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Top 5 Lava Mobile Phones Between 900 to 1500 Rupees

Top 5 Lava Mobile Phones Between 900 to 1500 Rupees

Lava Arc 112 @ 970 Rupees – Pick

Indian smart gadget manufacturer Lava is constantly focusing on the low budget feature phone segment, which is wide open without any serious challenge. In last one year Lava has launched more cellphone models than other active brands in this category. One of many feature phones that have been successful in the market is the Lava Arc 112. Its features are really unbeatable at the price of just 970 rupees.

Designed For Multimedia Lovers

The Lava Arc 112 is truly a multimedia focused phone, which is also evident by its design. There is a 4-way key just below the display that helps a lot while playing music. However, I would not recommend this phone to senior citizens as the numeric keys are densely situated. The good thing is young users will certainly appriciate its classical look and pocket money price tag.

Decent Battery Backup

A 1200mAh battery at the core of this phone ensures that the end users do not run out of juice while listening to their favorite music or watching videos. You can expect at least two days of power backup on this phone.

Great Connectivity Options

You will be stunned after knowing that the Lava Arc 112 offers most of the modern connectivity options like GPRS, micro USB Connectivity, Bluetooth and a 3.5 mm audio jack. There are also two SIM slots on the back both of which support GSM networks.

Extra Features

This is the best phone that I can recommend to those who love extra features. The on board media player supports a wide range of file formats like MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI and 3GP. It is equipped with a VGA camera, which is not great at taking quality shots, but does get the job done.

The full list of extra features of the Lava Arc 112 is really long includes Torch, Auto Call Recorder, Clock, Alarm, FM (with recording capability), Games and Loud Speaker. However, there is no vibration mode on this phone that can be disappointing to a lot of customers.

Contact memory of 500 is manageable at this price. However, if your contact list exceeds that number, then you always have the option to save extra contacts in the SIM memory.Lava Arc 112 Review and Specifications With Price Online in IndiaLava Arc 112 Review and Specifications With Price Online in India

Too Small Display

The most disappointing of all is the 1.8 inch display of this feature phone that packs a really low resolution of 160 X 120 pixels. Individual pixels can easily be seen because of which it becomes annoying to watch videos.


  • Micro SD card support
  • LED Torch
  • Produces loud audio
  • Dual SIM
  • Decent battery life
  • On-board multimedia player
  • Hindi language support


  • The display is really small
  • Lacks vibration mode

No other phone in the market offers such long list of features at this price. If the display size is manageable to you, then there cannot be a better an option. Go ahead with the Lava Arc 112 a recently launched mobile phone.

Price 970 Rupees
Screen 1.8 inches
Memory microSD support upto 8GB
Camera 0.3MP
Battery 1200 mAh


Lava Arc Glam @ 979 Rupees

Feature phones available under 1000 rupees are generally characterized by poor build, unattractive design and limited features. However, Lava took a great initiative by launching the Arc Glam – a feature phone last month. At just 979 rupees, this device offers all the basic features that one can expect on a feature phone.

Appealing Design

In this price segment, the Lava Arc Glam clearly stands out with its cute and sturdy design. Lava has made this feature phone available in multiple color options, which is really a great thing. The phone is really comfortable in holding in the hand. Moreover, the easy to press keypad making this phone a perfect choice for senior citizens.

Lava Arc Glam Front

Display: A Downer?

Personally, I did not like the display quality of the Lava Arc Glam because of the small size and low pixel density of 160 X 120 pixels. Watching videos and playing games are not enjoyable.

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Can Save More Contacts Than You Would Ever Need

Lava has done a much appreciable job by making this phone capable of storing up to 1000 contacts. No matter how long your contact list is, you would hardly need to delete old contacts to store the new ones.

Average Battery

This feature phone is not meant for travelers or the people who live in remote areas as it is packed with a really low capacity 800 mAh battery. You will mostly get two days of power backup on moderate usage.

Loaded With A Bunch of Extra Features

Unlike any other feature of phone of this segment, the Lava Arc Glam offers a great number of extra features like VGA Camera (with Zoom capability), games, FM with recording option, torch, 3.5mm audio jack and mobile tracker. Moreover, you can also expand the storage of this phone up to 8GB using a micro SD card.

