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Top 4 BPL Televisions Between 11000 to 27000 Rupees

BPL FEN92VH1 61 cm 24 Inches LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

After a long gap, Indian consumer electronics brand BPL has presented a new series of LED televisions starting from a price range of 11500 to 27000 rupees. My introduction with BPL TV goes back to the era of DD National Shree Krishna Serial telecast. Then, as a Kid, I was in love with Shree Krishna Leela without knowing that one day I will sit with my team to review a new series of the same brand TV.

I will take a few notes from BPL’s official website. I am really surprised after knowing the full meaning of BPL abbreviation. BPL’s full form is British Physical Laboratories. This brand had begun operation in 1968 that today expends in consumer, medical, home and lightening gadget segments.

With a sales agreement with Flipkart, BPL has launches four innovative LED HD TVs. The TV models are available only at Flipkart, so searching it in a local electronics mall will be a meaning-less work.

BPL Customer Care : 1800- 425- 5571; [email protected] Read also 40 inch Full HD LED TV from BPL and Micromax Below 25000.

32 inch BPL EDP98VH1 LED TV

You might remember BPL was a popular TV brand back in 2004. The brand suffered from huge losses during 2005-2006 and its future went into dark. But now after 10 years, BPL has made a re-entry by launching a few attractive products. The recently launched BPL EDP98VH1LED TV offers a huge 32 inch display at just 16490 rupees.

Design: The design that this TV features is certainly not the best in the world, but is manageable considering the price point. Its bezels are thick to cause annoyance in the user’s movie watching experience. The good thing is that the build materials used in this TV are of really high quality. One can easily reach the connectivity ports at the back because of unique design of its back panel. The TV is just 80 mm thick and is also not much heavy.

Display: BPL has tried the best to attract customers by putting an HD Ready 32 inches display that comes with a resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. However, I would have personally preferred a full HD panel as this display is really huge. Your plan to use this TV for a gaming console will suffer a setback because of its low motion refresh rate of just 60 Hz. For watching a movie this is refreshing rate is sufficient, but for a game playing you need much better than this.

BPL EDP98VH1 81 cm 32 Inches LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

Thanks to the A+ Grade panel that helps this TV to eliminate ambient light reflection and reproduce images with perfect colors.

Sound Quality Connectivity and Extra Features

The two 10 Watt speakers at the back are supported by an inbuilt amplifier to produce loud and high quality audio. However, the TV does not come with any special audio technology that can be a disappointment for music lovers.

Connectivity: This BPL TV flaunts 3 HDMI ports, which is an exception for the price you are paying. Multiple USB ports would have been preferable, but a single USB port will also expand the connectivity options of users. All other connectivity ports like RF In, HDMI, VGA, Component In, Audio Out and Audio In can also be found on the back.

Extra Features: The fun-to-play 4 on-board games of this LED TV helps a lot in refreshing the mind, especially when you are feeling bored. Users will never face any kind of compatibility issues while playing media from their USB devices as it supports all the modern formats.

Power Consumption Warranty and Installation Details

In standby mode, the TV consumes only 1Watt of electricity, but that number jumps to a whopping 100 Watts when it goes in active mode. Strangely, BPL recommends using a stabilizer for this TV even when it supports a wide voltage input of 100-240 Volts.

Warranty: BPL gives one year of free warranty on this LED TV, but that covers just the Panel and PCB.

Installation: This TV supports both table top and wall mount installation. In case of online purchase, a service executive will visit your house after the product gets delivered.

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  • The size of display is really attractive at this
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • On-board games
  • Built-in media player
  • Loud audio
  • A+ Grade panel


  • Power consumption is on the higher side as compared to other LED TVs
  • Single USB port

Verdict: This BPL TV does not come with many extra features. The audio and video quality is also average in my opinion. However, I cannot say that buying this TV will be a bad decision as it comes at a much affordable price.

