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Top 11 Smartphone With OTG 4G Support in 6500 to 15000 Rupees

Top 12 Smartphone With OTG Support (7)

Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML @ Rupees 15000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/2GB RAM/5.5 inch Full HD/ 16GB/ Intel Atom 1.8GHz/3000 mAh/13MP+5MP/USB OTG/NFC/Indian 4G

Take the benefit of advanced USB OTG support without using any applications on Asus Zenfone 2. In fact, it can play all kinds of OTG contents – videos, PDF files, audio files, documents or images with an ease. Moreover, Users have the option either to copy content from OTG to internal storage or play directly using OTG as an additional temporary media storage.

For playing Full HD movie files or to run heavy programs, the Asus ZE551ML comes with some robust hardware. The 5.5 inch IPS LCD display (401 PPI, corning gorilla glass V3 protection) has to be its main highlight feature.

Further, the Asus smartphone offers a smooth performance thanks to 2GB RAM, Intel Atom chipset and PowerVR G6430 graphic unit in its CPU. 3000 mAh battery of this OTG supported smartphone ensures uninterrupted backup while you are enjoying multimedia contents right from an OTG storage.

On this phone, there are lots of preinstalled applications from Asus, which can be considered bloatware. However, some of Asus applications are really interesting that makes user interaction with the device a lot more exciting. For example, the “Mirror” app essentially usages the front facing camera turns into mirror for user for beautification or to check hair style. Power saver, super note and weather update are some other cool applications I found useful on this Asus phone.

2015 Asus Zenfone 2 Between 13000 to 23000 Rupee in India

Besides USB OTG support, what differentiates Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) from other phones is a series of hardware onboard for power pack performance and full-on multimedia entertainment. With a juicy battery and Indian 4G LTE support, the phone is indeed a hot choice in the current smartphone market. Read more at Asus Zenfone 2 Between 13000 to 23000 Rupee in India.

Gionee Marathon M4 @ Rupees 13500

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/MediaTek Quad core/2 GB RAM/16 GB/5 inch AMOLED HD/Indian 4G/5000 mAh/USB OTG

The phone has ample battery to last three to four days. 2GB RAM and quad core processor of this Gionee Marathon smartphone ensures smooth multitasking and gaming experience to the end users. It also comes with much needed Indian 4G LTE network support for online data consumption.

Essentially, the Marathon M4 is a power gadget both in terms of battery, communication and Screen. An OTG device basically used to store movies, images and songs collection. To play these multimedia contents right from the source, you need better screen, powerful CPU and strong battery backup.

The Marathon M4 is a dual SIM smartphone sports a 5 inches screen that bears Super AMOLED panel and pixels of 294 PPI. You will be able to watch movies or videos in super clarity.

Gionee Marathon M4 with Indian 4G and 65 Hours of Talk Time

Gionee’s M4 is the fourth successful installment wherein the fifth installment M5 with 6000 mAh is already launched in China and ready to ship India. According to buzz the M5 costs might be approx 19000 rupees. In my opinion, the Marathon M4 with 5000 mAh battery is more than sufficient for business or working class users.

Since the device is quite limited in terms of productivity, I am sure of slow draining of battery fuel in spite of continuous users of multimedia contents and calling features. Limited in processor firepower, Marathon M4 is not suitable for gaming. Read more at Gionee Marathon M4 with 4G USB OTG and 5000 mAh Battery.

Xiaomi Mi4i @ Rupees 13000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/Snapdragon Octa Core/2GB RAM/16GB/5 inch FHD/13MP+5MP/3120 mAh/USB OTG/Indian 4G LTE

The phone is marketed as an affordable flagship intended to attract young Indian Smartphone buyers. Xiaomi M4i is different from the flagship M4 visibly in design also in performance. Its edges are smoothen makes easy to grab and combat size makes single hand operation very comfortable. The phone is lighter (130 gram) and certainly thinner (7.8 mm).

As is the case with all Xiaomi devices, you can choose between seven different LED colors for LED notifications. Its display renders great viewing angles with warm colour temperature.

The display turns out to be good choice for web browsing and playing of entertainment contents. Play FHD video files from OTG memory without the use of additional applications on this phone. Moreover, the screen visibility in harsh sunlight is really good.

Xiaomi M4i performs sluggish when compared to flagship phones in the market. This is a mid-range phone priced only 12999 rupees in India.

