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Top 10 Smartphones in India Under 4000 Rupees

Lava Iris 444 Review and Specifiations

India is one of the fastest growing telecom markets in the World. More than 100 crores active mobile phone connection makes it a hotspot for smartphone manufacturers. India is a lucrative and profitable telecom and smartphone market for smartphones brands. However, the growth story of telecom sector cannot outshine hard reality of India that it remains one of the poorest nations in the world. More than 40 crores Indian earns less than 1000 dollar a year and falls under the poverty index. In the era of digital communication, a smartphone is a necessity in daily life.

Today, only 10% Indians are having a good quality smartphone. Recently Google initiated a drive to improve the quality of budget smartphones with the launch of Android One. The Android one drive had moderate success since the majority of Indian buyer cannot afford 6000 to 7000 rupees smartphone. This is directly linked to the financial stability of Indian.

Firefox and Microsoft has been running move to counter Android One. Compare to Android, the Firefox OS and the Windows are suitable to low-cost smartphones. The Firefox and Windows-powered smartphones are available under 2500 to 5000 rupees budget.

In this comprehensive article, we are looking at the top 10 smartphones under 4000 rupees. Also, this article is a response to long waited request of readers.

Intex Aqua N7

Intex's this phone earned a place here after wider and careful consideration of all available smartphones with the latest specification. I am not a big fan of Intex brand when it comes to choose a smartphone, though.

The Aqua N7 has been getting the mixed review from end users. Colour composition and outer design making it an impressive and attractive smartphone. It's midnight blue colour coating over a plastic shell gives it a dazing and premium look.

This is a dual SIM smartphone supports mini SIM size and 3G connectivity. It runs on Android KitKat 4.4.2 and upgradable to version 4.4.4.We do not have confirmation on the Android lollipop roll-out from the brand.

The Aqua N7 sports a 4 inches IPS display in 480P resolution with 16.7 M colour production limit. Its display features Twisted Nematic technology, which enhance display quality significantly and reduces power consumption due to display.

Intex Aqua N7 Review and Specifiations

The N7 houses a Spreadtrum Quad Core processor with clock speed of 1.2 GHz for each prong. Addition to this, there is a 512 MB of RAM space and 4GB of memory. The end user has a share of 2.18 GB memory after the first boot.

For photography, the N7 lists a 8MP auto focus primary and 1.3 MP of front facing camera. The primary camera gets LED flash support for quality enhancement and features many functions including panorama shot. For the sake of selfie, 1.3 MP front facing camera seems OK.

1400 mAh battery is not impressive and gives maximum 24 hours of back against normal usages.

Advance feature

  1. Document Viewer
  2. Quick Office
  3. Video Player, Audio Player, FM
  4. Email, GPRS, 3G, USB, Wi-Fi Hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  5. Tethering with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB
  6. Auto Call Recording

Installed Applications

Battery Saver, Google Hangouts, Intex Play, MX Player, Google Play Store, Cool Games

Price 4000 Rupees
SIM Dual, MiniSIM, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 4 Inches, 800×480 Pixel
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad Core Spreadtrum
GPU Mali 400 MP
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support
Camera 8 MP[P], 1.3 MP[F]
Battery 1400 mAh
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Celkon Win 400

The Win 400 runs on Microsoft Windows operating system and available at the selling price of 3900 rupees. You can read more about this phone at Top 5 Low Budget Smartphones Between 4500 to 5500 in Jan 2015

Celkon Win 400 Review and Specifications


Spice Stellar 439

I am truly impressed with the overall look and feel of this device. While it lists similar specification as the rest of smartphone, yet its design and overall built earns it a top choice. The Stellar 439 is an equation of style, comfort and latest features.

Spice Stellar 439 Review and Specifiations

The Stellar 439 runs on Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and houses latest hardware such as 1 GHz Dual core processor, 512 MB RAM, and Mali 400 MP GPU. Internal memory is 4 GB wherein 2.29 GB is available for end user after the first boot. 1400 mAh battery supports 30 to 36 hours of multitasking and internet browsing.

