► 14-Liter HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic Water Purifier

Day by day potable water is becoming hard to extract from natural sources. It is expected that in the future, we will be dependent on water purifiers more than ever. However, now, most of the purifiers in the market are priced high and are certainly out of reach of the budget customers. Am I right?

Well, at the first this appears to be the real case. But what if I told you that there is a big 14-liter water purifier that one can buy for under 1500 bucks? Yes, this is true. The HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic Water Purifier is available in the market for just 1398 rupees. Further, the product does not even need electricity to work.

Durable Body: HUL has used sturdy and durable materials in the outer shell of this product. The storage tank is transparent and customers can see for themselves if the water stored inside is pure or not. Moreover, it will not take a lot of space in your kitchen. The whole setup weighs in at 2.4 KG only, which means there will be no problem in moving this purifier from one place to another. Read also Water Purifier with five Stage Purifications under 6000 Rupees.

The manufacturer makes the promise that materials used in the build are food safe and non-toxic. Thus, you can be sure the stored water will be contaminated.

HUL Pureit WPWS100 Classic 14 Litre Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

→ This HUL Water Purifier has a Big Storage Tank

Most of the budget water purifiers that are available in the market come with small 7-liter tanks, which are not suitable for typical Indian families. Luckily, the manufacturer has placed a big 14-liter storage tank on this product. There will be no shortage of water even if your family consists of 5-6 members.

Four-Stage Purification Process: To make the water drinkable, this purifier uses a four-stage purification process. In the first stage, all the visible particles are removed from the water. After that activated carbon deactivates harmful and disease-causing pesticides. In the third stage, some amount of chlorine is released to kill the bacteria. The last stage is for removing odor and chemicals from the water. At the end, when the water reaches your glass, it becomes odorless, clean as well sweet.

Not Good For Hard Water: Although this purifier has impressed many experts with its GermKill technology but I would not recommend it for purifying hard water because it lacks an RO chamber. However, for Municipal Corporation water, this device will prove to be a great solution.

Alarm System: Just above the storage tank, you can find a notification panel. It sports three indicators, which help a lot in telling the user when to change the membrane. Be sure to check it always before pouring the water in a glass.

→ HUL Classic Water Purifier works without Electricity

As I mentioned in the introduction, this HUL water purifier works without electricity. It uses gravity to push the water downwards through various purifying chambers. Seriously, this product is perfect for the people who belong to a lower middle class and live in cities (where they can get corporation water).


  • 14-liter storage tank will suit the need of a family of 5-6 members
  • Sturdy, durable and food grade materials have been used in the manufacturing process
  • Comes equipped with an indicator panel
  • Transparent storage tank
  • Attractive outer shell

Cons: Not good for hard water

Verdict: The HUL product is perfect for cleaning corporation water as well as purification of local cane water. In case, you get daily-use water from a well or a water tanker, then look for an electricity powered RO purifier. Even I will recommend it to use in village area where natural drinking water is available between 15 to 60 feet depth.

Storage Capacity 14 Liter
Filtration Method GermKill Kit
Purification Capacity 100 Liter
Electricity Required No
Dimensions 247 x 491 x 253 mm
Weight 2.4 KG
Warranty 6 months
Buy 1400 Rupees


► 14-Liter HUL Pureit Advanced Water Purifier

While Kent rules the RO water purifier market, semi-Indian brand HUL has been trying hard to attract budget consumers. You can easily get a quality water purifier from HUL between 1500 to 4000 rupees.

The online market space is filled with low-cost purifiers below 2000 rupees, however, following the expert’s advice, we have selected the HUL Pureit Advanced Water Purifier. It has 14-litre storage tank. You might have heard about this water purifier via some adverts. You can purchase it for an amount of 2200 rupees.

Attractive Looks: The design that manufacturer has adopted is appreciable. This device looks much appealing from the outside. It occupies much less space on a table. The white strip that moves from top to the bottom gives a modern appeal to the whole setup. It weighs in at 2.8 KG only, which means there will be no problem in moving this purifier from one place to another.

HUL Pureit Advanced 14 Litre Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Durable Storage Tank: Thanks to the transparent storage tank that allows users to see if the stored water is clean or not. It is made of durable and food grade materials. So, do not worry, the water stored inside will not get contaminated.

However, I cannot recommend this purifier to medium and large families. Although the manufacturer calls it as a 14-liter purifier but its storage tank is capable of storing only 5 liters of purified water.

→ This is an Efficient Water Purifier with Auto Shut Off

The GermKill kit of this purifier can purify about 1500 liters of water in its lifetime. It is designed to remove bacteria and harmful chemicals from the water. The Activated Carbon Trap not only kills bacteria but also makes the water smell good. Still, this product is only suitable for soft water. If you use hard water for all purposes, then be sure not to buy this purifier.

Auto Shut Off: On its official website, HUL mentions a feature called “Auto Shut Off”. However, do not get mistaken by the words. This feature is not to stop the purification process after filling up the tank. Instead, it stops the filtration mechanism once the GermKill kit is exhausted. The good thing is this purifier is equipped with an indicator panel that tells the user when it needs maintenance.

No Electricity Is Required: Perhaps, the main benefit of purchasing this purifier is you would not have to spend even a penny for electricity. It depends on earth’s gravity to move the water.


  • Outer shell looks amazing
  • Transparent storage tank
  • Food grade materials have been used
  • Features Activated Carbon Trap
  • GermKill kit fail indicator
  • Does not need electricity to work


  • Storage tank can only hold 5 liters of water
  • Not good for hard water

Verdict: In my opinion, the HUL Pureit Advance purifier is only suitable to bachelor and small family blessed with corporation water supply.

