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Top 4 Water Purifier Appropriate For Corporation Water

10L HUL Pureit WRDR400 Marvella RO Water Purifier

Most of the Indian homes completely relies on the regular supply of corporation water. Because of constrained family budget, Indian middle class cannot afford cane water or mineral water from big brands. As we all know, corporation water is consumable but contains some harmful bacteria that develops some critical illness in a long term.

Doctors advice is without being sure about purity, corporation water should not be given to a pregnant lady or newborn baby or a mother who does milk feeding to baby. In fact, for the sake of newborn safety, you have to supply absolute clean water to the mother.

Here, we have listed some smart purifiers that flawlessly purify corporation water but without reducing the minerals properties in them. Actually, the water purifiers listed here have even been praised by buyers on major online shopping websites.

No water purifier could claim for making your drinking water 100% safe pure. But a good quality smartphone water purifier would ensure that the water you intake has the best possible purity. By means of unique filters and the best of water purifier technologies, these budget purifiers are some best choices to ensure you drink close to 100% safe water. Read also Livpure Water Purifier with RO UV and Mineral retain Technology.

7-Liter Aquaguard Enhance UV UF Water Purifier

Aquaguard enhance is a UV-based water purification system. It features a 6-stage purification mechanism, which kills all the contaminants in the drinking water and ensures that it is completely safe to drink. The process also ensures that you are protected from modern water in impurities and pollutants such as mercury, lead, arsenic, iron, etc. The Aquaguard enhance is a next-generation water purifier that comes fitted with an automatic technology, which greatly simplifies the purification process.

7L Aquaguard Enhance Ultra Violet (UV) + Ultra Filtration (UF) Water Purifier

Main Specifications:-

  • 7 stage purification
  •  7-liter storage capacity
  • 1-liter per minute flow rate
  • Wall mount or table top installation
  • 20 W, 230 V power requirements
  • One year warranty

UV and UF purification technology: This water purifier offers enhanced water treatment using ultraviolet (UV) and ultra-filtration (UF) purification technology. The UV technology disinfects the water by killing disease-causing microorganisms using ultraviolet radiation. Aquaguard Enhance also comes fitted with an UF membrane cartridge, which helps in remove various water contaminants.

Dual-flow tap: It comes with a two-way tap, which helps control of the flow of water after the purification has been completed.

6-stage purification mechanism: Aquaguard Enhance water purifier features a 7-stage purification mechanism, which ensures that your drinking water is 100% safe. The mechanism ensures that all impurities, organic contaminants, and disease-causing microorganisms are completely eradicated.

Enhanced Protection, Taste and Smart Features

This Eureka Forbes water purifier comes with an Enhanced Protection feature, which helps protect you from modern-day water impurities such as arsenic, iron, mercury, lead and others.

Smart Auto-fill technology: Aquaguard Enhance is equipped with Smart Auto-fill technology, which detects when electricity and water to be purified becomes available, and then starts the purification process. The technology is supported by smart indicators for various modes such as on, off, purification, power saving mode and UV function.

Enhanced taste: The purifier is equipped with a silver impregnated carbon cartridge, which eliminates any remaining organic impurities in the water and restores its natural taste.

Reviews: Aquaguard Enhanced has received many positive reviews from users who were satisfied with it. Most users love the fact that it is easy to install and operate. It is also very effective at treating the water, and it enhances the taste making it enjoyable to drink. However, few users have complained about some parts being defective during shipment.

Pro Factors:-

  • It is easy to install
  • It improves the water taste
  • 100% safe drinking water
  • Easy to use
  • It is durable
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Verdict: Overall, Aquaguard Enhance is a very effective water purifier. It is equipped with the latest technologies, making it one of a kind. Moreover, it also comes with several convenient features such as smart auto-fill, which simplifies its use. While the water purifier is a bit pricey, it is loaded with features that make it worth every cent you spend. Read also Top Three Best Water Purifier In India For Home Use.

Purification Method 7 Purification Stages with UV
Filtration Capacity 15 Liter/hr
TDS Levels 1 – 2000 (mg/l) ppm
Installation Wall Mount, Table Top
Power Consumption 20 W
Warranty One Year
Buy Rs. 12000


10 Liter HUL Pureit Marvella RO Water Purifier WRDR400

You might have seen popular actors endorsing Pureit water purifiers on TV. We thought it would be better to give an overview of one of the popular water purifiers of this brand. Even though it is an RO water purifer, it could be a solution in the case if the corporation pipeline in your area passes through an industrial zone before reaching to your home. Read also RO Water Purifier with MF Technology under 8000 Rupees.

