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Top 4 Samsung LED TV Review in India

Top 4 Samsung LED TV Review in India in May 2015

The global electronics brand LG has always been a step ahead in low cost and medium budget segment whereas Japanese premium brand Sony Bravia not leaving any chance for Samsung to be preferable. However, the recent slowdown in Smartphone sales and loosening grip on the electronics segment have been a big worry to Samsung. Falling revenue numbers in the last few years is alarming for this most valued global brand.

The rise of the Xiaomi and Budget Smartphone Micromax has forced Samsung to rethink and concentrate on household electronics brand. It has come out with the new set of LED TVs promises the best of picture technology and sound output. Read also Best Sony and Samsung Smart LED TV for Indian Homes.

46-Inch Samsung FHD LED TV 46F5500 with Three HDMI Ports

People who are little familiar with Samsung products know what its marketing strategy is. The Korean giant has an old habit of offering multiple products in the same price segments by launching new series almost every year. The Samsung 46F5500 Smart TV is a 2-year-old product that still has many untold features to offer. However, Samsung has recently launched many other TVs with similar specs, but with varying prices.

This Smart TV has made itself into our list because of the feature that it teases with. Before we go deeper into the specifications, its price needs to be mention here. Purchasing this TV will leave your pocket empty for sure.

Built and Design: As the price makes this Smart TV a premium product so you will not be disappointed on the design front. Samsung has managed to put all the pieces together in just 49.4mm thickness. It is a huge TV and the thinness really makes it extraordinary.

Samsung 46 Inches FHD LED TV 46F5500 Review

The Smart TV comes with both options of wall mounting and table mounting. The hugeness has not impacted the weight as without the stand this Smart TV weighs just 10.8 KG. I would recommend going with the table mounting here as the appealing design of the stand takes the beauty of the TV to a much higher level.

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Impressive Full HD Display and 20-Watt Audio Output

In the screen segment, the TV is not that appealing as it features just a 46-inch display with full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels only. A TV of this price segment must have a UHD display to survive in today’s world. Although the color reproduction is vibrant and saturated, but Samsung cannot always win all the segments with its Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology. More disappointing is that fact that the Hyper Real Engine that this Smart TV features can also be found on the budget level TVs offered by Samsung. However, the high contrast ratio of 1000000:1 is something that can appreciate.

Sound Quality: TV lovers will get some relief with the two down firing 10 Watt speakers. The sound produced by inbuilt speakers are enough loud to give a good experience even in a big hall. The Dolby Digital Pulse and Dolby Pulse technologies enhance the crispiness of all the frequencies. DTS Studio Sound and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 create a cinema-like effect in your room.

Smart Hub: The feature that you will enjoy the most on this TV is Samsung’s Smart TV 2.0. The Smart Hub button on the remote takes you to all the interesting features that come with this Smart TV.  Smart Hub comes loaded with many preinstalled apps. Moreover, you can also install additional apps by accessing the Samsung App Store. This Smart TV also lets open image, video and audio files stored on user's personal computers (Wi-Fi connection needed).

Connectivity and other Great Features of this Samsung LED TV

You can connect this TV to your local network with the help of built-in Wi-Fi or the Ethernet port at the back. 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports can prove to be helpful in many cases. You can connect multiple devices and also open your personal media files stored on your pen drive using one of these ports.

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The Samsung 46F5500 Smart TV also features all the necessary ports like RF In, Composite In, Audio Out and DA Out. You also get an IR extender port to increase the coverage of the remote.

Other Features: Motion control system provides a level of handiness to the user but can prove to be frustrating in the cases when the target is surrounded by other dense objects. This Smart TV is also capable of recognizing your face if you can attach an extra camera hardware. Users can also cast the screen of their smartphones to this TV using the Miracast feature.

Samsung 46 Inches FHD LED TV 46F5500 Specifications

Other notable features on this Smart TV include Time Shift, Sleep Timer, Auto Channel Search, Game Mode, Local Languages and Picture in Picture Mode.


  • Ultra-thin body measuring only 49.4mm.
  • Two 10 Watt down firing speakers with smart decoding features.
  • Smart Hub.
  • Smartphone remote feature is supported.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet port.
  • Comes with pre-installed internet browser
  • Dual core processor.


  • The display resolution is not in the balance with price
  • The TV itself is highly priced.

Verdict: In the list of the top 4 Samsung LED TV,  the 46F5500 Smart TV is not a bad performer, but the high price has forced the reviewers to give it negative ratings. One thing that customers badly want at this price is a UHD display. It seems that Samsung itself is not taking this model seriously otherwise it should have dropped the price. I do not recommend this TV in any situation unless the manufacturer brings down the price.

