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Top 4 Tailor Professional Sewing Machine Below 8000 Rupees

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

In this article, presenting a review best heavy-duty advanced sewing machines, ideal for tailor shops. As the article title speaks, all four sewing machines are available in the Indian market in the price range of 6500 to 8000 rupees. These are durable multi-function sewing machines made for more extended use. For small tailor shop owners, this analysis of budget sewing machines would be beneficial.

Novel Designer Auto 33 Sewing Machine

It has been proved that a sewing machine at home can save time, effort and money. Also, many machines made these days come with functions that are generally not found on the old fashioned machine that most of the tailors use. If you are an art guy, then the Novel Designer Machine will certainly impress you. The beauty is just one part of this machine and the real benefit is the features that it packs. However, at the price of 7505 Rupees, it is apparently overpriced when compared to other budget sewing machines.

The design itself will give an idea of the sturdiness of this machine. The outer body is made up of a durable plastic material. All the dials are big enough to make controlling as easy as possible. Putting everything on one side, the one big disappointment can be the handle’s design and position. It doesn’t help in lifting of this machine in any way and many times you would feel that moving it without using the handle is a lot easier. But we can’t judge the whole machine on just one drawback.

Performance features of this Novel Auto Sewing machine

Three dial control the stitching are much simpler to control. The big rotational dial at the top can be used to select the stitch style. The explanations of the labels are printed on the left side of the same dial. You can also use the stitch length selector dial located on the right side of reverse stitch lever to get the desired output. The tension dial is located on the top of the threading area and in most cases you will have to set its level between 2 to 5. A reverse stitching lever has become common these days and is useful in locking the stitch.

Novel Designer Auto 33 Review and Specifications

All the control options give a total of 33 sewing patterns. You also get 5 presser feets, which can be snapped on to the machine without any hassle.

Winding the bobbin with this machine involves one extra step. When you place the bobbin on the winder and push it to the right, you also have to move the bobbing winding switch located on the hand wheel to the winding mode.

The removable free-arm has also made its way into this machine. Like with every other sewing machine, you can use the free-arm of this machine to store extra accessories.


  • Great design with a long lasting body
  • 33 stitch patterns
  • Sewing light
  • 5 presser feet


  • Handle is of no use
  • Bobbin winding requires some extra steps
Price 7990 Rupees
Motor 60 Watt
Stitch Patterns 33
Circular Stitching YES
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Singer 8280 Sewing Machine with 24 Stitch Patterns

Multinational brand Singer has become so much developed in the field of sewing machines that it offers many products for each of the price segments. Having products with multifunction lets user choose according to need. The 8280 Sewing Machine is another product from Singer’s budget segment machines. You can purchase it online at the price of 7844 Rupees. It packs some attractive features with some unexpected loopholes. Let’s dig into every aspect of this machine.

Designing has been a strong area of Singer craft, in fact, that works here, too. What you get in this machine is a layout created keeping user friendliness in mind. Every curve and turn have been given according to the ease of usability. As always, you get a handle at the top that makes this machine much portable. On the attractiveness front, too, the Singer Sewing Machine performs very well. The reflective white color paint on the body makes it look premium. However, the weight of 7KG can become a concern for many.

This Sewing Machine is Favorite of Tailor Shop Owners

The main dialer lets users choose from 7 stitch patterns, which is a feature rare to find especially on low budget machines of other brands. The dialer above the main dialer is used to select the length of stitches. Although the two dialer control for stitching patterns can make the usability full of hassle, but on the other hand giving users much control over the sewing machine. You might get disappointed for the top position of reverse switch lever, which compromises with the staying put ability.

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

Free-arm is a feature that does not need to be mentioned every time, but the listing of the feature is important. With this functionality, users can stitch the closed loop parts of clothes with ease. The built-in thread cutter can prove to be a useful feature.

The bobbin winder has become a necessary feature of almost every sewing machine from the Singer and this machine is no different. Using the bobbin winder is a time-saving task as the user just has to put the bobbin attached with the thread on to the winder and push it to the right. And, press the foot pedal to start rolling thread on the bobbin.


  • Sturdy and user friendly design
  • More control over stitching
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • The machine features bobbin winder


  • Becomes heavy at 7KG
  • The reverse stitch lever is high above its suitable position
Price 7869 Rupees
Motor Built-in
Stitch Patterns 24
Circular Stitching YES


Rajesh Stylish Stitcher 8080 Sewing Machine

Small brands always have an important role in every market. They regulate the prices and maintain competition among the products. In the sewing machine market, you don’t normally hear about local brands, but they are always there and sometimes they make it to the top of the chain. The Rajesh 8080 is relatively a new sewing gadget selling at shopping websites. You can grab this machine for the price of 7750 Rupees, which seems a little over to me.

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In terms of looks, this machine has a design that is inspired from Usha and Singer sewing machines. If you see more critically you will find that most of its designs and features match the same of those machines offered by popular brands. Let’s put the copying aspect out of the field for a moment and see what this machine offers. It has a sturdy and compact build that is a good thing. It is portable and can be put in any of the smallest corners of your house. The nice color combination gives this Rajesh sewing machine a very premium look.