10L HUL Pureit WRDR400 Marvella RO Water Purifier

The HUL Pureit WRDR400 Marvella RO 10-Litre Water Purifier is a stylish solution for your modern kitchen. You can get it for just 13864 INR from With all the modern technologies fitted in, this purifier can be a good purchase for your pure water needs and good option against corporation water supply.

Design: This purifier wears a sturdy and compact design that attracts many. The silver paint with chrome finish on some parts gives this machine a premium feel. Indicators on the top are easy to look at and the tap is at the friendlier location. However, the storage tank is not transparent, so you will not be able to see if the water inside is clean or not. The purifier weighs only 8.4 KG and is also small in size.

Unique 6-state Water Purification Features

This HUL machine purifies the water by passing it through six stages. In the first three stages, all the suspended compounds are removed from the water. The activated carbon filter removes odor from the water and also makes it taste good. The fourth stage is of RO filtration where the dissolved compounds like salts are removed and the TDS level is lowered.

In the next stage, the water is passed through the ultra-ventilated membrane twice for better purification. If you are purifying soft water with this machine, then also you do not have to worry as it adds the essential minerals back in the succeeding stage. In addition, the inbuilt Germ-kill Kit deactivates all the harmful bacteria from the water.

The HUL Pureit WRDR400 Marvella RO Water Purifier can clean about 9 – 12 liters of water every hour, which seems good considering the fact that it has a 10 liters storage tank. The storage tank is made with ABS food grade material so the water will remain contamination free.

Smart Computerized System with Advanced Alert System

Computerized system on this purifier makes sure that the tank always remains full and also stops the purification process once the tank gets full to save water and energy.

In case there is maintenance requirement for the inbuilt filter, the advance alert system notifies you before 15 days so that you do not have to drink even a single drop of unpurified water.

The voltage spike guard increases the capability of the purifier to support a wide range of voltage inputs (100 – 240 Volts). This purifier is highly energy efficient as it consumes only 36 watts of energy. Moreover, the machine also comes with one year of warranty.

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  • Stylish, compact and sturdy body
  • 6 stage purification
  • 10-liter storage tank
  • An Advance alert system
  • Built-in voltage spike guard


  • No UV and UF
  • Storage tank is not transparent
Purification Method 6 Purification Stages with RO
Features Auto Start, Auto Start-stop, Advance Alert System, Auto Safety Lock, Germ Kill Performance
Capacity Total Capacity 10 Liter
TDS Levels 1800 ppm
Membrane Type Thin Film Composite Spiral Wound
Monthly Cost Maintainance Approx 200 Rupees
Operating Voltage 24V
Buy Rs. 13000


8-Litre Kent Grand RO UV Water Purifier

Sometimes it proves to be a better choice to go with an expensive product. The Kent Grand 8-Litre Wall Mountable RO+UV Water Purifier with Transparent Cover comes at a price of 16500 INR, but also packs some great features. In fact, it can be the best purifier that you can get at this time for all your needs especially in purifying corporation water.

Design: The body of this purifier will certainly not look appealing to you as it features a classical design. However, the ABS built material used provides sturdiness. If you plan to table mount this purifier, then you might be unlucky this time as it can only be wall mounted. The top portion of the purifier is transparent and you can look at the alignment of different purifying units. Read also Kent RO UF Water Purifiers Between 12000 to 15000 Rupees.

8 Litre Kent Grand Wall Mountable RO+UV Water Purifier

Although the storage tank is not transparent, but you do get a leveler in the vertical position to see how much water is left. The unit weighs just 9.4 KG, but this light weightiness doesn’t have any benefit as you will not be able to put this machine on a table.

Reputed Kent RO system with UV Onboard for Pure Water 

The Kent Grand RO+UV Water Purifier is suitable for purifying water from all kinds of sources like bore wells and municipal pipelines. Kent’s mineral RO technology removes only the harmful dissolved chemicals from the water which means that if you purify soft water with this purifier, then also the water will not get devoid of necessary minerals. Sediment and activated carbon filters remove all the dissolved impurities from the water and make it look and smell better.

The small pores of UF chamber only allow the needed ingredients to pass and the 11 watt UV lamp kills almost all disease-causing bacteria present in the water.

