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Top 4 Popular Ceiling Fans Below 2500 Rupees

Top 4 Popular Ceiling Fans Below 2500 Rupees

After massive success to the iron box series, we decided to start a new series to review the best ceiling fans available in the market. We have been looking at more than thousands available choice to filter out few superior. These fans are brilliantly designed for better air flow on low power consumption. Read also Three Blades Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan Below Rs 2500.

Crompton Greaves High Speed 36 inch 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Most people of urban India live in small houses varying between 75- 150 sq. ft. For these small houses the Crompton Greaves High Speed Ceiling fan that comes with three blades seems a perfect buy for a payment of 1800 rupees.

Performance: The ceiling fan is not a 2015 launch still it has maintained a great reputation among budget customers. Its unique design and blade sweep of 900 mm allow this fan to move at a high-speed of 390 RPM. The fan is a perfect solution for those budget household cannot afford other cooling equipment like AC and Air Cooler. This fan comes with only three speed settings that might be a downer for many.

Crompton Greaves High Speed 36 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Review Specifications Price Online

Installation: To get the best output, I would advise installing this fan about 7-8 feet above the floor. Also, make sure, the distance between the fan blades and the wall is not less than 18 inches.

Design: In spite of standard design line, it renders adorable feel to your decorated ceiling. No matter how well the room is furnished and coloured, the brown-touch of this product puts everything in harmony.

Power Consumption: Weight plays a very important role in power consumption. This fan is only 3.3 KG in weight that helps it in giving you the best results at just 68 Watts.


  • Attractive finish
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Lightweight
  • Consumes just 68 Watts of power

Cons: Only 3 speed settings

Verdict: You do not have to think twice before buying this fan if your primary concern is wind speed. Read also Energy efficient and Colorful Ceiling Fans with Remote control.

Blade Sweep 900 mm
Power Consumption 68 Watts
Number Of Blades 3
Speed Settings 3
Motor Speed 390 RPM
Weight 3.3 KG
Other Features Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Buy 1600 Rupees


Usha Allure 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Are you looking for a decorative ceiling fan available for budget friendly price and certainly performs great? I have a great suggestion, which is well designed and available for an affordable payment.

I would recommend Usha Allure three Blade Ceiling Fan. Currently, it is available online for a payment of 1300 rupees. This Usha product is good fit for rooms about 250 sq. ft. in area.

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Performance: The motor of this fan can move blades at 340 RPM, which is enough for an airflow of 4000 cfm. Its blades are tilted at 30 degree, which is good for moving more air, but also creates drag thereby increasing electricity consumption. The high-pitch will also force to run this fan at the highest speed setting available.

The Usha electronics is offering only one year of warranty on this product, which is a really disappointing.

Usha Allure 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Review Specifications Price Online

Installation: This ceiling fan is suitable for big rooms or more rightly a hall. Therefore, do not wish to buy if your room is smaller than 140 sq. ft. I would recommend installing this fan in central hall rather than individual bedroom.

Design: Multiple color options are available in the market, but each comes with a different price. This decorative fan will increase the beauty of your house for sure.

Power Consumption: Its power consumption of 70 Watts should not be a problem, but it is more than what other models consume. The Allure three blade fan is an affordable designer fan from a reputed brand. We advise buying with a precondition that user must consider power consumption aspect.

Most of us remain ignorant about fan so leave them running day and night. It works like slow poison to monthly electricity bill. One BHK flat with one ceiling fan does not matter, but 70W consumption hurts when a house has many rooms with running ceiling fan 24 by 7.


  • Attractive design
  • Multiple color options available
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Weighs 3.5 KG only


  • Consumes relatively more power
  • Only 3 speed settings

Verdict: Considering the price, the Usha Allure fan is really a good choice. You will hardly get any alternative that is as good as this fan on the front of design, performance and price. Read also Best Ceiling Fans to Buy Under 1500 Rupees.

