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Top Mini Washing Machine below 5500 Rupees

Top 4 Mini Washing Machine Below 5500 Rupees

In this piece, I cover top portable washing machines and dryers on sale in the Indian market. The suggested mini washing machines for home use are ideal for bachelors and those moms who have to wash clothes for their newborn baby many times a day. Here you read an in-depth review of best baby clothes washing machines in the price range 3000 to 5500 Rupees from well-known brands Hilton, DMR, and Onida.

► 3-Kg Hilton Single-Tub Mini Washing Machine with Dryer

Newborns are most vulnerable to diseases, as a human body needs more time to develop resistance from every day’s illness. Doctors do not usually recommend washing newborn's cloth in the same washing machine along with elder’s clothes. Germs and bacteria from their clothes would transfer to the clothes for the infant. Therefore, you need a baby clothes washer to wash your newborn’s clothes separately.

Hilton is a brand that offers a wide range of baby washer (smaller washing machines). Some time ago, this brand launched a mini washing machine designed primarily for washing the clothes of newborn. You can purchase this baby washer washing machine at 4100 rupees only.

3-Kg Hilton Single Tub Mini Washing Machine with Dryer

Easy To Use Washing Machine: With this mini washing machine, wash used clothes of your baby as and when you wish to. For a mom, operating this device is indeed more comfortable.

The Hilton washing machine uses a particular multi-pulsator technology to wash clothes in no time. A nozzle at the top allows the user to fill water into the machine. There is a dial on the control panel using which washing is done in a few minutes.

Further, the build and design of this baby clothes washer are decent. It is lightweight therefore easily portable. Less number of features makes it less vulnerable to sudden malfunction despite its rigorous use many times a day.

→ Keeps clothes germ-free and safe

The big costly washing machines with many handy features do damage clothes. Therefore, the manufacturer has taken extra care while designing this mini washing machine. Even after daily cleaning, this small clothes washing machine would not damage the clothes.

In the initial days of a newborn whatever ways is available one must follow to keep their baby safe and healthy. Using this machine to wash a newborn’s cloth separately is a wise decision to keep the baby out of diseases that may cause because of germs and bacteria from elder clothes.

3-KG Capacity: Do not get fooled by the size of this baby clothes washing machine, it can easily wash up to 10-12 clothes in one ago. The capacity to store 3-KG of clothes makes it suitable even if there are two infants at home.

→ Rinsing Function of this Baby Clothes washer

This washing machine is also capable of rinsing the washed clothes. This feature on a 4000 rs washing machine is a pleasant surprise. In fact, even many standard washing machines do not come with this essential feature. The dryer function of this Hilton mini washing machine can only rinse 1KG of clothes in one ago, however.

Pro Features:-

  • Power efficient
  • Portable and good looking
  • Controls are much easy to operate
  • Can rinse water out of the clothes
  • Keeps the clothes safe and germs free

Verdict: If you have a baby or expecting one in a couple of months, then I would highly recommend this mini washing machine. This best portable washing machine could be the best gift for your wife if she is going become a mother soon. One of the ways of protecting your newborn is washing his or her cloth separately. I recommend this efficient mini washing with dryer.

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Price 4100 Rupees
Feature Semi-Automatic | Top-loading | Baby Washer | Can run on Inverter
Capacity 3-Kg
Spin Dryer 1-Kg
Power 190-Watt
Build Hard poly-carbonate
Sales box Mini Washing Machine | Spin Becket | Plate for spin basket | Inlet Pipe | Documents


► DMR 30-1208 Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket

The DMR 30-1208 is another portable washing machine available in the market that people can purchase for only 3799 rupees. Compared to its bigger brother, the DMR 41-1208, this washing machine is small and wash less count of clothes in one go. However, its performance is quite impressive.

Attractive Outer Shell: Generally, portable washing machines are not effective and durable. That is why the manufacturer has done something unique in terms of built and design of this product. Its outer shell has been made transparent to give a sleek look and allowing the user to review the ongoing process. You can take this student washing machine home in your favorite color, as it is available in multiple color variants like red, blue, and orange. The product is much easier to shift from one place to another because of its low weight (just 7KG).