The purifier can purify 15 liters of water every hour and the storage has the capacity to hold 8 liters of water. However, you won’t have to worry as the auto-off feature stops the purification processes once the storage tank gets full. If water is drawn from the purifier making the tank empty then the auto-start feature starts the purification process again. This also proves that the whole machine is fully automatic. The storage tank is made with a food grade material which means that you won’t have to worry about contamination.

All the parts of this purifier are leak free meaning there will be no mess around your workplace. If the UV lamp fails or any other filter needs a replacement then the alarm system notifies the user for the same.

The purifier consumes 60 Watts of power and can work on a wide range of voltage inputs, i.e. 100 – 300 Volts. Kent is giving 1 year of onsite warranty on this machine that includes the cost of parts and labor.

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  • UV, UF, and RO
  • Suited for both soft and hard water
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Food grade material used
  • Built-in SMPS


  • Storage tank is not fully transparent
  • Only wall mountable
Cleaning Capacity 15 Liter Per Hour
Tank Capacity  8 Liter
Purification RO, UV and TDS control
Alarm UV and Filter Alarms
Buy Rs. 16000


8L Aquaguard Reviva Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

As the summer is taking on everyone with the rising temperature, a human body demand for drinkable water also increases. Clean water for drinking purposes is not easy to get. But people always find a solution by installing a water purifier in Kitchen. However, the question is which one to get? Well, if you live in a place where there is no mineral water supply and your primary source of water is bore-well or corporation pipeline or something like that then the Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier can be a great option. It can be purchased just for Rupees 11,450 online.

Design: The great thing about this purifier is in spite of being an electrical one you can install it on a table also. In order to operate, a standard wall-mount installation is not mandatory. It weighs just 8.5 KG and doesn’t take much space, so you can move it from one place to another by yourself. The water storage tank is transparent and can be viewed from the front which gives this product a nice appeal.

Purification: This purifier cleans water by RO method. Water enters the purifier and goes to its membrane whereby reverse osmosis all the dissolved chemicals like salts are removed bringing down the TDS level. Other modules like i-Filter and taste enhancer cartridge remove all the suspended particles and make the water taste good.

As there is no UV or any other filtration section, you can’t expect the water to be germ-free. Also, this product is only recommended for the households that get water from bore wells. If your primary source of water is the local municipal pipeline then this purifier might remove the important minerals as well.

8L Aquaguard Reviva Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purifier

Appropriate Water Storage with Smart Auto-Fill Feature

The capacity of storage tanks is 8 liters which seem appropriate, but the purifier itself is capable of purifying only 12-liter of water in an hour. However, the smart auto-fill feature might give you some relief as it automatically starts the purifier if the water level in the tank goes down. The RO technology also wastes a lot of water and in the case of this purifier, the recovered water is only 25% of the water in for purification.

The Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier consumes only 40 Watts of power because of which it becomes energy efficient. It also comes with a built-in voltage stabilizer, so you won’t have to worry about the power fluctuations. The manufacturer is giving 1 year of warranty on this product in case you find any defects. Read also Aquaguard RO Water Purifier with Mineral Guard Protection.


  • Good for salty or khara water
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Securely install on a table
  • Transparent 8-liter water storage tank
  • Smart auto-fill feature
  • Built-in voltage stabilizer
  • Membrane life enhancer


  • Not recommended for soft water
  • No UV or UF membrane
  • Purifies only 12-liter of water in an hour
  • Wastes a lot of water
Water Flow Rate 8 litres/hour
Power 40 Watt
Membrane Type RO Membrane
Purification Capacity 6000 L
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Levels 2000 ppm
Warranty One Year
Buy Rs. 13500

7 thoughts on “Top 4 Water Purifier Appropriate For Corporation Water

  1. Yaa, obes these brands are provide ro water purifier for our home. In our healthy and long life, water filter is essential needs . So, we should select only best one product.

    1. Our review is based on Water Purifier demo, actual users review and survey conducted by my team. We never claim that we are 100% true. While it comes to Nasaka Water Purifier, we did not find user of this product in Chennai.

      We would love to put out review of Nasaka Water Purifier, if we get some details of Nasaka Brand Purifier.

  2. Strange why you recommend RO for corporation water i guess they are soft water. Problem is i am using ZeroB RO the output of the TDS is 3 which is a big concern.

    1. Not all the corporation water should be considered safe enough for drinking. A corporation pipeline passes through many polluted areas before reaching to our homes. And you cannot be sure of no leakage problem in them. A reliable RO water purifier in your home is a surety that you are consuming safe water.

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