rupee budget. It is designed to support only a computer CPU. Therefore, there is only a VGA port to receive analog signal from CPU.

Current Price 6000 Rupees
Screen Size 18.5 Inches
Power Consumption 20W(A), 1W(S)
Weight 3.94 kg
Warranty 3 Years Next Business Day


Philips 193V5LSB2 LED Computer Monitor 

If you are looking for a trusted product, offers energy efficiency and while sustaining the threat of low voltage and power fluctuation – the Philips 193V5LSB2 is the right answer. Also, the Philips has more service center across India than any other brand in the list. I would highly recommend Philips’s monitor for the village uses.

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Philips LED Monitor 193V5LSB2

Coming to specifications, the mercury-free display is meant to work in a unity of a computer CPU only. Hence, it has single port connectivity while we find a wide display with an impressive response time in five to ten milliseconds. For manual control on the display setting, it features a smart control panel being operated by press-buttons that residing at the bottom of the screen.

This is a 2.15 kg equipment requires an electricity supply between 100 to 240 volts with limited consumption of eight watts in active mode. The power consumption is tested by the Energy Star 6.0 method.

On the front of durability Philips products have a great reputation in India. Still, Philips offers extended three years of service warranty on this LED computer through its service centers across country.

Price 5500 Rupees
Screen Size 18.5 Inches, 1366×768 Pixels
Power Consumption 8W(A), Energy Star 6.0 Tested
Weight 2.15 kg
Warranty 3 Years Onsite


HP Compaq 18.5-inch LED Monitor D3A59AT

The cheapest computer monitor in the list is coming from my first laptop brand Compaq. The Brand new display sports an 18.5-inch fabulous screen with 1366×768 pixel resolution support and 16 by 9 structured rations. Read also HP Dell Monitor for Production Works.

HP Compaq LED Monitor D3A59AT

It should be connected to computer CPU only as it has single point connectivity in the form of the VGA port. With a usual viewing angle of 90 degrees horizontally to 65 degrees vertically, the LED display has a moderate weight 2.7 kg and three years of free service warranty from HP.

HP’s crafted display offers anti-glare technology with auto and manual adjust to display, contrast and colors. Going a step further, HP has added security lock which becomes the second layer of security besides a traditional system lock on system.

Current Price 5300 Rupees
Screen Size 18.5 Inches; Ratio: 16:9; Resolution: 1366×768 Pixels; 16.7M Colors
Power Consumption 20W(A), 0.5W(S)
Weight 2.70 kg
Warranty 3 Years

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