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Top 4 Brand New Smartphones Under 15000

Moto G2 Specifications

“Smartphones under 15000 Rupees” is one most looked and searched category by Indian Smartphone buyers. Since the launch of MOTO G (2013), Motorola has been the ruler of the category. However, the category lists highest no of smartphones from Indian Smartphone brand Micromax and Korean brand Samsung.

Micromax, Motorola, and Samsung have been sharing market until the launch of Mi3 from Chinese brand Xiaomi. The Mi3 packed-in best of specifications and lowest ever price. It is selling hot Chocó lava cake. Four minutes sales window at Flipkart proves that Xiaomi’s Indian entry has been a great success. Now there is a challenge for the regular players for out of box strategy in designing, specifications and pricing of their new smartphones to stay relevant in the market.

There has been massive revamp in the specifications and designing as far as Indian smartphone brand is concerned. Brand new smartphones from Micromax, Lava or XOLO are packed with high-end specifications.

In this article, I have picked four smartphones, which falls under 15000 rupees budget category and have most promising specifications in the Indian context. While Xiaomi’s Mi3 is out of stock, these four smartphones are recommended as alternatives.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The Galaxy prime is similar attempt from Indian’s leading smartphone seller Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The Samsung is making entry into the selfie powered smartphone category with the launch of The Grand Prime. It packs 5MP front facing camera with 8MP rear camera which can record FHD video at 30 fps. To enhance the selfie experience, the front camera features 85-degree wide lens to cover larger background than the usual selfie powered smartphone.

The Smartphone features 5 MP qHD display with pixel density of 220 ppi. It is powered by 1.2 GHz snapdragon quad core 401 processor alongside 1GB RAM. It has 8GB internal memory and a microSD card port to support the memory expansion up to 64 GB. For network and hardware connectivity there is the latest version of Bluetooth, USB port, Wi-Fi.

Samsung’s first selfie smartphone runs on the latest Android version Kitkat 4.4.4 and lists 2800 mAh battery which lasts for a day on high multimedia usages.

The Grand Prime has to compete with existing smartphone models in the category. Sony Xperia C3 and Nokia Lumia 730 are two selfie-centric smartphones available in the market.

Price 14000 Rupees
Screen 5 inch, qHD, 16M, 220 PPI
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 410; Adreno 306 GPU
Memory 1 GB RAM, 8 GB User Memory
Camera 8 MP(P), 5 MP(F), FHD Recording
Battery 2600 mAh
Connectivity USB2, BT4, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, Dual SIM

Xolo Q2100

Xolo is one Indian brand have potential to score big as far as innovation is concerned. I have been a satisfied user of XOLO’s recent products. I rate the XOLO as advanced and innovative smartphone brand from Indian origin. The XOLO is an example of good productivity with wrong marketing. As a brand, its campaign failed attracts buyers. In marketing term – first, you have to identify buyer class. The XOLO has not been able to identify buyer class, for which, It has to develop and design smartphones.

Xolo Q2100

The Q2100 is one punch on the face of leading brands in India including Micromax. Xolo has packed the Q2100 with top notched specification fingerprint scanner that is found only in the high-end smartphones.

Let’s have a look exactly what it offers beside fingerprint scanner, which is also a USP in the Q2100.

Look Feel and Build: The smartphone figures an unusual combination of black front and white rear. In the first impression, it doesn’t look attractive and its finishing is not far from excellence. In my opinion, choices of color are not good. Though the rear and edge view is unique and fancy rounded. Two parallel chrome line runs around the edge, buttons placed there are covered with metal caps. The rear of the smartphone is dust magnet and hosts primary camera with flash, loudspeaker and fingerprint scanner.

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Display: Its 5.5 inches display features HD resolution measures in 720 by 1280 Pixel, translated into 267 PPI. Colour reproduction and sharpness is good and noticed while you compare with its competitor. I am quite impressed with the display for balance and enhance visibility in outdoor under direct sunlight. Overall the Q2100’s display is a plus point in the smartphone construction. The HIVE – a customized UI from XOLO doesn’t find a place in the smartphone and users live with stock Android UI, which is pretty decent in my view.

Fingerprint Scanner: Unlike the commercial starter of fingerprint scanner by the Samsung Galaxy S5, the mobile phone fixes the scanner at the back, just above the speaker. At the start, I was bit spectacle the feasibility of the feature in a low budget smartphone. Fingerprint scanner does a good job still success ratio has to be improved. There has been some occasion, the scanner couldn’t able to recognized, therefore the phone remain locked for access. Fingerprint scanner brings security still it requires a clean revamp to work smoothly. Also, point to be noted here is that if battery is low then scanner doesn’t work, which is quite alarming in case of emergency.