Advance feature

  1. Dual SIM in regular size supports dual 3G connectivity. You can use both SIM port for regular 3G connectivity.
  2. 3 MP Primary camera with LED flash, Night Vision and digital Zoom. For selfie, it has a 1.3 MP fixed focus front facing camera.
  3. SAR (W/kg): 0.848 W/kg
  4. World Clock, Alarm, Calculator, Calendar, To-Do List, Stopwatch
  5. Caller Group, Email, Video Calling
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  1. Free Silicon Cover
  2. Awesome Look and Design


  1. Annoying preinstalled application such as Getit and Quickr
  2. The Spice Launcher is poorly optimized and designed
Price 3500 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 4 Inches, 800×480 Pixel
Processor 1 GHz Dual Core MediaTek
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support; Mali 400 MP GPU
Camera 3.2 MP[P], 1.3 MP[F], Flash, Video Recording
Battery 1400 mAh
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Karbonn Titanium Wind W4

I am big fan of windows operating whether I am choosing a laptop or a smartphone. Microsoft has been aggressive in pushing of windows adaptation in developing country like India. The Karbonn W4 is an example of the move.

Karbonn Titanium Wind W4

The Titanium Wind W4 is not a popular device yet I endorse because of its performance, built and multitasking with great smoothness. I have recommended this phone to friends and all of them have rated it the best.

The Wind W4 runs on Windows operating system the Blue 8.1. It is powered by a snapdragon dual core processor with clock speed of 1.2 GHz. For gaming and multitasking it has an Adreno Graphic processor unit and 512 MB RAM. The gadget comes with preinstalled 4GB memory wherein just 3GB is left to consume by end users.

In terms of gaming, the Wind W4 does play Asphalt airborne 8 and Temple Run 2 without showing any sign of lag. Probably, only the Wind W4 has the strength to play high intensity game such as the Asphalt airborne 8 under the 3500 rupees budget segment. You should not worry for multitasking as it does fantastic work.

With its 1950 mAh battery power, users can enjoy multitasking and gaming upto 48 to 60 hours. If you are looking for a basic smartphone with the best of battery then the Wind W4 is a good choice.

In the online reviews, most of the users criticized the smartphone for poor camera. But my opinion defer on the basis of its price tag. We cannot expect Karbonn to add a Sony image sensor in the limited budget of 3300 rupees. It has a 5 MP primary and 0.3 MP front facing camera. Both camera does the noble job and produces some good quality pictures.

Advance feature

  1. 4 Inches LCD Display with 480P resolution
  2. Dual SIM support in regular SIM size
  3. Wi-Fi, 3G, USB, Bluetooth, FM and GPS
  4. Regular Windows Operating System Update


Yes, it has excellent battery life. In my opinion, the Wind W4 from Karbonn mobile one of is the best choices under the budget limitation of 3500 rupees.

Price 3400 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Windows Blue 8.1
Screen 4 Inches, 800 × 480 Pixel
Processor 1.2 GHz Quad Core Snapdragon
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support
Camera 5 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F]
Battery 1950 mAh
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Lava Iris 444

The low budget smartphone Iris 444 is officially priced at 3349 rupees in India. According to Lava, the Iris 444 is all about style, colour and beauty. I fully endorse that the Iris is one of the best looking smartphone under 3500 rupees price band.

Lava Iris 444 Review and Specifiations

The Iris 444 is true entertainer and brings unlimited fun and profound multimedia experience. 2 MP primary camera takes some amazing deep colored shots even in low light ambiance with LED flash and digital zoom. 1 GHz MediaTek processor with 256 MB RAM and Mali 400 MP GPU charging it top gear for sustain thrust of multitasking and high speed racing games. 30 to 35 hours of battery backup is guaranteed because of a 1400 mAh battery fix at its back. Though it has all good features but lacking 3G connectivity.

Advance feature

  1. Camera supports Burst Capture
  2. Conference Call
  3. Auto Call Recorder
  4. Bluetooth 4.0
  5. Audio and Video Player
  6. FM


  1. Free Screen Guard
  2. Dual SIM support in regular SIM size

Installed Applications

Google Talk, YouTube, Gmail, Google Search, Google Play

Price 3300 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 2G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 4 Inches, 800×480 Pixel
Processor 1.3 GHz Single Core MediaTek
Memory 256MB RAM, 512MB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support; Mali 400 MP
Camera 2 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F], Flash, Video Recording
Battery 1400 mAh
Body 11 mm [Th], 116 Gram [W]
Connectivity 2G, BT3, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Micromax Bolt A064

Micromax introduced the Bolt series in year 2013 to counter Nokia’s blanket control on low budget category. With some poor launches, the Bolt series was a disaster. Once again in year 2014, Micromax had worked hard to revamp the series with some spicy launches at mouth watering prices.

