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Three Premium Automatic Bread Makers in India

Glen SA 3034 615 Watt Bread Maker

Bread acts as the most important part of breakfast for many families. It is healthy, makes the stomach feel full without adding much fat and tastes good, too.

In India, people purchase bread mostly from dairies and local Kirana shops. We do not have a culture of making it at home.

Making bread on your own is not easy, it involves precisely mixing all the necessary ingredients, carefully kneading the dough and then baking it in a perfectly enclosed environment. Thanks to improving technology and innovative nature of some brands, automatic bread makers have entered the market now. Read also For Homemade Cakes First Collect These Appliances and Essentials.

Automatic bread makers are great; they can do everything from baking, mixing to kneading. Below is a list of three popular bread makers available in the Indian market.

Panasonic SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker

Panasonic is famous for selling unique and innovative kitchen appliances. The brand had launched its SD-YD250 Automatic Bread Maker back in the year 2001. This product has gained a lot of appreciation from customers around the world.

Although the SD-YD250 is not officially available in India but sites like Flipkart and EBay are selling this product by importing it from the US.

The cost of import increases its price from 9000 rupees to a whopping 25,600 rupees in the Indian market.

So, is this product still a good purchase at such a high price? Let us find out.

Compact Body: In order to fit easily in Indian kitchens, a bread maker has to be compact. It should not occupy a lot of space on a kitchen top or on a shelf.

The Panasonic device performs really well on this front. For it, customers do not need to make any special arrangements. Its 13.5-inch high body will easily fit on even the smallest shelf of your kitchen.Panasonic SD YD250 Automatic Bread Maker

A Great User Experience: This is probably the best bread maker you can buy at the moment. Panasonic has loaded it with many great features.

Users get to choose from three loaf sizes and three crust shades. It also offers six bread (type) options including basic, whole wheat, multigrain, French, pizza and cake. Inner pan sports a built-in handle for easy accessibility.

The Panasonic bread maker also comes with a yeast dispenser, which means users will not have to put the yeast directly into the container. This enhances the texture and quality of bread by isolating the yeast from water present in the dough mixture.

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One extra large loaf of bread takes around to 4-5 hours to bake. The good thing is customers can set this machine to start the bread making process 13 hours before a specific time.

An LED display makes it much easy to use this machine. The manufacturer also ships a detailed guide in the packaging box.

High Maintenance Cost of this Bread maker may bother you

This Panasonic machine will certainly increase the power bill of customers. It consumes 550 watts of electricity and will remain powered on straight for 3-5 hours (depending on the type of bread is in making).

As the SD-YD250 bread maker is not officially available in India, customers will have to send it to the US in case they want to claim warranty.

I would not advise anyone to use this machine without a stabilizer because its circuitry is rated at 120 Volts and electricity in India is supplied at 220 Volts.


  • Solid build quality
  • Compact design
  • Non-stick inner container
  • Can make large loafs of bread
  • Inbuilt display
  • 13-hour preset timer
  • 6 bread type and 3 bread size options
  • Yeast dispenser

Verdict: Clearly, this product is only for people who have deep pockets. It not only has a high price tag but also consumes a lot of electricity.

I would like to state though this Panasonic appliance is a perfect solution for making bread at home. It gives a number of options and is much easier to use.

Programs 6
Bread Sizes 3
Bread Crust 3
Power Consumption 550 Watts
Dimensions 35.6 x 34.3 x 22.9 cm
Weight 7 KG
Buy 25000 Rupees


Programmable Bread maker Cuisinart CBK-100

The Cuisinart CBK-100 promises to be the most durable and easy to use bread maker out there. It offers more features than the Panasonic SD-YD250 and that also at a lower cost of 18,000 rupees.

Superior Build Quality: This bread maker has greatly impressed me on the front of build quality. Cuisinart has made its outer shell with a durable metal sheet.

Aluminum finish of the body makes the whole setup feel premium. I am sure this product will enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

The Cuisinart machine is not as compact as the Panasonic one but its low price and superior build quality make up for that.

