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Top 3 Sewing Machines Under 7000 Rupees

Usha Janome Prima Stitch Sewing Machine

We are reviewing here the top three sewing machines that fall under the acceptable budget of 7000 rupees. Out of the three, two of them are from the popular brand USHA and one is from the brand Singer. This review article will help choosing the best sewing machines for your need as we have done a detailing by looking at feature, functions, pros and cons.

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine

When it comes to sewing your favorite clothing professionally at home, the best brand that you can think of is the Singer. It is a multinational company that has gained much appreciation with its quality products in recent years and its one product, which is gaining much popularity, is the Promise 1408 Sewing Machine. It is easy to use yet gives professional results and is available at a very affordable price of 6813 INR at Amazon India. Read also 6 Reliable Singer Sewing Machines in Indian Market with Superior Features.

Design: The first look at the Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine will make you feel its portability and lightness. It weighs less than 8 KG because of which you can easily put it anywhere you want. A handle at the top makes this machine portable gadget. Nonetheless, the compact design enables the Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine to get fitted in the smallest places of your house.

Operation: The Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine in simple words is a “user friendly” device. You do not need to be an expert or have a degree from a local institute to operate it. The three dials placed on the body will do all that you would ever want to do with a sewing machine. The tension dial on the top can be used to set the tension of the threading and in most cases you will need to set it to level 4.

Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

The big dial on the front is used to set the desired threading type. Labels of all common types of threading are mentioned on this dial itself. In fact, you do not need to set up the spacing, the pattern dial does it all for you. The third dial is located at the bottom, which is used for reverse threading. The bottom placement ensures that the sewing machine stays put while you press it.

There is a bobbin winder at the top that ensures easy filling of thread on to the bobbin. Moving the bobbin winder to the right side disengages the needle from the motor by reducing the risk of any accident. You also get two spool pins at the top enabling this machine for twin needle sewing.

It supports foot control to make the controlling easy for you. The wire of the pedal control is first attached to the right side of the machine and then goes to the wall outlet of your house for the power.

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The Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine also has a free arm mechanism to allow easy sewing of cuffs and sleeves. The removable free arm also serves as a container in which you can put all the necessary items that can create risk if lost. The presser feet can be changed easily by pulling the latch up at the back of the needle mechanism.

The sewing light lights up the needle area so that you don’t make any mistake while sewing your favorite dresses. Moreover, the guides on the darning plate ensure straight stitching.


  • Light-weight and compact
  • The top handle makes the Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine very much portable
  • Twin needle operation
  • Sewing light


  • Its light-weightiness can create a little problem while stitching heavy clothes
  • Some more controls would have been appreciated
Number of Stitches 8 Built-in Stitches; One automatic 4-step button hole
Convenience Easy Threading, Simple Stitch Selection, Free Arm, Presser Foot Suppot
Warrant Two Year
Buy Rs. 7000


Usha Janome Dream Sewing Machine

Indian brand Usha is not behind any other brand when it comes to set foothold in the home appliances market. It has also put its hand in the sewing machine market with many attractive products. Read also Usha Computerized Embroidery Sewing Machine for Indian Designers.

The Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine is an entry level product for those who want to do professional stitching at home. It is simple to use and does not require high cost maintenance. The price mentioned on official Usha website is 7740 INR, but you can grab it for 6962 INR from Amazon.

Design: The Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine features a classic design, but in a modern avatar. The color schemes used make you feel like you are using a machine from 20th century, but at the same time the modern compact and enhanced features allow you to do whatever you want to do in terms of multi level stitching. You will be overwhelmed by its simplicity and compactness. The light weightiness and the handle at the top make this machine portable gadget for regular usages.

Operation: The Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine might prove to be the best for you if you don’t come from sewing background. There are basically two dials that make operation easy. The pattern selection wheel at the front allows selecting from about 10 presets. These presets include seven stitch types with varying distances. There is no length and weight selection dial as everything is fitted in the pattern selection dial itself.

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

The one-click reverse stitching dial is located just adjacent to the pattern selection wheel. The top location might create some difficulty in maintaining the stability while pressing the reverse stitch dial. The brand Usha should have fitted this dial at the bottom like the one on the Singer Promise 1408 Sewing Machine.

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The bobbin winder is at the top. You can use it by simply putting the bobbin onto winder rod while attaching the thread to the hole. Pushing the bobbin winder to the right side disengages the needle from the motor.

You might face difficulty in changing the bobbin winding tension as there are no labels on the wheel.

The presser foot can be easily changed by pulling the latch behind the needle up, but before you touch the latch, be sure to move the needle to its highest position using the hand wheel. Further, the hand wheel is located at the extreme right side of the machine. The sewing light might help you doing all this.

The extension table can be easily removed by pushing it to the left. Once you remove the extension table, you can easily stitch the cuffs and sleeves of your favorite dresses. This extension table can also be used as a container for extra needles.

