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Top 3 Double Door Refrigerator in India under 35000 Rupees

LG GL-I322RPZL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Review and Specifications

321 Liter SAMSUNG RT34K3743S8 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The Samsung RT34K3743S8 Frost Free Refrigerator is the finest option if you are on a lookout for a smart choice as a homemaker. With this, you can store and cool an enormous quantity of stuff. It is a household machine – that is really a champion on footings of its elegance and style quotient. Its exclusive features raise its ultimatum in the market. Read also High Capacity Best Double Door Refrigerator in India This Year.

Design and Capacity: This is one of the best double door refrigerators in India this year. It devours an outer covering with a compact gloom. This escalates the charm of the model. The 321 liters capacity makes it the greatest option for big families and a choice for storage and refrigeration a huge stock of stuff. The inward space lets the storage of bulky and trivial food articles in an appropriate way.

Technology: The shelves of the fridge are made up of unbreakable glass. This offers a great deal of strength to the fridge that can grip weighty articles including big food packs or huge plates and bowls. Cleaning these shelves is too stress-free as well. The technology guarantees that it not just performs the temperature management within but also keeps the skepticism quotient intact.

Digital Inverter and Convertible Freezer Technology

Samsung promises the sturdiness of its Digital Inverter Compressor that is energy efficient. Active at all times, it mechanically regulates its speed to bump into the cooling request, confirming an easy, long-term refrigerator.

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The Convertible Freezer delivers the eventual in flexible storing. With this, you can effortlessly convert your freezer into a fridge. This frees the space for the fresh foodstuff to store in special events diverse seasons.

SAMSUNG RT34K3743S8 Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Review and Specifications

Energy Rating and Warranty

The Samsung RT34K3743S8 Double Door Refrigerator offers a warranty of one year that serves to be an additional gain. You can adore the peace of mind with a 10-year warranty on the refrigerator’s compressor. The Refrigerator arrives with 3-star rating. It turns it out to be one of the most energy efficient refrigerators, so saving energy and running price.

Additional Features

This top rated refrigerator includes more than a few exclusive features. Few of them include:

  • Ice Max: Ice Max simply allows you to store a great quantity of ice – just a twist is what it takes to dish out an abundance of cubes. The ice can be suitably prepared and stored with no trouble.
  • Digital Display: The blue LED display introduces a trace of complexity while placing a mammon of switches at your fingertips. You can likewise change temperature settings or save electricity by way of the convertible mode.
  • LED Light: The great efficiency LED lighting is more power-efficient than conventional lighting. It dazzlingly lights each corner of the internal space.
  • Moist Fresh Zone: It is a briskly planned drawer – that offers an ideal setting for storage of unpreserved food.
  • Easy Slide Shelf: With an easy slide shelf, you can competently organize and effortlessly access your foodstuffs to see accurately what you have stored.
  • Fresh Room: The fresh room is a cold section that confirms freshness even on regularly opening the door. It is the perfect place to preserve your food so that it stays fresher for extensive time.
  • Dual Fan Technology: This revolutionary technology lets you change the freezer into a fridge vice versa with comfort.
  • Power Freeze: With the power freeze, you can obtain ice cubes merely with a push of a button.
  • Power Cool: With the prompt chill of the Power Cool feature, foodstuff will retain its freshness and drinks will be rapidly chilled.
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Pro Features:-

  • Deodorizing Filter
  • Big Bottle Guard
  • Toughened Glass Shelves
  • Stabilizer Free Operation
  • Door Alarm

Verdict: Price at 33000 Rupees, the Samsung RT34K3743S8 Refrigerator is a flawless and inexpensive choice for your kitchen needs. An integral Deodorizing Filter removes foul odors and conserves foodstuff’s unique savor and smell. The blue LED display with regulating controls offers handiness while setting temperature. In addition, even if you fail to recall closing fridge door, it is sufficiently smart to aware you by way of its Fridge Door Alarm. Moreover, you do not have to sustain added energy costs and there is no menace of food getting ruined. All in all, this turns it out to be a decent choice. Read also Five Star Rated Samsung Single Door Refrigerator in 16000 Rupees.

Buy 33000 Rupees
Energy Efficiency 3 star
Capacity 321 L
Freezer Capacity 88 L
Installation Type Free-standing
Form Factor Standard Double Door
Color Elegant Inox
Defrost System Frost free
Shelf Type Toughened glass
Number of Shelves 1
Comprehensive Warranty 1 year


318 Liter Hitachi R-H350PND4K Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Priced at 36000 Rupees, the R-H350PND4K Frost Free Refrigerator model from Hitachi is a Double Door variant with 318 liters capacity. Check out its features:

Convertible Compartment: Hitachi's R-H350PND4K is definitely one of those very few best double door refrigerators in India this year. It features an inventive Convertible Compartment. This allows shifting amid Vegetable mode and Chiller mode cooling. This is governed by where you find the section in the fridge. Therefore, you can tailor your fridge as preferred to match your regime and requirements.

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Big Vegetable Compartment and Beverage Pockets: A big vegetable compartment makes available adequate space for storing a number of fresh fruits and veggies. On top of, the beverage pockets are calculated to offer an ideal, space-efficient design offering abundant space for different types of bottles. You can relish well-organized storage and all-out usage of space.

Eco Thermo Sensor and Electronic Control: The R-H350PND4K Double door Refrigerator features Hitachi's Eco Thermo Sensor technology. This notices temperature variations inside the fridge, then and there, the microcomputer offers ideal cooling for effective operation. In like manner, the refrigerator features the electronic microcomputer. It manages the temperature within the fridge by noticing temperature changes by means of manifold electronic sensors. This comprehends the finest refrigeration and energy-saving process.

