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Top 5 Iron Box In India Under 1000 Rupees

best dry iron under 1000

Which is the best iron box to buy? This question is one of the most asked questions on this website. Before I answer the question, let me first update you with the names of top iron brands in India. Iron box is a primary home appliance thus brand reputation decides the quality, therefore, the endurance of a product here.

Based on the data we collected over the years, Philips is undoubtedly the best iron box brand in India. Bajaj comfortable sits at number two position. However, there is no definite number three. Other best brands of iron box in the Indian market are Usha, Havells, Kenstar, Billion, Orpat, Orient, Singer, Maharaja, and Hytec.

In this piece, I cover best 5 iron boxes under 1000 Rupees. Here are top-rated iron boxes of the well-known brands Orpat, Billion, Bajaj, Kenstar, and Philips. Carefully looking at every bit of the details, I selected four steamless iron box and one steam iron for this article. Read also 7 Heavy Weight Dry Iron for Long Lasting Crease on Clothes.

► 1100-Watt Billion Non-stick Dry Iron

Currently, Billion is the best brand for an affordable yet sturdy dry iron box under 500 Rupees. Billion iron boxes despite being so cheap come with a performance-oriented design and excellent safety features. Another reason why you must buy a Billion brand iron is that it sells Made in India iron box. I do not know which other brands sale made in India iron, but Billion is selling.

Billion Non-stick Dry Iron best iron press for clothes

Currently, two variants of Billion 1100-Watt dry iron are on sale under 500 Rupees. Among them, the latest model would be the best option. The latest model means an improved variant, free from the issues reported with the earlier variants. Therefore, in case of a simple home appliance like a dry iron box, consider buying the latest variant always.

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  • Made in India Dry Iron
  • Longer Swivel Cord
  • Fast Heating
  • 2 Layer Non-stick Teflon Coating
  • Dual ISI Certification for enduring build
  • Sockless Design

Looking at the features, build, and design, therefore, the performance I would not hesitate in rating both the Billion iron boxes, the best iron set under 500 Rupees. In fact, in the absence of credible, quality substitutes they are the only iron box for home use, bachelors, and students below 500 Rupees.

Stylish yet Strong: The white, black color fusion provides the iron box a most elegant look. The ergonomically designed handle and only 630-grams of weight make this iron comfortable in ironing clothes. Moreover, the cord that emerges from the center can rotate 360-degree ensure a tangled free environment.

→ Billion Dry Irons come with Excellent Features

The Soleplate of this best iron box to buy comes painted with two layers of Teflon non-stick coating ensures that clothes do not stick to it and burn. 1100-Watt power consumption capacity and multiple temperature levels make this made in India iron ideal for pressing all types of fabric. The 1.5-meter long cord makes sure that you do not have to use an extension cable. Auto-off feature cuts power supply to the unit to prevent it from becoming overheat, withal.

Flipkart offers 10-days of replacement warranty on this best budget dry iron. Post that you get a 2-years of repair warranty from the brand Billion. With more than 12,000 ratings online, Billion 11000-Watt dry iron is the best option below 1000 Rupees.

Price 499 Rupees
Power 1100-Watt
Body Shockproof | Dual ISI certification | 1.5-meter cord | 2-Layer of Teflon non-stick coating on soleplate |  360-degree swivel cord
Features Temperature Control | Indicator Light
Safety Automatic shut-off
Warranty 24-months
Wight 630-grams
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► 1000-Watt Orpat OEI-177 Dry Iron

The Home appliances brand Orpat has a good reputation in Indian electronic market. It is known for making high quality and energy efficient products. The Orpat OEI – 177 Dry Iron does not feature some extra-ordinary features but a solid and sleek design. You can get this iron at a very affordable price of 630 INR.

Design:The Orpat press has a lightweight build in an attractive design. That ensures comfort while ironing long and bulky clothes. The beautiful color combination gives it a premium look, and the beautiful design adds to its sleekness.

Orpat Dry Iron OEI 177 Review and Specifications

Features: This iron comes with a non-stick soleplate that makes sure your clothes don’t stick to it because of overheating. The auto-off feature promises a safe environment by shutting the power off if the iron gets overheated. Moreover, the temperature control wheel allows controlling the temperature according to the need.

Best for Students: If you are a student and looking for a stylish yet affordable iron, then the Orpat OEI – 177 Dry Iron is en excellent choice. It is simple to use, and does not require much maintenance and can ensure safety of your clothes as well.

Could Have Been Better: You might get disappointed with the build quality of this product. Many buyers have registered complain that the plastic breaks when pressure is applied. The auto-off features can also irritate you in some cases. Read also Steam Iron vs Dry Iron Which is Best? Find out.