Micromax Bolt A064 Review and Specifiations

The Bolt A064 is one of highly rated smartphone around 3000 rupees budget. In terms of overall quality, it counters each of its competitors.

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Without 3G connectivity, the Bolt A064 is powered by a Dual core MediaTek processor with clock speed of 1.3 GHz. Micromax has added a 512 MB dedicated RAM and 4 GB memory space. This smartphone has a 1400 mAh battery and supports memory expansion upto 32 GB.

Photography section depend on to stock Android camera application to manage 2 MP rear and 0.3 MP front facing camera. In response to this phone, actual users have rated it for excellent camera and long lasting battery power.

Advance feature

  1. HD Video recording
  2. Video search with Google search
  3. Gaming


  1. Excellent Camera
  2. 1400 mAh battery gives 48 to 60 hours of backup on normal usages.


The Bolt A064 does not support to 3G connectivity.

Installed Applications

Insurance, Security, Clean Master, Hike, Games Club

Price 3100 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 2G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 3.5 Inches, 320×480 Pixel
Processor 1.3 GHz Dual Core MediaTek
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support; Mali 400 MP
Camera 2 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F], Flash, HD Recording
Battery 1400 mAh
Connectivity 2G, BT3, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Lava Iris 350

Indian brand Lava has earned overwhelming respect and response in last 6 years of active existence. The brand splits into two segment – low and medium budget smartphones under LAVA branding and medium plus high budget smartphone under the XOLO branding. In last 6 months, Lava has been aggressive with regular launches under low-budget category. And, this is a “Shubh Sanket” for consumers.

Lava Iris 350 Review and Specifiations

The Iris 350 is a premium built under the 3000 rupees budget category. It owns solid craft and dazzling looks with the right balance of hardware and software composition.


This is a dual SIM smartphone, supports regular SIM Size.

Its 2 MP rear camera takes clear and close snaps in day light and in low light with the help of LED flash and digital Zoom.

Video Player supports MP4, 3GP and MPEG file format.

3G, Email, GPRS, Web browsing, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB are some needed feature under the Internet and Connectivity options.

The Iris 350 features a 3.5 inches screen in 320 × 480 Pixel resolution and produces upto 16M colours. Also, we have experienced responsive multi-touch.

It is powered by a single core MediaTek processor for multitasking in support of limited 256 MB RAM and Mali 400 GPU for action gaming.

There is installed of 512 MB memory wherein just 156 MB is available for end user after the first boot. But you do not worry as memory expansion is supported upto 32 GB with the help of a MicroSD card.

1400 mAh battery should be sufficient for 30 to 35 hours of worry free backup against regular usages.

Advance feature

  1. Hands free Calling
  2. Conference Call
  3. Auto Call Recorder
  4. Free Screen Guard in the Sales box
Price 3000 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 3.5 Inches, 320×480 Pixel
Processor 1.3 GHz Single Core MediaTek
Memory 256MB RAM, 512MB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support; Mali 400 GPU
Camera 2 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F], Flash, Video Recording
Battery 1400 mAh
Body 12.4 mm [Th]
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


T-Max Butterfly M1

The T-max is an unknown smartphone brand identity in India. While I did a Google search of T-Max, suggest results were related to a Korean pop music band. In this quick review, we will have a comprehensive look at the features of T-Max butterfly. The Butterfly M1 is a dual SIM smartphone and supports to Mini SIM size.

T-Max Butterfly Review and Specifiations


1600 mAh lithium-ion battery gives two days of backup on normal usages.

MediaTek 1 GHz processor with the support of 512 MB RAM and Mali 400 MP graphic processor unit renders an enjoyable basic gaming and lag-free multitasking.

2.5 GB free memory is available for end user after occupant such as the running OS and preinstalled application consume around 1.5 GB of space. The Butterfly smartphone comes with 4 GB of ROM and 32 memory expansion support.

The Smartphone runs on the latest operating system Android Kitkat 4.4.2.

Having five sensors such as G, Light, Proximity, GPS and Accelerometer makes it truly smart in terms of daily usages.