Screen 46inch, Full HD, HyperReal Engine
Audio 10W×2, Dolby Digital Plus
Connectivity 3×HDMI, LAN, Audio Out, 2×USB, RF in,
Buy 61000 Rupees


40-Inch Samsung 40J5100 Full HD LED with Powerful Sound

Samsung seems too passionate to launch LED TVs this year. This year it has added many new members to its wide gamut consisting of Smart and Normal LED TVs. One of these new members is the Samsung 40J5100 LED TV, which is generating much curiosity in the market. It is not a Smart TV, so do not expect any extra ordinary features. However, what all Samsung has put in it is enough to make it a decent product. It is available on for the price 47,990 INR and it seems a little bit higher to me.

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Stylish Look and Design: The Samsung 40J5100 LED TV has successfully adopted the modern design with its super thin bezels. Although you can mount this TV on a wall, but an artistic choice would be the use of a table. The wide V-shape stand brings the premium feel to the whole unit.

Samsung 40 inch FHD LED TV 40J5100 Review and Specifications

The LED TV is just 66.9 mm thick and a demand for more thinness will be unfair from Samsung’s point of view. The weight of 7.5 KG should not create any problem for you in moving this TV from one place to another.

However, some people might not like the finish on the black color that reflects the lights a lot.

Amazing Display with Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology

You might think that a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels is less for a 40 inch LED TV, but you cannot expect more at this price at least from a brand like Samsung. You should not get depressed just because of low pixel density as there are other features to enjoy. The Hyper Real Engine with the help of Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology produces sharp pictures and high contrast levels. Read also Samsung 4K Smart Curved LED TV below 5 Lakh Rupees.

Nowadays even budget LED TVs comes DLED technology, then it is really a shame for Samsung to put Edge LED backlighting system on this TV. Moreover, gamers should not get much impressed with the Clear Motion Rate of 100 Hz. It is not actual refresh rate of the screen instead it is a figure that comes out after calculating the refresh rate, backlight flicker rate, and processing technology altogether.

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Audio System of this LED TV Generates Loud and Clear Audio 

Almost all LED TVs above the size of 32-inch feature two 10 Watt speakers and this TV is no different. This much power enables this LED TV to produce audio with high volume. Down firing position of paired speakers with base reflex system helps in creating high-quality sound with extra bass. Although you would not need an extra set of speakers, but you always have the option to do that if you are that big lover of sound levels.

Samsung 40 inch FHD LED TV 40J5100 Sides

For those who want cinema like experience at the home, Samsung has used the decoding technologies like Dolby MS10/110, DTS Studio Sound and DTS premium sound 5.1.

Connectivity Options: As it is not a Smart TV so you cannot expect a high number of connectivity options. Only two HDMI and two USB ports highly limit the connectivity space when compared to the price you pay. Most of the TVs in this range feature at least 3 HDMI ports and Samsung should learn something from them.

However, you are not limited on the front of basic connectivity options like RF In, Audio Out, Component In (RGB) and AV In.

Other Cool and Smart Features of this 40-Inch Samsung TV

This LED TV might not be a Smart TV, but Samsung has tried the best load it with all possible features. The Story Replay Mode helps the users to record scenes from their favorite movies and TV shows. It also has an option to save these clips to an external storage device. Additionally, the Screen Capture and Sound Capture features work in almost the same way.

Picture modes like Indian Cinema Mode and Cricket Mode help to customize the color content according to the video genre. Noise on the footage gets minimized by the Digital and Analogue Clean View technologies.Samsung 40 inch FHD LED TV 40J5100 Back

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Other features on the Samsung 40J5100 LED TV include Connect Share, Local language support, Triple Protection, Auto channel search.


  • Great color reproduction with no distortions.
  • High sound volume. Multiple decoding technologies working behind the scenes to produce high-quality sound.
  • Screen Capture, Sound Capture, and Story Replay features to save the memorable moments in a digital format.
  • 1-year warranty on the triple protection.


  • Edge LED instead of DLED backlighting technology.
  • Samsung tricks the customer by mentioning the Clear Motion Rate.
  • Only 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports.

Verdict: The Samsung 40 inch LED TV 40J5100 is a great product for the people looking for a 40 inch normal LED TV. We have listed it with the top 4 Samsung LED TV for the extra features of the firmware that will prove to be helpful in many cases. However, some specs like the Edge LED and motion rate are not of the quality you pay the price for. I would only recommend this TV if you don’t like the concept of Smart TVs.