My favorite application is “LastPass” which securely stores your multiple account credentials. The application lets users fetch out passwords to log-in online accounts by using fingerprint.

Specifications: The smartphone is powered by 1.3 GHz MediaTek processor along with 1 GB RAM and Mali 400 MP2 graphics processor. There is 8GB parked internal flash memory and expendable up to 32 GB with the help of a MicroSD card. It takes in two SIM card which supports network frequency between 850 MHz to 2100 MHz . At connectivity side – Bluetooth 4.0, USB 2.0 and Standard Wi-Fi options are available.

Camera: For photography, its packs 8MP rear camera with Sony’s Exmor Sensor. For 3G video calling and HD selfie, there are 2 MP fronts facing camera. The camera app is simple and gets in action really quick. Focus on the object and capturing images and getting ready to next use is just matter of few second.

Performance: This is a quality smartphone for day-to-day users. 2800 mAh removable battery is capable of backing of the phone for 25 Days that on 3G network standby. Gaming remains smooth though we experience lag while playing Asphalt 8 gaming. DTS sound reproduction is one of the key features to consider. Its speaker loudness is sufficient to watch a movie in a big group.

Overall this is one of top most noted smartphone under 15000 rupees budget categories.

Price 12000 Rupees
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 5.5 inch, HD, 267 PPI, 16M
Processor 1.3 GHz Quad Core MediaTek
Memory 1 GB RAM, 8 GB User Memory
GPU Mali 400 MP2 500 MHz
Camera 8 MP(P), 2MP(F), FHD Recording
Battery 2800 mAh
Connectivity USB2, BT4, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G
Body 9.3 mm (Th)

Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Recent launch many innovative and high-end specifications mobile phone forced the Micromax to change strategy and does some quality work to stay relevant in the market. The Canvas Nitro is an example of quality smartphones in the budget category. Indian Tech Gurus rated the Nitro – the most ambitious smartphone from the Micromax Account. Micromax’s true Octa-core smartphone has been praised by the India’s leading tech reviewers.

User Interface: I am a big fan of stock android UI. Whether customized UI is right or wrong is a matter of debate. Best customized UI available in market are from Xiaomi and Sony. However, if the smartphone brand is not capable thinking beyond the Google developers, then they shouldn’t play with the natural design of the Android.

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Micromax Nitro comes with Stock Android UI with basic tweaking to give a unique experience to users. Out of many small enhancements, Quick look news feed option requires special mention here. At one of home, the feed option lists the latest update from email accounts, SMS, and social media accounts. This is similar to the Blackberry’s Hub application. Further, users find color-coded notifications. The basic color choice is identical and similar to standard Android’s practice.

Micromax has left no stone unturned to spice it up with all sorts of usual and trendy features. Some of them are listed here.

1) A camera widget,

2) Auto pause while you look away from home screen, and some more

3) Unwanted but friendly applications collection.

Performance: Most of Indian Smartphone brands are accused of furnishing specifications in the sheet against the actual reality. In the case of the Canvas Nitro, real performance comes close to the given specifications. The Smartphone owns true Octa Core processor of MediaTek, accompanied by a 2 GB RAM. My few days with the mobile phone let me believe that Micromax has optimized it for fast and lag free experience. The Micromax Performance booster is a paisa Vasool product.

Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Display and Build: This is a solid device with premium looks. While there is 5-inch display panel at front, you get back area packed up in faux leather that makes it look gorgeous. If Micromax LOGO removed, it is hard to identify that it is a smartphone from an Indian brand. Viewing angle is good in indoor. You would find it very reflective while in the direct sunlight. However, the same can be addressed by maximizing brightness for balance viewing angle.

Camera: In my view, Micromax has made a mistake in camera definition. High specifications are just for namesake. Its Autofocus 13 MP camera is designed to record FHD video with 1080P resolution while there is 5MP front facing camera for greater selfies and 3G/2G video calling. The rear camera performance is not at all impressive. Missing branded image sensors translate in poor camera performance.

Battery: The Nitro A310 scores big as far as battery is concerned. A heavy usage does require charging after 20 to 24 hours, medium usages last for almost 2 days.