To carry it easily, I would have appreciated the addition of a handle at the top. Moreover, the quality of the plastic used in the making is not that great, which means it is susceptible to damage even from light collisions.

DMR 30 1208 Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket

→ Fit only for Small and Clothes

It is a 240-Watt washing machine. The spec hints towards a powerful motor inside. However, due to its compact body, you can wash 3KG of clothes at once. I advice to purchase this product as it is a good solution to wash baby clothes. Large wearable like sarees and jeans occupy lots of space so this machine will not wash them properly.

The manufacturer also ships a spin bucket along with the box, but that does not help in rinsing. Even after using the spin functionality for more than 10 minutes, clothes still remain rich in water and take the usual time to dry. Better to use hand to rinse clothes than using the inbuilt feature of this washing machine.

I have to agree, this portable washing machine is indeed easy to use. Even you do not need to go through the manual before using it. Even a non-professional can use this washing machine to clean every day’s clothes like a fun.

→ Well-designed Washing Machine

What I found after using this machine for a couple of hours is that it is relatively silent than other portable washing machines in the market. Moreover, it remains more or less stable while spinning the clothes. In my opinion, the compact body helps a lot in this regard.

Pros Features:-

  • Good for washing clothes of newborn babies
  • High power motor and efficient operation
  • Looks great
  • Highly portable
  • Stable and silent operation


  • Low capacity
  • Not good for washing clothes of elders
  • Spinning functionality is not of much use

Verdict: It is clear from the above discussion that the success of this machine depends a lot on the types of clothes that you will be washing in it. This product is not for washing clothes of elders. The market is full of other large capacity portable washing machines, but to purchase those you will have to spend extra money.

Price 3800 Rupees
Capacity 3 KG
Spin Yes
Dimensions 22 X 16 X 16 inches
Weight 6.3 KG
Power Consumption 240 Watts
Warranty 1 Year
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► DMR 46-1218 Single-Tub Washing Machine with Steel Dryer Basket

Most of the washing machines available in the market are generally bulky and occupy a lot of space. This creates a problem for the people who live in rented houses with small bathrooms. However, do not worry as the trend is changing these days.

New Indian manufacturers, in order to compete with big brands and grab some business launching low priced compact products. DMR is one such Indian brand offers some innovative home needs solutions for bachelor and low-income families. It offers portable washing machine with a capacity of 4.6-KG priced less than 5000 rupees in the market.

The DMR 46 1218 Washing Machine comes packed in a compact body and occupies really less space in your home. Moreover, you can this must have portable gadget for just 4499 rupees from the online market.

DMR 46 1218 Single Tub Washing Machine with Steel Dryer Basket

Compact Washing Machine: The total weight of this machine is just 8.86 KG and it is only 26 inch in high. You would not have to make any special arrangements for this product. If you own a car, then take this washing machine while traveling to another city.

I would highly recommend this DMR product for students. For students who live in hostels or in a PG, the portable washing machine can be the best solution. It will save time, effort and with a better result than washing clothes by your hand.

→ consumes less Power

I am really surprised by the power consumption of this device. It contains a powerful pulsator and needs just 240-Watts of electricity to work. This is less than what a normal ceiling fan consumes.

Semi-Automatic Operation: This device is much easier to operate, as it is a semi-automatic washing machine. There are only two control knobs on the top. One is for selection of the mode while another is to set the timer. Interesting thing is that the timer knob automatically returns to its original position when the machine finishes the assigned job.

Decent Performance: A capacity of 4.6 KG seems good for a machine this small. Even if you already own a bigger washing machine, this device will prove to be a backup solution. You can use it when there are only a few clothes to wash. Moreover, this washing machine can be used to keep clothes of small babies in hygienic condition by doing an isolated wash.

