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Top 5 Automatic Washing Machine Below 15000 Rupees

best selling washing machines fully automatic

How to choose a washing machine in India: – Washing machine selection is tricky. According to our survey, 60 to 70% of the first time buyers regret their selection after six months or one year.

A local electronics showroom is not the right place to buy your first washing machine. The showroom sales representative will try to influence your decision by narrating hundreds of hard to understand features. Their ultimate aim is to sell you a washing machine, for which the showroom makes a better margin. This makes choosing a perfect washing machine difficult for the first time buyers.

After doing a research and interview sessions with many homemakers, we have cut down the long list of washing machines to few. The suggested washing machines here are suitable for a small family of three to seven members. Here are the best products of top washing machine brands below 15000 rupees.

► 7.8-kg Mitashi Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Which brand is best for washing machine? Mitashi may not be the best brand, but its products are in demand. The 7.8-Kg model of this brand is a best-selling washing machine. You can order it online by paying only 14200 Rupees. It is a fully automatic washing machine with top loading. Not the best but it is a value for money washing machine.

Mitashi Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 15000 rs

There are not many models of fully automatic washing machine with the 7.8-Kg capacity for sale. Then this Mitashi washing machine is the only option you can buy below 15000 Rupees.

With 7.8-Kg capacity, it is an ideal washing machine for small as well as joint families. It performs excellently in daily usages. The high spin of the agitator removes the stains from clothes effectively and without much effort. The three steps wash along with Magic Filter promises clean and healthy clothes.

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The Mitashi washing machine comes with several features to make daily washing a lot easier. It has almost all the required features and functions to give perfect wash while protecting the quality and color of the fabric.

Design: The build and design of this fully automatic washing machine are impressive. A transparent lid and a control panel with easy to operate options make it convenient for a traditional family. The display is digital. Your homemaker will find more comfortable to read all the running processes.

Features: The Mitashi Washing Machine comes with many preloaded programs to save user’s time. These preset settings do everything from soaking to rinsing of clothes automatically. The best of all is the intelligent hall sensor advanced program. This smartly decides the right setting according to the weight and impurity of clothes. The Air Dry function removes moisture from the inner tube thereby reducing drying time, withal.

Power Consumption: This Washing machine consumes only 360 Watts of power that makes it energy efficient. However, you should be careful with the water consumption as fully automatic machines are famous for increasing water bill.

Safety and Warranty: All the parts and accessories of this machine are safe for home use. This washing machine also comes with a Child Lock function that disables the control buttons during the operation. Mitashi offers two years of warranty on this machine, but that excludes the outer cabinet and plastic parts.

Installation: Installation depends a lot on the place of purchase. However, if you have purchased this machine online, then the installation will be provided free of cost. A Mitashi service executive will call after the completion of the delivery process.

Verdict: The Mitashi washing machine is the best top loading washing machine under 15000 Rupee due to 7.8-Kg capacity and several features. It has fewer cons and more pros. At 14200 Rupee, the washing machine is the best option, but Mitashi customer support is not friendly. You may face problem in availing installation, demo, and post-sales service.

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Price 14200 Rupees
Capacity 7.8-Kg | Max Water Level: 51-Liter | Max Spin Speed: 650 RPM | Power: 360-Watt
Warranty 24-Months | Mitashi Customer Care 1800-1029-705 | [email protected]
Body Position of water inlet: Back | Cabinet: PCM | Inlet Pipe: Single | Digital Display: LCD | 3D Water Fall | Pulsator type: Normal | Adjustable leg | Closed rat-proof base
Wash Normal Wash time: 40 Minute | Wash Programs: 4 | Magic filter | Air drying | Rinse hold
Convenience Delay Start | Water Level Selection | Tub Cleaning | Memory of Power Interrupt | Water saving tub | Detergent dispenser | Bleach dispenser | Softener dispenser | Auto-power off
Safety Child lock | Error Alarm | Automatic Overload Protection | Auto unbalancing detection
Special Feature International leading hall sensor | 3 Level Clear Health Protection | Spin Air Dry | Soak Function | Water Hold Protection | Power Off Protection


► Onida WO62TSPLDD1 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Indian brand Onida is known for offering high quality specification at a reasonable price. This is a reason; we decided to put one of its washing machines in this list. The Onida WO62TSPLDD1 is a fully automatic washing machine that comes at the price of 12999 INR. It comes with some unique features, which are not easily found even in high end washing machines.