Competitor: In the current market, Moto G2 is a perfect alternative of the Nitro A310. If you are looking for a smartphone under 13000 rupees where camera quality is not a concern than Micromax Canvas Nitro is a right choice.

Read more about other Micromax Nitro-type smartphones at Three Cool 4G Smartphones

Motorola Moto G2 2014

The new Moto G2 has been designed based feedback and concerned received from users. Moto G 2014 features loud speaker, bigger screen, Dual SIM port and a front facing camera to fulfill today’s demand. The designing of the smartphone remains same with basic changes in finishing and quality of plastic in use. Certainly, the price constraint doesn’t let much to do with build quality. Moto G 2014 is available in two colors variant that is black and white.

Moto G2 Specifications

Look, Feel and Built: The major improvement to be noticed here is that speaker flanked at the front and two metal thin line twists in pure black body. While the body is made out of plastic, all the edge buttons get metal caps – smooth and stiff. The rear is covered with matte polished rubber that results in good hold in user’s hand. The new Moto G is one of the best-designed phones under 15000 budgets. The custom design appeals all genres of users. Its back features LED flash, Motorola Logo, and a 8 MP camera lens. Overall its built is strong and rare possibility to collect smudges. Further, there is nano-coating to bring water-resistance to a certain extent and also handle minor splashes, but there are fewer changes of life after a dip in water bank.

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Display: Its display takes a dip as far as pixel density is concerned. However, the same results in longer battery life. You will not notice much pixelation, but there is a decrease in color reproduction compare to the earlier Moto G2. In the 15000 budget category, the Moto G 2014 has the best display, comparing viewing angle and sunlight legibility. Its 5 Inch HD display comes with corning Glass 3 protection.

Software: Since it has the blessing from the Google, operating system integration and future upgrade are not a matter of concern. The smartphone runs Android latest operating system Kitkat version 4.4.4. According to Google, Nexus, Motorola and newly launch Android One series smartphones are the first beneficiaries of the forthcoming upgrade in the core of OS.

It is bundled with in-house developed apps for help, Motorola Care, emergency, and location finder. There is one app called “Assist” got my attention. It sets the phone behavior, how to ring up while you are in meeting or sleeping. This is some kinds of “do not disturb” management in your phone.

Camera: The New Moto G 2014 packs 8MP primary and 2 MP front facing camera. Motorola’s camera apps come with smart-setting to take quick snaps in Indore and Outdoor. At the start of camera app, you will get two options to choose between video and still then there is subsection where you can select HDR, Panorama, Focus, Slow motion, widescreen, geo-tagging, and shutter-sound. To take a picture, you just need tapping anywhere on the screen.

I see good improvement in camera as it takes high quality images with good details and contrast accuracy in low-light. Also, HDR mode challenges high-priced smartphones as far as recorded video quality is concerned. With wide-scene recording with good amount of light and contract is suitable for reproduction for commercial purpose.

Its front facing camera is in line with the market trend. In regular light, selfie quality is good, but selfie taken in a closed-door is not quality to publish on the social media.

Hardware and Performance: The smartphone is powered by 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 quad core processor coupled with 1 GB RAM and Adreno 305 GPU. There is 16 GB flash memory onboard wherein 12 GB is left to users. Also, users find microSD card slot that takes in up to 32 GB.

The Moto G 2014 is one of the best performing smartphones under 15000 budgets. Motorola has not changed the cost effective and suitable combination that was in use at Moto G1. During my Seven days of uses, I didn’t experience any lag during apps navigation or multimedia multitasking.

Connectivity: It offers Bluetooth, WI-Fi, GPS, USB 2.0. Some of my office colleges had experienced network issue with Moto G 2013. Therefore, my top priority was to check its mobile tower connectivity strength. The smartphone offers good voice quality even on one or two point network strength.

Multimedia: It doesn’t have the option to play FM radio in loudspeaker mode. Front facing speakers produce loud sound, but missing bass enhancement.

Gaming: I have played Asphalt 8 and Temple Run 2 under the gaming test drive. There was no frame drop and screen freeze. Overall the smartphone offers good gaming experience despite having limited RAM and hardware resources.

Price 12000 Rupees
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.4
Body 11mm [Th], 149g [W]
Display 5 Inches, HD, 294 ppi, 16M
Processor 1.2 Quad Core Snapdragon
User Memory 8/16 GB, External Memory upto 32GB
Camera 8 MP (P), 2 MP (F), 720P Recording
Battery 2070 mAh

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