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Top 10 Mobiles Under 1500 Rupees

Top 10 Mobiles Under 1500 Rupees in June 2015

You will hardly find a review article suggesting the best smartphones in 1000 to 3000 rupees price range. In fact, while most of the gadget review websites spend more time in analyzing budget or high-end smartphones, we decided to focus on some best-selling budget phones available currently in online markets.

This review article features some ten good quality and low budget mobile phones. Our quick and easy reviews of these ten cell phones are aimed at helping you pick the right mobile phone in your budget. This is not mere a list of basic mobile phones rather we have also spent sufficient time in analyzing all these devices from different angles. These mobile phones have a set of good features and specifications. We had to filter these 10 value for money phones from available more than 600 smartphones in the market.

Today’s feature phones are not just for calling rather users can also have a great multimedia experience with them. In fact, they help in making user's life easier with their lots of smart and nifty features. In the selection process, we were very clear that there will be no compromise with essential features such as Bluetooth, dual SIM, good battery, advanced calling options, and FM. Further, Bluetooth for data sharing, good battery for long usages, calling options are essences of a smartphone and FM for endless free musical entertainment. In my opinion, at a price of 1000 to 1500 rupees, this should be sufficient. Read also 3 Multi SIM Mobile Phones in India from Samsung, Nokia and Lava.

Oorie Dura 1820 with 2400 mAh Battery

The Oorie is a new brand with only a handful of devices in its catalog. What has attracted us to this brand is its new smartphone Dura 1820 that comes for the price of Rupees 1099.

Features: This feature phone comes with a 1.5-inch color display that packs a resolution of 240 X 420 pixels. There is a 1.3 MP camera, which is really an exception considering the price point. You can play various multimedia files on this phone. The phone comes with 32 MB of internal storage, which can be expanded up to 16 GB using a micro SD card.

You also get an LED torch on the top to help you find your way in the dark. This phone also boasts other useful features like Auto Call Recorder, Whatsapp, Facebook and FM Radio.

Oorie Dura 1820 Review Specifications and Price in India

Battery: The Oorie Dura 1820 feature phone is powered by a massive 2400 mAh battery. Considering the small screen size and low usability, this phone will easily last for two days.

Connectivity: It is a dual SIM phone and also supports GPRS connectivity. Surprisingly, even at this price point, it comes with Bluetooth, micro USB and HDMI port. You can also find a 3.5 mm audio jack on this phone.

Warranty: The Oorie Dura 1820 phone comes with 1 year of warranty from manufacturer’s side.

About the brand: Oorie is not a popular brand in the market. Although it has launched many phones with attractive specs, but it is still a struggling brand. Price : Rs. 1100


Lava KKT 40 Power with 2700 mAh battery

At a selling price of 1350 rupees, the KKT 40 is all about massive battery power. This is a DUAL SIM smartphone features a 2.4 inches screen. It has a VGA camera with ZOOM for basic photography. 2700 mAh battery is the best among all features. Even regular usages will be interrupted for two to three days.

In terms of multimedia enhancement, it features an FM tuner with recording facility. Do not worry about storage as memory expansion is supported up to 8GB.

For connectivity, the end user gets a USB data syncing port and a Bluetooth for data transfer. It supports website browsing through GPRS connectivity works with 900 and 1800 MHz frequency band. The KKT 40 does not bring 3G support because of the limitation in the craft.

Lava KKT 40 Power Review Specifications and Price in India

Main Feature:-

  • 2700 mAh battery for minimum two days backup
  • 4 inches Display
  • FM with recording
  • MicroSD card support up to 8 GB
  • VGA Camera with Digital ZOOM
  • 1G, 2G, GPRS, USB, Bluetooth
  • Music Player with loud speaker
  • One year service warranty
Buy Rs. 1500


Karbonn K40 in a Stylish design

Amazon India is selling this mobile phone at a lucrative price of 1400 rupees. Karbonn’s K series smartphones are quite popular in Asia countries.

