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Top 3 Micromax Basic Phones between 1000 to 1500 Rupees

Touch Screen Micromax X853 Review and Specifications

If I have to buy a low budget mobile phone, my favorite is always going to be Nokia or Lava. In fact, on this website, I have been endorsing Lava mobile phones in all the articles dedicated to low-priced feature phones.

On readers demand we have selected three good quality mobile phones from Indian brand Micromax. These three devices can be bought between the price ranges of 1000 to 1500 rupees. Read also Are you looking for a Triple SIM Mobile Phone Online?

Micromax X601

A slightly bigger 2.9-inch screen is one big plus point of this mobile phone. The screen resolution of 320 × 240 Pixels is according to the market trend. This is a TFT screen lower than LCD display on clarity benchmark, but a pixel density of 167 PPI impressive ensures you see everything without feeling pixels in it.

Powerful Lithium-ion Battery: 1450-mAh battery on its back is worthy feature ensures, at least, two days of active usages. In case, you are a silent user, then the battery fuel might last for a week.

With X601, you might be disappointed with other features, but certainly not for its battery power. If battery backup is a priority for you as it is for me, then buy this Micromax device.

Micromax X601 Review and Specifications

Charger is not included in the Sales Box : I support Micromax decision to exclude charger from the sales box. Indeed, a welcome step if the brand can sell a phone at a lower price this way. Buy one high power charger and use it for charging all mobile phones in your home.

This Micromax phone has a decent built quality. According to the market trend, I think it should not cost less than 1500 rupees. However, here you are only paying 1100 rupees, which is 400 rupees less than my assumption of the price. Yes, you got it right; Micromax can offer the discount of 400 rupees because it does include a charger in the sales box.

VGA Camera disappointment

Certainly, the X601 disappoints me with a poor 0.3MP VGA camera. There is no use of this camera module. Micromax has done some cosmetic work in order make this handset a complete phone according to today’s demand.

Connectivity Features: This is a dual SIM mobile phone and takes in GSM SIM only that too in mini Size. The phone will connect with 1G and 2G networks at 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency bands.

Since it is just a basic phone, not much you should expect at connectivity front. USB port and Bluetooth is two major features to connect it to a computer and other mobile phones.

Additional Features : All the regular basic applications are very much present on this phone. Calculator, Stopwatch, Alarm, World Clock, and Calendar are the features you will find here.

Use advanced features to make business calls with this phone. Yes, it does support vibration mode for call alert and you can put a call on hold using its call-waiting feature.

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In terms of safety and security, X604 comes with mobile tracker features. If you have been harassed by unwanted calls, then block the number using blacklist features. The feature to set cell phone number in whitelist is also present on this phone.

Micromax X601 Price Online in India


  1. 9-inch Clear TFT screen
  2. Call waiting, mobile tracker, and blacklist feature
  3. Decent battery backup
  4. Excellent built quality

Cons: Charger and Hands-free are not included in the sales box

Final thoughts : I like this big screen basic phone. It comes with all the regular features, you expect from a mobile phone. This is a cute looking device available to grab at an affordable price of 1100 rupees.

If you want a complete package including charger and hands-free, then read the next phone, see you might like them. Micromax offers charger and earphone with the X699. Read also 3 Multi SIM Mobile Phones in India from Samsung, Nokia and Lava.

Screen 2.9 inch,   240 x 320 pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Battery 1450 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity Dual SIM, Mini SIM, 1G, 2G, USB Port, Bluetooth, BT, FM
Memory Up to 8 GB
Body 100 grams
Buy 1000 Rupees


Micromax X699

The overall look and design of this feature phone are not very attractive. It appears dull like a second-hand set. Still it finds a place here because of excellent battery life and sturdy built at affordable MRP.

Network Internet Display and Built Quality: It sports a 2.4-inch TFT screen with a 240P resolution and a pixel density of 167PPI. No need to repeat that it is a dual SIM set supports the regular SIM size.

Micromax X699 works with 1G and 2G network. 900 MHz and 1800 MHz frequency support tell you can browse the internet only at 2G speed. Yes, it has a WAP browser supports GPRT data network.

The first phone in this article has the total weight of just 100 gram, but this device is not 100 or 200 gram rather whopping 234 gram. Indeed, it is heavy. Therefore, recheck your decision if you are interested in it. If you ask me to carry 234-gram weight in my pocket, surely I will not agree to that.

Camera Features: Even with digital ZOOM, the 0.3MP camera or more rightly, a VGA camera is just eyewash. Interestingly, you can use the camera to click some cool pics though the output would not be too sound in color and clarity.

1800 mAh Powerful Battery

Why you need a basic mobile phone, of course, it is for calling, SMS, and some music. For uninterrupted call, messages, and music buy a phone with a powerful battery, which is even optimized for slow consumption of battery juice.

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Micromax packs X699 with a juicy lithium-ion battery, which is fast chargeable and offers a long backup (more than 48 hours somehow). If the weight 234 gram is not a big concern and battery backup is the priority, then this is one perfect device up for your selection.