Connectivity option includes is Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G and USB options

It sports a 4 inches screen with WVGA display and resolution of 480 by 800 Pixel.

With HD video recording support, the T-Max M1 lists a 5 MP primary and 0.3 MP front facing camera.

Advance feature

  1. FM Radio
  2. Music and Video Player
  3. Audio Recording
  4. HD Video Recording
  5. Free Flip cover in the sales box


In terms of specifications, this smartphone is loaded with better features compare to other option in this list. However, I would suggest staying away from this phone as the T-Max is a totally unknown brand in India. Also, we did find any information on service support.

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The T-max does not have a live website and customer care number to help customers. In my opinion, buyers should avoid buying smartphone of such undisclosed brand.

Price  2900 Rupees
SIM Dual, MiniSIM, GSM, 3G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 4 Inches, 480 × 800 Pixel
Processor 1.3 GHz Single Core MediaTek
Memory 512MB RAM, 4GB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support; Mali 400 GPU
Camera 5 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F], HD Recording
Battery 1600 mAh
Body 11 mm [Th]
Connectivity 3G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Spice Smart Flo Mi-359

Indian smartphone brand Spice has launched the smart Flo MI-359 – a decent smartphone under 3000 rupees budget. This is an attractive gadget and its design is inspired from the craft of HTC One Mini. The Mi-359 runs on the latest Android Kitkat 4.4.2 and other specifications as follows:-

3.5 inch LCD TFT touch panel with resolution of 320 by 480 Pixel

Dual Core Processor from MediaTek with clock speed of 1.3 GHz.

In terms of memory, the cheapest smartphone lists 256 MB RAM, 512 Flash memory and 32 GB MicroSD card support.

Spice Smart Flo Mi-359 Review, Specifications and Online Price in India.

2 MP rear and 1.3 MP front facing camera with Zoom, LED Flash, and video recording option.

Its video player supports to MP4 and 3GP video files. The Mi-359 has a FM and Audio player under the multimedia enhancement.

The Mi-359 is packed with a 1400 mAh battery, which indeed gives at least full day battery backup on medium usages.

Advance feature

  1. QWERTY Keyboard
  2. 2 GB Online Free Cloud Space to store photos, videos and the smartphone setting
  3. MMS service to send multimedia message to friends or relatives.
  4. Alarm
  5. Calculator
  6. Flip-to-mute
  7. Auto Call Recorder
  8. Zoom text size

Installed Applications

Spice Cloud, Opera, WhatsApp


Though the device has a premium look but lacking 3G network support. The Spice Smart Flo Mi 359 is a good smartphone considering its online price. If you are looking for a smartphone with Android Kitkat operating system and latest features, then the Mi 359 is a considerable option.

Price 2700 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 2G+2G
OS Android Kitkat 4.4.2
Screen 3.5 Inches, 320 × 480 Pixel
Processor 1.3 GHz Dual Core MediaTek
GPU Mali 400
Memory 256MB RAM, 512MB Memory, 32GB SDcard Support
Camera 2 MP[P], 1.2 MP[F], Flash, Zoom
Battery 1400 mAh
Body 12 mm [Th]
Connectivity 2G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM, USB


Karbonn A100

This is a dual SIM smartphone with a 3.5 inches IPS display and responsive capacitive touch panel. It is powered by a 1 GHz dual Core Processor supported by a 256 RAM seems to be sufficient for the regular functionality. It has limited memory space of 512 MB, but the user should not worry as memory expansion is permitted up to 32 GB by inserting a microSD card.

Karbonn A100 Review and Specifiations

The A100 runs on the outdated yet quite effective operating system Android jellybean 4.2. For a basic smartphone, Android Jellybean is more than sufficient for genuine multitasking. It houses a 3 MP primary and a 0.3 MP front-facing camera.

This smartphone has almost all features, which we require in daily usages. For connectivity, the A100 lists Bluetooth and Wi-Fi option. It has a designed FM, Music and Video Player under the entertainment section. Also, it renders 2G browsing and having preinstalled Android web browser. Video calling supported, despite missing 3G connectivity option.

The Karbonn A100 comes with a 1200 mAh battery, which lasts for a day and half on normal usages. At the photography section, we are seeing a 3 MP camera with Video recording feature and a 0.3 MP VGA camera for selfie shoot.

