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Flagship Smartphones of Samsung Sony LG and Apple in India

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Even in the year 2015 Samsung, Apple, LG, and Sony remains on the top of the chart in premium smartphone sales and revenue from that. There has been neck to neck fight between these flagship smartphones in order to compete against each other's features. Especially, clash between Samsung and Apple are most talked among technical experts.

In this article, we review four brand new flashship smartphones. If you are looking to buy a premium flagship device, then these four smartphones are the best choice in India.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The Note 4 has been one of most anticipated devices in year 2014. It is a true achievement for the Samsung for a great value addition to its large gallery of smartphones. At the current price of 55000 rupees, the device offers the best in terms of great design, top end hardware, supremely optimized software.

Design, Look and Built: It has a sturdy construction and has a nice bezel chromed metal rim all-around. The back panel still has plastic with nice fold leather finish eliminating stitching as seen in the Note 3. The device reflects premium design language of the Samsung. With similarity to galaxy alpha, we can notice nice metal polished edge and sides of phone is painted, gives elegant look and micro enhancement in the total look. The note 4 is 176 gram heavier and 8.5 mm thick. No IP certification for water resistance that was one of the highlights in the Samsung Galaxy S5 to survive against Sony’s Xperia Z series.

There are some next gen features we are talking in this 21st century gadget. Samsung has introduced Heart Beat Monitor, placed right under the rear camera, next to Single LED flash. It has also added Finger print scanner built to homes screen button. Note 4 is available in white, black, gold, and pink colour option. 5.7 inch Super Amoled display feels nice and gets nicely balanced in the hand. It has very familiar look like any Samsung smartphone, but the differences are in details.

Some users have complained that there is visible gap between glass panel and metal frame. Users worry was that dust and water could easily get into the phone. Later Samsung had clarified that it is a part of design where you can stick something to escape from sunlight legibility.

The Note 4 is 8.5 mm thick and 176 mm heavy than 8.3 mm of thickness and 168 mm weight of Note 2013. Its built is taller and slightly wider than 2013 launch. Having large set of specifications and awesome display justified its overall built compare to the note 3.

At the top, we see a front facing camera with in-built sensors and answer speaker. A LED notification is at upper left corner. Looking at the bottom, we find “Home” button with back and recent apps launcher button icon. Main Loudspeaker turned back to the phone, which used to be side on the note 3. 3.5 mm headphone jack, a microphone, IR blaster to control of AV equipments is place at the top. Its power button is at the right edge and thin volume rocker is placed at the left edge. Coming to the bottom edge, there is a thin Micro USB 2.0 and two microphones. Position of S Pen is the same as in the note 3.

What users would get in Sale Pack of Note 4?

You will get a Note 4, Travel Adepter, and Standard Headset with in-ear design and control options, “S” Pen tip with tool to fit in. Also, find a 3220 mAh battery and NFC in-built right in. Samsung claims that the new travel adepter is ultra fast and charging 35% faster than a regular charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review and Specifications

Display: The Note 4 sports a 5.7 inches display with improved Super AMOLED capacitive touch and 1440 × 2560 Pixel resolutions and 16 Millions colour as well. Display gives pixel density of 515 PPI that is huge lift from 386 PPI of the Note 3. In terms of resolution and quality the Note 4 has the best mobile display even beating the iPhone 6 almost. It features curved glass edge, which provides a smooth surface to rub finger across as noticed in the iPhone 6. On display, text looks sharp, vivid colour and not over saturated.

Processing and Features: Note 4 runs Touch Wiz user interface with dual setting – easy and standard interface options. We have top specs across the board. Swap down with a single finger to see active applications and use two finger gestures for quick setting options. Quick setting options are grouped and have a straight access to the control brightness level. Home screen setting comes with flip board briefing. Before it was a part of my magazine application, but now it has been taken over by the Flipboard, which comes with more dynamic and simple looking interface.

Tap to home button and use voice search for general finds with “S” search power. On the long pressing of home button opens the Google now search. Download booster to speed content download from cellular network and Wi-Fi strength. “Smart stay” application monitors presence of eyes and prevent screen going into sleep. There is missing auto pause option used to be in the earlier launch. There is new feature called SIDE KEY PANEL. Basically it duplicates functions of bottom control keys. You tap the screen; it hides for you and needed again it slide on to a gesture. You can reposition anywhere for better control from left or right thumb.

