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Top 10 Over Ear Headphones Under 500 Rupees

Top 10 Over Ear Headphones Under 500 Rupees

Finding a decent over-the-ear headphone around the price of 500 Rupees is tough. All the headphones available on the market have more or less the same poor build quality and mediocre sound quality. Therefore, you can trust the suggested headphones and headsets here. Buy the one that has ideal features for your requirement.

Essentially, reviewing low-cost headphones is much more stringent than reviewing premium headphones. Most of the expensive headphones come with a standard quality build & audio and ear pads that provide excellent comfort to the ears. In the low budget segment, however, a headphone build and sound quality would be either okay or imperfect.

Which headphone is best in India under 500 Rupees? Not able to decide, here are top 10 headphones that come with excellent build and clear audio quality. In this piece, I cover latest and best cheap over-ear headphones from well-known brands HP, Philips, Zebronics, Sades, iBall, Cognetix, Soundlogic, and Intex.

► Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ Wired Headphone with MIC

The Zebronics headset has a trendy look and enduring build. The design and build of cushions on its earpads provide comfort to ears. This headset price is 495 Rupees currently. Considering the looks, design, and audio performance, I would recommend it as an ideal choice for an extended music listening session.

Speakers on both side of ear pads with 40-mm drive disappoints on loudness, however. 40-mm driver means it should have been deafening, but actual loudness is just okay. I am not surprised though. Philips headphones under 500 Rupees reviewed here, below, also disappoints on the front of loudness.

Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ Wired Headphones with MIC under 500

Apparently, 500 Rupees is too less budget for a decent quality headphone. That is why there are not many branded headphones are on sale. Therefore, this Zebronics headphone, despite its loudness being passable, I recommend it.

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Bass boost and treble levels in the audio of this Zebronics Wired Headphone with MIC under 500 Rupees are just okay as well. Because of high impedance, to achieve the best sound levels, you have to use this headset with a device of high power output. It also comes with a built-in microphone with inline control for calling and recording needs.

The Zebronics over the ear headphones for music is lightweight because of the slim design. It weighs only 181 grams. The non-detachable cord is 1.5-meter long, withal.


  • Fold-able and Portable
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Clear Sound
  • Inbuilt MIC

Cons:-Mediocre Sound Loudness

Conclusion: There are not many options on the market for over-ear over the head headphones or headsets under 500 Rupees. Among the options available from the well-known brands, Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ Wired Headphone with MIC is one of the best options.

Price 495 Rupees
Drive Size 40-mm
Frequency Response 20-20K Hz
Sensitivity 105 dB (+-3 dB)
Impedance 32-ohm
Cable 1.5-Meter
Weight 181-grams


► HP Over-Ear Headphone with Microphone B4B09PA

The HP B4B09PA is a high performing over the ear headphone but in a cheap body. Its design does not attract many and the quality of the material used is certainly not that durable. However, the price tag of 490 rupees and some cool features have made this headphone standout from the list of the budget over the ear headphones.

Comfort: The ear-cups are covered with a decent quality cushions, but the comfort gets limited here only. The size of the ear-cups is questionable as they do not cover users ears accurately and resulting in pain after a few hours of use. If wear it tightly, you might get headache on long usages.

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HP Headphone with Microphone (B4B09PA) Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: The sound quality of the HP B4B09PA Headphone is really appreciable. Its frequency range of 20 Hz – 20000 Hz results in great bass levels and sharp treble levels as well. In addition, the 38 mm driver units might not seem enough, but delivers high-quality sound output.

This HP headphone can prove to be best for playing games and listening to music in home. This Headphone has also got a noise cancellation feature that eliminates all the background noises while you speak with your loved ones. The microphone comes with a filter to prevent the blocking when you speak intensively.

Handling: 1.5-meter cord will prove to be short if you need some flexibility. However, it is not much heavy and on-cord volume controls give relief from constantly adjusting the volume directly from the device.