Design: This washing machine comes with a sturdy body that looks pleasing. Its door features a transparent window to allow seeing everything inside. The top part of this machine wears a Lava Red finish that gives a premium feel to it. There is a small digital display on the front panel along with many control buttons. Easy to read labels make it much simple for the user to operate this machine.

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Do not ever think of moving this washing machine alone because its gross weight is 30.5 KG. Also, you need to sacrifice some extra space in your house, but that will be worthy as a washing machine always makes your life convenient.

Onida WO62TSPLDD1 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Some Key Specs:-

  • 2 KG Capacity
  • Spin speed of 780 RPM
  • Fully automatic
  • Magic filter
  • Multiple wash programs
  • Buzzer system
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Air Dryer

Washing Performance: All feature and specifications are of top-notch quality. You can load about 6.2 KG clothes at once and clean them easily. Its agitator moves at an impressive speed of 780 rounds per minute. As it is a fully automatic machine, you will be able to effectively clean all your clothes without much hassle. This machine does not have an inbuilt heater and you will have to depend on an air dryer.

Features: This washing machine comes loaded with tons of features. If you are washing clothes in Fuzzy Mode, then you will not have to worry about anything as the machine will automatically figure out the needed water level and wash cycle by itself. There are 10 washing modes on this machine, which will save your time and effort. Its buzzer system informs user after a washing cycle gets completed.

You can also select the level of water if you are washing clothes by setting up everything manually. This washing machine has a Delay Start feature that can help in case you are busy with some other work.

Power Consumption: Fully automatic washing machines are famous for high power consumption, but this machine consumes only 370 Watts of electricity. You will be saving good money because of low power consumption. However, in contrast with semi-automatic machines, it will consume more water.

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Safety and Warranty: This washing machine is totally safe for your house. It comes with safety features like Auto Shut-Off and Child Lock. Moreover, the manufacturer is providing two years of warranty.

Installation: You will not be charged for installation of this machine. If you have purchased it online, then a service executive will call you for installation and demo of this washing machine.

Pro Features:-

  • Sturdy from outside. Rust proof body
  • Nice control panel with 10 washing modes
  • Produces less noise
  • Consumes only 370 Watts of power


  • Can be hard to move because of its weight
  • Consumes more water

Verdict: We cannot say that it is an excellent cloth cleaning gadget with all features yet you would like to consider it because of its paisa Vasool value. In Chennai, we do not need to pay water bill, but in other city of India water shortage is a problem. This washing machine demands good amount of water. Therefore, if you are heavily relying on tanker water, then this cloth cleaning gadget is not a good choice. Read also Panasonic Videocon Semi Automatic Washing Below 13500 Rupees.

Spin Speed 780 RPM
Dimensions 91.8 X 54.7 X 56.3 cm
Weight 30.5 KG
Capacity 6.2 KG
Other Features 10 Water Levels, 10 Program Modes, Air Dry, Fuzzy Logic, Delay Start, Digital Display, Magic Filter and Child Lock
Power Consumption 370 Watts
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 13000 Rupees


► 7-Kg Fully Automatic Electrolux ET70ENERM Washing Machine

Most of the budget washing machines suffer from low spin speed sand, which translates into a slow process. However, Electrolux has addressed this issue by launching its 7 kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine, which is currently available with a price tag of 14990 INR. This machine can work at 880 rounds per minute, a speed that most of the washing machines under 20000 rupees price tag are hardly capable of achieving.

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Design: The Electrolux washing machine comes with an attractive finish and designed panel. Combinations of red and white colors making this machine look awesome. You can review the ongoing washing process right through its transparent door. If you are going to move this washing machine from one place to another then it will need great effort as it weighs 33 KG.

Key Specs:-

  • 7 KG capacity
  • Euro Tub Clean technology
  • Spin speed of 850 RPM
  • 5 mini and 1 main pulsator
  • Euro 3D Waterfall
  • Xpress Drying
  • Fuzzy logic

Washing Performance: The high capacity of seven KG allows even joint families to use this washing machine. You can easily wash clothes of about 7-8 family members in one go. Its ultra high spin speed helps in removing tough stains from clothes. The Euro Turbo Clean technology prevents accumulation of residuals in the wash tub, ultimately enhancing the experience. However, like all the budget washing machines, this machine also suffers from the absence of an inbuilt heater.