Advance feature

  1. Video Calling
  2. Document Viewer
  3. Outlook Emails
  4. Audio Player
  5. Video Player
  6. FM
  7. Sound Recorder
  8. Google Play Store
  9. Responsive Touch
  10. QWERTY Keypad


Main speaker is extremely loud.


3G is not available

Installed Applications

Gmail, Google Search, Google Talk


The Karbonn A100 is a good choice around 2000 rupees budget for basic usages. In this budget, you can buy a better feature phone from Nokia, but for a smartphone this is the lowest price point.

Price 2500 Rupees
SIM Dual, RegularSIM, GSM, 2G+2G
OS Android Jellybean 4.2.2
Screen 3.5 Inches, 320 × 480 Pixel
Processor 1 GHz Dual Core MediaTek
Memory 256MB RAM, 512MB Memory, Mali 400 GPU, 32GB SDcard Support
Camera 3 MP[P], 0.3 MP[F], Flash
Battery 1200 mAh
Connectivity 2G, BT, Wi-Fi, GRPS, FM

47 thoughts on “Top 10 Smartphones in India Under 4000 Rupees

  1. Karbonn wind w4 is superb smartphone. I bought for my mother.

    Sleek, simple and long lasting battery.

    This is a good article on low budget smartphone s. Thanks

  2. Very well written article…i have a small query.I’m not a big fan of windows phone. My budget is Rs 4000(max).Requirement(if available) min 4.5 inch screen,at least 1gb Ram and decent camaera. Any android smartphone you can suggest.

    1. Hi Arindam, I have three options to suggest you.

      Option 1 : XOLO Era @ 4444 Rupees For Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 2100 mAh Battery, 5 Inches Screen, 8MP and 2MP Camera. Read More at Paisa Vasool Low Budget Smartphone XOLO Era with USB OTG
      Option 2 : Honor Bee @ 4500 Rupees for Dual SIM, Android Kitkat 4.4.2, Quad Core Processor, 1GB RAM, 8MP Camera with CMOS Sensor, 4.5 inches Display, 1730 mAh Battery. Read More : Huawei Honor Bee Review – Best Smartphone Under 5000 Rupees
      Option 3 : Infocus M2 @ 5000 Rupees : Quad Core MediaTek Processor, 1GB RAM, 4.2 Inches, 8MP Primary and 8MP Front Facing Camera, 2010 mAh Battery Read More : Top 5 Dual SIM Mobile Phones Below 5000 in April 2015

      1. Thanx for the reply…it was really helpful….i really appreciate your choices….any views on Karbonn Android One Sparkle V…which i guess is below 4k….once again thank you…

        1. Hi Arindam, Android One Karbonn Sparkle V is almost one year old now. Also, there is unconfirmed news- Google is winding up the Android One project.

          Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal is launching heavy discount offer for the Freedom sales. Why not take a benefit of this occasion and avail 10 to 15% discount? I am sure; you will be able to pick one in less than 4000 rupees.

          I cannot make a suggestion without having trust in a Smartphone. Also, Karbonn gets the bottom place in terms of service center response. We have received many complaints related to poor welcome by Karbonn Service centers.

          Karbonn makes good sales in low budget segment. Due to poor quality hardware Karbonn Service centers are loaded with hundreds of daily service requests. Please note, I am not saying, customer gets five star welcome at Micromax and Lava Service centers.

          1. Thanx once again for the explanation….i just went through the xolo era…it seems good enough….well i still have the BUT illness….but in a different way….how is it possible?? 5.5 inch,otg…..omg…:-)…hope its reliable enough for that kind of spec…as of now i’ve zeroed on xolo…

          2. All depends upon RAM Space. You will get lagged performance, when OTG is active in a phone with 512MB RAM. Trust your decision. With 1GB RAM, this Phone has flawless performance. Also, XOLO Era has got brilliant response from users. Currently, it is out of sales at Snapdeal.

  3. HI,

    The more i read your blog…the more i’m spoil for choice(to an extend confused also)….now i need one more suggestions…though not for me but for a family member.budget max 4000, windows phone….so straight away the choice was karbonn wind w4(your pick)…but just comparing some similar phones..i found iball andi 4l pulse…similar specs with 1gb ram(not sure if its true)….can you please throw some light into…which one to buy and why…

    1. 4000 rupees budget category is bit complicated. Finding one good phone with all well-being is really difficult. If you give me little more info on the requirement, I would be able to assist better. I prefer 6 inches phone that cannot a choice for most users.

