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Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for Home Use Under 6500 Rupees in May 2015

A basic sewing machine is an essential requirement for any home. By means of a Home sewing machine, you can save time & money that spends on repairing clothes. Moreover, a budget sewing machine could also render good opportunity for homemakers in terms of a better utilization of free time by doing some cloth designing and sewing projects.

In this article, we are discussing three basic sewing machines that are suitable for home based tailoring works. Since middle-class families cannot afford a high-priced machine, we have filtered three most efficient sewing machines for home Use in less than 6500 rupees budget.

 Juki Hzl 12z – A Budget Sewing Machine with 5 Unique Stitch Patterns

Many people do not just get satisfied with the average features, they want something more. They are willing to pay any price for good quality products. Apparently, the product price has to be proportional to the product features and quality. At 6300 rupees price, Juki Hzl-12z packs some great features for home-based tailoring. However, do expect to find some drawbacks on which we will come later in this review.

Design: It is not that appealing in terms of design, but when it comes to sturdiness, there is no match. The red panel on the front will make you feel that it features some graphical display, but it is not true for sure. This machine measures about 4.4 KG in terms of weight that gives it extraordinary light-weightiness.

Performance and Usability: The main benefit of having this machine is the Automatic Needle Threading feature because of which you won’t have to waste much time in setting up the thread. You also get the bobbin winding feature, but using it might become a hassle for many. The manuals can prove to be helpful, though.

Juki Hzl-12z Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

The rotational dial on the front is used to select the stitch pattern that features about five options. You can set the length of each stitch by the length selector dial located on the right side. I really don’t get the point behind placing it there. The tension dialer is on the left side and its position seems quite reasonable. The thing to mention here is that in most of the stitching cases you will have to set the tension level to 5. You also get a big reverse switch lever for the ease of use.

The sewing light feature will prove to be helpful in times when you do not have much light coming in. The removable free arm is another feature, but it does not make this machine unique as almost every sewing machine features it nowadays.

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  • Very lightweight (4.4KG) with a sturdy design
  • The Automatic Needle Threading is an appreciable feature
  • Features Bobbin winder
  • Sewing in dark rooms is made easy with the built-in LED light


  • Not much sleek and attractive in terms of looks
  • Only 5 stitch patterns
Motor Built-in
Stitch Patterns 5
Circular Stitching YES
Button Holer 4-Step Button Hole
Buy 6500 Rupees


Brother LS 2000 Electric Sewing Machine

Want to go professional with a budget and entry-level sewing machine? If yes, then the Brother LS 2000 Electric Sewing Machine is here for you. You can buy it for the price of 6244 INR from, which is a nice offer in my opinion. When you open the packaging you get a lightweight and feature-full product. This machine is not less than any sewing machine in the market at this price point.

Design: If you are a girl, then you would certainly love the pink and purple printed flowers on the front. The white background gives the whole machine a sleek finish. The handle becomes invisible from the front and makes the situation unbalanced sometimes. But overall The Brother LS 2000 sewing machine features a compact and attractive body.

Performance and Usability: On the top everything, this machine features 20 stitching styles, which make it unique from many other products in the market right now. The controls can become a kind of mess in the beginning, but after a few days of usage, you will become an expert.

Brother LS 2000 Sewing Machine Review and Specifications

There are four dials on the front excluding the reverse stitch button. The two rotational dials next to each other are used to select the stitch type and its length. The dial on the left is for changing the needle position. Around the needle system, you can find the tension selection dial with labels on it. There is also a reverse stitch lever at the bottom.

The flatbed is removable and can also be used as an accessory container. You also get a bobbin winder at the top and using it a relatively easy task. Just take out the bobbin winder from the bobbin case and put it on the winder attached with the thread. Push the bobbin winder to the right and press the foot pedal. When the bobbin gets filled just put it back to its original position.


  • This machine is very lightweight at 5KG
  • The flowery finish with white background gives the eyes much relief
  • Good control over stitching. Users can easily change the length of the stitch and position of the needle
  • The flatbed can be removed for easy stitching of the closed loop parts of the clothes
  • 20 stitching styles.
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  • Beginners can face a little problem
  • Handle at the center could have been appreciated
Stitch Patterns 20
Circular Stitching YES
Button Holer NO
Buy 6200 Rupees


Singer Multi-Stitch SDL121512187 Home Sewing Machine

There come many moments when you accidentally get your clothes torn apart and badly want to fix it as soon as possible. If this happens in the morning when you are getting ready for your office, then the situation becomes worse as at that time no tailor opens his shop. Do you know what? If you follow my suggestion and get an entry-level stitching machine, then you can easily avoid amplification of the situation. Now the question arises is which stitching machine should you buy and I have a recommendation for you.

The Singer Multi-Stitch SDL121512187 machine is compact, stylish and durable. Although you might have to lose a little extra money from your pocket as it is priced at 6045 INR on, but the purchase will be a worth.

Design: You will fall in love with this machine at the first sight for sure. The harmony of white and red color cannot be explained in words. The build material used for the body is also durable. Weight of 6.4KG coupled with the handle on the top makes this machine very portable.

Performance and Usability: As this machine is from Singer, you can expect some great features and regular customization for easy stitching. Besides home stitching of torn clothes, you can fulfill inner desire of creative freedom for experiment and showcase your hidden talent in the creation of designer clothes. Power of 13 stitching styles will minimize your need to go to a tailor. You can easily do gathering, patchwork, quilting, and zip fixing with the Singer Multi-Stitch.

Singer Multi-stich SDL121512187 Review and Specifications

The removable free-arm is another feature of the Singer Multi-Stitch SDL121512187 machine that allows hassle-free stitching of rounded fabrics like sleeves. The free-arm can also be used as a container.

Controlling of this machine is easy as there are only two dials on the front. The big round dial with labels on it is for stitch style selection. The explanations of the labels are on the right side of the dial. The second dial is for tension selection and is comfortable to rotate. You get the reverse stitch button on the bottom because of which the whole machine stays put.


  • Easy to use and lightweight
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Features a removable free arm
  • The body is made using durable ABS material
  • 13 stitching styles
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Cons: Not much control over the distance between two stitches

Motor 70 watt
Stitch Patterns 13
Button Holer Four Step Button Holer
Buy 6000 Rupees

9 thoughts on “Top 3 Best Sewing Machine for Home Use

    1. Hi Kavya, Not sure which model in low budget will work for Jeans alteration but Singer has some good quality sewing machines for such works. I think you should enquire about this with Singer showroom in your city.

      GS’s sewing expert says Singer 4423, priced 16500 Rupees in India, can stitch Jeans so it can alter that as well.

  1. Hi
    I need sewing machine for domestic purpose only could you please help me out which would be better and comfortable as I m just beginner

  2. Hi,
    Between Brother, Juki & Usha Janome which brand would you recommend considering the below:
    1. Quality of stitching
    2. Build quality
    3. Service (PS: Usha Janome has a very bad reputation when it comes to service as per what I have heard)
    4. Durability
    5. Ease of use & maintainence

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