Electrolux ET70ENERM 7 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Features: You can easily save water with this washing machine. It allows you to choose from any of the 10 water levels. Furthermore, the special aqua saver feature saves water for the next cycle.

It comes with a number of convenient modes. The Fuzzy Logic feature automatically decides how much water is needed for a single operation. A really special mode called Saree Course will certainly attract Indian ladies to this washing machine. You can also set the Delay Timer if you want this machine to automatically start cleaning your clothes at a specific time. With Child Lock and Auto Shut-Off features bring much needed safety in home

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Using this machine can be a little tricky. The front panel is loaded with many confusing buttons. A beginner will first have to completely go through the user manual that comes in the box.

Power and Water Consumption: Your electricity bill will not be affected much because this machine consumes just 390 Watts of power.

You have to set water level optimum for the best cleaning of fabric. However, remember this, automatic washing machine demands high water level, which ultimately translates into high water bill.

Safety and Warranty: The already discussed Auto Shut-Off feature prevents any kind of accident from happening. This machine is also loaded with an Auto Error Detection feature that tells the user about inner damages. Electrolux offers two years of warranty, but that does not cover the outer cabinet and plastic parts.

Installation: You will get a free installation and demo if you are buying it online. An executive from local service center will make visit after the delivery. Please note, you will be charged if extra accessory is needed.

Some Pro Features:-

  • Attractive Finish
  • Consumes less power
  • 9 automated programs
  • Aqua saver mode
  • Child Lock and Auto Shutoff features

Cons: Generates huge noise while washing

Verdict: Electrolux lacks brand equity and customer trust deficit has been a problem for its growth. However, this washing machine is really worthy of its price. You will not be disappointed with its feature and durability. Read also LG Six Motion Washing Machine Below 30000 Rupees.

Spin Speed 850 RPM
Dimensions 94.5 X 59 X 54 cm
Weight 33 KG
Capacity 7 KG
Other Features 10 Water Levels, 9 Program Modes, Fuzzy Logic, Delay Start, Digital Display, Filter and Child Lock
Power Consumption 390 Watts
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 14900 Rupees
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► 6.2-Kg Godrej WT 620 CFS Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Bajaj and Godrej are two Indian brands known for high quality products and friendly support. Today, we are looking at a Godrej Washing machine. It is currently priced at 13770 rupees that seems a little bit on the higher side.

Design: The outer shell of this washing machine is really tough. It comes in two color variants, Candy Red and Graphite Grey. Both of these variants look cool and match to decor of your house. Its top door is so attractive that you will fall in love with it. Use of glass and its reflective finish make the control panel look much premium. The four legs at the bottom ensure that this washing machine remains firm even if some other heavy object collides with it.

Key Specs:-

  • Spin speed of 700 RMP
  • Force 4 Technology
  • 2 KG capacity
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Dry Tap Protection
  • Buzzer feature

Washing Performance: You will not be impressed with its spin speed, but the Force 4 Technology that this machine features is really effective. This technology moves the water forcefully in all four directions, removing toughest stains from clothes. The most disappointing feature is limit of four washing programs. Nowadays, even a basic washing machine with a price tag of 12000 rupees features at least nine washing programs.

Godrej WT 620 CFS 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Features: This machine also comes with a Fuzzy Logic feature that detects the load of clothes and tries to identify the best washing cycle. After that everything from washing to drying happens automatically. In case of a power failure during an operation, its memory backup feature remembers the last setting on which the machine was running. Once power is resuming, this machine restarts washing operation from where it was left. You can select a water level from three water settings if you are not operating in Fuzzy Logic mode.

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Water and Power Consumption: This Godrej washing machine requires 425 Watts power, which is not too much to influence your monthly power bill. But, we need to consider it consumes more power than other washing machines of this price segment. Your water bill will surely get affected as it comes with an option of only three levels.

