4K Recording Camera GoPro HERO 4 Silver

Many users have criticized the GoPro HERO 4 Black action camera for not featuring an LCD screen on the back. Even we are not able to figure out why the manufacturer opts for the choice but it is really undesirable since the HERO 4 Black is priced really high. However, if you badly want an action camera with a touch LCD display on the back, my advice would be to pick the HERO 4 Silver. The bad thing is not everyone can afford this camera because of its current price of 37350 rupees.

4K Video Recording at 15 FPS: These days everyone looks for a camera that can record 4K videos and the good thing is that this camera is capable of doing that. But the catch is the videos will remain little jittery because of the low frame rate of 15 fps. You also get the option to record 2.7K videos at 30 fps, which is definitely a nice feature. Downscaling 2.7K videos to 1080p will make the details crispy and colors more vibrant. The lens of the camera is wide, but the real difference is made by SuperView mode.

All the videos on this camera are recorded in MP4 format using H.264 codec.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Review Specifications Price Online in India

Touch LCD Panel: The reason that many users prefer HERO 4 Silver over the HERO 4 Black is that it features a colorful touch display on the back. This display allows the users to set the brightness according to their comfort. All the settings can be easily managed on the screen. The interface is minimalistic and supports gesture features. Swiping across the screen changes the shooting modes. The display also acts as a viewfinder and displays everything that camera sees instantaneously. This also means you will not have to go through the painful process of pairing a smartphone in order setup the scene.

To prevent unwanted taps and swipes, the display gets locked. However, the software that this camera runs on is full of bugs, which makes the end users experience undesirable.

Not Only 4K Videos, Shoots 12 MP Images as well!

Users can shoot stunning 12 MP images on this camera. It also allows one to select from different crop settings. Continuous shooting ranges from 3 to 10 fps. In the burst shooting mode, the camera captures up to 30 images per second. One important feature to mention here would be the night lapse mode of this device that produces breathtaking videos of dark situations by exposing the sensor for longer durations.

The professional photographers can take advantage of protune mode that gives users access to manual controls of the camera hardware. The ISO level of the sensor can be bumped up to 800 in the case of videos and up to 400 in the case of photos. Like the HERO 4 Black, the silver edition also supports flat profile to give greater control over footage to the users.

Bunch of Connectivity Options: You will not find yourself limited on the connectivity front while using this camera. It is equipped with all the needed connectivity features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mini USB port and mini HDMI port. Moreover, the camera can also be operated wirelessly through an app available for Android and iOS devices. An external microphone can be attached to this camera using a micro USB adapter that the manufacturer sells separately.

This GoPro Camera has an average Battery Life

The camera comes with a really low capacity battery that offers about 1.30 hours of power backup. To increase the battery life, the screen can be turned off. The worst thing about this camera is it does not support the batteries of older generation GoPro cameras.


  • Supports 4K recording but at a low frame rate of 15 fps
  • SuperView mode
  • Flat profile for both photos and videos
  • LCD touch screen
  • Easy to open battery compartment
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • Comes with a solid case that remains waterproof up to 40 meters
  • Night lapse mode
  • Brightness controls
  • Dedicated button to put the display in standby mode


  • Buggy software
  • Battery life is not that great

Verdict: The greatest benefit of buying this camera is you get an LCD touch screen that opens a whole new world of possibilities. However, as far as video quality is concerned, the HERO 4 Black is still a better option.

Video Features 4K,2.7K, 1440P, Full HD, HD and Slow Motion
Stills Up To 12 MP, JPEG
Storage SD Card Up To 64 GB
Connectivity mini USB, mini HDMI and Wi-Fi
Video Features HD At 30 FPS
Waterproof Case
Extra Features Time Lapse, Night Lapse, Burst Mode and Interval Photos
Battery 1160 mAh
Weight 84 grams
Buy 37350 Rupees


Record 4K and Slow motion Videos with GoPro HERO4 Black

When it comes to action cameras, the best brand that one should look for is GoPro. It makes robust, durable and class leading products. Its flagship HERO 4 Black is considered the most reputed action camera in the world. It offers great video quality and can be used in the toughest environments. However, to get this camera, you will have to spend a whopping 27829 rupees.

