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Top 3 Sewing Machine between 9000 to 11000 Rupees

Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

Do you want to be a self-dependent woman by starting tailoring service? Much like any other business, to start a basic tailoring work in the home, you will face lots hurdle in beginning. The selection of an affordable and durable stitching machine is one big problem for beginners. You cannot afford to make mistakes at this point.

To shape up this article, we assume that you do not know anything about sewing machine. Well, in that case the brand “Singer” may have a right solution for you. Its “Talent 3321” Sewing Machine offers simple to use controls and a number of stitch patterns. This machine is currently available in the market for a price of 11,495 rupees.

Top Loading Bobbin

Unlike most of the sewing machines, this device features a top loading bobbin, which makes easier to keep eye on that how much thread is left. The bobbin can be easily detached and filled with the help of bobbin winding spindle located at the top. For the convenience of the users, this machine also comes with an automatic needle threader.

21 Stitch Designs: This sewing machine might be made for beginners, but its performance will not disappoint even the professional tailors. You will be able to mold the fabrics in any design of your own choice. This machine can be used to make new dresses or add embroideries to old dresses. Its control dial gives users access to a plethora of stitch patterns, which include simple, decorative and stretch stitches.Singer Talent 3321 Sewing Machine

Users can create buttonholes in just four simple steps using the buttonhole stitch feet. The machine is capable of repairing old clothes, but you will need to use the darning plate in order to do that. You can give fabrics a more decorative feel by using its twin needle feature.

Easy To Operate: Both the control dials of this sewing machine are printed with labels on them and give a much comfortable feel while rotating. The bottom dial is used for choosing the stitching pattern while the top one is for selecting the length of each stitch. Moreover, there is also a width selection wheel at the top.

This sewing machine sports an inbuilt thread cutter, so you will not need to buy an additional scissor. Also, to help the user in dark situations, the manufacturer has equipped this device with small but high-intensity sewing light. Stitching cuffs and sleeves become easy with its special free arm.

But if you are facing even a little difficulty in using this machine, be sure to watch the online tutorials that Singer has published for this specific model.

Attractive and Sturdy Body

The Talent 3321 sewing machine comes in a compact outer shell. But to carry this machine along you will still need a car because it is really heavy. All the materials that the manufacturer has used in the making are of much high quality.

The sewing machine will remain your companion for a long time. Another great thing is that the sewing head of this product comes with a limited warranty of 25 years, which is highly impressive.

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  • Attractive finish of the body
  • User-friendly controls
  • Top loading bobbin and inbuilt sewing light
  • Comes with an automatic needle threader
  • Consumes just 85 Watts of electricity
  • Offers 21 stitching patterns
  • 25-year warranty on the sewing machine head
  • Supports twin needle stitching
  • Good for beginners


  • Fails to efficiently stitch thick fabrics

Verdict: I am really overwhelmed by the simplicity and features of this amazing sewing machine. This product can be used for any type of stitching. The most interesting thing is Singer has made the design more user-friendly by tweaking the position of a few attachments. The top loading bobbin and the inbuilt thread cutter will certainly impress many customers. However, this machine is not meant for heavy usage as it features a low power motor. What I am trying to say here is that its needle will not work on thick fabrics.

Price 11000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Hand-wheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 21
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Dimensions 11 X 12 X 16 inches
Weight 8 KG


Juki HZL 29Z Sewing Machine

The Juki Sewing Machine is a great solution for those ladies who love decorating their dresses with embroideries. It is a compact and multifunctional device that suits the needs of all types of users. However, to take this machine home, you will have to spend a whopping 10000 rupees.

Ultramodern Looks: We should appreciate Juki’s effort to give this sewing machine a really ultramodern look. The minimalistic approach that the brand has adopted while designing the outer shell makes this product appealing to the eyes. It is so small that you will be able to easily fit it inside an almirah. The reverse stitch latch is located at the bottom of the main control dial and is really wide. Like most of the modern day sewing machines, this product also comes with a free arm that makes stitching of coughs and sleeves an easy task.  You will also get a storage space attached that can be used to store accessories like needles, screwdrivers and thread spoons.

Although it looks compact but it is really wide and heavy weighs in at 5.94 KG. This means you will not be able to carry it easily everywhere.

Offers All Modern Features: Adopting an innovative approach, Juki has equipped this machine with a top loading bobbin, which helps the users keep an eye on the thread level. Moreover, it also comes with a buttonhole presser that offers an effortless procedure of creating holes for button on your favorite fabrics. Interestingly this machine is capable of automatically threading the needle, which will certainly save the users a lot from eye stress.Juki HZL 29Z Sewing Machine

Multiple Stitch Patterns: Use the Juki HZL 29Z for multi-style tough stitching. You get the option to choose the suitable stitching from 22 stitch patterns. This machine is also a perfect choice for repairing old fabrics, making new dresses and doing embroidery. But it does face some problem with strong fabrics made of materials like leather and canvas.