Usha also packs a CD inside the sales box that teaches user how to easily put a thread into the needle mechanism. Moreover, you can also download a soft copy of the user manual from the official website.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very easy to use as there are no advance controls on it
  • The removable extension table makes it easy to stitch cuffs and sleeves


  • Tension control can create a problem
  • The one-click reverse stitch dial should have been located at the bottom
Sewing Speed 860 spm
Number of Stitches 14
Maximum Stitch Width 5 mm
Combination Patterns YES
Stitch Pattern Selector YES
Maximum Stitch Length 4 mm
Weight 4 kg
Control Button Start and Stop
Buy 7000 Rupees


Noiseless Usha Janome Prima Sewing Machine

India’s home grown home appliances brand Usha is fairly a reputable brand in the Indian market and its products are of top notch quality. When you search for sewing machines, you don’t get many options from many brands, but when it is about Usha you always have choices with quality. Read also Low Cost Singer Multi Stitch Sewing Machine for Beginners.

While searching for quality sewing machines, we found a hidden product by Usha, the Janome Prima Stitch Sewing Machine. We are calling it hidden product because even the official website of the Usha does not having a listing for it. We were able to locate it only at Snapdeal India and you can also get it from there at the price of 5000 rupees. This machine truly deserves a place in our list, which is why we are going to review it.

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Design: Its sturdiness is unmatchable even when it is made out of plastic. The compact body design enables this machine to pack as many feature as any other premium sewing machine. The color and finish that it wears give it a feeling of sleekness.

Operation: The Usha Janome Prima Stitch Sewing Machine can be regarded as one entry level product in the world of sewing machines. It is easy to use, portable and light weight. You get three dials on the front, which allows controlling of the sewing. The pattern selection wheel is crafted inside the body itself.

In terms of design, it gives of feel of a classic radio. You can select from many stitching patterns ranging from normal stitch to zigzag interlocks.

The one-click reverse stitch dial is located to the right side of the thread tension dial. This location can be a problem as while pressing it you may accidentally move the whole machine.

Usha Janome Prima Stitch Sewing Machine

The bobbin winder can be found on the top-right side and is easy to use in general. Just pass a thread through any hole on the bobbin then put the bobbin on to the winder. Now push the bobbin winder to the right side, this will disengage the needle from the motor. After that just press the foot pedal, the thread will start rolling on to the bobbin.

Using the bobbin winding tension disk can be hard as there are no labels or any tension measuring mechanism on it. Usha should use wheel for controlling tension in all its sewing machine.

The removable free arm can prove to be a big relief for those who want to stitch cuffs, sleeves or any other rounded part of any fabric. Just push the free arm to the left and it will come out onto your hand. The free arm also houses a container in which you can put needles.

The presser head can be removed easily by pulling the latch up which is located just behind the needle mechanism.

The Usha Janome Prima Stitch Sewing Machine operates silently and remains noiseless during usages. You can use it during night also when everyone else in your house is sleeping. You can also use the sewing light if you want better precision.


  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Sewing light
  • Removable free arm
  • Using the bobbin winder is very easy

Cons: The winding tension controller is little hard to use

Sewing Speed 80 spm
Number of Stitches SIX
Weight Four Kg
Buy 6000 Rupees

14 thoughts on “Top 3 Sewing Machines Under 7000 Rupees

  1. I want to buy a sewing machine. My main purpose is to make clothes like salwar kameez and other small works. I am beginner so I m not getting which machine I should buy under 7000. Will usha dream stitch machine be useful in accordance to my work .

  2. Hi sir am using janome empress for the past 8 yrs, but right from the time i m facing many problems with the machine. Each time when i sit to sew i get disappointed it takes almost an hour to fix all the things to start stitching i kinfdly need ur suggestions.

  3. Hi
    Would you suggest me how can I use my usha genome wonder stitch sewing machine in the US. I bought a power converter but the machine was working very slowly. within some days power converter stopped working. Please help me to find something good for that

    1. It seems the machine is not getting required power even after the use of the power converter. You should contact the brand Usha directly for a good suggestion. Please do not test and try shortcuts because it might burn the motor. I am sure Usha engineer can offer a much better solution.

  4. Hi! A complete novice to sewing, I want to pick up a machine for sewing small household items and baby clothes. please advise on which of these 3 would be the best and can I change needles and presser feet in Usha Prima according to my needs? Much appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Hi , I m beginner , I want to buy a foot + motor sewing machine and also have many specifications . I m so confused , I need a suggestion

    1. I suggest Singer Start Fashion Maker 1306 sewing machine. This is a good machine for beginners.

      I can understand your requirement. You want a sewing machine that can be operated by a foot paddle. Yes, this is possible. All the latest Singer sewing machine can be operated by foot pedal.

      You need to buy a foot pedal separately. That might cost 3000 to 5000 rupees.

      First, you buy a sewing machine. Try some days using it. If you still find a need for a foot paddle, then buy that too.

  6. Hello, I want to buy one sewing Machine for My sister. She is running a small business from home. she is an experienced user and use sewing machine a lot due to her work. Please suggest me a Sewing machine which is compact and good for heavy usage. Thanks

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