Impressive Connectivity Features But At A Cost

This dual SIM phone works on GSM networks. The fact that it offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity is great. But the bad thing is you will not be able to browse internet on it.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Auto Call Recorder
  • Can store up to 1000 contacts
  • Micro SD card slot
  • FM with recording feature
  • Games


  • Low capacity battery
  • Low resolution display
  • No GPRS

Well, I am not saying that this phone does not have any cons, but according to the price it is really a great device.

Price 980 Rupees
Screen 1.8 inches
Memory microSD support upto 8GB
Camera 0.3MP, Digital Zoom
Battery 800 mAh


Lava KKT Alpha Plus @ 1229 Rupees – Pick

The feature phone lineup of Lava has seriously impressed me and the device I would like to recommend the next to all budget customers is the KKT Alpha Plus. At 1229 rupees, the price of this phone is a little on the higher side, but believe me your investment will not go waste.

Unattractive But Sturdy Design

You might not find the Lava KKT Alpha+ highly attractive, but it is made of really sturdy and durable materials. Moreover, Lava has designed this phone in a way that helps in everyday usage. Users will certainly like the keypad as it gives great feedback to the fingers. The phone weighs in at 98 grams, which is not too much in my opinion.

Bigger Display

The Lava KKT Alpha+ comes with a decent size 2.4 inch display. Its resolution of 240 X 320 pixels makes everything sharp and easily readable. This display generates bigger text that helps a lot in case you have weak eyes.


You will be able to play media files of various file format like MP4, 3GP and MP3 on this feature phone. The speaker at the back is really loud and enhances the music listening experience of the user. Another great thing is that this phone features a micro SD card slot, which can be used to expand the storage up to 16 GB.

Most of the time happens that we get bored by listening to the same playlist of songs over and over. If that is the case with you, then the FM radio feature of this phone that also comes with recording capability will surely refresh your mood.Lava KKT Alpha Plus Review and Specifications With Price Online in India

Great Camera

We should be thankful to Lava for putting a 1.3 MP camera on this phone, which is really great at capturing important moments of your life. Moreover, you can also record videos with it.

Long Battery Life and Other Features 

The Massive 1800 mAh battery provides really long power backup to the Lava KKT Alpha+. I can assure you that you will not need to use the charger before two days even on a heavy usage.

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Besides English, the phone supports only two Indian languages Hindi and Punjabi. Among other extra features of the Lava KKT Alpha+ are Auto Call Recorder, powerful LED Torch, Calculator, Stopwatch, Calendar and Alarm.

You can use two GSM SIM cards on this phone at 1800/900 MHz. Call quality seems to be decent as we did not face any call drops during the test. The phone also offers USB, GPRS and Bluetooth connectivity options.


  • 3 MP camera
  • Massive battery
  • Great display
  • Dual SIM support
  • Phone book has the capacity to store up to 1000 contacts
  • LED Torch
  • Support for Hindi and Punjabi languages

This is the best feature phone that you can buy under 1400 rupees. It offers really long battery life, a decent camera and an on-board media player.

Price 1229 Rupees
Screen 2.8 inches
Memory microSD support upto 16GB
Camera 1.3MP, Digital Zoom
Battery 1800 mAh


Lava KKT Trio @ 1500 Rupees

( My Pick – The Best Mobile Phone Below 1500 Rupees)

Dual SIM mobile phones have been a great success in the Indian market. People in our country love to have at least two SIM connections for various reasons like money saving, network problem, etc. However, Lava wants to take this multi SIM idea even further with its KKT Trio feature phone that comes at the price of 1484 rupees and offers three SIM card slots.

Although this type of experiment is not new, many manufacturers have already tried offering 4 SIM card slots on their phones. But the feature phone that we are talking about is a nicely packed device that can be used as a daily driver without any type of issue.

Really Big Display

The first thing to mention here would be the large 2.8 inch display of this phone, which is something that we do not see on a feature phone of this price segment. However, the low resolution of 240 X 340 pixels worsens the experience of the end users.

Offers All Modern Connectivity Options

As already mentioned, there are three SIM card slots on the back of this phone, all of which work on GSM networks. Apart from that the Lava KKT Trio is also equipped with the features like Bluetooth, GPRS and USB port. There is also a 3.5 mm jack on this phone that makes it compatible with most of the headphones available in the Indian market.

Super massive Battery

The high capacity 2800 mAh battery of the Lava KKT Trio will certainly blow your mind. No other phone in this segment offers a battery this huge. If you are an average user, then you will at least get one week of power back-up on it.