      Yes, the IBall Andi 4L Pulse comes with 1GB RAM (as told by the brand). You can buy this phone as it has got very good ratings from verified buyers. However, think about post-sales-service. We have received many complaints on poor reception at iBall service center.

      I would bid for Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM at 4500 rupees. Just for 500 rupees, you should not compromise with quality. Also, Nokia I mean Microsoft has service center at most locations that do give better reception than a service center run by an Indian smartphone brand.

  4. Thanx for the quick reply…you are really dedicated to your blog….well its a simple requirement….the phone is for day to day use(calls,Facebook,YouTube,Skype and ok enough camera)…budget is strictly sub 4000….as per my limited knowledge…in that range i did not find any all in one android decided on windows…karbonn and i ball are the only choice…going by your review i zeroed in on those phones.yes the reviews are good enough…specially performance wise…both the phones have similar specs except iball has 1 gb RAM.i’ve somewhat decided on iball(post sales service are always an issue…not that much of a deal breaker).going by the budget(strict) and requirements(usage)…if you suggest something else….please do let me know. ya IBall Andi 4L Pulse lock kiya jai…???

    1. In that case, the IBall Andi 4L Pulse is much better choice.

      1GB RAM, 4 inches 480P display, 5 inches primary camera BSI sensor with LED flash, Snapdragon 200 quad core process (Wow), 3G and Dual SIM.

      Your choice is really good.

      This phone is available at

      PayTM @ 3444 Rupees
      Amazon India @ 3550 Rupees
      Flipkart @ 3690 rupees

  5. Nice write up. From the discussion, i too thought of buying iBall Andi 4L plus, but the prices are shown as around 4500 now in all sites. Why such huge difference in price?

  6. Hi Amar,

    Thank you for writing this wonderful review. I got a much better idea on cheap smartphones, but I still did not find the answer I was searching the net for. I was wondering if you could help me here. I basically need to buy a phone with wifi connectivity and skype calls (prefer video). I am looking for a budget option, but one that will not sprout unexpected surprises. Eager to read your suggestions.


    1. YU Yunique is an excellent solution for your need. I would suggest opt for 4G LTE smartphone as within three to four months Reliance Jio 4G network will offer 4G video calling at much cheaper rate. Skype is available at Android Play store for free. Install and use for video calling.

      Skype is a product of Microsoft. Therefore, all Windows phone comes with integreted Skype Video calling solution and Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, I endorse Windows over Android. However, good and cheapest Windows phone from Microsoft is Lumia 435 @ 5300 rupees. In the same price you can get YU Yunique or any other 4G LTE supported phone. Top 5 Cheapest 4G Smartphones Between 4000 to 6000 Rupees

  7. Hi, can anyone give me the feedback of Bell smart 101. The phone have very good features of that price range. I am planning to buy, However, I have my doubts since I have never heard of that company.

  8. Nice article. Can u tell me which one is better Xolo era o InFocus m2? I mostly use my phone for games chatting and facebook. If there is a better phone under 4000 can u tell me.(android)

    1. Hi Ishaan, The Infocus M2 is much better option than XOLO Era. However, Infocus M2 has been out of stock since long time now. I have a few suggestion for you. Choose any from Lenovo A2010, Lenovo A1000, InFocus M260, and Honor Bee.

  9. Hi Amar, nice article. I already have an one plus one. I want to buy a secondary phone. So what would you suggest below 4k? My priority is good battery backup, good looks, good performance, good volume. I can give up on camera quality. Also I would love to try a windows phone for a change. Your opinion ? Karbonn Titanium Wind W4 or IBall Andi 4L Pulse or anything else as the article is almost 1 year old.

    1. Hi Abhijit, I have two suggestion: first is a feature phone – LAVA KKT JUMBO and second is a smartphone – Infocus M260. To use as a backup device, I will prefer a feature phone with mammoth battery power. Thus, Lava KKT Jumbo with 4000 mAh battery fuel is a good choice.

      1. Please give me a comparison between Karbonn Titanium Wind W4 (INR 3649, white) vs Infocus M260 (INR 3999, black n yellow), for a backup phone. My preference would be – good battery backup, good looks, good speed/less lag/ good performance and good volume.