Display Size 32-inch
Display Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Dimensions 730 x 435 x 80 mm
Power Consumption 100 Watts
Connectivity 3 X HDMI, 1 X USB, RF In, VGA, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out
Speakers 10W X 2
Extra Features On board Games and Inbuilt Media Player
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 16000 Rupees


BPL EDN97VH1 LED TV with Inbuilt Media Player

The only thing that makes an electronic product a popular choice in the market is the correlation of its features and price. BPL has used this technique in selling most of its products. Sometimes this Indian brand does forget the current trend and buyers demand. The BPL EDN97VH1 LED TV flaunts a number of attractive features, but fails to attract customers because of its high price of 17990 rupees.

Design: We have to give some appreciation to BPL for the brilliant design. All the parts of this TV are delicately designed. The outer shell is sturdy and wears a nice premium finish. Controls and connectivity ports can be easily accessed. Its super slim design will blow your mind for sure. The curved profile of the back panel makes it much easier for the end users to clean this TV if they have mounted it on a wall.

Display: You will have an immersive movie watching experience as it comes with a big 32 inch display. However, the graphics will not be that crispy because of the low resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. Buyers do expect full HD display at this price. One good thing is that it flaunts a high quality A+ Display panel that comes without any pixel defect. There are few negligible drawbacks, hardly notable in the regular usages. One big hidden gold feature we count – the high quality display panel of this TV does not lose color when the light density increases in the room from multiple sources. However, for a great TV watching experience, maintain low lightening in the TV room.

BPL EDN97VH1 81 cm 32 Inches LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

This BPL TV is certainly not made for gaming purpose and if you still want to try it, then let me tell you that your experience will be really disappointing because of the low motion refresh rate.

16 Watts Audio and Three Connectivity Ports

No one will buy an 18000 rupees TV if that comes with bad audio system. BPL should have thought twice before putting just two 8-Watt bad performing speakers.

Connectivity: I must say, this TV is loaded with a bunch of connectivity features. The Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) allows the users to stream media from supported devices to the huge display of this TV. One can even use the Bluetooth feature to play audio files, but the experience will not be that great because of bad sound system.

The TV also sports 2 HDMI and one USB port. Other notable connectivity ports on this TV are VGA, RF In, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out.

Extra Features: In the name of extra features, this TV comes with a few on-board games and a media player. The media player is appreciable as it supports all the modern media formats.

This BPL LED does tot consuming huge power

Considering the size of the TV, the power consumption of just 75 Watts is a good choice for a family with high electricity bill. Another interesting feature of this TV is consumption of less than 1W of power in standby mode.

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Warranty: The manufacturer covers all kinds of manufacturing defects related to the panel and PCB for one year.

Installation: Those will buy BPL EDN97VH1 online will get a free installation service within 48 hours of the delivery. Buyers have been given privilege to choose the installation type.


  • Huge display
  • MHL
  • Bluetooth support
  • 2 HDMI ports
  • Inbuilt media player
  • A+ Panel
  • Attractive design


  • Low quality audio
  • Only one USB port

Verdict: I do agree that this TV boasts a number of great features, but its price is still high. There are a number of alternatives in the market comes with the same specs, but with a huge price difference. If you still want to own, then wait for a 10% cash back offer.

Display Size 32-inch
Display Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Power Consumption 75 Watts
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 1 X USB, MHL, Bluetooth, RF In, VGA, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out
Speakers 8W X 2
Extra Features On-board Games and Inbuilt Media Player
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 18000 Rupees


40 inch BPL 41PEMVF1 Full HD LED TV – Editor's Choice

Indian consumer electronics brand BPL has made a great comeback after 10 years of restructuring program. This time the brand is not only big rather broad and ready to challenge in highly competitive electronics business in India.

After Micromax and Vu, the BPL follows Motorola’s footsteps as the new series of LED televisions are exclusively available at Flipkart. In terms of build quality, BPL’s vivid display does not fail to impress in the first look. This colour television is equipped with a FHD 1080P LED display with A+ grade panel, which provides better image quality and a great viewing angle of 178 degrees.

You can watch your favorite movies and daily Hindi Serial shows in full HD picture quality on this BPL gadget. It sports great picture quality in deep close natural clarity for a best possible viewing experience. It also showcases a Built-In Amplifier for crystal clear sound delivery when connected to a home theatre.