Xiaomi Mi4i Review and Specifications

The Mi4i is a memory intensive smartphone has 16GB factory installed memory without SD card port and with USB OTG support.

Coupled with Adreno 405 GPU, the Mi4i is able to play games without any issues. In terms of connectivity, it supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro USB, Indian 4G/3G network and GPS with assistance. Compatibility with starting frequency range of 850 MHz, it is one of good choice for better calling. Call quality is really good at Xiaomi’s Mi4i. We kept lots of details about Xiaomi Mi4i at Top 20 Smartphone Under 15000 with Indian 4G LTE Support.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 @ Rupees 12500

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/Snapdragon 410 Quad Core/1.5 GB RAM/8GB/5 inch/HD/13MP/2600 mAh

The phone is sold in India via Flipkart offers great specs and reliable gaming performance. Its front camera comes with LED flash makes selfie more clear, bright, natural and wider. Also, it has SUPER AMOLED 5 inches HD screen very well for playing multimedia contents right from the attached OTG media source.

The TouchWiz user interface has an “outdoor” mode that resets screen colour and brightness according to temperature outside in sunny day.

The phone is not very impressive in terms of design and its built appears outdated much like 2 to 3 years old Samsung device. Samsung Galaxy J5’s body is made of high quality plastic.

Samsung is not Sony, but it does set camera modulations perfectly. The rear shooter bears 13MP camera with f/1.9 lens. Though we were expecting wow but the real performance of 13MP camera even with a super LED is just average.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Review and Specifications

Not only the device looks old even its specs are outdated. Much like Samsung Galaxy A8, rear firing speaker is fairly low in sound output. Yes, this is a dual SIM smartphone with Indian 4G LTE support.

Battery on this device is 2600 mAh lithium-ion enough juicy to last many days. For my usages (one hour calling, web browsing, YouTube, listening to songs) Samsung Galaxy J5’s battery fuel lasted upto 55 hours (I kept the phone mostly in power saving mode). This is just a few here and there information about the Samsung galaxy J5, which is marketed as the perfect gaming device in India. Read more at Samsung Galaxy J7 And J5 with 4G LTE in India.

Motorola Moto G3 @ Rupees 12000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/Snapdragon 410 Quad Core/1GB RAM/8GB/USB OTG/5 inch/HD/13MP/2470 mAh

Moto G3 is a flagship still a budget friendly smartphone starts with a humble price tag of 11999 rupees in India available online at Flipkart. The price is the same as its previous version, but now we get Indian 4G LTE network support, larger battery, much improved specs, better camera and many more designing customization. It is IPX7 certified, which means user can deep in one meter water upto 30 minutes.

Motorola has released two variants – one with 8GB and another with 16GB memory. Remarkably, the 16GB variant is only 1000 rupees costlier than 8GB model. The brand provides lots of custom colour back panels, which keeps user and phone both refreshed, trendy and in style.

In terms of built and design the first thing that stands out here are the removable textured colorful back panel. Moto G3 is really nice to hold in hand, feels much more durable and certainly lot more comfortable in handling.

2015 Moto G3 Review and Specificatons in India

On the back of the phone is 13MP camera with F/2.0 aperture and dual tone LED flash. To play OTG stored contents on the front you have a 5 inch 720P display good for 294 pixels per inch. It is the same specs as the previous generation, but now user experiences much more colorful and brighter display.

Motorola Moto G 2015 comes with front firing speaker, of course water-resistant enhances user experience by playing multimedia contents in loud audio output.

Quickly compared with previous generation, the new phone is bit large in terms of overall body size and also bit heavier with larger battery. Both designs are in the same line, but in the 2015 model, textures are clearer makes it really grippy. Read more at Top 10 Smartphones Between 10000 to 15000 Rupees.

Lenovo A7000 @ Rupees 10000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/MediaTek Octa Core/2GB RAM/8GB/USB OTG/5.5 inch HD/8MP/2900 mAh/ Indian 4G LTE

The Phone performs really well in day to day usages. Its 5.5 inch HD IPS display comes without any protection technology on top. A great addition on this phone is audio enhancement technology – Dolby Atmos. All clickable buttons are on identical location whereas micro USB port and 3.5mm audio jack placed on the top of the phone.