        1. Hi Abhijit, I am sorry for late response. There is no comparison between two. We have already reviewed Infocus M260, it is certaily a stylish and good quality phone.

    1. There are many better performing devices than the one you said

      Lenovo Vibe K5 @ 6999 – 4G, 2GB RAM, 2750 mAh Battery, 13MP 5MP Camera, Octa Core Snapdragon processor
      Lenovo VIBE P1m @ 6999 – 4G, 2GB RAM, 3900 mAh Battery, 8MP 5MP Camera, Quad Core MediaTek Processor
      XOLO Era 4K @ 5999 – 4G, 2GB RAM, 4000 mAh Battery, 8MP 5MP Camera, Quad COre MediaTek Processor

      If you want in 5.5 inch screen,

      Micromax Canvas Play 4G @ 8300 Rupees is one good choice currently

      Andoid Lollipop OS, 5.5 inch HD screen with Gorilla Glass Protection, Snapdragon QC 4G Processor, 16GB Memory, 13MP Camera with CMOS Sensor and FHD Recording, and 2820 mAh Battery

      Budget 6000 Rupees: Xolo Era 4K
      Budget 7000 Rupees: Lenovo VIBE P1m
      Budget 8000 Rupees: Micromax Canvas Play 4G
      Budget 10000 Rupeees: Asus Max ( The Best – I am using this)

  10. To be honest even I liked asus max. It’s just that I wanted to try an indian make. I have used micromax before, so I thought why not iball. I think I wiil go for asus too, but what do you think of iball cobalt 5.5f youva as such? Would like to know your opinion.

    1. It looks an outdated device with a 1GHz processor. Its camera, too, is not that powerful. 8MP Primary camera is without a dedicated image sensor and it will not deliver great performance.
      Even in terms of built and design, this does not have a high appeal. I have also checked online – seems no one is interested in this.

      Indian maker isn’t thing that makes sense when these devices are manufactured in China. You should buy a “Made in India” phone not a Chinese phone from Indian maker.

  11. You are rt .. what I should be buying is made in india phone. And not a chinese phone from Indian maker. Well.. thanks for your advice! I have bought asus zenfone max, and it is beautiful!

    However I need another phone… any ideas?

  12. amar ur blog is very simple and understand easily thank u very much for writing this blog i wanna ask u one question?
    my budget is 4000 and i want very good battery backup and 4 inch and minimum 1 gb ram just i check panasonic t 44 which is fulfil my queries can u suggest me this is good mobile or not otherwise suggest me another phone
    i waiting for ur reply. and best wishes for u
    thanking u frnd

    1. Thank you for appreciation. Your selection of Panasonic T44 is absolutely perfect. This is indeed a good smartphone. And a good competitor of this phone is Infocus M260.

  13. amar i wanna ask u according to u which is the best mobile panasonic t44 or infocus m260 i want ur suggestion thank you

  14. Hi amar ,
    Need to buy a secondry phone under 4000 …can u pls tell me how “Intex Aqua Raze” phone is..?? and if something better is there pls suggest..

    1. Hi Shalu, Consider one from these three.

      Panasonic T44 @ 3600 Rupees
      Infocus M260 @ 4000 Rupees
      XOLO ERA 1X – My pick @ 5000 Rupees

  15. Hi Amar… read ur blog, it’s very simple and easy to understand. Good job in that..!!

    However I wanna ask u a question? I already have a Samsung E7and want to buy a secondary phone as I am not allowed to use Camera phones in office and also for my rough use.

    I am actually planning to buy a mobile within 4000 range price and i want good battery backup and 4-4.5 inch and minimum 1 gb ram, good speed/less lag/ good performance and good volume. As per your earlier blogs I am thinking of in buying between Panasonic T44 or Infocus M260 or Lenovo A1000/2000. And when I checked the comments for these phone I was completely confused as many tell these are good, but many also tell that these are bad phones.

    So I am in dilemma, as which one to buy. Hence can u please suggest me 1 or 2 phones which is the best to buy among these or any other alternate options as well.

    1. Hi Vinod, all the said devices are the finest choices in 3500 Rupees budget. Pick one which is best-suited for your requirement. Do not take individuals comment that seriously. In fact, there are not many good phones to get confused. I think you should smartly decide between Panasonic and Infocus device.

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