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Top 4 Micromax LED TV Below 15000 Rupees

Micromax 32B200HDi Review and Specifications

Just a decade old Micromax is today one of the largest IT hardware designers and manufacturers in India. The brand has positioned itself as a leader in cutting-edge technology development for smartphones. Today, Micromax is a high valued brand in India with a whopping market share of 22 percent in total smartphone sales.

Riding on the success of smartphone sales, Micromax has joined the league of consumer electronics manufacturing. It has stepped up in the segment with a mission and successfully made available high definition LED TV in low budget.

Micromax 32B200HDi 32 inch LED TV

There was a time when TV manufacturers used to sell only one TV in one screen size. But the growing competition and demand for quality products have forced every manufacturer to offer a wide range of feature-full TVs. Micromax as a new player in the TV market understands this and has launched several LED TVs recently. The Micromax 32B200HDi 81 cm (32) LED TV that was launched more than a year back may seem like an upgrade to the 32B200HD model, but it is not. Both and are selling this LED TV at the price of 15,490INR, which is a nice offer in a manner.

What’s in the box?

Micromax does not seem to have big heart here and you can expect the necessary accessories only. Wall-mount kit, stand kit, TV remote, some all-in-one manuals and not to mention the TV unit itself take all space in the box.

Body Design and Build Quality

Micromax is clearly not learning from its mistakes. It is featuring cheap quality body over and over in all its products. The whole body of this LED TV is made up of low-quality plastic that does not look like durable in any way. Even the remote is no different from the TV body.

The dimensions that this LED TV features are 752 mm x 462 mm x 81.2 mm. These dimensions prove that it is not a thin TV. It also gets a little heavy with the weight of 7.5 KG. However, you get some relief on the design of the front panel. All the bezels look like they are of the same width even when they are not, courtesy of the dual color strategy that Micromax has used for the bottom bezel.


The Micromax 32 inch LED TV features an HD display with a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. A full HD display could have been appreciated because the resolution that this TV offers will not make the images much crispy on its 32-inch display. The videos on this LED TV are played in 16:09 ratio.

Micromax 32B200HDi Review and Specifications

Micromax has achieved a success in maintaining good viewing angles at 178 degrees. The AVEA (Audio Visual Entertainment) technology enhances the details but fails to produce natural colors. The difference is not much noticeable, but can annoy you if you want a high-quality experience. The thickness of the TV has resulted in the benefit of eliminating the bright pixel problem. The bright pixel problem arises when the manufacturers try to make an extra thin display with normal LCD/LED technology.

This LED TV features DLED backlight technology, which is much different from the normal ELED backlighting. Instead of throwing the light from the edges, in the DLED technology, light is thrown from behind the panel itself, which results in higher and equal brightness all over the screen.

For your curiosity, the display does not feature an IPS panel because of which you get ripples while pressing the screen with a finger. Surprisingly a non-IPS display should have a high motion rate, but this TV refreshes at the rate of 60Hz only. You will get a static contrast ratio of 3000000:1 and dynamic contrast ratio of 1200:1, this seems quite low.


There are two speakers at the back that gives a decent output. The coupling of AVEA and SRS technologies produces real surround sound effect. However, it should be mentioned here that SRS cannot match the Dolby surround sound, but with two speakers it is the best possible option. In fact, sound lovers can buy an extra high-quality speaker set from the market and use with this TV high audio output.

Connectivity options

There are two HDMI ports and a USB port on the back to connect the modern day devices with this LED TV. Other ports like VGA, RF, AV, RCA, Component Input and Audio In also make their way. Connectivity options are in good number, but those will be quite inaccessible if you plan for a wall mounting.

The built-in media player is much useful in playing media files (including videos) directly from a USB flash drive. The TV also supports viewing of Text files on the storage. The headphone jack featured at the back can give your family much relief if you are watching a movie during night.

The VGA port on this means use this LED TV as a monitor for your personal computer or laptop, but I would suggest using the HDMI port for higher resolution and better quality.

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Other features

You can change the display color scheme using the onboard firmware. The sound quality can also be modified according to your needs with the help of 5 band equalizer. The response time of the TV is very less, averaging only about 6ms.