Screen 40inch, Full HD, Edge LED, Wide Color Enhancer (Plus), Hyper Real Engine, Clear Motion Rate: 100 Hz
Audio 10W×2, Down Firing + Base Reflex
Connectivity 2×HDMI, Audio Out, PC Audio in, RF input, 2×USB 2.0
Buy 41000 Rupees


32-Inch Samsung LED TV 32J5100 with DTS Sound

When it comes to buying a TV we always try to get the latest one. The benefit that we get with this strategy is the latest features at a reasonable price. Just a few months ago (this year) Samsung launched the 32J5100 LED TV and it is currently selling at the price of 33,093 INR. Read also 6 Best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 Rupees This Month.

The shopping websites selling this LED TV, which does not have a high number of customer reviews since it is a new product. This is creating confusion in the minds of eager buyers. Therefore, we decided to take this matter into our hand and do an in-depth review of this LED TV.

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Slim Profile and Crystal Clear Full HD Display

The Latest devices come with modern design and this is what we see on the Samsung 32J5100 LED TV. It measures only 66.8mm in the z-axis and weighs 5KG with the stand. Ultra-thin bezels just blend out with the display without creating any distraction. Although it can be wall mounted, but you can experience the real beauty by installing it on the V-shape stand only. Moreover, the chin of this LED TV also seems to be in harmony of rest of the body.

Display: A full HD display (resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels) is not a surprise at this price, but the panel quality is. The static contrast ratio of 1000000:1 is a killing feature that can easily take on any other competitor. Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology makes each pixel generate natural colors. Features like Analogue Clean View and Digital Clean View Reduce the level of noise present in the footage thereby enhancing the sharpness. However, you do get some disappointments also. I did not expect Samsung to put an Edge LED backlighting system. The other thing that can bother you is the low motion rate of 50 Hz only. Even small companies like Micromax and Vu are making affordable TVs with higher motion rate.

20-Watt Down firing Speakers Offers Cinema Hall Like Feel in Home

Two down-firing 10 Watt speakers generate good quality sound. In most of the cases, you would not need to buy any extra set of speakers. DTS sound and Dolby MS10/110 technologies working in the background do all that it takes to deliver cinema-like experience.

Connectivity Options: Whether you move from top to bottom or bottom to top (price-wise) you would not find much difference in the connectivity capabilities of Samsung TVs. Only 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports might disappoint many as people these days select a TV based on the connectivity options also. The common connectivity ports like Audio Out, RF In, and Composite In are also present on the back panel.

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Samsung 32 inch HD LED TV 32J5100 Review and Specifications

This TV does not boast something special to offer and this can result in negative feedback from the customers in the coming months.

Smart Features Like Eco Sensor to balance Brightness Level

You would not need to do any kind of weird trick to make this LED TV open your media files. Thanks to the Connect Share feature that you can plug your USB storage device to this TV and directly play the media content on it. Users can also take screenshot of memorable moments and send them to their portable USB drives.

Features like Indian Cinema Mode, Game Mode, Football Mode and Picture-In-Picture Mode enhance the user experience by providing extra capabilities. This LED TV also supports local languages for a better control over the settings. The Eco Sensor keeps changing the brightness level based on the amount of light in the room to save your eyes from the strain.

69 Watt of power consumption can’t be called too high as it is equivalent to the energy consumed by the tube light in your room. However, don’t worry much as in the standby mode the LED TV only consumes 0.5 Watt of power.


  • Full HD Display with Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology.
  • Two 10 Watt down firing speakers with DTS and Dolby Technology.
  • Connect Share feature to play media files directly from the storage devices like Pen Drives and Hard Disks.
  • Screenshot Capability.
  • Different modes for experience enhancement.
  • Eco Sensor for dynamic brightness.


  • Edge LED technology will result in uneven distribution of brightness.
  • Low number of HDMI and USB ports
  • Low motion rate of 50 Hz. Not good for gamers.
  • No special feature to attract customers.
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Verdict: The LED could be a good buy, but Samsung failed in making it impressive in terms of built and design. It features nothing special that can get the people talking about it. However, buying this LED TV will not return any regression as it packs all the necessary specs that we need to get a great experience.

Screen 32-inch, Full HD, Wide Color Enhancer (Plus) Film Mode, Hyper Real Engine, Clear Motion Rate: 100 Hz
Audio 10W×2, Down Firing + Base Reflex
Connectivity 2×HDMI, Audio Out, PC Audio in, RF input, 2×USB 2.0
Buy 31000 Rupees


22-Inch Samsung Full HD LED TV 22F5100

Everyone dreams of having a high-quality LED TV at home, but the different budget levels limit many people from achieving this dream. However, fast developing technology and increasing manufacturing power have led to the lowering of prices. Now anyone with even a small budget can get an LED TV with at least manageable features.

The Samsung 22F5100 LED TV is one such product that has an affordability of 11577 INR. It is a nicely packed TV with some features that are generally found only in Smart TVs like USB to USB transfer. Let’s get into the details for a better understanding.