Safety and Warranty: Although all the parts of this machine are sturdy and durable, but it lacks various safety features. It does have a child lock feature, which raises a safety alarm for a family with small kids. However, it does come with an Auto Shut-Off feature to protect against unholy accident. Godrej is giving two years of comprehensive warranty excluding outer cabinet and plastic parts.

Installation: Installation of this washing machine is done free of cost. You will also be given a demo after the installation by a support executive of the Godrej. However, if you have decided to buy this machine from a local shop, then everything will depend on the shop owner.


  • Effective cleaning of clothes because of Force 4 Technology
  • Memory backup and Auto Restart function
  • Durable body


  • Limited presets
  • Only three water levels
  • Consumes relatively more power
  • No Child Lock feature

Verdict: Besides the Force 4 Technology, Godrej does not have anything to showcase. Without any ambiguity, Force 4 feature is impressive. However, most of basic washing features are missing, which force us to say that this is not a worthy choice. Read also Best 4 Fully Automatic Washing Machine Below 16000 Rupees.

Spin Speed 700 RPM
Dimensions 90.4 X 56 X 55.5 cm
Weight 29.5 KG
Capacity 6.2 KG
Other Features 3 Water Levels, 3 Program Modes, Fuzzy Logic and Child Lock
Power Consumption 425 Watts
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 13900 Rupees
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► 6.2-Kg LG T7270TDDL Top Loading Washing Machine

It seems LG is not learning from customer feedback. In the beginning of this review we talked about one of its washing machines, which was not impressive at all. The LG T7270TDDL Washing Machine comes with a decent set of specifications, but the price tag of 14490 INR does not seem to be appropriate for it.

Design: This LG Washing machine looks solid from outside. We are impressed with toughness, which indeed ensures durability. It comes in two colors – Middle Free Silver and Deep Brown. Its door has a transparent glass that allows user to look into the machine without opening it. There are two handles, one in left and another in right sides. Its total weight is 32.5 KG.

Key Specs of the LG T7270TDDL

  • 2 KG capacity
  • Spin speed of 710 RPM
  • Turbo Drum technology
  • 3 mini pulsators
  • Water circulation
  • 3 Step Wash
  • Fuzzy logic

Washing Performance: Its capacity of 6.2 KG should be enough for a small family of four to six members. Spin speed of just 710 RPM is not a good and goes against fast washing. However, we are impressed with LG’s work as this machine comes with cool attractive features. The Turbo Drum technology cleans the clothes perfectly without damaging them. It comes with a Smart Filter, which is both effective as well as durable.

Features: The delay start feature allows user to set this machine in advance for perfect washing of your clothes. There is a small display located on the front panel that helps in setting up the programs. This machine washes fabrics in three steps, which are more effective than a washing method used by other washing machines. The tub is made of stainless steel that increases the durability of this machine. It also comes with a Fuzzy Logic feature that automatically sets the water level and spin cycle according to the weight of clothes. There is a special Silent Mode that can help you if you are washing clothes during night and do not want to disturb your young kids.

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LG T7270TDDL 6.2 kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Power Consumption: Although you will have to spend good money in buying this machine, but in the long run you might get benefited. It consumes just 360 Watts of electricity and which will not affect your monthly electricity bill.

Safety and Warranty: On the front of safety, the greatest feature of this machine is its Child Lock function. Once enabled, it will not let your kids to play with the controls. The legs of this machine hold the ground firmly, which helps a lot if you have limited space. You also get two years of warranty on this machine.

Installation: In case of an online purchase, you will be given free installation service. A service engineer will make a call after the delivery is made.

Pro Features:-

  • Child Lock function
  • Durable body with stainless steel tub
  • Comes in two color options
  • Water level selector with 10 settings

Cons: Low spin speed

Verdict: This LG washing machine packs good feature and built seems durability. Also, the brand LG holds a big name in terms customer satisfaction and service delivery. Read also Two Fully Automatic Washing Machine below 28000 Rupees.

Spin Speed 710 RPM
Dimensions 54 cm x 85 cm x 54 cm
Weight 32.5 KG
Capacity 6.2 KG
Other Features 10 Water Levels, Fuzzy Logic, 3 Step Wash, Digital Display, Delay Start, Filter and Child Lock
Power Consumption 360 Watts
Warranty 2 Years
Buy 14500 Rupees

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