You can increase touch sensitivity to respond while glove on fingers. Car mode is to simplify driving condition by operating the phone with voice command. Multi screen windows option is quite improved and versatile. You can use up to five active windows at a time. Fingerprint manager setting demands 10 prints of your thumb impression and backup passkey incase fingerprint scanner fails. Enabling private mode gives access to all those folder and data which meant to be hidden in casual access. Quick connect shows list of all nearby equipment and connectivity control options. S search is one powerful tool with time based search feature. With Screen mirror, broadcast your smartphone activity on a Wi-Fi enabled display for example Samsung monitor or LG smart TV.

There are all Google sweet apps with Samsung galaxy featured apps. I can’t miss the SmartRemote app, which allows power accessing of AV equipments. Apps grouping are one of my favorite as it allows you to group apps in a folder for easy access and finding in the menu bar. For instance create a folder name it “Games” and now transfer all gaming apps into. The folder is pop up wide with list of all transferred items in it while hover S Pen over it.

Make most out of Note 4 by the Magical S-Pen

Note 4 S Pen comes with twice sensitivity and better grip function than the Note 3 Pen. Design of Note 4 S pen is similar to the Note 3 S pen. Same length, buttons are at the same position, but grip control has improved. There is a lot to talk about the S pencil. As soon as it is removed from side lock, an air command pops up right away. With air control panel function, you can execute tons of activity. To re-invoke the air controls just press the side buttons any time. S Pen can be used for all kinds of on or off screen navigation. Relevant information pops up right there while you hover the “S” at any place in the display. It works great for dragging and dropping content or information.

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Camera: The Samsung Note 2014 features a 16 MP rear camera with optical image stabilizer and 4K video recording, which is huge improvement from 13 MP camera of Note 3. Front facing camera has a 3.2 MP lens instead 2 MP and 1080P video recording at 35 fps in wide angle.

Face detection on auto focus is pretty quick. Snapping photos while recording a video is possible. Video stabilization is a great renders excellent production quality videos even with shaky hand, but it doesn’t work with 4K video recording. You can control camera with voice command for example say “cheese” to take photo and say “ record video” to initiate the intended.

Real-cam selfie, panorama, dual Camera mode, face beautification and virtual tour are some great features under the camera hood. In the dual camera mode, there are actions of front facing and rear camera function at the same time. Front facing camera works with less distortion with fairly good job in exposing the wide background and pick up of live audio.

With quick Auto focus, picture come out sharp, just right amount of saturation and correct white balance exposure. Auto mode does an excellent job. LED flash does pretty decent job too.

Battery and Benchmark Test Results

The Galaxy note 4 has a 3220 mAh battery with official 20 hours of 3G talk time. Ultra Power saving mode give details estimated days of charging left. Normal power saving mode gives regular interface with decent power saving restricted background performance.

Note 4 scores better than multi core score of iPhone 6 while widely defeated in single core score. This phone has really smooth and quick performance. At AnTuTU V5.1, the note 4 has benchmark score of 46693, better than Samsung Galaxy S5, Xiaomi Mi 3, and HTC One M8.

The Samsung does a good job in optimizing latest version of TouchWiz with high-end specifications, which keeps up with the software demands of the devices. Battery backup is excellent certainly not the greater than some of its competitor. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is simply a beast as far as specifications go and we like it for advance software, hardware, display, camera and professional functionality.

Price 28000 Rupees
SIM Micro SIM, GSM, 4G/3G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.4, Upgradable to Lollipop 5.0.1
Screen 5.7 Inches, Amoled, QHD, 515 PPI
Processor QC 2.7GHz Krait 450+QC 1.3GHz Cortex A53+QC 1.9GHz Cortex-A57
GPU Adreno 420 + Mali-T760
Memory 32 GB, 128 GB MicroSD Card Support
Camera 16 MP[P], 3.7 MP[F], 2160P Recording
Battery 3220 mAh Battery
Body 176 gram [W], 8.5 mm [Th]
Connectivity BT 4, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Infrared Port, NFC, USB 2.0, 9 Sensors


Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Despite the 3.5 inches display, the iPhone had a big and best screen at the time of introduction in the year 2007. Then there was another brand Samsung, which had initiated experimenting process with buyer’s test and succeeded in creating new story in the smartphone arena. The Galaxy S1 had lifted the Samsung position from nowhere to the fourth position behind the Apple, Motorola and Blackberry. The S1 was followed by overwhelming response to the S2, S3 and S4. There was one more launch from Samsung, which really forced Apple to rethink strategy to stay relevant in the smartphone market.

Initially the great innovator Steve Job had refused to acknowledge the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 1. However, the success to Galaxy S series and Note series worldwide raised alarm bell for Apple to do some more glories in terms of iPhone screen size. So, Apple announced to launch a bigger and better iPhone as a successor to the iPhone 5S. The Launch of Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was one of the best talked event recently. The smartphone beets all previous record of iPhone sales and selling like hot Chocó cake worldwide.