This TV consumes very less power at 64 Watts. When the TV goes into standby mode the power consumption drops further to only 1W.


  • This LED TV features 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports.
  • AVEA technology produces detailed images.
  • The DLED backlight technology ensures that there are no bright pixels on the display.
  • Great viewing angles of 178 degrees.
  • SRS technology produces surround sound effect.
  • It can play video and audio files directly from the USB flash drive. Text files can also be viewed.
  • Headphone out port at the back.


  • The build material used is cheap.
  • Though the front panel looks nice but the back has the same bad looking design.
  • The colors produced don’t appear to be natural.
  • 5KG of weight makes this TV-heavy.
  • Only HD resolution.


Certainly, it is Micromax’s best budget level 32 inch LED TV. People can buy this TV if budget is really tight. The picture details and sound quality can be appreciated. However, there is a lot of room for improvements. The design does not appeal much and the material used feels very cheap. The TV has got a huge display, but only features HD resolution instead of full HD.

However, all the cons aside, it is a decent package for a person who can compromise on the quality.

Price 15000 Rupees
Display LED HD Ready, 1366 x 768,  32 inch, 16:09, 178 Degree  Viewing angle, Brightness 300 cd/m²
Sound 10 W x 2
Power 64 W, 1 W (Stand By), Energy Saving Mode
Video Feature Picture Freeze, Color Control, Zoom, 6 ms Response Time
Connectivity 1 RF, 1 USB, 1 Headphone Jack, 1 PC Audio in, 2 HDMI


 Micromax 32TFK18HD 32 Inch LED TV

Micromax made headlines when it entered the TV business after getting a huge success in the smartphone market. It pretended to change the TV world like it changed the smartphone world, but as it turns out now that all its effort did not make much difference. Now Micromax is just another brand instead of an important brand in the TV market. However, the products it made to impress the budget customers do come with some nice features.

Micromax provides most affordable 32 inch TVs in the market right now, but the quality might not be as great as you would expect from a reputable brand like Sony or LG. The Micromax 32TFK18HD/T2222HD/28BKHD 32 inches LED TV comes at a price of 14490 Rupees because of which many people put it on their list. The strange fact is that it is not listed on any other big eCommerce website that makes price comparison a little difficult. But is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

What’s in the box?

You will not get many accessories in the box. A TV unit, remote with batteries, mounting parts, and some manuals make the most of it. Many other brands, however, provide extra VGA and HDMI cables that really save some money.

Body, Design and Build Quality

Build quality has always been a low performing area of Micromax and this LED TV is no different. The plastic body feels much cheap. On the design front also it lags much behind. It is not as thin as you would expect. For the sake of mentioning, the dimensions without the stand are 734.5 mm x 431.5 mm x 80 mm. Micromax should do something with the approach that it takes for designing its products.


The 32-inch display has an LED backlighting so you can expect some quality and power efficiency here. One thing that people get confused with is the difference between normal LCD and LED TVs. Well, there is no difference in their panels. The only thing that differs is the back-lighting technology, which in normal LCD TVs is powered by a fluorescent lamp and in LED TVs by LED lamp. The result is low consumption of power, thinness, and comparatively good looking blacks.

Micromax 32TFK18HD Review and Specifications

However, this TV is not as thin as an LED TV should be and because of this the color accuracy gets worse, but the bright dot problem gets minimalized. The viewing angles are not much affected because of the thickness and you will not get any distortions within the range of 178 degrees.

Although it is an HD ready display, but a 32-inch screen should support full HD resolution else the quality gets worse. It is surprising that it has got only 60Hz of motion rate even when it is a non-IPS display. If you are a gamer, then you would certainly not like this panel.

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The AVEA technology works well in creating details, but when it comes to color reproduction, it gets a big thumb down. There might be some issue with the processing because of which the reproduced colors look a lot unnatural.


The sound quality is not that great, but not bad either. You cannot expect a theater-like experience, however, surround sound is there. In addition, its audio output, too, is not much loud, you would certainly have to buy an extra set of speakers.