Type Dry
Temperature Control YES
Indicator Light YES
Power Consumption 1000 Watt
Soleplate Type Non-Stick Coated
Warranty One Year
Buy 550 Rupees
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► Bajaj DX7 Non-Stick 1000-Watt Dry Iron

The Bajaj Dry Iron is a handy, portable and lightweight device that comes at an affordable price of 595 INR. It features a sturdy body that feels very comfortable during the operation.

Beautifully Casted: The design of this dry iron makes you feel like you are using a very high priced device. Credit should be given to Bajaj for this. The comfy hand grip makes sure that you do not get tired in case of a long ironing session. Moreover, the Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron comes equipped with a cool touch body that saves the plastic from getting heated.

Bajaj Dry Iron DX7 Review and Specifications

An Average Performer: The power consumption capacity of this Bajaj iron box is 1000-watts of energy. It takes much time to heat up, however. Many customers have reported that it is not efficient in removing wrinkles from some types of fabrics. Although the ironing plate comes coated with a stick-free coating, but the low heating problem really irritates many users. it is not behind any other iron in the market while it comes to have better safety. The Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron has all the necessary mechanisms that ensure safety in case of overheating.

The cord of this iron is very small and some people may have to buy an extension cable to use it.

Conclusion: The Bajaj DX7 Dry Iron gets an upper hand in terms of design but when it comes to performance, it lags far behind. The price is good but if Bajaj had done some work on the performance then it could have been a better product. Read also Wave A Goodbye To Wooziness: Stay Stress-free With a Heavy Duty Iron and Iron Board.

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Type Dry
Temperature Control YES
Indicator Light YES
Power Consumption 1000 Watt
Soleplate Type Non-Stick Coated
Warranty Two Years
Buy 650 Rupees


► 1200-Watt Kenstar Super Shiney Steam Iron

Sometimes dry irons might not be just enough for ironing your clothes and you may feel like you want something else. This is when steam irons come in the play and Kenstar is a brand that can give you one at a very affordable price. Kenstar Super Shiney Steam Iron is available for only 708 INR at Flipkart.

Design: You might not get much attracted to the design of this iron. The plastic used does not look premium from any angle and its low price might be the reason behind it. Even the colors used to justify its design do not make sense. In addition, the handle design and the location of the steam press might not render good experience for the end users.

Kenstar Super Shiney Steam Iron Review and Specifications

Unexpected Performance: The Kenstar Super Shiney Steam Iron comes with a stick-free coating to protect your clothes from sticking to the metal plate. It also features a steam burst feature that can be helpful in removing wrinkles and stubborn creases. It consumes 1200 Watts of energy for fast heating and a light on the side indicates when it becomes ready to use.

You can steam press your fabrics easily by pressing the steam button at the top.

One benefit of the modern day steam irons is that they can also be used as a dry iron along with steam ironing. But the holes from where the steam comes out can leave marks on your clothes.

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From The Customers: Some buyers have reported online that despite a non-stick plate, this iron easily sticks to the fabrics. Read also Latest Top 8 Philips Dry Steam Iron Below 3000 Rupees.

Type Dry & Stean
Temperature Control YES
Indicator Light YES
Power Consumption 1200 Watt
Soleplate Type Non-Stick Coated
Warranty One Year
Buy 750 Rupees


→ 1000-Watt Philips HI-114 Dry Iron with Ceralon Coating

If you are a dry iron guy then I will certainly recommend buying the Philips HI114 Dry Iron. Although it is a little overpriced at 845 INR but the quality that you will get in return is unmatchable. The best thing is you get a brand name like Philips on which you can rely.

Design: The Philips HI114 Dry Iron features a very sturdy body with a comfortable handle. The button groove design of the plate ensures that you reach every corner of your clothes easily. The white color gives this iron a very premium look.

Philips Dry Iron HI114 Review and Specifications

Specification and Operation: The Philips HI114 Dry Iron consumes only 1000 watts of power, but you can’t question its heating power. Having Golden American Heritage soleplate allows it to have easy movement on fabrics and makes sure that fabrics don’t stick to it. The soft touch wheel in the middle allows controlling temperature of the iron according to the need. But if you don’t want to adjust the temperature manually then the smart temperature control is for you only. It turns off the LED indicator automatically when the required temperature is reached.

In case you miss the indicator, the auto-cut system will cut the heat supply making sure that your clothes don’t get damaged.

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You Get What You Pay For: The price may seem high but you get the quality what you pay for. There are other cheaper irons available in the market but in terms of quality they can never match Philips. Read also Havells Steam Iron with Non Stick Soleplate Below 1400 Rupees.

Type Dry
Temperature Control YES
Indicator Light YES
Power Consumption 1000 Watt
Soleplate Type Ceralon Coating
Warranty One Year
Buy 950 Rupees

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