☼ Usha Automatic Stitch Magic 85-Watt Sewing Machine

We are grateful to readers for positive feedback on sewing machine review series. Our “to the point” review of Usha sewing machines has been appreciated by many users. Of late, we have received lots messages to present a short and simple review of Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic Sewing Machine.

After going through all the details, features, and competence of this gadget we decided to include it in the ongoing review article on premium stitching machines. Yes, you have heard right. Even though it has an MRP of 15000 rupees, it comes with advance features, which helps design and stitch custom dresses at the home. In this review article, we are presenting a comprehensive review that covers all pros and cons of this sewing machine.


This is an affordable gadget, but the brand Usha teases it as a premium product. To give better, perspective about the sewing machine, we had invested more than 15 days for research, demo review, user’s interview, and expert’s opinion.

Currently at Amazon India, this Usha product sells at a price of 15150 rupees. Yes, its features are quite impressive. However, calling the Janome Stitch Magic as the best option in 15000 rupees price band will not be a correct fact.

Comes Loaded With Useful Features: The extra features that this Janome sewing machine comes loaded with make the whole operation effortless. Change stitch length and breadth using the two sliders on the front. The reverse stitch latch gives a great feedback and returns to its original position when the user removes his hand.

Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 85 Watt Sewing Machine

Like most of the modern day sewing machines, this device also features an automatic needle threader. It sports inbuilt sewing light that operates through a switch. The main control dial is located at an easy to reach place and is labeled with alphabetical markers. Moreover, a dial on the left side is used to adjust the force that is applied through the pressure foot.

Users will be able to complete their projects quite comfortably on this machine. The flatbed that it features extends from the needle header to the machine neck and offers a large platform to work on. It is engraved with a 9-inch scale that also translates the measurement figures into centimeters. This flatbed can be detached, which will give you access to the free arm that makes it easy to stitch round parts of fabrics.

Limited Stitch Patterns: The biggest disappointment to me was the limited number of inbuilt design patterns of this machine. You get only 23 designs to choose from, which is far less than what other brands are offering in this price segment. If you were looking for a sewing machine to create great embroideries, my advice would be to go with Singer.

However, a relieving thing is one can use the product for 57 different stitch functions that includes buttonhole stitching and zip fixing. It also supports twin needle functionality.

Decent Form Factor: In spite of being such a muscular machine, you will not face any kind of problem in storing it. Usha has made sure that it does not occupy much space on a desk. Moreover, users also get a cap along with the box that can be used to protect this machine from dust.

Usha Stitch Magic is for High-Speed Stitching

The manufacturer has put a powerful motor on this sewing machine. At full speed, it can do about 860 stitches every minute. This helps in completing projects fast and efficiently.


  • Users get machine cap
  • Length and breadth adjustment sliders
  • Pressure foot force adjustment dial
  • Capable of doing reverse sewing
  • Extra wide flatbed with engraved scale
  • Inbuilt sewing machine with on/off controls
  • Twin needle functionality
  • Can do 860 stitches per minute
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Single step buttonhole stitching

Cons: Offers only 23 stitch patterns

Verdict: Considering the price point, I was expecting more features on this sewing machine. It is a decent device for beginners, but cannot be regarded as an industrial grade machine. You will get the same set of features on a sewing machine priced below 10000 rupees. The only benefit of purchasing this product is that users will get an extra wide flatbed.

Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 23
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Power Consumption 85 Watt
Buy 16250 Rupees


☼ Singer 6180 Sewing Machine

Budget sewing machines are good at making the stitching task less complicated. However, we cannot recommend them for heavy use. Although low-cost sewing machines are a better option for someone who has just started the career, but a professional would want an advance and powerful machine.

To create stunning designer dresses and extraordinary embroidery designs, only a device like Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine will give a full satisfaction. It is available in the market for an amount of 16716 rupees, which is nothing compared to the features you are getting onboard.

Digital Display and Easy To Use Controls: The main highlight of this sewing machine is the black and white display panel, which presents a brief of the ongoing process. Just below the screen is six control buttons help in the selection of desired stitch pattern with dimensions.

There are not too many analog controls on this machine. On the right side you get the hand wheel and up on the front is located a rotary tension selection wheel. The reverse stitch button gives the same kind of feedback as offered by the main control keys when pressed. Unlike other sewing machines, the spools on this model are position in the horizontal direction. However, you do not have to worry because the brand Singer also ships a spoon pin cap along with the box use that to secure the spoons.

Changing of accessories like needle, bobbin, and presser foot do not require any expertise. You can easily do that after going through the manual. The automatic needle threader of this machine prevents the users from putting stress on their eyes. It also features an inbuilt thread cutter on the back of needle section.

Singer Brilliance 6180

Built With Quality Materials: The brand Singer has used premium quality materials in the making of this machine. The metallic frame provides strength and durability. The total look particularly glossy white finish on the outer shell is impressive and pleasing to the user’s eyes.