Crispy 4K Recording: The HERO 4 Black offers unparalleled video recording capabilities. On this camera, you can record 4K videos at 30, 24 or even 25 frames per second. Quality of the video is always great. Details are captured pretty nicely and the color reproduction is highly accurate. Moreover, if you want higher frame rates to smoothen the footage, then 2.7K recording at 50 frames per second can be a great option.

Flat Profile: The flat profile is one of the best features of this camera and the good thing is that it can be used in both video and photo modes. Because of this feature you get a greater control over colors, highlights and contrast ratio in the final processing phase.

GoPro HERO 4 Black Review Specifications Price Online in India

Slow Motion Videos: This camera is not the best device to record slow motion videos, but it does offer a decent experience to the users. At 1440P resolution, it can record videos at a respectable 80 frames per second. That number jumps to 120 fps if the resolution is brought down to 1920 X 1080 pixels. 240 fps video recording is also possible, but a really low WVGA resolution.

Excellent Professional Camera for Capturing Images

The HERO 4 Black not only records stunning videos but is also capable of shooting amazing quality images. It's pro tuning feature allows the users to capture really great images by tweaking the hardware settings. Time lapse video capability is an identifying feature of this camera. Breathtaking night sky videos can also be recorded by using the night lapse mode that takes long exposure shots. In the burst mode, the camera can shoot up to 30 images in a second.

Comes With Some Useful Attachments: GoPro ships a number of attachments along with the box that will prove to be helpful while recording videos. Because of the plastic casing, the camera unit is water and dust tight, allowing the user to record underwater videos. Other attachments enable the camera to be mounted on different types of surfaces. Moreover, the market is full of accessories that are especially designed for the HERO 4 Black.

Compact Design: This camera is so small that it can easily fit inside the palm of your hand. This compactness allows the HERO 4 Black to be used for a number of tasks. GoPro cameras are even used on International Space Station for occasional video recording. There are only three control buttons on this camera, which does create a problem while tweaking the settings

Multiple Connectivity Options: One the right side of the camera is the connectivity panel that houses a mini USB and a mini HDMI port. The HERO 4 Black also features inbuilt Wi-Fi that helps a lot during the setup. The only disappointing thing is that this camera does not support SD card with storage more than 64 GB. So, you will have to carry multiple storage cards if the plan is to record all day.

Use GoPro Smartphone App

The best thing about this camera is that you can control it right from the interface of a smartphone. GoPro has launched an app for both Android and iOS platforms. The app interface also acts as a viewfinder, but it suffers from a noticeable lag of about 0.5 seconds. Other camera settings like shooting mode, ISO, frame rate, and video resolution can also be changed from app menu.

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Short Battery Life: The HERO 4 Black performs badly on the front of power backup. Its 1160 mAh battery only lasts for about one hour at the highest settings. So the only option that the users are left with is to purchase multiple extra batteries.


  • Shoots 12 MP images
  • Flat profile is supported for both videos and images
  • 4K recording at 30 fps
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Highly portable
  • Durable build
  • Comes with a watertight case
  • Capable of recording time-lapse videos
  • Built-in microphone records decent quality audio


  • Disappointing battery life
  • SD cards with more than 64 GB of storage are not supported

Verdict: In spite of a few drawbacks, the GoPro HERO 4 is the best action camera available in the market that one can buy. With this champ, you can record stunning videos, shoot appealing images and even capture time lapse footage. Also, the robust casing enables this camera to be used in any kind of situation.

