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Top 4 32 Inch Full HD LED TV in 30000 to 40000 Rupees

Top 4 32 Inch Full HD LED TV In India in May 2015

In this article, we are presenting four brand new 32-inch LED TV from most valued television brands in the Indian market: Panasonic, Sony, LG, and Samsung.

Panasonic LED FHD Smart TV 32 inches TH-32AS630D

Last year Panasonic introduced a whole new series of its LED TVs called Life+ Screen. The Panasonic TH-32AS630D LED TV is a product from the same series and features some notable specs. Panasonic has tried to push the concept of Smart TVs towards user friendliness without making the price unaffordable. This LED Smart TV can be purchased from Flipkart for a price of 35699 INR, which is not against a common man budget considering the brand name.

Design: The elegant design of this TV with appealing colors makes your wall look great. Its beauty does not reduce when putting on a table also because of the 59mm thickness. The TV unit is lightweight at 6.5 KG and can be moved from one place to another by a single person only. Thin bezel with a metallic band at the bottom gives this TV a premium and attractive look.

Display: There are only a few LED TVs in the market that boasts IPS panel and this Smart TV is one of them. It has got a full HD display with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. You won’t need to worry about the sunlight or any other source of light before the installation because of its super bright panel.

Panasonic TH-32AS630D 80 cm (32) LED TV Full HD Smart

Wide viewing angles of 178 degrees in both directions are enough for a quality experience. Although the refresh rate of the screen is low, but the LED backlit flickers at 100 Hz ultimately making this TV devoid of motion blur. The direct LED backlighting technology makes sure that brightness gets evenly distributed all over the screen.

It reproduces lifelike and saturated colors. All the details appear to be crisp and noise-free, thanks to the correction technology that runs behind the scenes.

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Sound Quality and Smart features of this Panasonic LED TV

The dual speakers at the back consume a total of 20 Watt energy and generate enough loud sound. You would only need an extra set of speakers if you plan to install the TV in a big large room like a hall. The V-audio feature creates a surround sound effect for a theater-like experience.

Smart Features: The home screen of the TV can be customized according to the needs of the user. This is something that we generally do not see on the Smart TVs from other manufacturers. The “My Stream” feature automatically recommends the user about various contents like TV shows, movies and global content over the internet. However, you should have a working internet connection to use all these features.

You can also use your voice to operate this TV directly from the remote. At the core, this Smart TV has a dual-core processor that processes the data without any delay.

Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi lets a user to do many things on this Smart TV. Well, it was necessary also as most of the featured services run on the internet only. You also get 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports on the back to connect various devices. Other ports like RF In, Composite In and Audio Out are also present.

Other Features of this 32 Inch Smart TV

Users can share the files on their smartphones and laptops to this TV over the Wi-Fi network. Screen mirroring feature lets the user to cast smartphone screen activity to the big display of this Smart TV. The Swipe and Share capability is another feature that Panasonic teases a lot these days.

A special feature of sharing text message allows staying connected with family. This Smart TV also has a browser installed that supports HTML5 so that you don’t face any problem while viewing the web content.

You can also transfer the files on one USB drive to another using Double USB Sharing feature of this Smart TV.

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The Eco-Ambient sensor helps in saving the energy. The Smart TV consumes only 70 Watts of power and supports a wide range of voltage input i.e. 110V- 240V.


  • IPS panel with Direct LED backlighting
  • Full HD support
  • Two 10 Watt speakers for generating loud audio
  • Customizable home screen and voice recognition
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and HTML5 web browser
  • Capable of screen mirroring. Users can also share files on their smartphones and laptops


  • Connectivity ports are not at a user-friendly location
  • The number of USB ports could have been at least 3

Verdict: Panasonic has tried its best to put all the features that are generally found on a premium smart TV. IPS panel is really an exception as they are costlier to manufacture these days. Features like customizable home screen, double USB sharing, and stock HTML5 browser give this Smart TV an extra edge over all the competitors in the market.

I have no problem in recommending this TV to anyone looking for an affordable Smart TV with a brand name and some cool features.

Price 39500 Rupees
Display FHD, LED, 32 inches, 1920×1080 Pixels, 16:9
Viewing Angles 178 Degrees
Speaker 20 W (10 + 10)
Voice Interaction YES
Voice Command YES
Voice Guidance YES
Panasonic TV Remote 2 (App) YES
Connectivity Double USB Sharing, DLNA, Display Mirroring, Wireless LAN Built-in, Bluetooth
HDMI Port 3
Power Consumption 70W, ( Standby 0.30 W)


LG 32 inches FHD LED Smart TV 32LB5820

LG has recently launched many budget and intermediate level TVs that are performing great in the market. One of its most appreciated product is the 32LB5820 LED TV that comes for the price of 32599 INR. This smart LED TV packs the greatest features that you can get in this price.

