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Top 5 Gadgets For Bachelor Kitchen

Philips Airfryer

Black & Decker EG100 Egg Cooker

We all want to stay healthy with a proper daily diet. Egg and milk add the much needed nutrition in our food. Cooking basic Egg items such as boiled egg or omelet is easy, but creates a lot of mess in the kitchen. The Black & Decker Egg cooker is an ideal kitchen gadget to prepare egg dishes. It is designed to be automated and accurate for boiling eggs, poached egg or making soft egg.

Black & Decker EG100 Egg Cooker

At one time seven eggs can be boiled at the base layer alongside three poached eggs at the top layer of a non stick pan. You can set an alarm or monitor the cooking status through glass lid. It has an aluminum body and looks stylish and durable.

It comes with an additional measuring cup and a guide book to help you with, setup and steps to prepare egg dishes. The egg cooker is costly, but the quality and functionality is perfect. It has the two years of service warranty and it is recommended for bachelor, small office or medium size families.

Works For Hard Boiling, Soft Boiling, Poached eggs and more egg Cooking
Ideal for Bachelor and Small Family
Cons  The attached electric cord is of short in length
Warranty Two Years

Morphy Richards HBCD 400 W Hand Blender

It is a three in one kitchen gadget for blending, chopping and mixing. It is equipped with three tools that are a Hand Blander, a chopper, a whisker with a Beaker. The blender does not transfer much vibration to hand, hence it can be easily operated by old age.

Morphy Richards HBCD Hand Blender

In this kitchen gadget, my favorite is the chopper. It has unique centering features that forces uncrushed, uncut or big pieces towards the blades for even chopping. It is equipped with sharp blades for fast chopping. Overall, it is a recommended chopper to save your kitchen time.

The machine requires 400 watt power and comes with two soft buttons to operate. It has a plastic shining body which does not collect dust easily.

Works For Chop vegetables, blend soups, whip up a milkshake or prepare cake dough
Warranty 24 Months
Sales Package Hand Blender, Blending Jar, Whipper, Chopper, User Manual, Warranty Card

Morphy Richards Toast Waffle Grill
It works as a complete grilling solution in the kitchen. The Morphy Richards griller has a non-stick grilling plate, which can grill two deep fill toasts, or sandwiches, or two slices of bread at one time. It is easy to operate and you can easily carry it in travel. The griller requires 800 watt power and equipped with a neon light to inform grilling status.

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Morphy Richards Toast, Waffle Grill 4 Slice Sandwich Maker

Works For Toasting, Grilling, Waffle Making
Warranty 2 Years
Sales Package 1 Unit, User Manual, Warranty Card, Non-stick Removable Toast, Waffle and Grill Plates

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker KE

We all love to eat ice-cream. Have ever thought to eat homemade ice-cream? I guess, the answer would be no. Bachelor like I can’t even dream to make ice-cream in the kitchen.

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker KE-IM200

The Kenwood ice-cream maker is a perfect solution to prepare homemade ice-cream. It is easy to setup and makes thick, delicious ice-cream in just in 30 minutes. You can prepare or buy a readymade ice-cream mix from the local store. First switch-on the machine, open the top lid, and slowly pour ice-cream mix. Wait for around 10 minutes. Now you can add some ingredients for making ice-cream more tasty and healthy. Let the machine run for 30 to 35 minutes. Once you observe thinness is right, switch off and unplug the cord.

In one season, you can get one litre of ice-cream. A meal is not completed until you have some testy deserts. This machine allows you to concentrate more on the verity of dishes. It runs a parallel easy ice-cream making process that does not require much attention.

Buyer gets a free ice-cream recipe guide, which has some easy steps to prepare delicious ice-cream. With the help of guide book you can prepare banana, raspberry, chocolate mint, low fat vanilla, strawberry, lemon sorbet, clustered based vanilla ice-cream.

Capacity Get one litre of ice cream in under an hour
How to use fill it with the ingredients and press the On button. Add more ingredients during process

Philips Airfryer

I have used the Airfryer in my neighbor’s kitchen. It works well and does cook with 80 to 90% less oil. The Philips Airfryer is marketed with a tag line – “Cooking everything with 85% less oil”. We all trust Philips and it has always stuck to the core of ruf-tuf and durable appliances.

Philips Airfryer
Cooking oil adds its taste and richness to food. In fact, Indian food can be testy if it cooked using lots of oil or ghee. The Airfryer does great job, but food without oil will not as tasty as the regular oily food. Still I consider buying this as it does a noble job to get rid of oil in the day to day cooking. No doubt, food with less oil is always welcomed, but not every daily.

Features “fry” food without oil. Make fried food with 85% less oil
Ideal for Bachelor and Small Family
Works For samosas, Aloo Tikki, French fries, and chicken nuggets, Mutton Lollypop and many more fried items
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