Connectivity options

The connectivity ports are located around the bulge at the back. On this TV, you can find almost all the necessary connectivity options like HDMI, USB, RCA, Component Input, RF, VGA, AV In and Audio In. If you plan to mount this LED TV on a wall then accessing these ports might get a little difficult. However, the position of the controls is quite appreciable. People who like to use their TV as a display for multiple devices simultaneously may get some disappointment because of one HDMI and one VGA port.

The built-in media player can give many a big relief. Just plug in your pen drive to the USB port and the TV itself will welcome you with the files on it. A smart preview option enables a user to see if he is selecting the right file or not. Moreover, the USB port can also read text files stored on the flash drives.

Other features

The response time of this LED TV is really respectable. You will not find any lag or frame drops while controlling the HD videos. Micromax also teases customers with the 3D comb filter feature, but it has nothing to do with the 3-dimensional viewing. This technique just separates the incoming signals into components. The word “3D” is only used for marketing and Micromax is not alone in doing this.

The supported power range lies between 110V to 240V with an average consumption of 45W while in use. However, Micromax specially informs the customer to use a stabilizer if the power supplies at the installation place suffer the regular fluctuations.


  • Even though the TV is very thick, the viewing angles are great (178 degrees).
  • The video produced are crisp and highly detailed.
  • An average quality of audio output with surround sound effect.
  • You will not find any bright dots that ruin the movie watching experience on many budget level TVs.
  • It can play videos via USB port as it features built-in media player.
  • Lightweight and easy to install.


  • Becomes thick at 80mm.
  • The build material used is of cheap quality and the design is not much appealing either.
  • The color tones appear unnatural. Many customers report that the video quality from the VGA port is much better than the HDMI port.
  • Only 1 HDMI and 1 USB port.


Micromax 32TFK18HD/T2222HD/28BKHD 81 cm (32) LED TV is good for those people who want big display size at a low price. You will get an HD resolution display, but the fact that this TV doesn’t support full HD videos makes many customers disappointed. The design does not give much relief to eyes and the cheap build quality worsens the whole experience.

The Micromax 32B200HDi 81 cm (32) LED TV can be a better option for many as it comes around this price range and has some extra features as well.

Price 14000 Rupees
Display 32 inch, HD Ready, 1366 x 768, 16:09, 178 Degree viewing angles, Brightness 280 cd/m²,
Sound 8 W x 2, SRS Sound System
Power 45 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)
Feature Auto Channel Search, Zoom, 5 Band Equaliser, Zero Dots LED Panel
Connectivity 1 HDMI, 1 RF Connectivity, 1 PC Audio In, 1 USB


Micromax 24B600HD 24 inch LED TV

The 24B600HD is a high-definition LED TV from Micromax, which is designed to bring life-like videos, crisp sharp images, and incredible sound quality from your favorite shows and movies right into your living room. It features a stylish and sleek design, with a 24-inch display size that is sure to enhance your entertainment experience.


1)   24-inch display size

2)   HD resolution of 1366 by 768

3)   USB and HDMI interfaces

4)   VGA port

5)   LED screen

6)   1-year domestic warranty

Key Features

AVEA technology

The 24B600HD from Micromax is equipped with Audio Visual Entertainment Architecture technology, which is designed to offer you high-quality visuals and enhanced clear sounds for an amazing viewing experience.

Micromax 24B600HD 60 cm (24) LED TV Review and Specifications

HD and LED display

Micromax LED 24B600HD features a 24-inch LED screen that is designed to deliver high-quality videos and images with perfect clarity and colors. The High-Definition resolution of 1366 by 768 pixels offers you crystal-clear visuals with all the details intact.

SRS Sound System

It is integrated with SRS Sound System, which offers you amazing sound quality, similar to that of home theater systems. With two, 10-watt speakers, auto volume controller and 5 band equalizers for fine tuning, you can now customize your sound and enjoy listening to your favorite music.

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Zero Dots LED Panel

The 24B600HD TV features Zero Dots LED Panel, which offers outstanding screen brightness and enhanced picture quality. Enjoy watching your movies or playing games with enhanced image clarity with this feature.