Design: The designing team behind this Smart TV has done a great job. Glossy and silver finish on the body gives it a premium feel. It is just 55.5mm thick so you can easily mount it on a wall without thinking twice. The curved architecture of the back helps in reducing the gaps that may cause dust to settle in. You would not find any difficulty in moving this TV as it weighs only 6 KG. Narrow bezels do not capture much of the view field and make the display feel more polished.

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Display: It is quite exceptional that LG has managed to put an IPS panel in a TV of this price segment. Picture quality and color reproduction of the display is great. Wide viewing angles eliminate the chance of distortions, be it of any kind like brightness or color. This TV successfully removes the motion blur, which is a big problem of LED TVs. Moreover, you will not find any tailing when you press the display with your finger.

LG 32LB5820 80 cm (32) LED TV Full HD Smart

The Triple XD Engine that sits on the firmware enhances the clarity and the contrast ratio. And, effective work of the Triple XD engine results in an ultimate experience of the user.

Although IPS panels provide great picture quality and color reproduction, but they are not free of disadvantages. These panels have low refresh rate and consume more power when compared to the traditional TN panels. However, these disadvantages do not matter for the customers buying this TV solely for movie and TV show watching.

Clear Sound Technology and Bollywood Mode on this LED

You would not need to attach any extra set of speakers as this Smart TV features two 10 Watt speakers that generate enough loud sound. The Clear Sound Technology automatically adjusts the volume based on the level of background.

The Smart Sound Mode helps those users do not want to get into the equalizer settings. Users also get the Bollywood Mode that customizes the sound quality according to Indian content for a better user-friendly environment.

Smart Features: The Smart TV can be connected with internet connection via Ethernet cable or Built-in Wi-Fi. You can run many on-board apps to access free and premium content. You can also download various apps available on the store that LG has put in this Smart TV. The Game World lets the user install various games according to the taste of the user.

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Connectivity: This Smart TV has left behind all the other TVs of this price segment in terms of connectivity. It boasts 3 HDMI and 3 USB ports. You can simultaneously connect enough number of devices like Pen Drive, Hard Disk, Smartphone, PC, and Gaming console.

As already mentioned, this Smart TV has got an Ethernet port for connecting it to the network. It boasts Built-in Wi-Fi for the power users who like to use their Smart TVs to the fullest. Moreover, the LG 32LB5820 Smart TV features all the needed ports like Composite In, DA Out, RF In and Headphone port. However, accessing these ports at a higher frequency might become a hard task in case of a wall mounting.

LG ships an NFC sticker along with the TV box that you can use to easily transfer the content on your smartphone to this Smart TV via the Tag On feature.

Other Cool Features of this LG Smart TV

The first feature to be mentioned here is the Intel’s WIDI that lets users connect devices like Laptop and smartphones with this TV wirelessly. You can cast the screen of your smartphone to the display of this SmartTV using the Miracast feature. The Smart Share Mode can be used to push the content on your smartphone to the TV and vice versa.

Moreover, this Smart TV also comes with a Time Machine feature that allows for recording your favorite TV shows and Movies. However, the limited storage space at 4GB does not allow a high number of videos to be recorded.

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  • 3 USB and 3 HDMI ports. Simplink for connecting smartphone via a cable
  • Metallic finish.
  • Ethernet port and built-in Wi-Fi. Web browser for opening web pages
  • Two 10 Watt speakers
  • Magic Remote compatible. You can also use your smartphone as a remote


  • Doesn’t come in many color options
  • Connectivity ports are hard to access in case of wall mounting

Verdict: The LG 32LB5820 Smart TV is the best in class product under 40000 INR right now. You can’t get anything better than this. All the features that you can think on a 32-inch TV are packed tightly into this Smart TV. Once you boot this TV for the first time, you will find more than you expected. However, it is your decision whether you want great features or just a showcase.

Price 34000 Rupees
Smart TV YES
Feature FHD, LED, 32 inches
HDMI Port 3
Internet Access YES
Speaker Output RMS 20


Sony BRAVIA 32 Inches KLV 32R482B

Sony is good at optics that has been proved by the range of products available in the market. People respect its TVs because of the display technology that it uses and the BRAVIA engine is insanely famous among all.

The Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B is one of the high-quality LED TVs out there. Although its price of 34900INR seems a little high, but when you look at the features that this TV packs then all seems reasonable. It is not that this TV is free from any drawbacks. Like any other LED TV in the market, this LED TV also lacks in many things. However, one or two never make a product flop especially when quality is there.

Design: The Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B LED TV has not much to offer in terms of design. Although it looks good, but inherited appeal might not be impressed you much. It becomes a little thick at 80mm and its bulging back takes a good amount of space. On table, it looks good, but if mounted on a wall, then the gap between the wall and the upper portion of the TV itself is enough to let dirt settle. However, the LED TV is just 5 KG in weight.

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Display: You cannot question Sony on the display front. The 32 inch LED backlit panel contains enough pixels to play full HD videos with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels. Sony’s Clear Resolution Enhancer produces fine and detailed graphics for an immersive experience. Each pixel of this LED TV is designed in such a way that it generates true colors with high contrast. The viewing angle of 89 degree (all direction) is the maximum that any manufacturer can achieve.

Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B 80.1 cm (32) LED TV (Full HD)

The display of Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B LED TV comes in a default ratio of 16:09. If you are worried about the standard definition TV serials then do not. You can change the aspect ratio to suit the size of media you are playing.

A LED TV with Dolby Sound System for Better Speaker 

You will get some disappointment here as this LED TV only features two 8 Watt speakers. There will be many cases where you will need an extra set of speakers for better experience. However, the Dolby technology and different audio modes produce surround sound effect.

Connectivity: Unlike many LED TVS that come above 30,000 Rupees, this LED TV features 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports. There are people who like to connect their hard disks and pen drives both at the same time. Moreover, you might be one of those who want to use this TV as a monitor for their multiple devices. Sony should have put more USB ports in it.

The limited number these ports are compensated by connectivity options like RF In, Headphone out, Audio In and Composite In. You also get built-in Wi-Fi for connecting the TV to the local network, but this does not mean that you will be able to browse through.

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The users can get some relief by knowing that they can easily play the media files stored on their pen drives like Videos and Songs. This has been made possible by the built-in media player.

Connect and Play Smartphone Media files on this Sony LED

As it is not a Smart TV so you will have to be settled with the extra features that come packed in. You can play the media files on your smartphones or other media devices directly on this TV by connecting it to your personal Wi-Fi network.

If you and your friends do a lot of photography with smartphones then this LED TV has something special for you. You can call your friends overnight and view each other’s photos on the big screen of this TV. You can also save the photos that you like.

The Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B LED TV comes with a screen mirroring feature that enables a user to cast his smartphone’s screen on the display of this TV. You can do gaming, play videos and browse webpages using this feature.

This LED TV has a support for 11 Indian languages. You also get the basic features that all the modern LED TVs have like Clock, Sleep Timer, and Child Lock.


  • Full HD display with Clear Resolution Enhancer
  • 89 degrees all direction viewing angles
  • This LED TV can easily open the media files stored on your pen drives
  • Comes loaded with the features like Photo Share, Screen mirroring and media streaming (PC and smartphone) over Wi-Fi
  • Support for 11 Indian languages


  • Only 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports
  • The design is not that appealing
  • Connectivity ports are hard to access in the case of wall mounting
  • Low audio output
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Verdict: The Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R482B LED TV lags behind in many aspects except the picture quality. Also, at this price user expect more features than what they can find on this TV. In fact, many popular brands are selling Smart TVs at the price of this TV.

Price 35000 Rupees
Display LED, 32 inches, Full HD, 1920 x 1080
Safety Cllock, Child Lock, Sleep Timer, On/Off Timer
Connectivity Wi-Fi, One USB, Two HDMI,  RF Capable
Internet Access YES
Speaker 8 W x 2, Dolby Digital
Power Consumption 50 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)


32-inch Samsung LED TV UA32H5500AR

There is no match of Samsung when it comes to TVs in the electronic market. Its products can be seen everywhere and cover all the segments. In fact, it is Samsung, which is overshadowing every other brand in CES over the last couple of years. However, we are here not to talk about the high-end premium TVs today.

An average Indian consumer wants a decent TV that can come under his budget. Well, the Samsung UA32H5500AR LED TV can be the one if you want best for your money. In the recent months, its price has dropped remarkably and currently it is selling at 33,198 Rupees on Flipkart.

Samsung UA32H5500AR 81 cm 32 LED TV Full HD Smart

This much money might seem a lot to some and especially when you try to compare it with the 32 inch TVs sold by Micromax and Vu. But this LED TV is different from those TVs in many ways and you will get to know about everything by the end of this review.