The end user will get three HDMI ports for connectivity with PS4 and other compatible devices. There is a USB 2.1 port for mass storage connectivity like HDD and a support to pen drive. Having great numbers of connectivity ports making it a hot gadget to consider this month. It features a Digital Noise Reduction Mechanism (DNR), which enhances video and audio quality.

BPL 41PEMVF1 102 cm 40 Inches LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

This TV is capable of filtering out both visible and audible noise from the multimedia content. It includes a child lock feature, which allows you to control what children can watch. This is a great feature for those homes host teenage Kids.

With advance power saving feature the television consumes less electricity and saves on power costs. You can also adjust or dim the back-light for comfortable viewing. It comes with four preloaded games to keep your little ones engaged while you are busy with your work. Remote control is used as a gaming control device.


  1. Display Size-102cm (40″)
  2. USB Ports-1
  3. Resolution-FULL HD, 1920 x 1080
  4. HDMI Ports-3
  5. Power Consumption-65W
  6. Speaker Output RMS-12W x 2
  7. Refresh Rate-60 Hz
  8. Warranty-1 Year


  1. Full HD display
  2. HDMI connectivity
  3. Sleek and Elegant Design
  4. USB Connectivity
  5. Pre-Loaded Games
  6. Support for Home Theatre
  7. Child Lock
  8. Power Saving


  1. No Bluetooth Support
  2. No MHL Support

Verdict: Overall the product is good. It has got a unique eye-catching style statement and a larger display (40″) at a much lower price than the current trend. This is a great budget Television packed with plenty of features. It has a premium finish on its outer body. Full HD LED Display and various built-in features make it a great buy in its price segment. Sound quality is mesmerizing. There are many other companies, which provide more or less similar features in this price range. It is not perfect, but the best in this price range. BPL also provides free installation and demo of the television.

Display Size 40 inch
Display Resolution 1920 X 1080 pixels
Power Consumption 65 Watts
Connectivity 3 X HDMI, 1 X USB, MHL, Bluetooth, RF In, VGA, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out
Speakers 12W X 2
Extra Features On board Games and Inbuilt Media Player
Warranty 1 Year
Model Year 2015
Buy 27000 Rupees
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24 inches BPL FEN92VH1 HD Ready LED TV – My PICK

BPL is targeting the budget segment of TV market to gain a momentum after suffering from a long dark age. One of the most affordable TVs that this brand offers is the FEN92VH1 LED TV, which can be bought for as low as 11490 rupees right now. The good thing is that even at this price BPL has loaded this product with a number of great features.

Design: I am not a huge fan of BPL’s design strategy. Its TVs were not attractive even in the early days. But yes, I can bet on the build quality of products. It does not look that great, but has been designed in a way that you will not face any problem in the handling. Creaking and flexing are much hard to notice, the credit of which goes to BPL for sure. One can also find extra space on the back that helps in reaching the connectivity ports.

Display: This LED TV is not for those who like huge displays. The 24 display that it flaunts has a decent resolution of 1366 X 768 pixels. It is true that the pixel count is low, but because of the small size of display, all the graphics appear crispy. The A+ Grade Panel ensures that each and every part of the display generates correct colors.

BPL FEN92VH1 61 cm 24 Inches LED TV Review Specifications Price Online in India

You will not find even a single dark spot on the panel as the TV is powered by DLED backlighting system. However, this TV also suffers from low motion rate problem, which will disappoint console gamers a lot.

Sound system with 14-watts Audio output and Preloaded Games

My recommendation would be not to install this BPL TV in a big room because there are only two 7 Watt speakers on it. The audio it generates is not much loud and many times you will feel a need of an extra set of speakers.

Connectivity: Low budget has not stopped BPL from putting the best connectivity features like MHL and Bluetooth on this TV. It is also equipped with two HDMI and one USB port. Other connectivity ports like RF In, VGA, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out make this TV a worthy buy.

Extra Features: Those want extra features will suffer from huge disappointment because this LED TV does not offer a lot on this front. Still, you can refresh your mind by playing any of the 4 on-board games. Moreover, all types of media can be opened on this TV as it features an inbuilt media player.