Following the design line of Lenovo A6000, the A7000 offers complete flat design line for the front, the back and all sides. User can take good photos with 8MP auto focus camera, well supported by dual tone LED flash in low light and 5MP front camera with Wide angle lens for group selfie.

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The phone feels good to hold in hand as its back is flat bearing matt finish. All sides are neatly rounded off. Overall built and design is simple, decent, no flex anywhere. LED notification light is glowing on the top of Lenovo A7000.

Lenovo A7000 Specifications and Online Price in India

Its 5.5 inches phablet screen is an IPS LCD panel support 267 PPI that helps slow draining of battery fuel. The display is plenty sharp, vivid and looks wide while watching HD movies or a live TV programs.

Calling quality is pretty alright on this phone if we can ignore minor issues (gets warm during long hours of calling). In terms of connectivity features, get the experience of blazing fast Indian 4G network support, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and USB tethering. I had faced minor issue with GPS as it was taking time in locking with satellite. Read More about the OTG supported 4G phone Lenovo A7000 at 4 New Dual SIM Smartphones Below Rupees 10000.

Lenovo K3 Note @ Rupees 10000

Android/Dual SIM/MediaTek Octa Core/2GB RAM/16GB/USB OTG/5.5 inch FHD/13MP/2900 mAh/Indian 4G LTE

This is a mid-range bestselling smartphone with affordable price tag in Indian market. At 8 millimeter and 150 gram, the K3 Note is an average size phablet cum smartphone. In its design, main speaker is located near the top on the back makes easier to hold without disturbing audio output.

The phone features a super cool glowing LED notification on the top at front, which indicates all primary and the latest applications status. Its 5.5 inches FHD screen does well only in indoor, but struggles a bit in harsh sunlight because of low brightness and moderate colour temperature.

Looking into specifications, the K3 note is very powerful for the price you paying. With Mali GPU, gaming is really smooth on this phone. Its Wi-Fi is pretty strong and GPS is also fast. The phone supports Indian 4G in addition to all other connectivity options that you would expect on a regular smartphone.

Lenovo K3 Note Review and Specifications

With 2900 mAh user replaceable juicy battery, it is pretty much expected to ride on excellent battery life. Although it offers four to six hours of screen on time that improves even further if power saving features are activated. Undoubtedly, the K3 Note is a super phone for those buyers wants premium features at affordable price and extended battery life. We have more about this phone at Lenovo K3 Note is a Paisa Vasool Smartphone Under 10000 Rupees.

Meizu M2 Note @ Rupees 10000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/MediaTek Octa core/2GB RAM/16GB Memory/USB OTG/5.5 inch FHD/13MP+5MP/3100 mAh/Indian 4G LTE

The phone body is made out of polycarbonate and its built sports slim uni-body design concept. SIM card slot inside this phone is hybrid in nature wherein the second SIM slot doubles with micro SD card. In terms of memory, it hosts 2GB RAM and 16GB internal media storage along with USB OTG support.

The M2 Note has created buzz around its unique display, which is 5 inches in size, appears stunning and balanced rich pixel density too. Quality of screen is incredible for watching multimedia contents stored on a USB OTG driver. Both 13MP rear and 5MP selfie camera of M2 Note performs really well in ideal conditions.

It is a well-designed smartphone comes with 3200 mAh long lasting battery that lasts one full working day against hard usages. The phone also rides excellent performance due to highly reliable MediaTek processor, Mali GPU and 2GB RAM all packed inside its CPU architecture.

Meizu M2 Note Side View

I trust purity in Android so my dislike of any custom user interface is evident. User gets Flyme UI, mounted over Android Lollipop operating system for a customized experience with this phone.

Meizu brings some functionality uniqueness in Home Key that eventually responds in three ways requires some days of practice at user’s end.

Overall appearance of FHD screen and performance of both cameras is good in day to day usages. Meizu’s second smartphone in Indian market stands out to be impressive choice with an affordable price of 9999 rupees. We have covered M2 Note in details at Powerful Camera Smartphone Meizu M2 Note Below 10000 Rupees.