Design: Samsung might be performing badly in the designing of its smartphones, but in the TV business it is exceptional. The bezels of the Samsung UA32H5500AR LED TV are like almost absent. This TV measures just 64.9mm in thickness, which is not much and makes this TV look great on the wall. Coming to the mounting, you have full freedom to put this TV on a table or on your wall. It weighs 5.9 KG only which means you yourself can move the whole unit without any problem.

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Display and Sound Quality of this Samsung LED TV

Its 32inch display is capable of playing full HD videos with great enhancement. Great viewing angles and the screen ratio of 16:9 make this TV best for movie watching. The Wide Color Enhancer Plus technology makes the smallest of details to look crisp and stunning.

Thanks to the Hyper Real Engine that produces life like colors and enhances the contrast ratio. The panel not only helps in reducing the power consumption but also improves the brightness of the display. However, achieving true blacks is not possible because of the backlight technology.

Sound Quality: The LED TV comes with two 10W speakers at the back. These speakers with the help of DTS technology produce surround sound effect. The sound quality gets even enhance by the Dolby MS10 feature. Audio output is loud enough for a small room, but if you have placed this TV in a big hall then you might need extra set of speakers.

Smart TV Hub: I have a surprise for you, it is a Smart TV! A smart HUB button on the TV remote lets you access the smart panel. You can find apps like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook that run with the help of internet. This LED TV can prove to be a great deal at this price.

Samsung has provided lots of Connectivity Options

It is an old style of Samsung to load all its products with all capabilities and this Smart TV is no different. Three HDMI and two USB ports provide more than enough options to play the media files stored on your devices. The Smart TV is also loaded with the connectivity options like Composite In, RF, Audio Out and Audio In.

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Inbuilt Wi-Fi of this TV can be used to connect with home internet connection easily. However, if you do not have a Wi-Fi router at your home you can simply attach a Data Card to one of the USB ports.

Other Features: The Samsung UA32H5500AR LED TV is loaded with tons of extra features that enhance your experience. Sports mode increases the contrast ratio of playing media and can also be used to zoom to a certain part of the footage. You can cast your smartphone’s or tablet’s screen directly to this Smart TV via a Wi-Fi network and enjoy gaming on the big screen.

The Smart View 2.0 app lets you broadcast the content playing on the TV to your network-connected devices. Some other features of this LED TV include Time Shift, Auto Channel Search, Sleep Timer and Clock.


  • Full HD TV with wide viewing angles
  • Stylish and premium look
  • Smart HUB
  • Motion control
  • Wide Color Enhancer for providing an immersive experience
  • 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and USB dongle ready


  • You might need an extra set of speakers for big rooms
  • It is an old model so it might lack a few features that have launched recently

Verdict: The fact that you get a Smart TV in this price is really exceptional. Overall, it is a compact device with a bunch of features to offer. In terms of look also it is not behind any other Smart TV and the full HD display produces great colors. If you can manage with a Smart TV that was launched years ago then there can’t be any better option.

Price 36000 Rupees
Display FHD, LED, 32 inches,  1920 x 1080 Pixels,  16:9
Functionality Smart TV
Speakers 2, 20 watts, Auto Volume Leveller, Dolby MS10
Connectivity 3 HDMI Ports, 2 USB Ports, 1 Audio Port, Ethernet, Wi-Fi,
Power 65 watts, 0.3W standby

18 thoughts on “Top 4 32 Inch Full HD LED TV in 30000 to 40000 Rupees

  1. Panasonic Smart TV is really good option compare to LG and Samsung. Choose Panasonic for all good features whereas LG for quality with care. LG’s service is superb. Sony is a premium brand offers less feature average customer support. However, if you want to buy just a TV then Sony much better choice.

  2. I am purchasing Panasonic LED tomorrow. I have narrowed down to 2 models
    40C400 and 40C200dx. Both are 40 inches LED TV. Which one is better and which one is latest model? And according to my knowledge 40C400 use IPS panel and 40C200dx uses VA panel . Is it true? Please reply me asap as I will probably buy tomorrow.

    Do you know which of the model is newer? I mean which model was released first?

    1. We have not reviewed the said TV models. Therefore, I cannot comment on Hands-on experience.Since, you have already zero-in at these models I can help in choosing the best one. In my opinion, The Panasonic Vierra TH40C400D sounds a much better choice.

  3. Is Samsung 32 inch model UA32J4100 ,a good buy?…It is a little pricey when compared to some other models in its is a 720p model…Is it worth buying?

    1. Hi Ashish, I would strongly recommend Vu TV. But, if you are sure about a 32-inch Samsung TV then consider 32J5100 model in the same price. The 32J4100 is two year old model now and lacking so many modern features.