Design: On the design front, there is not much to discuss nor any concept that looks appealing. It looks more like a PC monitor than a TV especially when you use the stand instead of wall mounting. Well, I can give this TV some marks on the thickness side as it is only 43.8 mm deep. Compared to its size the weight of 2.9 KG seems to be in perfect balance. Overall, you cannot find any complaints, but only some expectations.

22inch Full HD LED Display: There is something extraordinary about this TV and I will not hold that secret for long. This 22-inch TV features a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. A pixel density of about 100 pixels might not sound too high, but we are talking about TVs here.

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The Hyper Real Engine and the Wide Color Enhancer Plus Technology make each of the pixels generate real life colors. The Direct LED panel makes sure that you don’t find any dull point on the screen.

But this LED TV is not for gamers because of its extremely low motion refresh rate of 50 Hz.

Smart Connectivity Options and Audio Features

All the lovers of sound (including me) will get highly disappointed with the Samsung 22F5100 LED TV. It features only two 3 Watt down firing speakers, which are not capable of generating loud audio. We can understand that the budget was limited at the Samsung’s side, but the sound quality is one of the main factors that attract customers.

However, if you can manage to afford an extra set of speakers then you should do that as the TV is capable of generating surround sound effect. We got to thank the Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse and DTS Studio Sound for everything that we get on the audio front.

Connectivity: Surprisingly, Samsung has put two HDMI and two USB ports on this LED TV. It is also capable of opening almost all types of media content like movies, songs, and image. This is not all as you also get the much-needed connectivity ports like RF In, Composite In (both AV and RGB) and Audio Out.

This Budget LED TV has some Advanced Features of Smart TVs

The USB to USB data transfer is something that we have only seen on Smart TVs, but Samsung seems to be moving ahead of all the manufacturers by featuring this capability in this LED TV. Sports Mode has also made its way on this TV that puts an HDR-like effect on the screen.

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Picture noise is something we all get frustrated of, but the Analogue Noise Filter successfully removes all those eyes paining dots and enhances the TV viewing experience.

The Samsung 22F5100 LED TV also comes with a triple protection feature. Lightening and Surge protector avoid the damages resulting from power fluctuations. The Humidity protection feature prolongs the life of this LED TV with the help of silica gel and anti-humidity glue. Samsung also gives two years of warranty on all these three protection features. The whole TV unit consumes only 35 Watts of energy when in use and in the standby mode the same number drops to 0.3 Watts.

Samsung 22 inch LED TV with HD Display 22F5100 Review and Specifications

Extra features like auto channel search, auto power on, sleep timer and clock are there for the convenience of the user.


  • 2 HDMI and 2 USB ports. USB to USB sharing feature
  • Direct LED panel with Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology
  • Full HD display with high pixel density
  • Sports Mode for enhanced contrast ratio
  • Triple protection


  • Not much to offer in terms of design
  • Low motion refresh rate of 50 Hz only
  • Two 3 Watt speakers result in low audio output

Verdict: While the rising brands like Micromax are selling big screen TVs at an affordable price, but when it comes to quality some people generally tend to believe the popular brands. In the list of the top 4 Samsung LED TV, this LED TV is a good option while your budget is below 12000 rupees.

The display quality, connectivity options, and extra features are enough to provide a high-level experience. The only thing I am concerned is the design and the audio output. If you can live with these drawbacks, then this TV is a go from my side.

Screen 22-inch, Full HD, Direct LED, Wide Color Enhancer (Plus), Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio, Hyper Real Engine
Audio 3W×2, Auto Volume Leveler, Down Firing + Base Reflex
Connectivity 2×HDMI, 2×USB 2.0
Buy 12000 Rupees

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  1. I purchased Samsung 46 inch smart tv @ price 1.02 lakh, tv not work for even 3 month panel is replaced by Samsung. After completion of one year tv is not working again. this time also required to change the panel. company demanded 32k for changing the panel. most recomended not to purchase samsung tv, as it’s worst.

  2. Hi,
    I had the service problem with my Samsung TV purchased by online shopclues portal in india .
    Called Samsung guys for service. The service center guys said Rs. 5200 only for check bcoze this tv from outside India

    but mera foult kaha he mene to online tv purchase kiya tha india me , mene thodi bola tha ke tv outside india se bhejo .
    and it is their global policy!!! Crap policy….

    It is totally very strange and useless policy from Samsung. I did manage service from local service guys.

    Totally will boycott Samsung TVs in my family here on and also to friends by giving negative remarks .

    really guys DON’T BUY SAMSUNG TV bcoze you dont know tv india se aa raha he ya america se .

    Sachin Rakshe

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