Total Storage Capacity 14 Liter
Filtration Method GermKill Kit
Electricity Required No
Dimensions 52  x 28 x 32 cm
Weight 2.8 KG
Warranty 6 months
Buy 1900 Rupees


► 23-Liter HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic Water Purifier

In spite of the Pureit WPWL100 purifier being an old product, it is one of the best-selling low-cost purifiers in the online market. We have selected it because many positive reviews and experts’ opinion in favor the HUL WPWL100 Classic Water Purifier.

To collect realistic opinion, I met many users of this HUL purifier praising it for efficiency and a large water storage tank. However, some of them were facing issues, which I will discuss later in this review. Currently, the purifier is available in the market for an amount of 2349 rupees.

Works without Electricity: The very first thing you should know about this purifier is it does not require an energy source to filter the water. After purchasing the product, you will just have to pay for the maintenance. Even the purification process of the product is quite efficient.

HUL Pureit WPWL100 Classic 23 Litre Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

→ Works without Electricity but has the Four-Stage Purification

For multistage purification process, it has four chambers inside the outer shell. In the first stage, the water passes through a sediment filter that the company calls as Microfiber Filter. Here, all the visible particles including dirt are removed. Next, the water goes to the Activated Carbon filter where all the pesticides and parasites are filtered out. This stage also makes the water smell good.

The third stage is of bacteria killing. In this stage, the GermKill Kit releases chlorine to kill disease-causing microorganisms present in the water. Do not worry, as the released chlorine will not end up in your stomach because a clarifier filters it out in the last stage.

The above-mentioned stages are effective, but only works perfectly in the case of soft water. These processes are not capable of removing dissolved chemicals that make the water hard and are harmful to your health. So, be sure to keep this point in mind while making the purchase decision.

Moreover, this purifier takes a lot of time to filter water. According to the manufacturer, filtration process depends on the quality of water and it can take 1-5 hours to purify 9 liters of water.

→ Premium Finish and A Big Storage Tank makes this Purifier Special

At once, this purifier can hold about 23 liters of water. The storage tank located at the bottom is designed to store 9 liters of purified water that should be enough for a family of 4-5 members. It is really a good thing that manufacturer has used transparent and food safe materials in the making of the storage tank.

Premium Finish: From the looks only, you will not be able to tell that it is a budget segment product. Use of high-quality materials and the attractive finish make this device feel premium. It will certainly enhance the beauty of your kitchen.


  • Easy to understand indicator panel
  • Strong construction
  • Food grade and durable materials have been used in the making
  • No electricity is needed
  • Big water storage tank
  • Kills all bacteria and makes the water smell good


  • Cannot purify hard water
  • Takes a lot of time to filter water

Verdict: This HUL water purifier is good for students who live in hostels or budget households with 4-5 members. It looks great and affordable, too.

Total Storage Capacity 23 Liter
Filtration Method GermKill Kit
Electricity Required No
Dimensions 63  x 29 x 26 cm
Weight 4.1 KG
Warranty 6 months
Buy 2500 Rupees


► Autofill 23-Liter HUL Pureit WPWF100 Water Purifier

Two main problems make common Indian suffer a lot. The first one is of power cuts while the second is of undrinkable water. However, people can manage without electricity, but the second problem is serious. However, the good thing is many brands are now trying to make water purifiers that work without electricity. One such product is the HUL Pureit WPWF100 Autofill Water Purifier. It is really an affordable product as you can purchase it for just 3800 rupees.

Table Top Installation: The wall mount installation of the Pureit WPWF100 is not possible. Since it is compact and lightweight you will be able to place it anywhere in the kitchen. The whole setup weighs just 4.3 KG, which means the users can easily move it from one place to another. I would highly recommend this product to the people who suffer from low space problem in their home.

Good for Purifying Soft Water: This purifier will prove to be an affordable solution for cleaning soft water. It features a special 4-stage purification system. The specialty of this device is that it uses chlorine to kill bacteria. Its GermKill kit can purify up to 1500 liters of water. It also features an activated carbon filter that makes the water smell good and free from harmful microorganisms.

But before you make a purchase do remember one thing, it will not work with hard water. The people who fetch water from sources like bore well will have to buy an RO-based purifier.

HUL Pureit WPWF100 Autofill 23 Litre Water Purifier Review Specifications and Price Online in India

Autofill Feature: This purifier is capable of automatically fetching water from a pipeline. Interestingly, the purification process stops once the storage tank is filled with clean water fully.

→ This is a Safe Water Purifier with a Durable Build

HUL has taken a good care of the safety of its customers. In the manufacturing process, the brand uses only food grade materials. Moreover, its outer shell is enough strong that it will last for years to come. The product looks amazing and it features a transparent storage tank. Another surprising thing is that this budget purifier is capable of holding 9 liters of purified at once. It comes equipped with an indicator panel that turns red when the GermKill kit dies.

No Electricity Is Needed: People who live in areas where power cuts are a big problem can even use this device. It does not depend on electricity to purify water.


  • Transparent storage tank that can hold 9 liters of purified water
  • Kills all the bacteria present in the water
  • Looks appealing
  • Lightweight
  • Works without electricity


  • Purification process is a little bit slow
  • Does not support wall mount installation

Verdict: The HUL product has really impressed me. Not only it comes with some top-notch features rather a low price tag too makes it a suitable choice for most middle-class families. Further, you will not have to fill it manually as it comes with a unique Autofill feature. Therefore, if you have corporation water connection, then this device can be a great solution.

Total Storage Capacity 23 Liter
Filtration Method GermKill Kit
Electricity Required No
Dimensions 64 x 29 x 29 cm
Weight 4.3 KG
Buy 3800 Rupees