    1. Hi Dinesh, if you are budget is right and want to have great TV viewing experience then go with Sony. Otherwise, LG is all time favorite.

  4. Please guide me as to which one is the best as far as after sales service is concerned. VU 40 inch FHD or Reconnet 43 FHD. I have also used Sony Bravia LCD and panel has gone. It will cost around 13K to repair the panel and the story is same for all the other big branded companies. After warranty period will over, panel problem will start. So, I have no faith on big brand company’s TV anymore. I am from Kolkata and please guide me which one I should buy. Though VU’s after sales service is very limited, Basically, it’s a California based company and its after sales service is not good as far as the other state is concerned except Mumbai..

    1. Reconnect is a subsidiary of Reliance Electronics and it has just started operation. Although VuTv’s root is in California, USA, but it is an India centric LED TV company.

      Reconnect lacks a powerful network of service centers whereas Vu after huge success in sales through Flipkart invested well on service delivery quality. In the metro areas, Vu provides hassle-free service. If Vu TV can be delivered on your PINCODE than you would also not face any issue as far as post-sales services are concerned.

      VuTu also offers two years of extended warranty through a third-party vendor. Always read service terms & condition.

      And, Sony although calls itself a premium brand but when comes to service behaves poorer than any local Indian brand.

      My experience says VuTu offers better service.

      1. Thanks a lot for your valuable opinion. Now-a-days I am seeing a lot of positive responses on Flipkart for VU and finally decided to go with VU.

        1. Hi Indrajit, one of my friends who bought 40 inch Vu TV on my suggestion got a hassle-free replacement as the TV had some display related issue. Interesting to know is my friend used the TV for 11 months. Within one month Vu’s warranty commitment would have been fulfilled. Vu, however, without delaying or waiting for warranty period (a usual tactic by most brands) to get over given quick service.

          My friend registered a complaint with Vu. He got a call from a Vu service engineer, who enquired about the issue. Then engineer asked him to send some photos of the LED TV through WhatsApp. After reviewing the issue, Vu service engineer offered a complete replacement of the TV. And the replacement is done now.

          I think this the best any company would to customers.

        2. Hello Sir

          Can you please suggest me any specific VU 43 inch Full HD LED TV model number?? I find VU43D6535 is a good model on Flipkart customer review section. Is it a good model or can you suggest any specific model number??

          1. Currently, we are working a dedicated article – the best 43 inch LED TVs in the Indian market. In that we have a Vu LED TV (model number Vu T43D1510) under consideration. I cannot confirm now whether we shortlist the model or not. Although we have reviewed Vu 40 and 50 inch LED. You could have a look on those review articles.

            You could also have a look at some other alternatives here: Best Smart LED TV in Best Screen Sizes below 40000 Rupees.

    1. Hi Indrajit,

      My personal favorite is Vu, LG, and Sony. In low-budget, I would prefer Vu LED. If my budget is above 20000 Rupees, without a second though I would go with an LG LED TV and if my budget is above 30000 Rupees, Sony is the best brand (excluding service part) at present.

      Videocon is certainly a reputed brand in Indian market but it fails to stand up against competitors when comes to the latest innovations in the budget LED TVs. Comparing on the parameter of features for a certain budget, Vu stands ahead than any Indian brand – Videocon, BPL, and Onida.

  5. Hi is anyone suggest me the led tv in 32 inches with full hd…screen mirroring…..pc input….but not smart tv….kindly guide me…..thanks.

  6. I found one TV in my friends home called Ridaex it was really good in display and in built features it was an Android smart tv , later i searched about this tv shoched to see that it is an INDIAN MADE TV
    ultimate in terms of quality and performance
    Insted of wasting lot of money in normal TV of branded company like sony Samsung etc you can buy a top quality Smart TV of Ridaex
    Ridaex RE-1320 (32) inch FHD Smart TV.-17900/-
    Screen Size : 32 Inches
    Display Type : 1920×1080px Full HD
    Display Panel Type : A+ IPS Panel
    Brightness : 300 cd/m
    Supported Video Formats: .3gp/.avi/.mp4/.mov/.mvc/.flv/.mpg/.vro/.vob/.DivX/.XviD/.Mpeg2/.Mpeg4/.Wmv
    Processor Name: ARM Cortex A7
    RAM : 512 MB
    Internal Memory : 4GB
    Refresh Rate : 60Hz
    Contrast Ratio : 300000:1 ( Dynamic)
    Wifi : Yes
    Wifi Hotspot : Yes
    Speaker Type : Dolby
    Speaker Watt : 8 W

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