  • Bass and treble levels are good
  • Best for playing games and listening to music
  • Noise cancellation feature


  • Design and build quality are not up to the mark
  • The wire might prove to be short in some cases
Features Powerful Bass, 35mm Drivers, Volume/Mute Control, Superior Sound Quality
Price 535 Rupees


► Philips SHP1900 Over-Ear Headphone

The SHP1900 headphone is a great deal for the price it is trending now. It features a comfortable over ear design with a stylish look. You can grab this headphone for just Rupees 411 from Amazon.

Comfort: The typical dual headband design of Philips also makes its way into this headphone. Over the ear design results in low pain in a long use and also enhancement of bass levels.

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Philips SHP1900 Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: The sound quality of this over ear headphone seems decent for the price that you pay. The range of frequency response is 20 – 20,000 Hz, which is good for a budget headphone like this. The mids, highs and lows are pretty crisp without any distortions. 40 mm driver units are capable of producing great sound levels until it gets a device with 32 Ohm compatibility.

Handling: This over ear HP headphone comes with a 2-meter long cable which makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. It is lightweight and can be adjusted according to your head size.


  • Dual headband design and extra soft cushions make this headphone comfortable
  • 40mm driver units
  • Comes with 2-meter long cord


  • No padding on the headbands
  • High impedance
  • Mediocre Sound
Features Neodymium Magnet Type, 98 dB/mW Sensitivity, 40mm Driver Units, 20-20000 Hz Fq Response, 200 grams weight, Chrome Plated connector, 2 meters Long cord, Adjustable headband
Price 475 Rupees


► Philips PC Headset SHM1900

If you are not into music and just want an over ear Headphone for your desktop or laptop then the Philips PC Headset SHM1900/93 might be the best affordable solution for you. The price of 509 INR seems reasonable for a headphone of premium quality like this. It comes equipped with a microphone with 9 mm driver unit. The design gives it a futuristic look and feels to carry.

Comfort: Large circumaural earcups provide better grip to your hearing parts and minimize the level of external disturbance. High-quality cushions feel much comfortable on the ears allowing longer gaming and movie watching sessions. The headband is quite wide and without padding, so you will feel some annoyance there.

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Philips PC Headset SHM1900 Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: The frequency response range of 20 Hz – 20000 Hz allows for a decent bass and treble output. The optimal size of the driver units result in decent sound volume and you won’t need to install any extra software to increase it.

The sound quality provides an immerse experience no matter what you do with this headphone. This headphone will require a little more power to deliver quality audio output because of its impedance of 32 Ohm. The attached microphone has a sensitivity of -38 dB and covers a wide frequency range of 30-15000Hz.

Handling: This Philips over ear headphone performs great when it comes to handling. The microphone rod keeps hanging at a very comfortable distance so you wouldn’t need to hold it while using. Long 2-meter copper cord gives a lot of freedom to move.


  • Great design
  • Built-in microphone
  • Soft cushions on ear cups
  • Good quality sound output


  • Although the sound quality is good but it also requires extra power in order to deliver that
  • No padding on the headband
Features 6 mm microphone driver units, circumaural, built-in micrphone, 40 mm headset driver units, 100 dB/mW Sensitivity, 203 grams weight, 32 Ohm impedance, 6 months warranty
Price 495 Rupees


► SADES SA-708 – A Premium Grade Over-Ear Headphone

The SADES SA-708 Headphone has attracted many customers because of a design that is best suitable for gaming. Current selling price makes it – not so affordable in pocket money, but the comfort and features that it provides are really an exception. However, it does lag a bit behind in the performance.

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Comfort: Extra soft padding on the ear pieces and headband enhance the gaming experience. Huge earcups with circumaural design cover the whole ear – isolating you from your surroundings. The frame of this over ear headphone provides a firm grip yet uncomfortable for small head sizes.

SADES SA-708 Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: If you think that this headphone will generate high bass and treble levels then you are certainly wrong as it features a frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz only. The headphone is capable of producing sounds with a sensitivity of 113 dB. However, the high impedance of 32 Ohm is a result of the PC compatible construction.