I have Seen Rajesh Brand Sewing Machines in Many Tailor Shop

If you have used any electric sewing machine from Singer before, you will easily get familiar with the controls of this machine. Like the Singers Merritt 1409, it also features two dials on the front to select the patterns and width of the stitches. Meanwhile, you get all the necessary presets built-in that you would need for a professional work.

Rajesh Stylish Stitcher 8080 Review and Specifications

The bobbin winder is on the top-right corner, again matching the aesthetics of many Singer products. You can put the bobbin attached to one end of thread into the winder, and then push the bobbin winder to the left that will disengage the needle mechanism. Now use the foot pedal to fill the bobbin with thread.

The winding tension dial is at the top just adjacent to the thread takes up lever. It is a plastic wheel with labels on it, which makes adjusting the tension a lot easy. Many times, you will only need it to be set at four.

Changing the presser head is much less of a hassle. Move the needle to its highest position by the hand-wheel and then pull the presser latch up. Now the presser head should be free, so gently remove it and put the new head on the darning plate. After that pull the presser latch down to its original position, you are all set to go.

Super Easy Reverse Stitch on this Tailor Favorite Sewing Machine

The one-click reverse stitch dial as that on the Singer Promise 1408, is at the bottom. This gives the machine stability while pressing it.

The free arm can be easily removed by pushing it to the left. After removing it, you can conveniently stitch all closed loop parts of your garments like sleeves and cuffs. Like on all the other modern sewing machines, this free arm also houses a container.


  • Sturdy and very premium design
  • Sewing light
  • Very easy to operate
  • Removable free arm


  • Its design seems to be inspired from Singer products
  • It could have been nice if this machine had only dialer on the front
Price 7800 Rupees
Motor 70 Watt
Stitch Patterns 15
Circular Stitching YES


 Singer Merritt 1409 Sewing Machine

Like Usha, Singer also has a big lineup of modern sewing machines. It has a separate machine for every single type of stitching. You don’t need to worry if you are a beginner as the Singer 1409 Sewing Machine is here for you. Basically, this machine is for intermediate users, but its simplicity had made operating it so simple that anyone can use it. It is available for the price of 7493 Rupees.

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You will find the 1409 Sewing Machine very much similar to Singer's Promise 1408. In fact, the only difference you can locate is the width dialer, which is used to set the distance between two stitches of different patterns. The rest of the design is as solid and compact as of its brother, the Promise 1408. It is light weight and the handle on the top makes this machine also portable like its brother. Its compact body makes it easy to get fitted into the smallest corners of your house.

Reliable Operation and 26 Stitch Patterns

Operating the Singer Merritt 1409 Sewing Machine is not as hard as it seems while looking at its control panel. The guide that comes along can be very helpful for you. There are also a lot of videos available on the internet which will really prove to be helpful.

Singer Merritt 1409 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

You will find two sockets interlinked in the power cord of the foot pedal. The first one gets attached to the panel at the right side of the machine and the second one goes directly to the wall outlet. Once you attach it to the power source you are all set to take the designer out of you.

There are four dials to help operate this machine. On the front is the pattern and width selection dialer. You need to use both of these dialers in co-ordination else the result that you will get might be undesirable. This machine supports 8 patterns and 26 stitch functions. What else do you need?

Like all other Singer machines, the bobbin winder on the Merritt 1409 Sewing Machine is also at the top right corner. You just have to put the bobbin attached with the thread on it and then push the winder to the right side. After that just use the feet pedal to fill the bobbin with the thread. Actually, one great thing about Singer Sewing Machine’s bobbin filling mechanism is that it automatically stops once the bobbin gets filled with the thread.

Other Key Features of this Singer Sewing Machine

The removable free arm is another feature of the Singer Merritt 1409 Sewing Machine. You just have to push it to the right to remove it.

Like Singer's 1408 model, the one-click reverse stitch dial is at the bottom on this device also. The bottom location ensures stability of the machine when you press it. The tension dialer is at the top, but be sure to set it to the appropriate number before using the machine.


  • Presence of top handle makes it easy to carry
  • Sewing light
  • The tension dialer is very user friendly
  • Removable free-arm

Cons: On the first look, the controls can confuse the user

Price 7493 Rupees
Motor Built-in
Stitch Patterns 26
Circular Stitching YES

2 thoughts on “Top 4 Tailor Professional Sewing Machine Below 8000 Rupees

  1. Hello, I want to buy a sewing machine for stitching clothes and curtains n cushions. None of the reviews mention about curtain and cushions. Please do advise …

    1. For sewing thick clothes like curtain and cushions, you need a powerful sewing machine with more robust pressure foot system, which is high in lift and pressure can be adjusted according to user’s requirement. Also, needle penetration is something that we need to consider here. The needle has to be thick enough to sew hard clothes and its penetration also has to be good and should be able to sew a long stitch pattern.

      Machines designed for Tailor shops are the same which we use in home but they have high durability factor.

      I think this article has the solution for your requirement: Looking for a Sewing Machine to Stitch Denim Jeans?

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