Camera With Flash

Another thing that you might be interested know about is the camera of this phone. The 1.3 MP sensor is good at capturing decent quality images. You can record videos with this phone, but the quality will certainly be undesirable. Moreover, the camera is also supported by a LED flash that helps in low light conditions.

Multimedia and Other Amazing Features

This phone does come with an on-board media player that allows it to play audio and video files of multiple formats. The internal storage of the Lava KKT Trio is really low, but do not worry as you can attach a micro SD card of up to 16 GB with it.

This discussion will remain incomplete unless I mention the extra features of this phone. You will not need an earphone to enjoy the FM Radio on the Lava KKT Trio. The LED flash can also be used as a Torch, which is really great. Other extra features that are worthy to be mentioned here are Auto Call Reorder, Indian Calendar, Alarm and Mobile Tracker.


  • Great battery life
  • Large display
  • Wireless FM radio with recording
  • USB connectivity
  • Camera with LED flash
  • Games
  • Hindi and Gujarati language support
  • Mobile Tracker
  • Triple SIM
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Lava KKT Trio Price Online in India


This phone will certainly be a worthy purchase. If your budget allows, then I would recommend going for the Lava KKT Trio.

Price 1500 Rupees
SIM Three SIM Slot
Screen 2.8 inches
Memory microSD support upto 16GB
Camera 1.3MP, Digital Zoom, LED Flash
Battery 2800 mAh


Lava Spark 284 @ 1475 Rupees

The low budget mobile phone segment in India dazzles with more options now in better quality and solid built. Many premium add-ons and lots of handy features from smartphone are easily made available at throw away prices.

There have been many innovations, but today’s feature phone is one great thing happened in our generation life time. Today, mobile phone is one of most used digital technology followed by internet and computer. I feel fortunate to spend this birth time in Mobile Phone, computer and Internet era.

In this review segment we present a smart gadget from Indian brand Lava for a decent price of 1479 rupees. The phone features a big screen 2.8 inches in size and a powerful battery 1450 mAh in value. Available in one colour option that is black, it is one of the slimmest phones available below 1500 rupees. The Spark 284 weighs in at 102.6 grams and only 10.8 mm of its thickness is quite surprising.Lava Spark 284 Review and Specifications

Multimedia Features

The phone supports playing of 3GP, AVI and MPEG4 videos. User will be able to enjoy song playlist in MP3 and WAV format. 1.3MP primary camera, LED flash and digital zoom together can record good quality video with audio in sync. In addition to multimedia enhancement, one separate audio recording module can capture and secure raw sound in great quality.

Wireless FM

The Spark 284 tunes local FM station without earphone, which generally works as an antenna in a cellphone. This phone has a built-in antenna, internally. Going a step feature Lava gets Live FM program recording concept on this device.

Record FM, sound and video (with audio) to store in external memory, which supports memory enhancement upto 32GB.

Mobile Tracking

Live worry-free life as the mobile is secured from theft problem. Suppose, the phone is stolen in pick pocketing, no problem, on user’s complaint the local police station will be able to track and recover.

2.8 inch Big Size Screen

Generally basic phone gets either 1.8 or 2.4 inches of screen size. However, here with 2.8 inches TFT screen, which bears resolution ratio of 240 × 320 and 143 PPI pixels density, the Spark 284 offers much better viewing and gaming experience.

Special Features

Multi Languages support: – Hindi, English and other Hindustani regional languages

Regular Features – Alarm, Calculator, Stopwatch, Calendar

Auto Call recording

The Lava 284 is a dual SIM mobile phone works with 900 and 1800 MHz network frequency. Yes, it has very good calling quality and maintains signal strength even in low or congested network area.

Furthermore, it supports a unique feature wherein you can set all incoming and outgoing call recording and storing at the external memory. This is a great feature to collect judicial approved evidence against fringe elements in society.Lava Spark 284 Price Online In India


The Spark 284 is a uniquely made mobile phone from reputable brand Lava. It has all needed ingredients to make your digital connectivity much easier. I personally endorse the brand Lava in low price segment. With this phone you get quality, care and excellent support, all at an affordable price tag of just 1475 rupees.

Price 1475 Rupees
SIM Dual SIM Slot and SD card Port
Screen 2.8 inches
Memory microSD support upto 32GB
Camera 1.3MP, Digital Zoom, LED Flash
Battery 1450 mAh

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