Built, Design and Interface: The iPhone 6 Plus is an incredibly solid phone with full unibody aluminium built and solid craft out there. The only phone, which competes with iPhone 6 in terms of built quality is the HTC M8. As far as space management is concerned, it is not so brilliantly executed design.

Apple has depicted Android devices in terms of build outline. Similar to any Android powered Smartphone, power button is placed at right edge along with SIM card tray. Volume rocker goes to left edge, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Single speaker and nano USB ports are placed at the bottom edge. Super light super thin device give impression that nothing in there and kind of hollow creation. Home buttons has an in-built finger print scanner with touch ID for gateway payment. Long pressing home button verifies your thumb impression to unlock iPhone.

There is no new idea and feature or uniquely design application specifically for the iPhone 6 plus. It runs on iOS8 and those familiar with iOS 8 won’t find anything extremely different. There is a lot in terms of hardware enhancement, but it runs with the functionally and greatness of iOS8.

In the iPhone 6 Plus, the rear camera bears a pop up design from the construction. Since it has sapphire crystal lens, you don’t need to worry of scratch. If you like typing while phone is on table then you should worry for wobbling. The issue can be rectified by putting unique shell cover at the back.

Full HD 5.5-inch Apple Display

The iPhone 6 plus sports a 5.5 inches HD retina display with whopping 401 PPI Pixel density. Under the display protection, it has an Oleophobic coating on Shatter proof glass. You can screen down main display for better control and access. It helps those have difficulty in reaching at top due to big construction of the device. 1080P display gives iOS apps developer to be more creative like Android Developers have been enjoying because of availability of 1080 and 2180P screen sizes smartphone.

The iPhone has the best display even seen on a smart phone. You will feel like you are touching pixels. In general, any display has four layers of a cover glass, then touch sensor and then LCD panel and at last display. In the case of iPhone 6, there is no air gap between these four as all four layers are laminated together. Glass itself is curved around edges. Viewing angles are amazing. Polarizer film in the display makes it even more visible outdoor.

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Swap up to get control center for customization panel. This feature is pretty useful. Wi-Fi setting, brightness adjustment, music control and all sorts of regular things are in there. There are not many changes in the settings of menu. Not much added in terms of graphic, animation and functionality. Though I am perfectly healthy person, but had some interest in Health apps to store medical history, current health issue and so on. Create a folder to group a particular set of apps and zoom up whenever needed. 1080P display is crisper, sharp and with great viewing angle.

I like the silent feature of Android Smartphones wherein you scroll hard and it takes you quickly at the end of list. I like it, but that is something missing in the iOS. If you have a long list of apps gallery, then it is one need feature.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus Price in India

Processing and Features of this Apple iPhone

This phone is a blazing fast and a lot fun to do with iPhone Siri – the iPhone girlfriend. Do check out in your free time. Having Siri is like having someone really special with to help for everything. This is one best finger print scanner smartphone yet. You can store upto five finger prints for access control and touch ID payment system.

Camera: The iPhone 6 is the best smartphone camera yet. No matter how much or how less light you have, how fast or how slow you are up to the shot, results are great with perfectly exposed subject, natural colours and great details. Camera is the best feature of iPhone 6 plus. Camera is Killer with optical image stabilizer. Panorama square, Front facing camera is good enough for selfie.

Camera shots are not over or under exposed. HDR mode is perfect. Digital OIS is one technology, featured in the iPhone 6 Plus to take perfect shots. Even you have shaky hands; photos are really going to look crisper so videos look amazing. The iPhone 6 plus is a great asset for enthusiastic photographer. Panorama image quality can go up to 43 MP in size.

Battery: 2915 mAh battery lasts for a day on extremely heavy usages.

Benchmark Tests and Verdict: The single built speaker is a kind of average feature. Since we are discussing the iPhone 6 Plus, It is kind of disappointment for having an average performing speaker. We celebrate Apple’s first approach to the phablet market with the launch of the iPhone 6 Plus.

Price 39000 Rupees
SIM Micro SIM, GSM, 4G/3G
OS iOS 8, upgradable to iOS 8.1.2
Screen 5.5 Inches, FHD, IPS LCD, 401 PPI
Processor Dual-core 1.4 GHz Cyclone ARM V8
GPU Quad Core PowerVR GX6450
Memory 64 GB
Camera 8 MP[P],1.2 MP[F], FHD Recording, Flash, OIS
Battery 2915 mAh Battery Non-removable
Body 172 gram [W], 7.1 mm [Th]
Connectivity BT 4, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0, NFC, 5 Sensors


LG G3 Smartphone with 2K Display

The G3 is one of the best flagship premium smartphone with high-end specifications and economical price from the Korean electronics giant LG. It has all great features with few cons at the current market price, which is less than 40000 rupees, makes it a considerable choice.

