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Top 3 Smartphone with UHD Display 3GB RAM and 4G Below 45000

3 Smartphone with UHD Display 3GB RAM and 4G Below 45000 in May 2015

In this article, we present best flagships in Indian smartphone market. The selected three devices from Sasmung, LG and Oppo bear minimum UHD display, 3G RAM, and Indian 4G LTE connectivity

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung launched Note 4 in September with some radical features, those has set a new benchmark for upcoming flagship smartphones. Although everyone has always criticized the Note series from the beginning because of the huge size, but Samsung always stuck to it. With every successive launch in the series, the popular electronics manufacturer kept pushing the limits of what we generally say a smartphone.

The new Note became the first device to witness Samsung’s intention of making new changes to its criticized design. Full metal bands on the sides with leather like material on the back was something that attracted many.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features the same screen size as its predecessor, but with whole new internal specs like a 3GB of RAM, UHD Display and 2180P recording capability. The 4G support has proven to be one of the main attractions of this device in India. At the time of launch this phablet featured the best display of all. Also, it wore the best design that Samsung had ever put on any mobile device in its history. Samsung also put some new software features on this device that very well utilized the big screen size.

However, many do not like the idea of variants that Samsung applies in the marketing of its products. There are about 9 variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 available all over the world. Some of these variants come with a little disappointing combination of specs. Moreover, this ultra-fast Samsung phablet is currently available for the price of 45000 rupees at online shopping websites.

LG G3 with 32 GB Internal memory

The LG G3 might be a generation old phone now, but it is still a device that we can appreciate. This smartphone actually introduced to the world with some unique smartphone computing technologies. Laser auto-focus and ultra-sharp TrueHD 5.5-inch display were some specifications that put this device in centerpiece last year.

This is not a question that the G series is the only customer appreciated range from LG and the manufacturer is doing all that it takes to maintain relevancy in the smart telephony market. This is why we have seen a great support from LG for the G3 even after 11 months of the successful launch by Superstar Amitabh Bachchan in India. LG G3 was also one of the few Android phones to receive the Lollipop update at the earliest.

LG G3 Users Rating and Specifications

As of today, the 32GB model is listed on online with a price tag of 36980 rupees, which is a good deal when compared to other one generation old flagships. It boasts a 3 GB RAM, a great camera with UHD Display and recording capability, ultra-fast processor and a respectable skin on top of the Android version it runs.

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The LG G3 was one of the best smartphones launched last year and it can be the best affordable solution if you want to get a high-end phone that supports 4G networks in India. Given all these eye catching features, there are some who do not like the huge screen size of this phone at all. However, the LG G3 is a great phone in without doubt and the fact remains ultimate that no phone in the world is 100% perfect.

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Oppo Find 7

The smartphone that introduced unbelievable 534 Pixels per inch in 2180P display to the world is finally one-year-old now. Huge success of Oppo in the recent years helped this smartphone to become a piece of attraction since its launch last year. As of now, it gives “run for life” competition to many flagship smartphones considering pulled down price of 29890 Rupees at Indian online retailers.

Also, the Find 7 happens to be the first smartphone from Oppo to feature 4G LTE connectivity in India. It was great news for smartphone broadband users had been frustrated because of unreliable 3G speeds. However, many customers question the worthiness of this phone quoting the launch of OnePlus One. Therefore, now the mountain question comes to us, is this phone capable of competing in today’s market? Let’s see what all it has to offer for Indian 4G users

The Oppo Find 7 is a huge smartphone that does not easily fit in the typical Indian hand, but its design is really appreciable. The carbon fiber back panel makes this phone feel much safer in the hand. Metallic bands on the sides do not create any problem in the grip because the back panel is not curved. When you hold this phone, you are actually holding the sides and back panel together.

Oppo Find 7 Specifications

The front panel is clean with extra thin bezels. At the bottom of the chin, Oppo has put what it calls a skyline notification light that glows all the way to the sides of the phone. The downside here is that it only glows in blue color, but we can expect more LEDs of the different color to be added in the future version.

5.5 inch UHD Display

You might have heard that the Oppo Find 7 was the first smartphone to feature a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440 X 2560 pixels. These many pixels actually gave this phone a pixel density of 534 ppi. Unfortunately, at this time also there are not many apps or games that can use the number of pixels this display packs. But you can always enjoy high-resolution wallpapers, 2K videos and ultra-crispy web browsing on this phone.

