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Top 2 Micromax Tablet for Indian Homes Below 10000 Rupees

Micromax Canvas Tab P680 Review and Specifications

After the thinnest smartphone the Canvas Silver 5, Micromax has launched the thinnest tablet the Canvas P690 at an economical price of 8850 rupees. This makes a point that Micromax has found new love for thinnest craft.

The Micromax Canvas P690 is an 8 inch tablet sports a 7.8 mm slim solid built, showcasing premium design line and a set of latest hardware. It is more useful for web browsing or multimedia entertainment than hard multitasking or gaming.

In the Box :-

  1. 3000 Rupees gift voucher
  2. Free screen guard
  3. Earphone with reject and accept call button
  4. OTG Cable
  5. 2 Amp fast charger
  6. SIM ejector tool
  7. Tablet P690 with built-in battery

3G and Calling : The tablet can be used as a smartphone as it supports dual SIM that works at network frequency ranging of 850 MHz to 2100 MHz. Much like a smartphone, one of the SIMs is supported to 3G connectivity. Since Micromax has launched the cheapest 4G Smartphone Yu Yunique and Reliance Jio 4G launched is confirmed in December (2015), 4G LTE support on this tablet could have built more interest in its favor. Nevertheless, The P690 renders fairly smooth web browsing on a big screen, which is measured in 8 inches of size and 800P in resolution. In fact, user would love to spend more time with this tab since the touch response is brilliant and the screen looks magnificent.

Mammoth Battery life : Limited multitasking and only to basic gaming support goes in favor of 4000 mAh battery, which indeed lasts long. In spite of frequent web browsing, listening to music and playing HD films, the battery juice lasts for almost 10 to 14 hours. We cannot miss the fact that we are discussing a device battery that has to power a big 8 inches display. Battery backup is really good on the P690.Micromax Canvas Tab P690 Price Online in India

5MP and 2MP camera

The camera application is Google camera app that we see on Nexus devices. I am really surprised with the result output from both front and main camera. Micromax has not added a flash advantage still output image quality from the 5MP sensor is brilliant. The image looks natural, colors are accurate, brightness is perfect and background details are also correct. I did not expect such result from Micromax camera, which is not supported by a branded sensor and a flash. Talking about night photography, you can imagine what will be the result without flash-light. Let’s not waste time on frivolous performance of the camera in low lighted conditions.

The front firing 2MP shooter is also good in terms of selfie accuracy. However, colors and naturality remains poor. I mean the selfie looks more yellowish, not quite accurate in color balance. My emphasis is more about accuracy since the shooter picks good amount of background details from the subject I mean user’s face.

More or less, performance of both cameras is much better than what we have seen on Micromax tablets. 5MP and 2MP camera performance in good lighted condition is stunning on the P690.

Logically tablet is meant to perform more as a low-end computing device so expecting excellence in terms of camera won’t be fair. In low light condition, I am sure a super LED flash would have brought smile on our face.

Performance : Micromax made intelligent move by considering Intel processor over MediaTek. I have used Asus Zenfone series phones found very well in terms of performance, battery saving and solving heating issue.

The quad core Intel processor chipset along with Intel HD graphic unit delivers absolutely hassle-free smooth performance during web browsing or multitasking. However, Micromax has made mistakes by offering only 1GB RAM that does feel when the tab responds badly against hard multitasking requirements. Also, unwanted preinstalled applications like NewsHunt, PayTM, HelloTV, MAD etc, constantly crush the processor and RAM resources.

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The Micromax P690 can handle basic multitasking and moderate gaming. It offers good entertainment by playing videos and songs in utmost quality and clarity. If you are power user or need a gaming tablet, P690 is not a good choice for you.

Display : The 8 inch IPS LCD display is fairly warm, rich in colour, brightness is average, and quite responsive too. Powerful processor at its back, user experiences responsive and crispy screen on the Canvas P690. Brightness is bit lowered that helps user’s eye as well as saving battery, but under harsh sunlight the screen looks more grey, hardly readable.

Micromax has done commendable job in balancing specs on the Canvas P690 tablet. This result in a brilliant display that requires less energy and resources to deliver crisp, clear and sharp icons and video playback experience.