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Good for Beginners

The easy to understand interface makes this machine a really good option for beginners. The main control dial offers a nice grip and comes labeled with all the stitch patterns. You can find the secondary control dial on the right side just adjacent to the hand wheel. Juki also ships an instructional DVD along with the box that will prove to be highly resourceful. Changing the various attachments like presser foot, needle, bobbin, etc. takes no time and can be done by even a layman. The sewing head also features a light that increases the accuracy while stitching.


  • Its outer shell is made of durable materials
  • Attractive and modern design
  • You also get a foot pedal
  • Top loading bobbin
  • Inbuilt sewing light
  • Features an automatic needle threader
  • 22 stitch patterns
  • Easy to use
  • Free arm for cough and sleeve stitching


  • Low power motor
  • Not good for thick fabrics

Verdict: From aforesaid discussion one fact about Juki HZL 29Z is pretty clear that it is a great stitching device for beginners and experienced tailors. The best feature of this machine is the interface is really easy to understand. Those users have experience with a sewing machine in the past will find it to be easy to use without even going through the manual.

But remember, this is just one another regular stitching machine in the market. During inspection and testing, I did not find any “Wow” feature. For a price of 10000 rupees, the Juki 29Z is a great looking quality machine comes with 22 unique stitching patterns and embroidery function.

Price 10000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 22
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Dimensions 280 X 198 mm
Weight 5.9 KG


Usha Wonder Electric Sewing Machine

Usha is one of the best sewing machine brands in India. Even though foreign brands have affected the popularity of this company but still a large number of tailors still use machines manufactured by Usha. While doing my research, I conducted some interviews to make a list of most liked sewing machines and the Usha Wonder Electric Sewing Machine was one of them. This product is available in the market for an amount of 10,800 rupees and is suitable for both home and shop uses.

User-Friendly Design: This sewing machine comes with a really innovative design. Both the control dials are positioned on the front for easy access. The reverse switch is placed on the lower front side so that the machine does not get unstable when you use it. Usha has also featured a handle at the top, which makes this sewing machine highly portable. It sports an extension table that can help the users in achieving perfect results by increasing the operation area. After detaching the extension table, you can even sew the round parts of fabrics by placing them around the free arm. This machine also features a sewing light that helps the users in getting accurate results in darker situations.

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Special Bobbin Winder: Winding the bobbin is always a messy task, but not with this exceptional machine. It features a unique bobbin winder spindle at the top. To use it all you have to do is take out the bobbin, remove its cover, attach the thread and put it on the spindle. But before winding the bobbin, be sure to push the spindle towards the right. You will also be required to pull the hand wheel out in order to suspend the sewing operation.

Usha Wonder Electric Sewing Machine

Multi-functional: This sewing machine can be used to tailor new clothes, do embroidery on existing clothes and repair old clothes. It can also be used to do nine different types of stitches. The control dials allow the users to choose from 16 stitch designs. You can even control the length of every stitched design.

Comes With a Number of Useful Attachments

Along with the main sewing machine, Usha ships a number of accessories that help the user in many ways. You get four additional feet for different types of uses including button hole stitching, blind hem stitching, zip fixing and many more. In the box, users can also find some tools like seam ripper and screwdriver.

Moreover, the electric foot pedal that comes along helps in the effortless stitching of all types of fabrics.

Hard To Get Used To: Although the manufacturer has tried its best to make this sewing machine user-friendly, but it will take quite a while before you can get used to all its features and functions. Customers do not get any demo CD because of which it becomes really hard to understand various controls. However, the online manual is much helpful and it can be downloaded from Usha’s website.


  • Electric operation
  • Comes with a foot pedal
  • 9 applications and 14 stitch designs
  • Features an easy to use bobbin winder
  • Two spoon spindles
  • Free arm and detachable extension table
  • Sports a handle at the top
  • Threads needle automatically
  • Can also do reverse stitching
  • Sturdy and durable body


  • Heavy
  • Controls are hard to understand

Verdict: Truly speaking, this sewing machine is fully equipped to stitch any type of garment from scratch. It can be used to achieve any type of stitch pattern. You can even use this machine to stitch buttonholes. Customers are also getting a bunch of accessories with it. However, I do believe that this product is a little overpriced.

Price 11000 Rupees
Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 14
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder, Automatic Needle Threading and Automatic Feed Dog Drop

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