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Top 10 Headphones In 600 To 800 Rupees

Best Headphones under 800 Rupees in India

Any budget under 1000 Rupees is not enough for an excellent quality headphone with a comfortable, durable build and punchy sound. On the Gadgets Shiksha, however, we always put ourselves on test with such an impossible task. Here we find, test, and then present a crisp review of best products with excellent build and features, on sale at a budget price. Products suggested on this website are within reach of most Indian buyers. The Gadgets Shiksha website hosts reviews of relevant products for all section of society.

In this piece, I cover the best headphones & headsets in the price range of 600 to 800 Rupees. If you are looking for much cheaper than the headphones recommended here, you should check this article the article that covers the best headphones under 500 Rupees.

► Novateur X Headphones with Mic

You may not be knowing Novateur brand, but it is one of the best headphones brands in India market for affordable headsets and headphones. Recently this brand launched “X” headset model, which has now become a fast-moving headphone under 800 Rupees.

As you can see in the image below the Novateur X headphone looks stylish. It has a funky design. Its build quality looks durable, too. You can easily fold it to carry in your travel suitcase. Also, you can adjust hinges both sides to make it a perfect fit for you.

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Novateur X Headphones with MIC in 800 Rupees

The earpads of the Novateur headset have an on-ear design. And they are covered with a soft cushion that won’t bite your ears rather let you comfortably enjoy your favorite tracks. Full-size on-ear construction of this headphones, as they lock fittingly over user’s ears, isolates noise around really well.

→ On ear vs Over ear Headphone

On-ear design for a headphone is the best choice if you are buying it online. Headphones with over-ear earpads will definitely give trouble to your ears by twisting them as they are not designed exclusively for your ear size. That is the result in 99% case.

I get many headphones with on-ear and over-ear design for review. Most of the Over-ear design headphones trouble my ears. I never got a set of headphones with over-ear which is a perfect fit. If you are sure that you need a pair of headphones with over-ear design, go to the local store, test the shape & size of the available headphone models and then decide to buy.

→ Should you buy Novateur X Headset?

Novateur X headphones with MIC generates loud and clear sound with powerful Bass. The sound quality of this 800 rs Headphone is excellent. Moreover, the quality of 1.2-meter nylon cable in rope design looks lasting.  This headset will support your smartphone for sure as the brand claims. Thus, considering everything, I would not be wrong in saying Novateur X is one cheap and best headset in India market, at present.

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Price 700 Rupees
Build With MIC | Plastic Material | Full-Size On-Ear Side | Noise Isolation | 1.2-meter Nylon Cable | Foldable | Adjustable Hinge | Weight: 272 Grams | Volume Control
Sound Loud Audio | Powerful Bass
Feature Supports All Smartphone, Laptop, Computer |
Warranty 6 Months warranty with 100% money back guarantee


► Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headphone with Mic

Envent is a trusted brand for excellent quality headphones in a premium look at an affordable price. It is not as famous as Intex, Zebronics, and iBall in buyers. The Indian brand puts on sale excellent quality products, however. Especially for sound-producing gadgets, Envent is a big name in online stores.

Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headset 700 rs

The latest launch by this brand is Beatz ET-HPM500 Headphone with MIC. This headset price is 707 Rupees currently. Among the best headset under 1000 Rupees, it is one fast moving product on Amazon. Envent brand had made it available on e-commerce websites just a few months back. Now it is a top moving headset in the budget category.

The regular readers of this website are well aware of the brand Envent. Here, we have already covered its top-rated Bluetooth speaker. That is one of the best waterproof speakers under 6000 Rupees.

Zebronics ZEB-BUZZ headset, which is on sale for 512 Rupees, is a perfect alternative to Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headphone. Consider the Zebronics headset If you need a more affordable headset in 500 Rupees.

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→ Build and Design of this Envent Headset under 800 Rupees

Expecting too much comfort in wearing and richness in audio on a headphone under 800 rs would be too much to ask. The Headset, however, impresses with its build quality. Cushion-type ear pads and adjustable headband makes it an ideal headphone for a long duration use. If I am not wrong, it is one of the lightest headsets on the market. It weighs only 150 grams.