Micromax X699 Review Specifications Price Online in India

Additional features: Nowadays, almost all basic phones come with a list of basic features that include calculator, World Clock, Calendar, Alarm, Vibration alert profile, etc. the Micromax X699 is no different, and so you find all basic cosmetics features listed onboard.

Entertainment with FM and Recording options

Without touch panel and 3G internet, not much you can do on a feature phone for entertainment besides listening to FM, music, and seeing interesting videos. Audio & video player of this Micromax champion device supports 3GP, MP3, and MP4 file formats.

Calling Features: All the basic calling features are available on this phone including conference call, hands-free, and call divert. While a call is on, some phones will not show call time. The X699 shows call time.

Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB 2.0 are two main connectivity features here. USB port does bring some advantage as you can connect this phone to a PC or laptop to transfer phones, videos, and songs.


  • Powerful battery
  • FM with recording
  • USB Port connectivity
  • Regular SIM support


  • Too heavy 234grams weight
  • Design and look is not impressive

Final Thought: Micromax X699 is a good basic phone for a price of 1100 rupees. I like all the features except (too) heavy weight. Should you buy it? I find hard to answer this question. As far as my liking is concerned, I will not buy this phone because of poor look and unacceptable 234-gram weight. Read also 4 Low Cost Stylish Mobile Phone with Huge Screen and Lots of Features.

Screen 2.4 inch, 320P pixels, 167 PPI, TFT
Camera 0.3MP, Digital ZOOM
Battery 1850 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity Dual SIM, 1G, 2G, Bluetooth, BT, FM
Memory Up to 8 GB
Body 234 grams
Buy 1200 Rupees


Micromax X853

Can you believe Micromax offers a touch screen mobile phone in 1500 rupees? I would not have believed until I met the Micromax X853 a feature phone with touch screen. It has earned good ratings on e-commerce websites. This is a good device from desi brand Micromax, which is not suitable for everyone. Considering it as an actual smartphone is a mistake. Micromax X853 is just a feature phone with touch screen.

 480P TFT Screen: Touch screen means at least minimum length & width to move user's finger on the screen easily. The 3.5-inch display should be the least one should expect on touch screen phone. The resolution of 320×480 Pixels with 165 PPI lets you see photos and videos into good quality.

Processor RAM and memory: Since it is not a smartphone, RAM is not present rather it runs on some feature phone-oriented operating system. Internal memory is only 32MB reserved for SMS and contacts. Some website does claim of having it 256MB RAM onboard, but the fact is not entirely correct. Rather, it comes with all basic ingredients to run authentic entertainment and brilliant calling.

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To store songs, videos and clicked photos use external microSD card that has a storing capacity 8GB or less.

Additional features: All the regular features such as calculator, calendar, alarm, torch, stopwatch, and voice recording is installed on this phone. Thanks to the touch screen, using these features are much easier.

Touch Screen Micromax X853 Review and Specifications

Limitation : At Amazon, some buyers have the complaint that Facebook, WhatsApp, and other apps cannot be installed on this device. This is buyer’s mistake. He bought the phone without knowing features, capabilities, and limitation. Once again, I repeat, this is just a basic compact device with touch screen.

Connectivity and Battery

I am surprised how Micromax unchecked USB port from the list of connectivity. Bluetooth takes center stage as the default connectivity for device-to-device or device-to-PC communication. There is no support for 3G networks, so internet browsing can be initiated through GPRS via 1G network at 900 MHz band.

The phone only supports two initial bands in 1G network that is 850 and 900 MHz. It does not support to 1800 MHz. Without getting deep into the technical things, let me tell internet browsing and even calling on this phone might be disrupted some time since 850MHz band is not supported by all mobile towers across India.

Entertainment value addition: MP4 file format is not supported instead MPEG4 file format works. This limits you access to widely used MP4 video files. Thus, I do not recommend this phone if entertainment particularly seeing videos on a smartphone is your priority.

Pros: 5-inch touch screen


  • MP4 video file is not supported
  • Not many features except 3.5-inch screen
  • No USB Port
  • Support to 1800 MHz network band is not present

 Final thought: 3.5-inch touch screen at 1500 rupees is the main attract of Micromax X853. However, if you believe me, buying this device is a big mistake. For a 3.5-inch screen, Micromax has compromised at ever front. Ignore this basic phone due to:-

  1. Poor multimedia features
  2. Week network support
  3. meaningless camera
  4. Only Bluetooth connectivity

If still, your want to waste 1500 rupees, go for it. You will not find a better way to waste hard-earned money.

Screen 3.5 inch, 320×480 pixels, 165 PPI, TFT
Camera 0.3MP, LED Flash, Digital ZOOM
Battery 1000 mAh, Li-ion
Connectivity Dual SIM, 1G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth, BT, FM
Memory Up to 8 GB
Body 234 grams
Buy 1500 Rupees

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