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Top 3 Xolo Gaming Smartphone Under 20000 Rupees

Xolo Play 8X 1100 Specifications

Xolo has introduced a new series of smartphones for Indian gamers. This is not a secret that the mobile gaming is a popular time pass medium among all generations. Thus, Xolo’s new smartphone series called “PLAY” is aimed to qualify for young Indian gamers.

The “play” series has been introduced with the launch of the XOLO PLAY 6X 1000 followed by the launch of the play 8X 1200 and the 8X 1100 as well. Before I jump to discuss great features of these smartphones, let me say a few words on the naming of the devices.

  • Play = “play” is referred to game playing
  • 8X = Octa Core processor
  • 6X = Hexa Core Processor

Super gaming phone Xolo Play 8X-1200

Since XOLO has designed this smartphone to be a gaming smartphone, I will focus more on its gaming performance and related resources it carries. The 8X-1200 can play all type of top games. It comes with six sensors, including the Gyroscope. Actually, the Gyroscope sensor plays the key role in the optimization of a device for 3D gaming. In General, we do not find the Gyroscope sensor in a regular smartphone as it is a costly hardware.

Xolo Play 8X 1200 Full Specifications

This sensor has the main job to sense 6 axis motion of the device and pass the instruction to the processor. With the 6X motion sensing, the play 1200 is taking mobile gaming at a new height.

However, the Gyroscope sensor is limited to pass instructions to the processor. If the processor is not strong enough, then a user experience lag and gaming does not remain as smooth as it should be. In fact, the 8x 1200 scores 10 out of 10 as it is powered by an Octa Core MediaTek processor, cloaked at 2GHz.

Modern mobile games are rich in graphic and colors. The Xolo 8X 1200 sports a Mali 450 GPU, cloaked at 700 MHz alongside 2 GB RAM and FHD IPS display.

The play 1200 is not a gaming device only. It is , in fact, a premium smartphone with high-end specifications. It lists 13 PM primary camera with PureCel camera sensor and a 5 MP secondary camera for 3G video calling. I am not satisfied with 2300 mAh battery as it is a gaming device. The Xolo promises to have 25 days standby on the 2G network.

Overall it is an excellent effort from an Indian Brand. However, still the Xiaomi Mi3 holds the choice of the best smartphone under twenty thousand budget.

There are two solutions for XOLO to get users lined-up for the device:-

  • One big price cut, make it available at 13500/-, or
  • Offer one year free subscription of premium games.
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Price 20000 Rupees
Features Gaming Smartphone, Android OS, 5 inch FHD Screen, MediaTek Octa Core Processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 13MP 5MP Camera, FHD Recording, and 2300 mAh Battery

Xolo Play 8X-1100

Going by the specs of this gaming smartphone, it should be called younger brother of XOLO Play 8X-1200. It has similar features but it is a bit lower in overall specifications. XOLO 8X-1100 sports a 5-inch HD display, which bears resolution 720 × 1280 Pixels.

Xolo Play 8X 1100 Specifications

The play 1100 is powered by a 1.7 GHz Octa Core MediaTek processor in the company of 700 MHz Mail 450 processor. Alike the play 1200, it has 2 GB RAM and enabled with the Gyroscope motion sensor, which makes it an absolute gaming smartphone.

Moreover, the 13 MP camera of this smartphone comes with Sony's Exmor image sensor. For excellent multimedia experience to end users it also has a dual speaker that could produce DTS surround sound. The 2100 mAh battery is sufficient to keep it awake on the 2G network for 19 days.

Price 15000 Rupees
Features Gaming Phone, 5 inch HD Display, Android OS, Octa Core MediaTek Processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB Memory, 13MP 5MP 1080P Recording Camera, OTG, and 2100 mAH Battery

Xolo Play 6X-1000 with Hexa Core Processor

The Play 1000 has to be the youngest in the play series device category.  It has the lower specifications than the play 8X 1100 and priced 14,499 Rupees. Recently it got an immediate price cut after the poor response. Currently, the play 1000 is available online at the price of 12850 Rupees.

XOLO Play 6X 1000 Specfications

The device has mixed response online. Few buyers have complained about the poor sound quality. Though the issue yet to be supported by majority buyers.

Alike the play 8X 1200, the play 6X 1000 does not bring any innovation or uniqueness to the buyer rather it is a twisted variant of the play 8X 1000. It sports a 5 inches HD IPS display wherein the density of pixel is 294 ppi. 8 MP camera has BSI 2 sensor, able to shoot FHD 1080 video.

The Gyroscope sensor gives a gaming identity, whereas 1.5 GHz Hexa core processor, 600 MHz Mali 450 GPU, 2 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory support the notion of a gaming smartphone. Similar to the play 8X 1100, it has a 2100 mAh battery, which keeps it awake for 22 Days on the 3G network.

Price 13000 Rupees
Features 2100 mAH Battery; 8MP with BSI Sensor and Full HD Recording, 2MP; 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal Memory; 5-inch Display, FHD Recording; MediaTek Hexa Core Processor; Gaming Mobile Phone, and Android Operating system
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