12 Inbuilt Programs: One can use this appliance for a number of things (in addition to its main use making bread). Its onboard control panel lets users select from a menu of 12 programs.

Cuisinart is also kind enough to send a recipe book along with this machine. It includes detailed instructions on what settings should be used on the machine while making different types of bread.

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In case of a power failure, this machine remembers the stage at which it was running and starts from right there when the power restores.

Cuisinart CBK100 2Pound Programmable Breadmaker

Automatic so it Makes Perfect Shape Bread

The Cuisinart machine is capable of making 2 lb of bread in one session. This much bread would be enough for breakfast of around 4-5 people.

The shape of the bread loafs turns out to be quite appealing. There will be no difference in the shape of a bread loaf generated by this machine and a loaf purchased from a store.

The kneading paddle of its inner container is removable, which means the finished bread loaf will not have a big hole in the middle.

A glass window on the top allows users to see all the processes. If something wrong happens, you can stop the operation and start over.

The Cuisinart bread maker also allows customers to put some dry fruits in the bread. At the end of kneading process, its smart alarm system starts beeping. This acts as a signal for users to put dry fruits in the dough.


  • 2 lb container
  • Metal body
  • Durable
  • Power failure backup system
  • Detachable kneading paddle


  • Outer shell is not compact
  • Requires stabilizer

Verdict: Although the Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread maker is priced a little higher but your money will not go waste. It makes tasty bread and can also be used for a number of other tasks. Durable build materials will make this product last longer.

Programs 12
Bread Sizes 3
Bread Crust 3
Dimensions 18 x 12.2 x 15 inches
Weight 18 lb
Buy 18000 Rupees


Glen SA-3034 Bread Maker

If the budget is tight and you still want a good quality bread maker then Glen might have the best solution. Its SA-3034 615-Watt Bread Maker comes with a highly affordable price tag of 9800 rupees.

Modern Design: The design of the Glen bread maker will certainly blow your mind on the very first look. I cannot even imagine a better-looking bread maker than this. It feels more like a sophisticated scientific gadget from a distant future than a kitchen appliance.

Other brands should take a lesson from Glen on how to design their products.

Build quality of this machine is also not bad. Glen has used durable materials while making it.

A Fully Loaded Bread Maker: Even at this price point, Glen has not done any cost cutting. This appliance hails all the features you will normally get on a premium bread maker.

Its container offers a capacity to hold 3.5 liters of liquid or 1000 grams of solid items. The machine can do kneading and baking automatically without the intervention of the end user.

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After the operation, the bread should be kept on a grill for one hour to cool down.

Twelve bread settings expand the customer’s options. Moreover, you will be able to make items like Jam, Cake and other types of desserts with it.

Easy To Clean: Inner container of the Glen bread maker has a non-stick surface. It is detachable, which means one can take it out of the machine and wash it under running water.

Glen SA 3034 615 Watt Bread Maker

This Glen Bread maker doesn't require a Stabilizer to Run

The greatest benefit of choosing this bread maker over others is customers would not have to spend money on a stabilizer.

Glen has made the SA-3034 bread maker according to Indian conditions. It works at 220 Volts and easily resists small power fluctuations.

One thing to note here is it consumes 615 Watts of electricity. For some budget households, this can be a disaster.


  • Appealing design
  • Great build quality
  • 12 bread settings
  • Makes Jam and Cake
  • Detachable inner container

Cons: High power consumption

Verdict: I can recommend this Glen product to anyone. It is perfect for middle class families who do not have the budget to buy other highly priced bread makers.

Programs 12
Bread Crust 3
Power Consumption 615 Watts
Dimensions 43 x 29 x 37 cm
Weight 9 KG
Buy 10000 Rupees

One thought on “Three Premium Automatic Bread Makers in India

  1. What is needed for using the bread machines imported from USA is a 220Volts to 110 Volts Converter transformer with appropriate power rating and not a Voltage Stabiliser which tries to keep the voltage at 220Volts with varying input voltages. Knowing this fully well I bought a 220V0lts Panasonic Bread machine from Amazon, France. Most European countries use 220 Volts just like in India.

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