Handling: The weight of 254 grams might make your head feel heavy at times. The popping out microphone stick covers a large part of your view field.


  • Highly comfortable
  • Loud sound
  • Best for gaming


  • Low frequency range
  • Can be heavy for some heads
Features Gaming Support, Hi-Fi Stereo Bass, Noice Cancelling Microphone
Buy 500 Rupees


► Philips Over-the-ear Headphone SHP2000

The SHP2000 headphone has been present from a long time in the market and consistently proves the saying “Old is Gold”. It is affordable at the price of Rupees 475 (Amazon) and at the same time gives premium quality experience. The over ear -type design of this headphone is not eye catching, but sometimes a minimalistic look is all you want from a budget product.

Comfort: Large circular earcups cover almost all parts of your ears. The extra soft non-leather cushions provide the best comfort that you can get from a music focused headphone. The headbands are not covered with anything, but it does not matter at all. And, wires extending from each of the ear pieces might annoy you sometimes.

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Philips SHP2000 Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: We cannot say that you will get the best music experience here, but you do get some quality that makes sense at current selling price. The highs, mids, and lows are equally balanced to provide a relaxing experience. 500mW of power input is surprisingly a great thing that results in a frequency response of 15 – 22000 Hz. Although impedance of 32 Ohms makes this over the ear headphone compatible to most of the devices, but results in low sound volumes on some.

Handling: The 2-meters long optical fiber coated cord makes this headphone suitable for both home and office use. The headband slider enables the users to retract the headphone to its minimal size for greater portability. However, the wires may get tangled sometimes resulting in a mess.


  • Comfortable design
  • Balanced tones
  • Lightweight
  • High input of 500mW (maximum)

Cons: It fails to convert the high power input into loud sound levels

Features Over-the-ear headphone, 50mW max power, 32 Ohm impedance, 40mm driver units, 10-23000 Hz Fq Response, 3.5mm Chrome Plated Jack
Buy 490 Rupees


► iBall Rocky – Over-the-Ear Headphones with NC MIC and Deep BASS

Products from iBall can prove to be a better choice for the people who are ready to compromise on durability. The iBall Rocky headphone produces high-quality sound and is comfortable in use. For the price of 375 rupees, it is certainly a great deal to be done. It is a PC headphone so the portable music lovers might get a little disappointment.

Comfort: The built material and design is not the best at this price, but the comfort surely is. Soft padded headband and cushioned ear pieces make this headphone eligible for long duration use. The size of the ear cups is pretty large so all your ears get covered resulting in no pain.

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iball Rocky Review and Price in India

Sound Quality and the Microphone Reception: Speaker output power of 80mW seems to be more than enough for producing loud and crystal clear audio. This headphone has an impedance of 32 Ohms, which makes it incompatible to a wide array of products. The sound output contains great bass level for better comfort while using.

The microphone that comes attached is much sensitive and is capable of doing all tasks. However, it results in some background noise because of the analogue connection.

Handling: The long cord and adjustable headband provide the needed flexibility to this headphone. The volume adjuster can be used to set optimal sound level according to your comfort. Some problem may arise in storage of this headphone, but you can always purchase a stand from the market.


  • Deep Bass
  • High sound output
  • Comfortable, even during long sessions
  • Excellent quality NC microphone
  • Ideal for YouTube Video Recording


  • Not much portable
  • Over-weight Build
Features 100 mW max power output | 32 Ohm Impedance | 40 mm Driver Units | Deep Bass | Designed For Mobile, Tablet, Laptop; Gold Plated Connector
Price 500 Rupees


► Cognetix 800 ICC Cricket World Cup Headphone

Recently, Cognetix launched a new range of over the ear headphones especially for the Cricket World Cup and it seems to be attracting a lot of youngsters. The fact that ICC officially teased this series made it more popular all over India. The Cognetix 800 ICC Cricket World Cup Headphone comes at the price of 349 INR and features an appealing design. Buyers get to choose from two nice colors i.e. Orange and Blue.

