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Top 4 Mobile Phones with Good Battery Power Below 1600 Rupees

M-Tech L4 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

HSL X8 – Dual SIM min Size/32 MB RAM/2.4 inch TFT/0.3MP/2800 mAh

The HSL X8 got my attention when it was launched last month. On the paper, it seems to be a perfect phone for budget customers at just 1,399 rupees. This is why I decided to include this phone in this article. So, without wasting time let’s go into the details.

Design: Thanks to the curved edges that makes this phone really comfortable in holding. The back panel is made of high quality plastic and does not flex at all. Its keypad comes printed with Hindi character also, making it easy for the users to type in their home language. All the sides of this feature phone have been textured to provide firm grip.

Battery: The HSL X8 is powered by a 2800 mAh user removable battery. According to the manufacturer, users will get about 15 hours of talktime on a single charge, which is quite a lot.

Features: The first thing to mention in this section would be the 2.4 inch display of this phone that offers a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. The phone is also equipped with a VGA camera at the back, but you will not like the quality of the images it captures. Wireless FM is another feature of the HSL X8 that also allows the user to record the broadcast. Being a multimedia phone, it supports most of the modern audio video formats including MP4 and MP3. The on-board storage is expandable up to 16 GB via a micro SD card.

The HSL X8 supports three Indian languages including Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati. For your utility needs, the manufacturer provides features like Torch, Calculator, World Clock, Alarm and Calendar on this phone.HSL X8 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity: This feature phone offers dual-SIM support at GSM frequencies. To expand the user connectivity options the HSL X8 is also equipped with Bluetooth, micro USB and GPRS.

Brand Value and Warranty: HSL provides one year of warranty on the handset and six months of warranty on the accessories that come along. However, you can only claim the warranty if you succeed in finding a service center of this brand.

Pro Features:

  • Wireless FM
  • Torch
  • Dual-SIM
  • GPRS
  • 4 inch display
  • Great battery backup
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Indian languages

Cons: Less service centers are available

Verdict: If you are kind of person who lives in a remote area and loves listening to music on his phone, then the HSL X8 would be a perfect choice for you. It will last for days on a single charge and also offers Wireless FM radio.

Memory Expandable upto 32GB, 32MB ROM
Screen 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Battery 2800 mAh, Lithium-ion
Buy 1400 Rupees


Zen M66 – Dual Regular SIM/2.4 inch/1.3MP/3000 mAh

Unlike Smartphone, in feature phone segment, we filter the best phones prioritizing capacity of battery and multimedia value. The M66 offers both it is dominated by 3000 mAh battery and lots of killer multimedia features.

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Multilingual Support: The Phone boots in English language however, user has option to choose from Hindi, Kannada, and Bengali. Its keypad does not feature Hindi fonts, which could have made it better in Hindi typing or usages of this phone in Hindi.

Data Security: Complaint files related to private data theft are piling up in police stations across India. Indeed, this is a serious problem and wake up call for all of us. We have to be sincere – how we use electronic gadgets and how to make use and access more secured. Nowadays, we cannot even trust our family members forget about friends or outsiders. Trust me, you should not believe anyone when it comes to personal security (I am really a big fan of Sony TV Crime Petrol program).Zen M66 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Basically, there are two ways of private data theft. Either your phone is stolen or one of your trusted friends/ family members has accessed the private content folder on the phone. With Zen M66, user gets complete relief because of an advance locking feature. User gets option to password lock call logs, message section, contact list, file manager and camera folder on this phone.

Calling: In terms of calling features the Zen M66 can compete with a premium smartphone. Manage all your calls in personal, private and professional ways exclusively on the M66. Conference call, Hands free, call timing and diverts as well as speed dialing feature helps the end user.

Dual SIM – Use two GSM SIM cards that too in the regular size.

Torch – Use the power of 3000 mAh battery for lighting up your way or to kill darkness around you.

FM Radio – Play, record and replay FM programs in excellent quality. In addition, you can tune up FM radio on this phone without hanging earphone, which works antenna receiver generally.

Audio/Video Player – Play, pause, and create music playlist on Zen M66. Audio and Video players support to MP3 audio and MP4 video files.

Other Features – Calculator, World clock, calendar, Alarm, Stopwatch, Document editor, Web browser, powerful speaker, Contact book, SMS book and preinstalled games.

Connectivity – Dual regular SIM, Audio Jack 3.5mm, micro USB 2.0 and Bluetooth

Memory – On board storage is reserved for internal usages so user has to insert a microSD card that supports upto 16GB in size. Without microSD card, user won’t be able to store songs and photos.

Mammoth Battery: Even a bestselling smartphone in the market does not offer more 2500mAh battery the Zen M66 packs massive 3000 mAh lithium-ion juicy battery that delivers three to four days of backup on normal to hard usages.

Clear Display: The 2.4 inch TFT (Pixels 167 PPI) screen lets user to read, write or browse with ease. Icon and fonts look really sharp and crispy. Mostly feature phones are exposed to pixilation issue however, that is not an issue here.