Multimedia Features

We are giving 95 out of 100 marks for entertainment value of P690 as audio and video quality experience is on top-side. HD Video plays really well that too looks sharp and clean because of good resolution ration in spite of low pixel density. The main speaker fires loud audio that is also good when pin up with the earphone.

Built and Design : This is a nicely built sleek, slim and lightweight tablet that feels nice to hold in the hand. There is wooden like texture on the rear made with high quality plastic adds unique dimension in the grand design. Edges are nicely smoothening and glossy plastic strip covers the top and the bottom.

The right edge hosts power/wake up key alongside volume rocker and next to that is SIM trey and SD card port.

Pros :- 

  1. Loud and clear calling
  2. Video playback and audio loudness is impressive
  3. Excellent web browsing experience
  4. Running on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and upgradable to Lollipop 5.0.1
  5. Good battery life
  6. Free screen guard in the magic box
  7. OTG Support
  8. Feature to use front and back camera
  9. Warm and bigger display

Cons :-

  1. 4G LTE is not supported
  2. Only 1GB RAM
  3. Lots of bloatware
  4. Supports basic multitasking and gaming

Verdict : If you are planning to spend 20000 rupees to buy a laptop for basic internet related works, then give up the plan and buy the Canvas P690 at a payment of 8850 Rupees. The Micromax P690 is suitable for small middle class family needs a computer type device in home for online bill payment; ticket booking, mobile/DTH recharge or any other small internet related works. In fact, it can serve as a decent alternative to a 20000 rupees laptop.

The Tab is a brilliant gadget with good performance, decent display and a big screen. Also, it is very good in terms of multimedia entertainment and education/e-book reading. I recommend the P690 with precondition that you would use it for basic multitasking and movie content playback.

Price 8850 Rupees
OS Android Kitkat 4.4 upgradable to Lollipop 5
Processor Intel Quad core Chip-set, 1.83 GHz,   Intel HD Graphics
Memory 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory, 32GB SD Card Support, USB OTG Support
Screen 8 inch, 800 x 1280 Pixels, IPS LCD, 189 PPI
Camera 5MP[P], 2MP[F], Digital Zoom
Battery 4000 mAh, Li-Po
Connectivity Dual SIM, BT 4.0, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Voice Calling, GPS
Bofy 318 gram [w], 7.8 mm [Th]
Sensors Accelerometer
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Micromax Canvas Tab P680

The Canvas P680 is marketed as a multimedia tablet with extra speaker for rich, loud and appealing audio output. At the current price of 9900 rupees, the tab brings 8 inch IPS LCD display panel in resolution of 800 × 1200 pixels ration whereas pixel density per inch is 189.

The P680 is quite identical to P690 in terms of basic specifications, performance and productivity. There are minor differences in hardware that reflects in performance that too is because Micromax has derived two different USP concepts in both tabs. When P690 is more focused to be a good solution for online related works, P680 is a multimedia tablet for the best musical entertainment. I endorse P690 over P680.

When we compare performance, camera delivery and display quality, P680 finds itself at one step lower than P690. However, P680 scores with 16GB on-board storage and the latest Android Lollipop operating system. The P680 gets more entertainment value addition due to dual box speakers on its rear. However, just for two box speakers, Micromax has compromised with hardware, usability and pricing factor on the P680.

In the Box :-

  1. Canvas P680
  2. OTG cable
  3. USB Cable
  4. In-ear type earphone with accept and reject button
  5. Screen protector

Multimedia : Since Micromax is shouting P680 – the best multimedia tab in 2015, we will start discussing more about video, audio playback quality along with its ability to stream live event or rock concert via YouTube.

According to Micromax, start a musical party anytime anywhere with the P680. You and your friend will be encouraged to join dance floor because of dual BOX speaker produces loud and really loud audio output. Experience whole new level of music in rich, clear and realistic sound whether you are streaming from a live music event or playing the latest chart-buster.

Micromax’s claim about the dual BOX speaker seems true as it renders great sound with precise balance of treble, mid-range and bass. The speakers are slightly bigger has Aluminium Diaphragm that produces high quality loud audio output during movie watching or playing a long playlist. I am really impressed with the set of BOX speakers firing from the rear.