As you can see in the image above the best headset with MIC in India market, looks premium. Even its headband has some designs and patterns. That is not straight flat. Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headset is an over-the-head and over-ear type headset.

The dual-band design makes the headband highly flexible. In fact, the headband of this headset under 800 Rupees is neither stiff nor loose. Thus, you would feel no pressure on your ears despite wearing it for long. Besides, both the sides of ear pads without being heavy on ears successfully cuts background noise. Only sound waves generated by both the speakers reach to your eardrum.

Thus, considering the build factors, I would rate this affordable headphone with MIC highly. Such impressive build I rarely get to see even on premium headphones.

I hate headphones that have huge weight, anything above 200 grams. Even in the Gadgets Shiksha office whenever I have to test a headphone with a heavy build, I get a headache. Build and design of a headphone is admirable only if it has weight under 200 grams yet it is sturdy and stylish. This Envent brand headset fulfills the condition despite being so cheap.

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→ Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headset Sound Quality

I am very impressed with this headset’s sound quality and the level of BASS in it. You would hear audio with deep BASS levels and clear treble levels on this 700 rs Headset. Looking for the best BASS headphone under 1000 Rupees, here it is.

Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headphone with MIC under 800 Rupees

Static audio of this Envent Headphone is clear, too. Whether you listen to low notes or high notes, in low volume or high volume, audio clarity level remains supreme on this budget headset. In totality, the best sound quality headphones under 800 Rupees generates loud, crisp and distortion free sound.

Both sides of the speaker on Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 Headset have 40-mm drive, and frequency response range is 20 – 20,000 Hz. Their impedance is 32-ohm and sensitivity 103-dB.


  • Latest headphone with the MIC on a budget
  • The best headset under 800 Rupees
  • One of the best BASS headphones under 1000 Rupees
  • Excellent build and trendy design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Ideal for using it with all types of audio producing devices that has 3.5-mm audio port
  • Gold Plated Connector
  • Flat cable

Conclusion: The kind of build, design, and audio quality I had expected from a headphone of the Envent brand, the same is here. Envent Beatz ET-HPM500 exceeds every expectation. How it is this much cheap despite being such a high-quality headset is something I am yet to figure out. While recommending this headset, I would not say that it is “one of.” Indeed, it is the best headphones in India with MIC under 1000 Rupees.

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Price 700 Rupees
Weight 150-grams
Frequency 20-20K Hz
Driver 40-mm
Impedance 32-ohm
Sensitivity 103 { +- 3 dB }
Cable 1.5-meter, Flat Cable
Connector 3.5-mm, Gold Plated


► Sennheiser HD-180 Over-Ear Headphones

The cool looking Sennheiser headphone has been a popular gadget these days. The reason seems to be the design and comfort that it provides despite its price being affordable. Though the official price of this headphone is 990 rupees but it is available at a discounted price of 772 rupees in online malls. However, before you decide to purchase it consider it is not a decent choice for listening music.

Circumaural earcups covered with extra soft cushions will give much relief to your ears. Wide headband and the surrounding padding make this headphone a lot more comfortable than many other budget products. Listening to music or watching a movie will not cause any pain because of its careful design.

Sound Quality: Closed back design reduces the background noises to the minimal. Impedance of 24 Ohm means that you will be able to achieve louder sounds even with low power input. Music lovers will not find this headphone attractive because of the short frequency response range of 21 – 18000 Hz. Further, both bass and treble feel at low levels and the clarity and crispness is also below standard.

Sennheiser HD 180 Review and Price in India

All these specs make this headphone more suited for gaming and movie watching than music listening.

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Handling: The Sennheiser HD 180 headphone is really light at the weight of 130 grams. Adjustable slider of the headband is made of low-quality material and might break if pressure is applied. It comes attached with a 3-meter copper cord, which is more than needed and sometimes creates a mess.


  • Cushions on the earcups and headband make this headphone much comfortable.
  • Produces loud sounds even on low power
  • Can be used for long sessions.


  • Bass and treble levels are below than expected.
  • Slider is loose
  • Cord is longer than needed
Price 750 Rupees


► Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Over-Ear Headphone

Are you really into music, but cannot buy those premium headphones because they are not affordable for you? Well, your desperation might get fulfilled by the Panasonic RP-HT161E-K headphone that generates awesome quality sound and its earcups are comfortable at the same time.