Even though the machine packs hundreds of feature but it is quite compact and consumes less space on a desk. Surely, it is heavy so traveling with this device is not a good notion.

The flatbed features an accessory shelf. You can store needles, spoons, extra bobbins and other needful stuff there securely.

The machine packs a powerful electric motor inside, which gives a remarkable speed of 750 stitches per minute. Since, Singer has designed this sewing machine for heavy usage it can sew hard materials such as denim, rubber, and others using design patterns.

The end user can change the needle position according to stitching needs and nature of the fabric. Stitch different layers of fabric one on another easily as its presser foot is lifted up to a great level. This exceptional Singer sewing machine also features a free arm function that simplifies the task of sewing round parts of fabrics.

80 Built-in Stitches: The Singer sewing machine is a great platform to the young enthusiasts interested in fabric designing. One gets to choose from 80 different stitch patterns. All the designs come printed on the body of the machine itself. To select a stitch pattern all you have to do is type in the adjoining serial number using the up and down arrow buttons.

This machine is also capable of making buttonholes in just a single step. The onboard bobbin-winding tool automatically stops when the bobbin is filled with thread, which is very helpful to the users in day-to-day tailor works.


  • Attractive and compact design
  • Metallic frame for heavy usage
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Inbuilt digital display panel
  • Accessory compartment
  • Powerful motor that can stitch thick fabrics
  • Offers 80 stitch patterns
  • Reverse stitch capability

Verdict: Yes, you can make a premium designer dress with Singer Brilliance 6180 sewing machine. It features 80 inbuilt stitch patterns and an easy to use control panel. The inside motor is so powerful stitching thick materials becomes an easy work.

Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 80
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Buy 15850 Rupees


☼ Usha Dream Maker 120 Sewing Machine

There is a strong reason why I recommend Usha to many enthusiasts when it comes to sewing machines. As a stable and reputed Indian brand, Usha makes sewing products with class-leading quality that delivers great performance for many years.

The product that we are going to discuss next considered one of the best machines for professional sewing use. The Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 Computerized Sewing Machine is available online for a price of 31590 rupees. It has satisfied a number of customers since the launch couple of years ago.

Fully Computerized: By using this sewing machine, one gets a feel as if he/she is programming something on a computer. It features a big backlit display along with a touch control panel. Behind the needle, section hangs up a stitch chart containing 120 different stitch patterns that this machine can sew. Each pattern comes assigned a serial number, which the user has to type on the touch control panel.

This phenomenal machine also offers memory function that opens a completely new world of possibilities. Using the memory feature, you can edit each stitch or combine up to 50 stitch patterns to create mind-blowing embroideries. The control panel also gives users an option to change the length and width of stitches according to the need. Another feature of this machine is that you can stitch individual alphabets on fabrics by using the memory function.

Usha Janome Dream Maker 120 35 Watt Computerized Sewing Machine

The Dream Maker 120 comes with a large extension table that offers a big space for completing projects. You can even change the height of extension table by rotating the screws at the bottom of support legs. The needle head is located at a good distance from the machine neck that allows users to turn the fabrics easily. Rubberized feet of machine hold the surface firmly for a stable operation. The top loading design of the bobbin makes it comfortable keeping an eye on the amount of remaining thread. Surprisingly, this huge sewing machine also sports a free arm for effortless sewing of cuffs and sleeves.

Offers Exciting Features: The Usha sewing machine is really a bang for the buck. It offers more features than you are paying for. A slider just below the display panel enables the users to choose an appropriate speed of sewing. To the right of this slider is a button with scissor label, which tells the machine to cut the thread automatically when the user removes foot from the pedal. Moreover, for locking the stitches, you will not have to use the complicated reverse stitch method because this machine comes with inbuilt stitch locking functionality. Interestingly, the thread guides are printed with numbered labels that will tell you how to put thread around the needle head.

This Sewing Machine is Power Efficient

Industry grade sewing machines generally consume huge power. However, buyers of this product will not have to worry much as the inbuilt motor eats up just 35 Watts of power during operation. This is impressive helps reduce monthly electricity bill.


  • Comes with a detachable extension table
  • Spacious design for effortless operation
  • Strong and durable build
  • Backlit display panel for easy navigation
  • Memory function allows combination of multiple stitches
  • Offers 120 inbuilt stitch patterns
  • Extra features like thread cutter, thread locker and needle position programmer
  • Can also be used for alphabet stitching
  • Consumes much less power


  • Controls are hard to get used to
  • Will require technical expertise

Verdict: I would highly recommend this sewing machine to those enthusiasts plan for a long career in fabric and dress designing. The Usha Dream Maker 120 offers unparalleled performance and class leading features. This product will be a great companion for many years.

Electric Yes
Handwheel Yes
Stitch Patterns 120
Sewing Light Yes
Extra Features Bobbin Winder and Automatic Needle Threading
Power Consumption 35 Watt
Buy 30000 Rupees