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4 Best Household Hand Tool Kit below 2500 Rupees

Household Hand Tool Kit below 2500 Rupees

While you can have a toolkit set for your car and motorbike, then why don't you have a set of essential tools to repair things at home? Often people have a kit to improve a specific gadget, machine, home appliance, kitchen appliance, or which is near dear and crucial for them.

Most Popular Value for Money Driller Below 2000 Rupees

Cumi CRD 010 VR Rotary Hammer Drill

►Bosch GSB 10 RE Pistol Grip Drill The Bosch pistol drill is designed for simple drilling needs such as maintenance, repairs and another do-it-yourself projects. It sports a small solid body, which is easy to hold and allows user to drill effortlessly without tiring. Its chuck size is just 10 mm.

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