Panasonic RP-HT161E-K Review and Price in India

The frame is light weight and the design pleases people from all generations. Moreover, you can get this headphone only for 745 INR from online shopping malls.

The Panasonic RP-HT161E-K is a closed-back type headphone, meaning that the earcups will help you in isolating from the rest of the world. The circumaural ear cups with soft cushions give comfort even if you use this headphone for long hours. The dual-strip headband can provide compatibility to different head sizes, but at the same time feels a little uncomfortable.

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Sound Quality: The bass is extremely deep and the treble is crazy sharp, thanks to the wide frequency response range of 10 Hz – 27000 Hz. Moreover, the Neodymium magnet in the earcups ensures more sensitivity by generating louder and crispier sound. The 30mm driver units might seem small, but because of the design they hardly make much difference. However, the impedance of 32 Ohm might result in low volumes on small portable devices.

Handling: It is really exceptional that a headphone this big only weighs 130 grams. The 2-meter long cord will be enough for all kinds of needs. You can easily use this headphone on your PC/Laptop for gaming and movie watching.


  • Wide frequency response range ultimately results in deep bass and sharp treble
  • Comfortable earcups
  • Suitable for long use
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No padding on the headbands
  • Produces comparatively low volumes on small portable devices
Price 750 Rupees


► Philips DJ SHL3000 On-Ear Headphone

If you really want to go stylish and still want decent music experience, then the SHL3000, a DJ headphone from Philips could be the best option. Although it appears overpriced at 741 rupees current price in online malls but when one looks at its build quality, finds the price reasonable. Wide headband with very flexible on-diet ear cups will surely attract a lot of youngsters.

Philips SHL3000BL Review and Price in India

Although the earcups feature a circumaural design, which is known to give much comfort to ears, but the fact that their size is small makes everything neutral. The flexible design of the headband and earcup arm does provide relief in movements. The headband is totally made of plastic because of which it may feel a little uncomfortable.

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Sound Quality: This over the ear headphone accepts maximum power input of 30mW, which seems quite low considering the price. The frequency range of 20 Hz – 20000 Hz is also less than expected and resulted in low bass levels. However, treble level is great on this headphone.

The 32mm speaker driver may provide some relief to music lovers, though. Overall, the sound quality of this headphone is much balanced than other headphones in this price range. And, because of the impedance of 24 Ohms, it produces loud audio output even when used with portable devices.

Handling: There is is a short 1.2-meter cord attached with this headphone that makes wearing it while running or walking a little difficult. However, the flexibility of the headphone structure results in ease handling of it.


  • Attractive design
  • Loud audio output because of impedance of 24 Ohms
  • Balanced sound levels


  • Low bass considering the price
  • Only 1.2-meter cord
Price 700 Rupees


► Sony MDR-ZX100A On-Ear Headphone

Getting a superior quality headphone in the intermediate price segment can be hard, but Sony has taken an initiative to address this. Sony MDR-ZX100A is an on-the-ear type headphone and is the best when it comes to music quality. And, despite all good features, this headphone has in terms of build and sound quality, it is affordable.

Sony MDR-ZX100A Review and Price in India

This headphone is flexible, but not the best in terms of comfort. You get cushions on the earcups only, which is quite a disappointment. The supra-aural shape of the earcups is another downside of this wired headphone. However, the headband is very elastic even though it is made up of plastic. You cannot question the Sony MDR-ZX100A headphone on its build quality, but a comfortable design could have been appreciated.

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Sound Quality: It is one of the best low budget headphones for music lovers. The frequency response range of 12 – 22000 Hz enables this headphone to produce deep bass and ultra-sharp treble. You will be amazed by the crispness of the high, mids, and lows. The maximum power input of 1000mW lets you dive into the environment of your favorite music genre. 24 Ohm impedance means that this headphone will be able to produce loud sound even on low output devices.