Build and Design: The grand phablet is packed in a polycarbonate shell with brushed aluminum kind of finish at the back. With a 5.5 display size, overall size of this device is not that big and the reason behind that is the front panel has a tinny bezels. Open of the back panel gives access to SD card slot and nano SIM port. You can remove and change battery that is a feature not offered in the LG G2.

Unlike a regular Android powered device, volume control with power in center has been placed at the back right under the primary camera. This is following the design line from its predecessor the LG G2. This is something feels unusual in the beginning, but later you will like the comfort and it is something truly intended by the designer of the smartphone. In general, it takes a week to become very friendly with the given button options. It is not very thin body, registers a 8.9 mm thickness and built-in weight is limited at 149 gram. Having curved back gives a unique comfort while holding in the hand.

Display: The LG G2 sports a 5.5 inches True HD display with ridiculous 1440P that is 2K resolution and pixel density is 538 pixels per inch. Viewing angle is great. The display looks crisp and texts are sharp. Colour saturation and contrast on this IPS display is absolutely great. In terms of display quality, the LG G3 has better offer than the iPhone 5S. But I will acknowledge, this is not a great device in terms of outside usages. The display looks kind of dull and not full lighted up to outshine sunlight.

Amitabh Bachchan Launches LG G3 Cell Phone

Processor and Functionality of this LG Flagship 

LG G3 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.4 and LG UI skin over it. On swap down, you will see a list of quick setting options, brightness control and hardware connectivity options. It supports multi windows and sliding application windows option. The knock code is one great feature to prevent unauthorized access. You can save any preferred pattern and get secure access whenever you tap in. Double tap forces the device to sleep or return to wake-up mode.

The device features main speaker at the back. While the screen is facing towards you, speaker is firing back. I like the concept adopted by HTC in having speaker firing from the front. The speaker is tend to be loud at high volume, but overall sound quality is not better than the HTC one M8.

Camera: LG G3 is packed with a 13 MP rear camera and 2.1 MP front facing camera with laser focus and 2K and FHD recording. It is going to focus really fast and sharp. There are three dots setting for better control setting, flash selection and option to switch between front and back camera. Magic focus is also a good feature you would like to hand on. Try dual Camera mode which basically combined operation of front and the rear camera. Out of options of HDR mode on or off, I prefer to take shots with HDR as it captures the good amount of backgrounds with fair exposure to the subject. The rear gives brilliant output not over saturated with right amount of colours. In low light, there is some noise in image. Led flash light is not the best, but very strong indeed.

Just One day Battery Backup with this LG Smartphone

To support 2K resolution display, a phablet require good battery power. The LG G3 is packed with a 3000 mAh battery that goes for a day on heavy usages. Normal and easy user like me enjoying 48 to 55 hours of good battery backup. The G3 has a good battery considering just 3000 mAh fire to back up 2K resolution.

On AnTuTU benchmark, the LG G3 2GB) has a score of 34411 score and the 3GB model has a score of 35974. If budget is concern then the G3 is one of the best choice available currently.

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Price 27000 Rupees
SIM Micro SIM, GSM, 4G/3G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.4, Upgradable to Lollipop 5.0.1
Screen 5.5 Inches, QHD, IPS LCD, 538 PPI
Processor Quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801
GPU Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
RAM 2/3 GB
Memory 16/32 GB, microSD, up to 128 GB
Camera 13 MP[P], 2.1 MP[F], QHD Recording, Flash
Battery 3000 mAh
Body 149 gram [W], 8.9 mm [Th]
Connectivity BT 4, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0, Infrared Port, NFC, 4 Sensors


Sony Xperia Z3 with Long Battery Life

Japanese brand Sony’s innovation continue with Xperia Series smartphone wherein the “Z” series for its flagship devices that are made with elegant design, awesome camera and good performance. Read also Sony Xperia Z3 Introduction in India.

Built and Design: In terms of design and core of specifications, the Xperia Z3 is almost closely resemble with Xperia Z2. But the differences rest at certain specs and enhancement. In the 2014 flagship launch, the Sony has rounded up the edges to feel better in the hand. You still have Sony’s classic glass mix aluminium sandwich body with great water and dust proofing. This time Sony manages to improve IP rating from IP 55 and 58 to IP rating of 65 and 68. Led notification is reposition from behind to the up left edge. MicroSD port is placement at the right edge is the same. And, the rest of design follows the draft of the Z2. Looking beyond glass and aluminum body, more difference appears on the paper, but in real life, differences are negligible, but experience is brilliant.