Intex Aqua Trend 4G @ Rupees 9500

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/MediaTek Quad core/2GB RAM/16GB memory/OTG/5 inch HD/13MP+5MP/3000 mAh/Indian 4G/ HotKnot

This is the second phone in quick succession after the recent launches of Aqua 4G Plus from homegrown phone brand Intex. Free flip cover, golden look, impressive hardware and smooth performance are some key identification about this Intex wonder. I had never believed Intex world rise up so fast as its start in smartphone business was really bad.

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The phone wears nice shiny golden colour all around and the back panel has nicely textured that is not even exposed to fingerprints magnet. It has a USB port at the bottom and 3.5 mm audio jack on the top. Though the back panel is removable but precision in overall built renders feel of a uni-body craft.

Running on the latest Android Lollipop 5.1, the end user gets experience of ultimate warm colour, high brightness, sharp icons and clean fonts on HD display of this phone.

Intex Aqua Trend Price Online in India

Wow! Only 500 MB RAM is consumed by factory installed processes leaves behind whopping 1.5GB free RAM for user’s experiment with games and hard applications.

I had not expected, but it is true Aqua Trend 4G can be used for good photography. Furthermore, user has option to opt both cameras together where in take selfie and continue shooting HD shots.

This is just a few basic facts about super cool Intex Aqua Trend 4G smartphone. The Intex device is my pick if you are a fan of Intex, which is very unlikely (not even true nowadays) this is the device to go for. Read more about Intex Aqua Trend 4G at  Top 4 Intex Smartphones Under 9500 Rupees.

Micromax Yu Yureka Plus @ Rupees 9000

Android Lollipop/Dual SIM/Snapdragon 615 Octa Core/2GB/16GB Memory/USB OTG/5.5 inch FHD/13MP+5MP/2500 mAh/ Indian 4G LTE

In December 2014, Micromax had launched the Yu Yureka that created social media buzz, market hype and finally good business. Seven months in we have newer Micromax YU YUREKHA PLUS, which have been made better on micro level clearing all reported cons about the predecessor so far.

The phone is more or less similar to 2014 launch in terms of design and ports/buttons placement. However, the Yureka Plus has sheer advantage in terms of performance, camera and display. Fortunately, said all delivers in day-to-day usages.

Without changing mega pixels value, the rear shooter gets Sony image BSI sensor that significantly improves performance in low light or presence of artificial light. You will be able to shoot FHD videos at 60 frames per second, which is another remarkable feature.

YU Yureka Plus Review Specifications Price Online In India

The new YU Yureka Plus sports 5.5 inches FHD display, which appears to be more crisp, clear and sharp while watching FHD contents, browsing web pages or playing videos front OTG source.

In order to optimize multimedia performance of the phone, Micromax has not only improved display rather on-board speaker has also been made extra loud to enhance user’s in-hand entertainment value.

The Micromax YU Yureka Plus assembles Gyroscope sensor for better maneuver during Action racing gaming. It is one of few smartphones complete from all angles. Performance, camera, OTG, Indian 4G, display everything is fine on this phone. A complete review of this phone is at Top 5 Smartphones Between 8000 to 14000 Rupees.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime @ Rupees 7000

Android Kitkat/Dual SIM/Snapdragon 410 Quad core/2GB RAM/16GB Memory/USB OTG/4.7 inch HD/8MP + 2MP/2200 mAh/Indian 4G LTE

It is the first smartphone from Xiaomi, which has been manufactured in India. The phone looks really sleek, slim and feels nice while you hold in hand. Phone’s display is in 4.7 inches IPS LCD that is sharp, vivid and has very good viewing angles. Color quality of the screen is pretty impressive. The Phone features an LED notification at front and its back panel is removable.

In camera department, you will get 8MP rear shooter blessed with BSI sensor, LED flash, F/2.0 aperture. Pictures output from the rear shooter are really good. Color reproductions output image are natural and they are not over saturated too. In addition, the 2MP front camera is not so good offers mostly blurred selfie.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Review and Specifications

For multitasking requirement, the Redmi 2 Prime is powered by 64bit Snapdragon 410 quad core processor paired with 2GB RAM and Adreno 306 GPU. You get smooth performance lag free playing of OTG contents and easy HD gaming. Reputed AnTuTU benchmark rates the device with 20685 points, which is impressive considering the price it is available online.

The phone is good as daily driver, offers excellent call quality, superb gaming and certainly not exposed to heating or auto hang problem. Read more about the Redmi 2 Prime at Made in India Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Below 7000 Rupees.

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