Blade Sweep 1200-mm
Power Consumption 70 Watts
Number Of Blades 3
Speed Settings 3
Motor Speed 340 RPM
Weight 3.5 KG
Other Features Aluminium Blades, 45 Degree Swing, 30 Degree Tilting Angle
Buy 1700 Rupees


Crompton Greaves HS Decora Metallic 48 inch 3 Blade

When it comes to buy a fan for large rooms, discussion will be incomplete without mentioning the Crompton Greaves HS Decora Metallic Ceiling Fan. This amazing product will give you the best cooling experience even when the summers are at peak. However, you will have to lose 2000 rupees from pocket to get this cooling gadget.

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Performance: Crompton Greaves has equipped the fan with three blades that result in a decent blade sweep of 1200mm. Its motor can run at the speed of 370 RPM, which is more than enough to cool a 250 sq. ft. room of your house. Although this fan features attractive specs, but it offers only three speed settings that makes it an inefficient product.

Crompton Greaves HS Decora Metallic 48 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Review Specifications Price Online

Installation: This ceiling fan is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. If the ceiling is at a height more than eight feet from the floor, then a drop rod should be used to stable it at a perfect reach. To ensure airflow reaches every corner of the room, a correct installation is must for a ceiling fan.

Since this fan has large wings so make sure it is not installed in small room where the distance between the blades and walls is less than 18 inches.

Design: The manufacturer has tried to offer the best design possible at this price. The golden symmetrical trims give this fan a much premium look. Also, there are wide range of color options available like Opal White, Brown and Ivory.

Power Consumption: This ceiling fan is five star rated, which means you will save good money on electricity bill. It consumes just 53 Watts of power regardless of 4.3 KG weight.


  • Power efficient, five star rated
  • Great performance
  • Can be installed indoors as well as outdoors
  • Attractive design

Cons: Only 3 speed options

Verdict: Although the price of this ceiling fan is bit high but I would still recommend it over all the other fans that we have discussed so far. In the long run it will save more money than what you will be paying to get it. Read also Four Affordable Pedestal Fans Under 2500 Rupees.

Blade Sweep 1200-mm
Power Consumption 53 Watts
Number Of Blades 3
Speed Settings 3
Motor Speed 370 RPM
Weight 4.3 KG
Other Features Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Buy 2000 Rupees


Bajaj Elegance Stylish Ceiling Fan

Popular brands often charge more for their products. A critical question we have, is it a good decision to prefer a branded product, which is costlier than a fine choice from less popular brand? The answer is no. It is not always necessary for a high priced device to offer more features than low priced alternatives. The Usha Allure ceiling fan that we have already discussed is a great example of how even the budget products can offer great experience.

Many of our readers had in-boxed me a little while ago asking for my opinion about the Bajaj Elegance 3 blade ceiling fan that comes at the price of 2261 rupees. After carefully research about this product, I can comment that its specs are not worth this much money.

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Performance: The three blades of this fan can move at a speed of 340 RPM, which is not an attractive feature at this price. It does offer blade sweep of 1200 mm, but the speed of wind that it blows is not that high. However, this fan gives user the option to choose from four speed settings, which is something no other ceiling fan that we discussed so far, offers.

Bajaj Elegance 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Review Specifications Price Online

Installation: This ceiling can be installed to any room bigger than 150 sq. ft. You have to make sure that there is more than 18 inches of space between the blades and walls.

Design: Leaving behind those features do not deserve apprise, I must appreciate the design element that makes this ceiling really exacting. The ceiling fan comes in a sleek finish and gives a premium look to ceiling after its installation.

Power Consumption: It is a BEE 4 star rated fan and consumes 55 Watts of power. The load that this fan will put on your electricity bill will not be more than that of a tubelight in your room.


  • Power efficient
  • Premium design
  • 4 speed settings


  • Cooling is not that great
  • Overpriced

Verdict: I do agree that this fan is the best option as far as power consumption is concerned. However, spending more than 2000 rupees for a product that performs below expectation is not a good idea. Read also Pedestal Fans For This Summer Under 4000 Rupees.

Blade Sweep 1200 mm
Power Consumption 55 Watts
Number Of Blades 3
Speed Settings 4
Motor Speed 340 RPM
Weight 4.3 KG
Other Features BEE 4 Star Rated, Suitable For Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Buy 2000 Rupees

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  1. when you know very well that bajaj elegance is very poor at cooling, then why is it even present in the top-4 list !

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