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Good Camera: Lacking selfie camera is amiss, but the brand covers up that well with good quality video recording and clear photography by primary camera. 1.3MP rear shooter with digital ZOOM and LED flash is real bonus for better snaps and videos anytime anywhere.

Verdict: The Zen is Indian mobile phone brand has been struggling to find feet in this highly aggressive market. Compare to the list of loaded features its price tag is really low. Moreover, I am really impressed with performance, built and a long list of feature including data security on Zen’s M66 feature mobile phone.

Memory Expandable upto 16GB
Screen 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 1.3MP, LED Flash, Digital ZOOM
Battery 3000 mAh, Lithium-ion
Buy 1450 Rupees


Lemon B669 – Dual mini SIM/2.4 inch/0.3 MP/2800 mAh

Lemon is really trying hard to secure a place in the feature phone market. This year the brand has launched several attractive phones and one of which is the B669 feature phone that comes at the price of 1249 rupees only.

Design: The Lemon B669 features a clean and modern design that will blow your mind for sure. Its outer shell has been made with durable materials and wears a glossy finish. The phone is also available in various color options like Black, Red, Silver and Blue. However, the thickness of this feature phone is a little on the higher side.

Battery: There is a massive 2800 mAh battery inside the Lemon B669 that offers power backup for days. It is estimated that on average condition you will get 9 hours of talktime on this phone, which is really a great thing.

Features: The main attraction of the Lemon B669 is its huge 2.4 inch color display that packs a resolution of 320 X 480 pixels. You will certainly enjoy watching videos on it. The phone also offers 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of on-board storage. One can also attach a micro SD card to the Lemon B669 and expand the storage up to 16 GB. This phone can also play media files of various formats like MP4, MP3 and 3GP. There is a 1MP camera on the back of the phone. The Lemon B669 is also loaded with the extra features like FM Radio, Auto Call Recorder, Mobile Tracker and Calculator.

Lemon B669 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity: It is a dual SIM feature phone that offers superior call quality. Users can also browse internet at 2G speed on it. Other connectivity features of the Lemon B669 include Bluetooth and micro USB.

Brand Value and Warranty: You will get one year of warranty on this feature phone, but it will be really hard for you to find a service center of this brand near your place.

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Pro Features:

  • Bigger display
  • Bluetooth support
  • On-board media player
  • Huge battery
  • GPRS
  • Mobile Tracker
  • Dual SIM
  • Camera with LED flash

Cons: Low number of service centers

Verdict: The Lemon B669 comes with all the features you can think of at this price point. There is no need of thinking twice before making a purchase decision.

SIM Dual SIM, Mini + Mini
Memory Expandable upto 16GB
Screen 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Battery 2800 mAh, Lithium-ion
Buy 1250 Rupees


M-Tech L4 – Dual SIM/2.4 inch/1.3 MP/2500 mAh

The M-Tech L4 is a multimedia and internet focused feature phone that can be purchased for a price of 1,319 rupees. Generally, we do not see this type of phone in the budget segment, which is why M-Tech deserves our appreciation for doing this experiment.

Design: The design of this feature phone will remind you of the high priced smartphones of the last decade. It comes with a sturdy keypad and solid body. The camera segment at the back also covers the speaker mesh and gives a classical feel. Thickness of 12.2 mm is a little annoying, but can be managed considering the price point.

Battery: Feature phones generally do not consume a lot of power. That being said, the M-Tech L4 will easily give you two days of power backup with its 2500 mAh battery.

Features: This phone has got a 0.3 MP rear camera that fails to take decent quality shots. Watching videos and photos on its 2.4 inch display is great because of the resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. 32MB of RAM might feel less to you, but we are discussing a feature phone here. The great thing is you can expand the storage of this phone up to 16 GB using a micro SD card.

You can listen to your favorite radio station on this phone and also record the songs using FM recording feature. Organizing tools like Calendar, Stopwatch, Calculator and Word Clock are also on-board.M-Tech L4 Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Connectivity: Users can find two SIM slots under the back panel both of which support GSM networks. The M-Tech L4 comes with preloaded Whatsapp and Facebook applications, allowing you to chat with your friends over 2G networks. More connectivity options like WAP, Bluetooth and micro USB further enhance the user experience.

Pro Features:

  • Preloaded Whatsapp and Facebook applications
  • WAP
  • Massive battery
  • Decent display
  • microSD card support
  • Torch
  • Mobile Tracker
  • Boom Box Bazooka speaker
  • Built-in high class MP3 player

Verdict: The M-Tech L4 would be a great solution for the people who want to stay connected with their friends using Whatsapp and Facebook.

SIM Dual SIM, GSM, Mini + Mini
Memory Expandable upto 16GB
Screen 2.4 inch, 240×320 Pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 1.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Battery 2500 mAh, Lithium-ion
Buy 1250 Rupees

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