The K40 supports mini SIM size. Therefore, if you choose this smartphone, then you have to resize existing SIM cards.

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In terms of core specifications, it is better than the rest of smartphone listed here. 2.4 inches TFT display has a resolution of 240P that 240 × 320 Pixels wherein pixel density is managed at 167 PPI. Since Karbonn K40 does not have much to offer in terms of smart work; therefore, users will hardly get excited for its display advancement in respect to the display of mobile phones listed here.Karbonn K40 Review Specifications and Price in India

1.3 MP primary camera is good news. Karbonn has optimized the rear camera with a digital ZOOM feature so that the end user able to click some highlighted shots.

I am really happy to see 2800 mAh better that is sufficient for almost three days of usage. If we believe Karbonn’s assessment, the K40 delivers 18 hours of talk time and 45 days of standby on the 2G network. In terms of connectivity options, it packs Bluetooth and USB port for data transfer.

Karbonn has made it available only in Black color. You can enjoy live music with an FM tuner that also works in loudspeaker mode.

Main Features:-

  • Dual SIM with mini SIM size
  • Memory Expansion up to 16 GB
  • 4 Inches Screen
  • 3 MP primary camera with digital ZOOM
  • Powerful 2800 mAh battery
  • 1G, 2G, Bluetooth, USB, FM, Loudspeaker
Buy Rs. 1500


M-Tech G4 Plus with Folder Lock Feature

The M-Tech G4 Plus is a feature phone, which is listed on with a price tag of 1277 INR. It has got a decent form factor and also packs some interesting specs.

Features: This phone has got a 2.4-inch color display with a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. A 1.3 MP rear camera is enough for a phone like this. There is an LED torch on this phone for the convenience of the user. You can also listen to FM radio on this feature phone. It is a multimedia phone and supports micro SD card of size up to 16 GB. Other features of this phone include Mobile Tracker, Folder Lock and FM Recording.

Battery: The 2000 mAh user removable battery that this phone feature provides at least 3-4 days of power back up on a normal use. However, high multimedia usage can bring down that number.M-Tech G4 Plus Review Specifications and Price in India

Connectivity: The M-Tech G4 Plus supports dual SIMs and dual standby. This phone houses a universal 3.5 mm audio jack. It also has Bluetooth and USB support that you can use to transfer files.

Warranty: The manufacturer is providing 1 year of warranty on this feature phone. But the bad thing here is that you will have to struggle to find the service center of this brand.

About the brand: M-Tech is a rising name in the Indian smartphone industry. It has recently launched many Android smartphones, which are available on popular eCommerce websites.

Buy Rs. 1300


Arise Samurai AX284 with 3000 mAh battery

The Arise is an Indian smartphone brand has been in business for more than one year. Also, it has a network of service centers that spread across India. The Samurai AX284’s main highlight is 3000 mAh battery. With a selling price of 1390 rupees, it is exclusively available at Flipkart.

The Arise AX284 can work with two GSM network that it is dual SIM Compatible. If you SIM cards are in the regular size, you will have to make them in mini shape to insert in this cell phone.

It sports a 2.4 inches TFT screen with 240P resolution and 167 PPI pixel density. The main camera is a VGA camera optimized with digital ZOOM feature to capture good shots. As we all know, a camera in cheap Chinese goods is just for namesake. Despite all negatives in this phone, you will still able to take good shots.

3000 mAh is “SONE PE SUHAGA”. You can easily manage for 1 to 2 days of usage. The Arise says, 3000 mAh battery of AZ284 model will deliver 7.5 hours of Talk time and one week of standby on supported network.Arise Samurai AX284 Review Specifications and Price in India

Coming to the connectivity options, we are seeing a Bluetooth and USB port. The AX284 has a network frequency band support from 900 MHz to 1800 MHz.