Handling: The cord is very short at 1.2 meters and you will struggle to use this headphone while doing physical works. However, it is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Stylish design and premium build
  • Frequency response range of 12 – 22000 Hz
  • Can produce stunning sounds at 1000mW
  • 24 Ohm impedance expands its compatibility


  • Not so comfortable
  • Cord length is short
Price 650 Rupees


► iBall Strings 20 PC Headphone

The Strings 20 from popular Indian brand iBall is a decent quality headphone with just a decent price tag of 690 rupees. Build quality of this headphone is appreciable and the design might attract some music lovers also. It is a PC headphone though can be used with smartphones if you are ready to compromise on the handling front.

Soft cushions on the headband provide comfort as well as extra grip. The earcups are comfortable, but the supra-aural design renders them painful when used for long duration. On the other hand, the weight of 158 grams makes this headphone very light and the arms above the earcups provide some flexibility while playing games.

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Sound Quality: The price and the specs of this on the ear headphone do not match in any sense. The frequency response of 15 Hz – 20000 Hz results in great treble levels but fails to give deep bass levels. You can easily find a headphone with the frequency response of 15 Hz – 20000 Hz around this price. However, the sound produced is loud and details can be heard clearly.

iBall Strings 20 Review and Price in India

The non-detachable microphone doesn’t feature any filter so you will find frequent blockages with noise in the background.

Handling: You get a 2.2-meter cord attached with this headphone which seems enough long to fit all working conditions. Headband slider enables the user to retract the headphone to shortest length so that you can carry it easily.


  • It features soft cushions on the earcups as well as on the headband
  • Weighs only 158 grams
  • Dedicated volume and microphone button on the cord itself
  • Loud sound output


  • Specs are low for this price
  • Not good to wear for a long duration
Price 650 Rupees


► Philips SHL3000 Headphone

This is one quite popular headphone from the popular brand Philips. Currently, this headphone is trending at online websites with a handsome price tag of 661 Rupees. Read More about the Philips SHL3000 at Top 10 Wired Headphones Under 2000 Rupees


► iDance Free 20 On-Ear Headphone

The Free 20 model from iDance is a stylish, lightweight and easy to use over-ear type headphone and available online for a price of 719 rupees. This headphone is the best-suited choice for those people who like to listen to music while doing physical work like jogging, push-ups and walking down the road.

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iDance Free 20 Review and Price in India

The ergonomics used in making this headphone makes it suitable for both boys and girls. A wide range of color options enables you to pick one according to your flavor.

Minimalistic frame and less weight do make feel like you are wearing nothing on your head. However, the small size and supra-aural design of earcups might give you a little disappointment if you love listening to music for a long duration.

Sound Quality: The iDance Free 20 headphone delivers deep bass level thanks to the frequency response of 15 Hz – 20000 Hz. The impedance of 32 Ohms is something you might not like on this headphone because that might result in low volumes on low output devices.

This headphone is made for Apple devices like iPod, iPhone, and iPod on which it performs great. It also features a built-in microphone in case you want to talk to somebody.

Handling: It has got a light frame so handling will not create any problem. The 1.5-meter cord seems reasonable considering the limited use of this headphone. The headband slider gives users the ability to change its size according to their needs.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Comes in 6 colors schemes
  • Deep bass levels
  • Built-in microphone


  • Not suitable for long music listening sessions
  • Delivers low volume on low output devices
Price 600 Rupees


► Intex Wireless Roaming Over-Ear Headphone

A wireless headphone can be much helpful in gaming but, usually, come at a high price. However, the Intex Wireless Roaming headphone available at a price around 600 Rupee could be your temporary solution.

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Circumaural ear cups with soft cushions provide a great level of comfort to user's ears. The headband is adjustable which means it could easily be fitted with any head size. Some problem may arise because of the low grip resulting from its design.

Sound Quality: The bass and treble level resulting from the frequency range of 20 – 20,000 Hz provide a decent experience. Some distortions can be found if the user goes beyond the 8-meter range. Bass and treble levels are great depending on the hardware.

Intex Wireless Roaming Review and Price in India

Handling: Inbuilt volume controls give much relief to the users. There is also a hidden microphone that makes this headphone capable of making internet audio calls.


  • Comfortable design
  • Good for gaming
  • Decent bass and treble levels
  • Built-in volume controls and microphone


  • Low wireless range
  • Built quality is not great
Price 580 Rupees

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