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It is an IPS display so you can expect great viewing angles and vibrant colors. This smartphone features Corning Glass 3 to protect the display that does save it from getting scratches.

13MP Shooter with Sony image Sensor

The 13MP rear shooter with a Sony Exmor IMX214 BSI sensor at the base captures stunning images with great details. This camera can also shoot RAW images for high-quality photography. Features like long exposure and slow shutter capture take the mobile photography to the next level. Moreover, the Ultra HD Mode enables this smartphone to capture images of 50 Megapixel, but that actually results from the background processing.

Oppo Find 7 Back Panel

You can record 4K videos at 30 frames per second, which was a great feature at the time of launch of this phone. The 720p videos, however, can be recorded at 120 frames per second.

On the front, the 5MP pixel is no lesser surprising. You can capture nice Selfies and do high-quality video calls with it.


Before the launch of the Oppo Find 7, many reviewers said that the high-density display will ruin the performance. However, as we see it now, nothing has been ruined. The 2.5 GHz Krait 400 quad-core processor (Snapdragon 801 Chip-set) handles everything pretty easily. More surprising will be its 3GB of RAM that provides enough room for hell a lot of processes to run in the background. The Adreno 330 GPU is more than capable of making everything smooth on the screen.

If you are worried about the size of the high-end games, which you want to play on this blazing fast phone then inbuilt 32 GB internal storage will never let you down. If this much space is still not enough, then you can go ahead and install a 128 GB micro SD card on it, which is supported without lag.


People who use two SIM cards on their phone might not want to upgrade with this smartphone because it features single SIM card slot. However, the 4G support allows this phone to download files at speeds between 110 to 150 MBPS. Therefore, the sacrifice of one SIM can prove to be much helpful for you.

The other connectivity features that you get on the Oppo Find 7 are DLNA, NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and micro USB host. You will not be able to enjoy listening to your favorite Radio Jockey on this phone because of the absence of Radio connectivity.

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This list of sensors of the Oppo Find 7 is too long that includes Proximity sensor, G-sensor, Gyro-sensor, eCompass and ambient light sensor. Now, you can go ahead and enjoy any utility app that you can find on the play store if you already have this phone.

Mediocre Battery

The Oppo Find 7 manages its 3000mAh battery pretty well while using the apps. You will be able to get screen on time of about 4 to 4.5 hours easily on this phone. But the real problem surface ups when the phone is in standby mode. It can lose about 10-15 per cent of power overnight while you sleep.

Charging the Oppo Find 7 can give a big relief for heavy users. A 30 minutes charge will fill the battery with 75 per cent of power that comes because of integrated VOOC rapid charging system. However, you will have to use the charger that comes along this phone.

User Interface

The Oppo Find 7 runs Android 4.3 Jellybean out of the box that can be upgraded to Android Kitkat via an OTA update that was released in late 2014. However, there is no word from the manufacturer on the Lollipop update.

The ColorOS skin that sits on top Android extensively customizes the whole interface. Most of the color schemes and icons are not much attractive, but the gesture feature on this phone is awesome. You swipe the notification from the left to open the gesture panel and use your customized pattern to open any app. You can also use these gestures when the phone is in standby mode.

Moreover, the Oppo Find 7 has a skyline gesture feature that enables opening of apps by just waiving the phone in air and by pressing the Volume down button at the same time.


  • High quality built with super modern design
  • 5inch IPS panel with pixel density of 534ppi
  • 13MP rear camera with dual-tone LED flash
  • 3GB of RAM and 32GB of on-board storage
  • 4G support
  • 3000mAh battery with rapid charging system
  • Gesture controls


  • Can be huge for some hands
  • No word on the Lollipop update
Price 29500 Rupees
Features Single, GSM, 4G; Android Operating System
Screen 5.5 Inches, 1440 x 2560 Pixels, 16M, 534 PPI
Processor 2.5 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon 801; GPU: Adreno 330
Memory 3GB RAM, 32GB Memory, 128GB SDcard Support
Camera 13 MP[P], 5 MP[F], 2160P Recording
Battery 3000 mAh
Connectivity DLNA, NFC, BT 4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS, FM, USB

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