The P680 lists 16GB internal storage wherein 5GB is consumed by OS installation, approx 1.3GB lost because of unwanted bloatware, balance 9.5GB is left for the end users. It also supports microSD upto 32GB and USB OTG for temporary storage.

Built and Design

The use of polycarbonate material makes the craft more premium and solid than what we get from a plastic built. More metallic feel on the rear along with unique plastic strip on top and bottom adds premium value in the built.

User can find audio jack and USB port on the top and power lock/unlock key followed by volume rocker on the right edge. The top strip is removable to insert two SIMs and one SD card. The first port supports the regular SIM size whereas the second port is reserved for micro SIM. Right next to SIM ports is a nano port accepts microSD card upto 32GB. USP of the tab is dual BOX speaker that has found placement on the back along with 5MP shooter, which is also accompanied with a LED flash, goes to the top left corner.Micromax Canvas Tab P680 Price Online in India

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Operating System : I am not very happy with Android lollipop 5.0.1 when the latest Android version is 5.1. Although it is understood by users as no big deal but the fact is upgrade in Android is not only to add features rather improve the platform against new threats, solve reported bugs and make the Eco system friendlier.

Display : The 8 inches display without a protection technology supports 800P resolution and 189 PPI pixel density. Unlike warm colors in P690, P680 sports a vivid display with more greenish feel and slightly cold color temperature. Though a display should be accurate in colour reproduction, which is not a case with the P680.

In general usages, the display appears more vivid, fairly crisp and neatly optimized for pixels and great viewing angles. Not too many complain about the display, but those finds confusion between the P680 and P690, I would help with my suggestion to choose the P690 for better and warm display experience.

Camera : Good news is Micromax adds a LED flash with the rear shooter. However, the bad news is even with flash, 5MP sensor in P680 secures slightly dull pictures than P690’s 5MP camera. Yes, I am not talking details, which has been captured well by both rear shooters rather my emphasis is on quality. As mentioned aforesaid, Micromax has compromised in all sections except multimedia, which is the USP of the P680 tab.

The 2MP front camera is as brilliant as the front camera of P690. This is good hardware works well for your need to connect with friend for video chat or Skype call or occasional selfie.


Although I endorse MediaTek quad core chipset in a budget smartphone but in comparison with an Intel chip, the results are disappointing. Touch response is brilliant generally that does get a few hiccups when tried to play real HD videos. Yes, you can try some moderate games, but I am sure frame drop and average graphic will spoil your mood. For a price of 10000 rupees, Micromax should have relied on an Intel processor rather than re-aligning with MediaTek.

The P680 is for playing songs or videos or for some basic internet browsing works. The kind of specs balance P690 tab has, seems missing in P680 tablet. For day to day usages, I would highly recommend Micromax P690 over the Canvas P680. However, if you need a tab just to play loud music, then go ahead with the P680.


  1. Very good selfie camera
  2. USB OTG Support
  3. 16GB internal storage
  4. Dual BOX speaker
  5. 4000 mAh battery


  1. Greenish Display
  2. Average processor
  3. Limited 1GB RAM
  4. Lots of bloatware, which can be removed thankfully
  5. It does not deserve price tag of 1000 rupees
  6. Average main camera
  7. Poor gaming
  8. Dull performance

Verdict : The P690 is tab for multi-usages whereas the P680 is designed to please your desire for the best quality musical experience anytime anywhere. For a price of 10000 rupees, I would not like to buy a tab which only does justice with audio output.

Price 9900 Rupees
OS Android Lollipop 5.0.1
Processor MediaTek Quad core, 1.3 GHz
Memory 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory, 32GB SD Card Support, USB OTG Support
Screen 8 inch, 800 x 1280 Pixels, IPS LCD, 189 PPI
Camera 5MP[P], 2MP[F], Digital Zoom
Battery 4000 mAh, Li-Po
Connectivity Dual SIM, BT 4.0, 1G, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Voice Calling, GPS
Sensors Accelerometer, Light, Proximity

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  1. Micromax Canvas Tab P690 is one of the great tablets that has been recently launched. Actually, I’m using this for three months and quite satisfied with it. It has all the good features along with descent look. Additionally, its performances at this range is quite lovable.

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