However, I did notice a downside while testing this product. It's spinning functionality is not that effective and you will have to hang the washed clothes under the sun for longer periods. The machine vibrates a lot and many times the spinning tub falls if the clothes stored inside are not balanced properly.

→ Mediocre Build quality of this baby clothes washer

In order to make this washing machine portable, the manufacturer has used cheap quality plastic. If you are purchasing it, then be sure to take extra care. Small collisions can result in serious damage on the machine.

DMR 46 1218 Single Tub Washing Machine Review Specifications Buy Online

Pros Features:-

  • Energy efficient
  • Consumes less space
  • Good capacity
  • Easy to control
  • Good timer range


  • Rinsing feature is not that impressive
  • Bad build quality

Verdict: I will give full marks to the manufacturer for introducing a unique product in the market. However, some associated cons would affect buyer’s decision. DMR should have used high-quality plastic to improve the built quality to make it long lasting.

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Price 4500 Rupees
Capacity 4.6 KG
Spin Functionality Yes
Dimensions 26 X 17 X 18 inches
Weight 8.6 KG
Power Consumption 240 Watts
Warranty 1 Year


► Onida Washer Liliput Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

To make this article a complete one, I intend to include a portable washing machine, manufactured by a reputed and popular Indian brand. Unfortunately, I could not find one with a low price tag and needed quality.

GS’s washing machine expert suggests a lightweight and affordable washing machine from a highly reputed brand to include on this list. Although I am not fully convinced with this Onida device but it is certainly one of the best selling portable washing machines below 5000 rupees.

The Onida Washer Lilliput Washing Machine is currently available for an amount of 5371 rupees. In my opinion, even the people belonging to the low-income group can buy it.

It is Not Portable: To avoid confusion about this product, let me inform you in advance, it is not a portable washing machine. You cannot carry it in a car or in a van. However, you can easily move it from one place to another in your home.

Onida Washer Liliput Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

→ Durable Build and Good Design

Compared to other portable washing machines, this product is highly durable. Onida has used high-quality materials in the built and its outer shell can easily resist small collisions. Another great thing is that this product will always remain rust free because it is mainly made of plastic parts.

The manufacturer has also taken a good care of usability factor with this product. Its top door is transparent, which allows the users to see if the clothes are being washed properly or not. Inlet pipe of this gadget is quite long and it can reach the tap even if it is located at a great distance.

Good Capacity: At once, this washing machine can wash about 6.5 KG of clothes. You get to choose from three cycles according to the type and condition of clothes. Wash time of the cycle can be extended up to 15 minutes, which is good for effective cleaning. If the inlet water exceeds the desired level, users just need to put the machine in drain mode and it will automatically drain out the excess water.

→ Powerful Motor

The small semi automatic washing machine comes equipped with a powerful motor, but the lack of agitator will certainly affect wash quality. However, for a price of 5000 rupees, we cannot desire for such top-line features.

No Spinning Functionality: The main downside of this product is that it does not come with a spinning tub. You will have to rely on your hands to rinse the water out of clothes. Lacking rinse functionality will seriously affect the purchase decision of many people.

Pros Features:-

  • High capacity washing machine
  • Powerful motor
  • Durable and attractive body
  • Efficient washing
  • Lightweight

Verdict: I do agree that there are some serious issues with this washing machine. Lacking spin functionality is major one. However, look at the brighter aspect you are getting a 6.5 KG washing machine for just 5250 rupees. There cannot be a better deal than this.

Price Old Model: {Capacity: 6.5-Kg @ Rs. 5200} | New Model: {Capacity: 7-Kg @ Rs. 5400}
Wash Program : 2 | Spin Speed : 780 RPM | Air Dryer : NO | Washer Only
Build Power : 270-Watt | Plastic Tube | Water Inlet: 1 | Control Knob : 2 | Washing Method : Pulsation | Weight : 12-Kg
Warranty Product: 12-Months | Motor : 6 Years
Box Water Inlet Hose |  Water Inlet Hose Connector |  Drain Pipe |  Drain Pipe Clip