Sony Xperia Z3 Black

You have to have a nano SIM port in the Z3 instead a micro SIM trey in the Z2. Sensors, front facing camera, bottom speakers at the front, USB Port and Magnetic dot connector on the left, MicroSD card slot, power button, volume rockers, and camera button is played at the right edge. Headphone jack and microphone stays at the top. The improved 20.7 MP rear camera with NFC are placed and the back.

5.2-Inch Full HD Display of Sony Smartphone

We are looking at a 5.2 inch FHD display same as before, the new unite is brighter than before, but sunlight readability remains the same. The display is not bad or enhanced, but not the best either. Performance of display is good. Colour reproduction, brightness, contrast all have improved thanks to better software optimization this time. It is definitely one of the best IPS LCD we have seen under 50000 rupees budget. Side angle visibility has been pitched so you don’t experience any issues like the Z1 or Z. In terms of display feature and details, the Z3 has most of the specs that is identical to the Z2.

Performance: Waking up to the device is just double tap away. You are welcomes with Android 4.4.4 OS bears Sony’s UI on it. The custom UI is quite expensive and heavier to performance and lists dozen of setting options and features under “the Sony Zone”. The device is snappier than ever and we have many customization options under the fold. You can now also run multi windows and application windows that is something as good as we find in the Samsung Note 4. Single finger swapping shows notification log and double finger swapping takes you straight to the quick setting. Read also Top 5 Sony Xperia Dual SIM Smartphones Under 25000 Rupees.

Built-in app like the walkman music player is uniquely designed and fun to use. Apps navigation is easy but not the best of customization. You change the look of your device by applying one of seven available themes or download third party themes online.

No complain in audio and video departments. The Call quality is also good. The main speaker of the phone has good performance, but not the best in comparison of the HTC One M8 Dual Speaker with BoomBoom Sound. Audio frequency range is wider, volume is really higher, and high volume is really louder. Sony zone software plays import role in the enhancement of user experience supported by the best optimization of excellent hardware.

Sony Image Legs on Sony Flagship

Camera has been one key USP of Z series smartphones. The Z3 has higher 13 Mega Pixel rear camera with wider lens and sensor in order to achieve higher IOS rating. The Z3 sports improved sensor and Sensitivity to ISO 12800. New wide-angle lens allows you to capture HD photos with wider background and good details. These two combined in better low light photo shooting experience. But the lack of Optical image stabilization feels while you are taking image with unbalance position or shaky hand.

Camera key allows your device to wake immediately to focus on the object. There is multiple mode option under the setting, but you spend more shooting in the auto superior mode as it does a great job in different condition. The Z3 is one of the best camera smartphone under 50000 rupees.

If you need more colour and contrast, then choose the manual mode to select right balance. Low light performance is also excellent. 4K video recording is available and new intelligent active setting for sturdy shot with software OIS doesn’t require any criticism whatsoever.

Extended Battery Backup for two days of use

In terms battery capacity, Z3 performs better than Z2 and lasts for 55 to 65 hours on medium usages. On normal usages, it is extended upto 3 days. With Sony Stamina mode, you scan squeeze a day and half more besides 3 days in case of normal usages. Not to say, but power management feature is one area, which should setup as soon as you complete the first 8 hours of trainee charging. Battery back is not the same for crazy gamers.

On the AnTuTU benchmark, the Sony Xperia Z3 has score of 41610 higher than the LG G3, scores roughly 34128.

In my opinion, the Z3 comes very close to the iPhone 6 plus in terms of outer appearance. Its elegant design with quality it delivers with ease to use is simply great. Consider Sony’s 2014 flagship – the Xperia Z3 for the best camera, good looking design, dust and waterproof built, great screen, excellent performance, and all around capable device.

Price 29000 Rupees
SIM Micro SIM, GSM, 4G/3G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.4, Upgradable to Lollipop 5.0.1
Screen 5.2 Inches, FHD, IPS LCD, 424 PPI
Processor Quad-core 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 801
GPU Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400
Memory 16/32 GB, microSD, up to 128 GB
Camera 20.7 MP[P], 2.2 MP[F], QHD Recording, Flash
Battery 3100 mAh Battery Non-removable
Body 152 gram [W], 7.3 mm [Th]
Connectivity BT 4, 4G, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0, FM, NFC, 5 Sensors

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