Main Features:-

  • Dual SIM support: in mini SIM size
  • SD card support: up to 16 GB
  • 4 inches TFT Screen with 167 PPI Pixel density
  • 1G, 2G, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB Port
  • FM Tuner with Loudspeaker
  • 3000 mAh battery
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Arise Customer Care and Service Center: E-mail: [email protected]

Buy Rs. 1200


Intex Mega 501 with Decent Battery Backup

Now Intex is a popular brand has a big line up of fans keen to know what the next release of it is. The Mega 501 is a low-budget smartphone with a budget friendly price tag of 1375 rupees. This is a light-weight craft as the gross weight is 98 gram and thickness is close to 13.8 mm.

The Mega supports dual SIM feature wherein SIM card has to be in mini shape. You can put in two SIM card to link up with 1G and 2G network. It does not have support for CDMA tower and works with GSM frequency ranging between 900 MHz to 1800 MHz.

Wow! The Intex 501 features just 61 KB installed memory, which is a joke, but gives memory increase via microSD card that goes up to 32 GB. You will get a 2.4 inches screen with a 240P TFT display wherein pixel spreads in 167 PPI ratio.

Intex Mega 501 Review Specifications and Price in India

The rear camera 0.3 MP comes with digital ZOOM enhancement is just a hollow specification. Intex is going against its tradition and giving a massive 2000 mAh battery. We can confirm that user will have a decent backup with this lithium-ion battery. Intex has made a promise of 18 hours of talk-time and 27 days of backup on the 2G network.

Not much difference in connectivity options than the rest of smartphone. GPRS, Bluetooth 3.0 and USB Port are main highlights of connectivity options.

Main features:-

  • Dual SIM supports in mini SIM size
  • Memory increase: up to 32 GB
  • 4 inches TFT screen with 167 PPI density
  • VGA camera with Digital ZOOM
  • 2000 mAh battery with 27 days standby
  • 1G, 2G, FM, GPRS, USB Port, Bluetooth 3.0
Buy Rs. 1200


Celkon C8 Jumbo with FM Radio Recording

This Celkon phone comes with a design similar to the feature phones launched by Nokia during the year 2010. However, its price of 1349 INR makes it an attractive device in the low budget segment.

Features: This feature phone boasts a 2.4-inch color display with a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels (QVGA). It comes with a 1.3 MP rear camera, which is not a big surprise. You can also find FM Radio feature on this phone with a recording support. The Celkon C8 Jumbo can play audio and video files as it is a multimedia phone. You can also attach an 8 GB micro SD card if you love to store songs and videos on your phone.

Battery: Small display and less features allow its 2000 mAh battery to last for days on a normal usage. But if you will listen to music on loudspeaker mode for longer duration then the battery will not last even a single day.

Celkon C8 Jumbo Review Specifications and Price in India

Connectivity: The Celkon C8 Jumbo has got two SIM card slots both of which only work on GSM networks. Connectivity options like Bluetooth and micro USB can be used to transfer files. Moreover, you can also use GPRS on this phone.

Warranty: The manufacturer gives 1 year of warranty on this phone which only covers the defects arising out of poor workmanship.

About the brand: Celkon has been present in the smartphone business for a long time now. However, it hasn’t reached any milestone yet.

Buy Rs. 1300


IBall Imperial 2.4A with LED Torch

iBall is famous for packing features on its budget devices, but it seems that this time the brand has failed to maintain its reputation. The iBall Imperial 2.4A, which is listed on at 1399 INR has not got anything attractive.

Features: Its 2.4-inch display comes with a weird resolution of 280 X 380 pixels. The 0.3MP rear camera of this phone is really below my expectations.

The storage of this phone can be expanded up to 16 GB with a micro SD card. Other features that come loaded on this phone are LED Torch, FM Radio, Mobile Tracker and Auto Call Recorder. The sound produced by this phone is also of high quality.

Battery: The iBall Imperial 2.4A is powered by a high capacity 2100 mAh battery. This phone is best suited for rural areas as it will last for days on a single charge if used appropriately.