Video Features 4K,2.7K, 1440P, Full HD, HD and Slow Motion
Stills Up To 12 MP, JPEG
Storage SD Card Up To 64 GB
Connectivity mini USB, mini HDMI and Wi-Fi
Video Features HD At 30 FPS
Waterproof Case
Extra Features Time Lapse, Night Lapse, Burst Mode and Interval Photos
Battery 1160 mAh
Weight 89 grams
Buy 40000 Rupees


Easy to use Waterproof Camera GoPro HERO4 Session

Today, the HERO 4 Session is the most compact action camera on planet earth. It can be useful in those situations where other GoPro cameras cannot be used for many reasons. But the disappointing factor, which goes against this product, is the cost, which is 33782 rupees in India. Interestingly, if your budget is close to 35000 rupees, then you can even purchase the flagship HERO 4 Black.

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If you are wondering how a camera this small can be used for recording videos, then read this short simple and meaningful review till the end. Operating this compact camera is pretty easy. On its body, there are only two control buttons. When you press the main shutter button located on the top, the camera turns on and starts recording a video. Press it again, the camera stops recording and turns off. The device will remain powered off most of the time, mainly to save battery. The other button is located on the back and is used for showing info or managing the inbuilt Wi-Fi.

GoPro HERO 4 Session Price Online in India

To change the camera settings, you will need a smartphone or a remote control. GoPro app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. This creates a problem because users cannot carry a smartphone with them in all the situations. Moreover, it takes about 5 seconds for the camera to start recording a video after pressing the shutter button. So, you might lose the chance of capturing important moments by using this camera.

Long Battery Life means an Ideal Camera for Outdoor shooting

In spite of housing a small battery inside, this small camera actually lasts more than other GoPro devices. This happens because the device never gets into standby mode. Either it records a video or remains powered off. But the catch is that the battery that this camera sports cannot be removed. So, instead of carrying an extra set of batteries, you will have to carry a power bank.

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Attractive Form Factor: This camera sports really a compact shape size. In fact, you will not notice any difference even if it is mounted on your shoulder. It can also be mounted on the head of pets without creating any hassle for them. Also, this device can be rotated on any side within the case as it features a symmetrical form factor. This can be extremely helpful while shooting videos at 90-degree angle.

Waterproof: Another great thing about the HERO 4 Session is that it is waterproof on its own. So, you will not have to enclose it in a leak-proof casing for underwater shooting. It is really an amazing feature because other GoPro cameras are needed to be packed in a case to make them waterproof, which increases their size as well as weight.

This GoPro Camera disappoints in Video Recording

I am really disappointed with the video quality of this camera. Its sensor considerably fails to capture small details. Videos recorded on this device are always muddy and lack dynamic range. Moreover, the HERO 4 Session is not capable of recording 4K videos. The maximum resolution it can record at is of 1920 X 1440 pixels.

The relieving thing is that this camera supports SuperView mode. You can also record slow motion videos at 100 frames per second after reducing the video resolution to 720p.


  • Small, compact and lightweight
  • Offers long battery life
  • Waterproof on itself, does not require a watertight case
  • Symmetrical design
  • Easy to use
  • Can be easily mounted on animals
  • Supports ultra wide angle shots
  • Captures images at 8 MP


  • Non-removable battery
  • 5-second lag
  • Video quality is not up to the mark.

GoPro HERO 4 Session Review and Specifications

Verdict: The HERO 4 Session is a great device with right approach from the brand. Using this camera to record action videos is really fun. But it still has to cover a lot of distance in order to become a perfect device for action photography. The 5-second lag while recording videos is certainly an undesirable thing that can ruin users’ experience. GoPro also needs to work on the picture quality of this camera. Why would people purchase an expensive action camera that cannot even record decent full HD videos?

Video Features 1440P, Full HD, HD and Slow Motion
Stills Up To 8 MP, JPEG
Storage SD Card Up To 64 GB
Connectivity micro USB and Wi-Fi
Waterproof Yes
Extra Features Burst Mode and Interval Photos
Battery 1.55 Hours
Weight 74 grams
Buy 32000 Rupees