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Top 6 Bluetooth Speakers Under 2000 Rupees

UMEKO Booster Multimedia Speaker

Bluetooth is one of the easiest connectivity options, listed in most of gadgets as a primary source of data transfer protocol. Bluetooth 4 is the latest version, optimized to transfer data with speed of 150MBPS between two connected gadgets. Bluetooth speakers were practical device in last five years. My first Bluetooth sound device was a headphone from an unknown Chinese brand. The Headphone had bulky size, poor sound output with noisy background and poor battery backup. Still it was a wonder device for my friends. I don’t complain since Bluetooth sound device was in the initial phase of development. Today’s Bluetooth gadgets, especially our talking point sound devices have been improved a lot in last five years.

Bluetooth speaker is one of my favourite gadgets as it is wire free, easy to carry and configure during the journey. In 2 minute Maggi world, the tiny sound gadgets offer much needed relaxation in your office time as you can play some cool music in free time. Also, it offers more help in your office work. You have developed an official presentation on your smartphone/ tablet and you need to share that in office meetings. If you have a Bluetooth speaker, you will be able sharing you’re thought without missing clear audio. Further, while friends are together, play your favorite songs to make your small gathering a musical success.

Coming to the selected part, there are some key specs of a speaker, which requires more attention while picking a quality Bluetooth Speaker.

Battery: Bluetooth devices are wired free equipment. Even a quality device does make much sense without quality battery.

Sound Output: This depends on the quality of the magnet, watt strength, and co related to the inbuilt power of the device.

In the current list of top six Bluetooth speakers, you will find a quality speaker with an awesome sound output, funky colour, and unusual, but trendy design.

UMEKO Booster Multimedia Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker is backed by digital amplifier offers pure and pleasant music without the mix of background noise. In-built Standard quality speakers are equipped with Neodymium magnets, while its driver extension lets the music flow in its real form. Due to D class amplifiers, it consumes very less battery which producing audio magnitude upto 5W that is sufficient laudable in a small college party.

UMEKO Booster Multimedia Speaker

I had a chance of hands-on with the speaker. Its bass output is impressive and voice output is much better than the products of other leading brands. Even battery backup is sufficient to go along with your fun timing.

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The device has been designed to support your smartphone, iPod, tablet or any kind of Bluetooth enabled electronic device. You will find an extra port to take in 3.5 mm audio jack of your headphone or an earphone. I would consider is one of the best speaker in the current due to ease in setting and sound output.

Its sales box lists one Bluetooth speaker, battery set, USB cable, Line-in cable, carry case, and a manual for setup. The easy throw in your laptop device available at prices which less than 2000/-.

The only cons I would point out here that it has limited service warranty of six months. Also I don’t think the brand has a service centre presence across India.

Price Rs. 1900
No of Speakers One
Sound Output Neodymium magnets, 5W x 2
Warrenty Six Months
Buy UMEKO Speaker

Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker with Card Reader and FM
Second product in the list is coming from India’s local brand Zebronics. It is so small, at first glance; you may feel that you have cheated with a dumb product. But, its feature and quality make you believe that indeed a great thing comes in a small packet. As I have discussed in the introduction section, we need quality speaker and long lasting battery. The Zebronics is a step ahead as far as basic features are concerned. The Bluetooth speaker features card reader slot and FM connectivity.

Zebronics Bluetooth Speaker With Card Reader And FM

Not only it has fair battery backup, also battery requires a small charging session to reach at 100%. If you keep the volume at moderate, your can have up to five hours of audio and FM radio session. The Small wonder offers clear and balanced sound output loadable within 10 meters of range.

Overall a power pack sound player with the playback option for Bluetooth, USB, and MicroSD card. Also you get FM radio as a complementary.

Price Rs. 1500
Sound 3W×2
Warrenty One Year
Buy Zebronics BT Speaker

F&D Multimedia Speaker M8

In the sound market, F&D is one of the fast moving speaker brands. The BT speakers become default audio output while it is connected to a smartphone. Whenever I need to have a group or family audio hang out with my relative, I would set the BT speaker to make conversation audible to everyone out there.

F&D Multimedia Speaker M8

Its internal speaker is crafted with Neodymium magnet 1.5 inch driver and AAS technology, delivers full Bass that in 1W sound output. Its fancy Oval shape packs one speaker channel with volume control option. Due to the latest BT technology, it transmits real audio within 10m of the parameter.

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Fortunately, my friend owns the F&D speaker and my review is based on his remarks. The Portable Bluetooth speaker gives quality sound output. Since it requires USB charging so I would recommend the product for a laptop than a Smartphone.

Price Rs. 1155
Sound One Speaker, 1W Audio Output
Buy FD M8

Emerge Thumb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
The Emerge is a sound brand has mastery in selling of unusual and modern art inspired speakers. On the Emerge shopping site, I was surprised to see coca cola, telephone, dancing water, ice-cream cup and many unthinkable types of speaker. The Thumb Bluetooth speaker is one more example of trendy and unseen speaker shape.

With 3W sound output, it is one strong speaker on the current list. It can be charged via a USB route or charging adaptor. At connectivity side, the BT speaker is able to get sound input from any device capable of wireless data transmission via a Bluetooth route. Also, there is an alternate option of connectivity as the AUX port.

The BT speaker’s sound output finds place at top, loud enough for a quick outdoor musical party. Emerge BT speaker’s USP lies in small size, easy carry, load and clear sound output, faster connectivity, and long lasting battery backup.

Emerge Thumb Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Price Rs. 975
Sound Single Speaker, 3W Audio
Warranty 12 Months
Buy Emerge BT Speaker

Zebronics Bluetooth Portable Speaker Sticky

This is one more portable Bluetooth speaker with a powerful sound output. Zebronics BT speaker features one speaker with a 3W sound output. Since it accepts charging through USB route, usability with a laptop is more appropriate than other sound producing device. To adjust sound volume, there is a volume control option. On a single charge, you can have a pleasant musical session of three to four hours.

Zebronics Bluetooth Portable Speaker Sticky Black

Zebronics gives the BT speaker, USB charging cable and warranty card in the sales box. Any funny and unfortunate situations to be take care by one year of service warranty from the Zebronics.

Price Rs. 600
Audio One, 3-Watt
Warranty 365 Days
Buy Zebronics BT Sticky 

Philips SBA3010ORG Sound Shooter
Philips’s Bluetooth sound booster is handy tiny yet very powerful speaker with a realistic 2W sound output. Its drum size body is coloured in modern saffron has unique attraction and goes well with modern day lifestyle. You can use it as a paperweight while amplifying music at high speech.

Philips SBA3010ORG Sound Shooter Bluetooth Speaker

The Philips’s BT speaker is packed with rechargeable lithium battery that is chargeable through USB cable. . For taking audio input, there is an audio cable with 3.5 mm audio jack. In the current form it is compatible with smartphone, iPod, PC or laptop.

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I have been using this from last two months. Sound output is natural, loud, balanced bass and does justice with all forms of Indian music between low to high volume.

Price Rs. 1300
Sound 2W Single Speaker
Warranty One Year Commitment
Buy Philips BT Speaker

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