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IBall Imperial 2.4A Review Specifications and Price in India

Connectivity: Like most of the feature phone here, iBall Imperial 2.4A, too, comes with a dual SIM slot. You also get the connectivity features like Bluetooth, GPRS, micro USB port and a 3.5 mm audio jack on this phone.

Warranty: iBall is giving 1 year of warranty on the handset, but the accessories that come with the box are only covered for 6 months.

About the brand: iBall is a popular brand in India, which is known for providing great features at affordable price. However, the quality of its products is always questioned by reviewers.

Buy Rs. 1400


Spice Boss M-5381 with 3000 mAh battery

Indian brand Spice has been in smartphone space with high domination in the southern and Hindi heartland. Also, the brand is my favorite while choosing a mid-budget smartphone. In terms of built and appearance, the Boss M-5381 resembles any Nokia feature phone.

The M-5381 is a Dual SIM mobile phone wherein both SIM port supports to mini size. Memory expansion is supported up to 16 GB whereas the onboard memory is big ZERO. The screen is a 2.4 inches in size features a TFT display with 240P resolution and 167 PPI pixel density.

1.3 MP camera is a big surprise, takes some nice shoot, too. Considering its price of 1500 rupees, the Boss M 5381 is able to capture really good snaps. For the enhancement, Spice has paired digital ZOOM feature in the rear shooter.

The main feature of this smartphone is 3000 mAh battery. We confirm that you will get at least 4 to 5 days of backup against medium usages. If your requirement is limited to just calling, you might get its battery backup for a week then. Also, Spice has mentioned on the official website that with M-5381, users will get 20 hours of talk-time and 40 days of standby on the 2G network.

Its network frequency band support starts from 900 MHz and goes up to 1800 MHz. 850 MHz band support could have been much better in favor of users.

Spice Boss M-5381 Review Specifications and Price in India

Spice has made it available only in black color to avoid confusion in terms of availability of color variants across India. Not much in terms of multimedia and or uniqueness. The smartphone limits itself with FM and Loudspeaker in terms of musical experience it offers to the end users.

Main Feature:-

  1. Dual SIM in mini SIM size
  2. Up to 16 GB MicroSD card support
  3. 4 inch TFT Screen with 240P resolution and 167 PPI pixel density
  4. 3 MP primary camera with digital ZOOM
  5. 3000 mAh battery with 40 Days Standby
  6. 1G, 2G, FM, USB Port, Bluetooth, GPRS
Buy Rs. 1500


Jivi JV X3450 with Auto Call Recording

You might have seen Jivi feature phones on various advertisements telecasted on HomeShop18. One of its most famous smartphones is the iPhone lookalike JV X3450. This phone can easily be purchased from nearby stores for about 1400 INR.

Features: The first thing to be mentioned here would be the design of this phone. Except its front, every other side of this phone resembles the exact look of the Apple iPhone 5s.

Surprisingly, this phone comes with a 1.2 GHz processor and runs on Symbian series 60 OS.

The Jivi JV X3450 has got a 2.4-inch QVGA display that packs a resolution of 240 X 320 pixels. You can also expand the storage of this phone up to 8 GB using a micro SD card. The worst part of this phone is its 0.3 MP camera, which is not good for anything. However, you do get other convenient features like FM Radio, Auto Call Recording, and Mobile Tracker.

Jivi JV X3450 Review Specifications and Price in India

Battery: Jivi has put a massive 2000 mAh battery inside this feature phone. You will get around 10 hours of talk time and 600 hours of standby time without any problem.

Connectivity: The Jivi JV X3450 comes with two GSM SIM card slots and also supports GPRS. Among other connectivity features are Bluetooth and USB.

Warranty: You get 1 year of warranty on this handset while all other accessories come with 6 months of warranty.

About the brand: Jivi is certainly not a famous mobile phone manufacturer, but its products do pack some attractive features.

Buy Rs. 1500

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