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Cognetix 800 G ICC Cricket World Cup Headphones Review and Specifications

Comfort: The matte rubber finish gives this headphone cool look and provides a great level of comfort. The soft earpads can be appreciated, but the small size might be a problem for many. Also, the body collects dirty easily.

Sound Quality: The ICC World Cup series from Cognetix is famous for amazing bass levels and this wired headphone is no different. You will enjoy genres like Rock and R&B at the best with this headphone.

The sound levels are loud and consume less power, which makes it suitable for all kinds of portable devices that support 3.5mm audio jack. However, on a busy road, you might find difficulty in listening to your favorite songs.

Handling: This headphone comes with a two meter long flat PVC cord. It does not get tangled easily so you will not have to waste much time before the use. The ear piece is detachable because of which this headphone becomes much portable.


  • 2-meter long cord
  • Officially teased by ICC during the Cricket World Cup
  • Detachable ear pieces
  • Great bass level


  • Ear pieces are a little small
  • Should have been available in dark colors
Features Lightweight; Exquisite Finish; Superior Comfort; 200 mW max power output; Noice Cancellation; 40mm Driver Units; 60 Ohm Impedance; Designed; for Apple and Samsung Smartphones
Buy 495 Rupees


► Premium Soundlogic Dyna Bass

The Soundlogic Dyna bass is an over ear type headphone and comes at a blown up price available with few online retailers. There are not many options available as it is listed out of stock on most of the eCommerce websites. In our observation and usages, we consider the headphone a worthy choice at the current selling price.

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Comfort: The earcups are of the circumaural design that makes this headphone suitable for long use. Rubberized padding on the headband allows for a nice grip without much hassle.

Soundlogic Dyna Bass Review and Price in India

Sound Quality: Do not go with the name of this headphone as it features a frequency response range of 20 – 20,000 Hz only. Bass levels are manageable, but not as great as the manufacturer promises. However, the 40mm driver units are appreciable as they help in generating loud sound without much distortion. The end user should be concerned of is the impedance of 32 Ohm.

Handling: The attached cord is 1.5 meter in length and is more suitable for outdoor use. The headphone weighs just 127 grams, which makes it easy to wear.


  • 40mm driver units
  • Circumaural design
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Bass levels are not as high as the price is
  • It will need high power to produce loud sound
  • Not suitable to use with desktops


► Intex HipHop A low budget Headphone

The Intex's new HipHop is one of the entry-level over the ear headphones, available for the price of 350 INR. This headphone does not offer any premium level features, but it is a perfect budget headphone for the people who want a good music listening experience.

Comfort: A very basic frame with rubberized pads is all that you get on this headphone. This headphone is made for listening to music, but the small size of the earpads makes it difficult to wear it for a long duration. The slider attached with the band is not durable and may bend if you apply much force. But at this price point, the quality seems to be decent.

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Sound Quality: Intex HipHop performs average as far as sound quality is concerned. Its impedance of 12 ohms might sound low, but that also means this headphone will be able to produce loud sound on portable devices because it will require a low driving signal. Although the maximum range of speaker sensitivity is 105dB, but you are advised that keep the volume low for the safety of your ears.

Intex HipHop Stereo Headphone With Mic Review and Price in India

This headphone is suited for all types of music and delivers a balanced output. However, it is a budget headphone so you cannot expect premium features like active noise cancellation.

Handling: The Intex over ear headphone is a lightweight craft that makes it easy to carry. The 1.8-meter long cord will provide sound flexibility. You can easily put this headphone on your ears and walk around all the places.


  • Low power consumption
  • Decent sound quality
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible


  • Cheap build material
  • The earpads are not comfortable
Features 236 grams; Microphone built-in; 1.8mm Cord Lenth; 3.5mm Stereo Plug-in
Price 350 Rupees

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