Connect your external drives to your TV and watch your collection of movies and TV shows, listen to your favorite music or play games using the HDMI and USB terminals of this TV. It also comes with an AV output, VGA terminal for PC input and headphone jack output.

Power saving

It is designed with Energy Saving mode, which ensures lesser consumption of power. It also features LED display and AVEA technology, which enhances your picture and audio quality while minimizing energy use.

Stylish and compact design

Micromax 24B600HD 60 cm (24) LED TV comes with a sleek, stylish and elegant design, which enhances your television viewing experience while making a great addition to your home décor. It is quite compact craft and comes with brackets for wall mounting, making it flexible enough to move around.


1)   Amazing picture quality

2)   Very affordable

3)   It is stylish

4)   Highly durable

5)   High consumer ratings


1)   The sound quality is good but can be better


Micromax 24B600HD 60 cm (24) LED TV combines a stylish, elegant design and amazing TV features into one affordable package. The image quality is great, it is easy to set up and use and comes with great convenient features. Overall, 24B600HD is worth every penny spent.

Price 10400 Rupees
Display 24 inches, HD Ready, 1366 x 768, 176 Degree viewing angle, Brightness 250 cd/m²
Sound 10 W x 2, Auto Volume Leveler, 5 Band Equaliser
Power 36 W, 1 W (Stand By)
Features Energy Saving Mode, English OSD Language, Eco Mark, Analog Tuner, Zoom, Auto Channel Search
Connectivity 1 USB, 1 HDMI, RF Capable, 1 Headphone Jack, 1 PC Video in


Micromax 20B22HD V 20 inch LED TV

The 20B22HD-V is a compact high-definition LED display TV from the company Micromax. It offers great picture quality with the HD screen. It also comes with other convenient features such HDMI and USB ports, which allows you to connect to external devices.


1)   LED screen display

2)   1900 by 900 screen resolution

3)   51 cm (20-inch) display size

4)   USB, HDMI, VGA terminals

5)   Remote control

6)   Analog TV reception

Key features

LED Display

Enjoy watching clear, bright images on your Micromax 20B22HD-V with the LED display technology. The display also helps reduce power consumption without comprising the picture quality.

HD screen

The 20B22HD-V comes with a High-Definition screen with a high screen resolution of 1600 by 900. This gives you clear and crisp images with great details, allowing your favorite characters to come to life right in your living room.

Micromax 20B22HD-V 51 cm (20) LED TV Review and Specifications

HDMI and USB terminals

It is fitted with HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to connect external devices to your TV and make it an entertainment center. Connect a set-box to enjoy HD content, gaming consoles to play your favorite games in high-definition, or simply plug in your external hard drives to watch videos and listen to music.

Great picture and audio quality

Micromax 20B22HD-V features the AVEA engine, which enhances the quality of your pictures and audio, giving you an unforgettable entertainment experience. It is also fitted with Zero Bright Dots Clear Panel for outstanding picture quality, and SRS Sound system, auto volume controller and 5 bands equalizer for an impressive audio experience.

Power saving technology

Enjoy an amazing entertainment experience with great picture and audio quality while reducing the power consumption with Ultra-Low Power Consumption Technology.

Quick on-screen response time

Micromax 20B22HD-V comes with a 6 ms response time, which allows you to enjoy watching crisp, clear images even on fast, quick-action programs such as sports and movies.


1)   Great picture and audio quality

2)   Compact design for easy installation

3)   Great convenient features (USB and HDMI ports)

4)   Reduced power consumption

5)   High durability


1)   Sound quality is a bit poor, especially when connecting to the audio jack


Micromax 20B22HD-V is a great investment for your entertainment. It comes with great features that allow you to have an amazing entertainment experience. The picture quality is great, and the audio quality passable. It has also received a lot of positive reviews from users online. In addition, it is available at a very affordable price.

Price 8300 Rupees
Display 20 inch, LED, HD Ready, 1600 x 900,
Sound 10 W x 2, SRS Sound System
Power 30 W, 1 W (Stand By)
Features Eco Mark, Color Control, USB (Movie), 6 ms Response Time, Zoom
Connectivity 1 USB, 1 RF Connectivity, 1 Headphone Jack, 1 HDMI

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