This LED TV requires low power to run

Do not worry about your electricity bill as it consumes just 45 Watts of power. If your electricity connection suffers from fluctuations, then you will be relieved to know that this TV supports wide voltage input of 100-240 Volts.

Warranty: You will get one year of warranty on this product that does not cover cabinet and remote.

Installation: The installation will be provided free of cost if you have purchased this TV online.


  • HD Ready
  • 2 HDMI and 1 USB port
  • MHL and Bluetooth Support
  • A+ Grade Panel
  • On board Games
  • Inbuilt media player

Cons: Low audio volume

Verdict: At this price point, it is the best TV that you can get. The features that come on-board are really hard to find even on TVs priced above 15000 rupees.

Display Size 24inch
Display Resolution 1366 X 768 pixels
Power Consumption 45 Watts
Connectivity 2 X HDMI, 1 X USB, MHL, Bluetooth, RF In, VGA, Component In, Audio In and Audio Out
Speakers 7W X 2
Extra Features On-board Games and Inbuilt Media Player
Warranty 1 Year
Buy 11000 Rupees

3 thoughts on “Top 4 BPL Televisions Between 11000 to 27000 Rupees

  1. Great TV BPL
    Actually till lat week, out of 40 years, I almost watch 32 years CRT TVs.. Started with Keltron, Onida, BPL, Sansui, Smasung..these are the brands I used in all these years.But lastweek really a big day..My BPL 32″ LED has arrived and I started watching it from evening. This is my first LED TV and I am amazed watching LED quality and colors..I know this happens with every one who are the first time users.
    Let me now share my views about BPL brand.
    BPL is an old brand and I owned a color TV some years back and I know the quality of it. But suddenly BPL disappeared for almost 9-10 years which i have never noticed much. But when I thought of buying LED I started gathering reviews of diff brands and all of a sudden I have seen BPL TV in Flipkaart and I was shocked and happy. I then went to the BPL site to check the reality and it was real..BPL launched 32″ and 40″ LED TVs..I thought WOW..My old friend back to the business..
    I checked the reviews in diff sites about this new BPL 32″ and there are some 70-30 reviews. Still all said at this price of under 16K the TV looking Good. Immediately I ordered it with out any hesitation.,
    About TV:
    Looks and finish: Excellent
    Colors: Very true colors seen.
    Audio: Not great but ok comparatively.
    Remote control: Easy to operate.
    Over all: Welcome back BPL..

    BPL Brand: Mr Ajit G. Nambiar, should have kept more focuse on Sound quality. When you are coming back amd relaunching after some long years, normally the first launch should be more attractive comparatively. The picture quality soo good but You disappointed me in Sound/Audio but
    Sir, you have brought back the BPL brand in TV sector again.

    I think “I Believed in the BEST”.

    This is my 1st LED and may be I am more exited writing this review but still I am happy that the excitement came from watching the TV from my old friend the BPL.

    Thanks BPL..Thanks Flipkart..

    I strongly recommend this BPL 32″ LED TV.

  2. this is my 2nd review which Flipkart didnt publish:

    Dec 29, 2016 within 4 hours of installation, panel shows lines and then dark patches. I have send all request to BPL as well as Flipkart. Both of them promised help but they have lame excuses and gave statuatory replies to my mail.
    It was for my parents. Now on its own most of the dark patches gone with few lines remaining. I bought this product as I was a BPL user in the past.
    In January 2017 itself, I have given a genuine feedback which has gone against flipkart too. They didnt publish my review. They are afraid that this might reduce their popularity.
    What flipkart didnt understand that I have stopped purchasing items from them ever since. These days who cares if they loose customer. None the less, dont try this product and for that matter flipkart.

    1. unlike 1990 when there was a humane element in trading, this time its call centre based – call centre folks from flipkart and call centre folks from jeeves (representing BPL) are handling the situation and made it more ugly by not understanding the requirement and thereby the remedy. this is the very reasons that buying BPL tv now is by luck, if you land with problem, there is none to listen to you.

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