Hitachi R-H350PND4K Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Nano Titanium Filter and Mold proof Door Gasket

Nano Titanium is a leading-edge technology that utilizes a TiO2 catalyst to deliver an influential anti-bacterial, deodorizing and anti-mold outcome. It is correspondingly maintenance-free and needs no additional energy. More than that, the mold-proof door gasket is not susceptible to dirt. Mostly, door gaskets are difficult to clean. With Hitachi's mold proofing treatment, you do not have to worry about all this.

Pro Features:-

  • 2-way Humidity Controller
  • Smart Control Dial
  • Wide Lamp
  • Air Jet Flow
  • Lock and Key
  • No Frost & CFC Free

Verdict: To such a degree, I would surely endorse this refrigerator from Hitachi. The distinct fridge and freezer sections add suitability to storing. The refrigerator section has a large vegetable section and vast pockets to collect liquid refreshments. The convertible compartment allows switching between vegetable mode and chiller mode cooling. As follows, this fridge features an electronic control, smart control dial, Nano-titanium filter in addition to an eco-thermal sensor. It is an ideal choice to fit in your kitchen. Read also Advance Double Door Refrigerator Below 23000 Rupees.

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Buy 36000 Rupees
Type Frost-free
Star Rating 3
Gross capacity 318 L
Storage Capacity 290 L
Control Electronic Control
Refrigerant type R134a
Dimensions 600*1680*655 mm
Gross Weight 62 Kg
Comprehensive warranty 1 year
Compressor Warranty 5 years


308 Liter LG GL-I322RPZL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

LG GL-I322RPZL Double Door is a top rated Refrigerator with 4 Star energy rating. The decent features including Ice Beam Door Cooling technology, 308 Liters capacity and Deodorizer retains the freshness of your food for a long time. This lets you save on electricity charges owing to the 36% energy savings it proposes. Read also Modern Double Door Refrigerator Below 25000 Rupees.

Jet Ice Technology: LG GL-I322RPZL uses the Jet Ice Technology that allows preparing ice in a matter of 90 minutes. The exclusive cooling shower upholds a nonstop flow of cool air on the tray. This makes ice quicker than any other fridge. As the technology efficiently performs this, no extra weight approaches the compressor that leads to extraordinary performance without any interference.

Smart Inverter Compressor: This Double Door refrigerator features the Smart Inverter Compressor that tends to be the most progressive and energy efficient compressor. This saves about 48% energy by tuning cooling power in response to the quantity of foodstuff you freight in the fridge that affords resourceful energy consumption. The refrigerator is intended to offer a matchless performance, decent savings, and super quiet process. This turns out the refrigerator to be yet another charming revolution for your accessibility.

Environment-Friendly Refrigerator: Priced at 34000 Rupees, the LG GL-I322RPZL is an Environment-friendly creativity. The brand emphasizes on ecologically maintainable resolutions by providing eco-design and eco-products. This assists in lessening of harmful resources and addressing overall climate change in addition to Global Warming. The refrigerator produces a smaller amount carbon and doesn't damage the ozone layer so that we have a greener future!

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LG GL-I322RPZL Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator Review and Specifications

Moist Balance Crisper and Top LED

Moist Balance Crisper is a distinct lattice-type case that preserves moistness at the finest level. Humidity from stored foodstuff is vaporized and later condensed on the lattice. This upholds the exact stability of humidity in the case. Along with, Top LED feature offers first-class looks, unvarying illumination across the fridge, improved inner aesthetics, sturdiness, and energy efficiency.

Capacity and Star Rating: The capacity of the LG GL-I322RPZL is 310 liters. This provides you abundant space to pile up your favored foodstuff, beverages, and frozen items. You will attain amply of ice at your disposal whenever you require. The fridge owns a 4 Star Rating. This assists in saving your about 36% electricity charges as well.

Additional Features

This top rated refrigerator from LG features a number of brilliant additional features. These include:

  • Double Twist Ice Tray: This feature helps to acquire additional ice as and when needed.
  • 100V-290V LVS: This LG refrigerator functions within 100-290V range. More than that, it can survive voltage fluctuations turning it out to be almost stabilizer free.
  • Ever Fresh Zone: A distinct fresh zone retains the freshness of veggies and fruits.
  • Ice Beam Door Cooling: This feature guarantees uniform temperature all over the fridge.


  • Jet Ice Technology
  • 310 liters capacity
  • Moist Balance Crisper
  • Environment Friendly
  • 4 Star Rating

Verdict: To encapsulate, this smooth and feature-loaded refrigerator from LG is a smart solution for your modern domestic needs. The LG GL-I322RPZL fridge owns a Smart Inverter Compressor, Smart Diagnosis System, and Smart Connect Technology that makes it be the best double door refrigerator in India this year. The refrigerator’s glossy steel color body is durable and in addition looks very trendy too. Its Environment-friendly design converts it into an energy-efficient machine. Furthermore, you can confirm that you at all times have sufficient ice to try out all the cocktails you desire for a party. Read also Best Selling Side By Side LG Refrigerator Model in India.

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Buy 34000 Rupees
Energy Efficiency 4 Star
Capacity 308 L
Color Shiny steel
Defrost System Frost Free
Shelf Type Toughened glass
Deodorizer Cachetin
Compressor Smart Invertor Compressor
Warranty 1 year
Compressor warranty 9 years

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