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Three Great Laptops For Everyday Use

Lenovo ThinkPad E550 Review and Specifications

In urban areas, life always remains busy. A person who works in a corporate office will be hardly available for even a small talk. A famous saying goes this way- “Time is Money” and everyone considers it as a strict rule in cities. IT professionals always end up making presentations or writing codes while they travel. Just take a walk around a corporate park and you will notice people holding laptops on their laps.

The main problem is most laptops available in the market are not portable. A bulky and non-user friendly laptop creates huge discomfort while you work on it on-the-go. In this article, we have listed three such laptops that are compact as well comfortable in use while traveling. Read also 5 Best Mini Laptop under 15000 from iBall Asus Dell and Micromax.

ASUS A555L Laptop with 15.6 Inch Display

Since the last couple of years, Asus has become quite famous in the market. Its products are now attracting millions of tech enthusiast around the world.

I would like to point out though this brand was not always this famous and reputed. Earlier, people used to have big reservations about Asus laptops. However, a desire to become market leader and consistent hard work has taken Asus to this great height.

The Asus A555L is a budget friendly laptop and is available out there for an amount of 32,000 rupees (price will also depend on the configuration you want). This device has attracted many customers in the recent months.

ASUS A555L Laptop Review and Specifications

Appreciable Design And Bright Display: Asus should be appreciated for offering this laptop in 5 colors including black, yellow, blue, white and red. Due to this, customers will get a good choice while shopping.

Its top panel has a glossy finish and gives premium look. Asus branding at the center feels appealing to the eyes. Build quality is not that good but is not bad either. Keypad gives a good feedback, though sometimes it may feel a bit congested.

The Asus laptop sports a big 15.6-inch screen with HD resolution. It is bright and offers good viewing angles. One issue I found with this display was of reflection.

I trust this Asus Laptop for an Impressive Performance

Considering the price, you are getting a really high performing CPU i.e. Intel Core i3 5010U. It is clocked at 1.7GHz but can go up to 2.1 GHz with Turbo Boost technology. Onboard 4GB of RAM provides decent multitasking space for applications to run properly.

The Ice-Cool technology uses a special layout to keep the processor cool even in the busiest and toughest situations.

When it comes to graphics, customers usually get two options. They can either opt for Intel HD Graphics 4400 or go with Nvidia GeForce 930M dedicated GPU. For storing files, this device has a 1TB hard disk.

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Windows 10 Reduces Power Backup: The Asus A555L is not a new laptop. It was released with Windows 8 onboard and at that time it used to give superb battery life.

Now, the manufacturer is selling it with Windows 10, though you can also purchase a Free DOS variant. The latest version of Microsoft’s Windows OS hits the battery of this laptop really hard. Users will hardly get more than 3 hours of battery life on it.

A Windows Laptop with Decent Connectivity Features

The list of connectivity features of this laptop is quite long. It has two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. There is even a full-size HDMI port on the left side. Built-in DVD writer will allow customers to easily install OS (in case of Free DOS Variant) as well as drivers.

Surprisingly, this laptop also features a VGA port, which is great for sharing the screen or using a projector. Many manufacturers have eliminated this feature from their laptops in order to make the end product lighter and slimmer.


  • Compact and attractive
  • Wide display panel
  • High performing CPU
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Features two speakers
  • RJ45 jack and VGA port
  • 1 TB HDD

Cons: Low battery life

Verdict: The ASUS A555L will prove to be a great solution for people with limited budget. I cannot recommend anything better in this price segment. Asus has tried to offer a complete package to the customers in the form of this laptop. Read also : Premium Reliable Asus Gaming laptop Review in India

Price 32000 Rupees
Screen 15.6inch, 1366×768 Pixels
Battery 4.5 Hours Backup
Processor Intel Core i3 5010 Processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics
Operating system Windows 10, 64bit
Hard Disk 1024 GB
Connectivity Three USB Port, Bluetooth, HD Webcam
Warranty Two Years


Lenovo G40 80E400X3IN Laptop with Intel Processor and Windows OS

In the past 30 or 40 days, we have received dozens of requests to do a review on the Lenovo G40 80E400X3IN Laptop. While doing research for this particular article, I decided to include this laptop to my list.

My team was really curious why this device has become an attraction for some people. We used it for more than a week and below are our findings.

Unattractive Build Quality: The design of the Lenovo laptop has failed to impress me. It comes in a cheap looking outer shell and feels like a laptop of last decade. One satisfying thing is its body is quite lightweight and slim. Customers can easily take it on a tour or to college (if studying).

You will not like the display of this device. Its TN panel measures just 14-inches diagonally and offers HD resolution only. Viewing angles are as bad as they can be. Color reproduction is also below expectation. Blacks appear grayish and whites appear bluish.

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Lenovo G40 80E400X3IN Review and Specifications

The latest Intel Processor has a Mediocre Performance

Lenovo is a good brand and I expected this laptop to be good on the performance front, though my opinion changed after using it.

At this price point, one can easily get a Core i5 laptop but Lenovo is offering a Core i3 series processor here. Its 4GB RAM limits performance and stops customers from using heavy apps like AutoCAD, Adobe Premier Pro, and Maya 3D.

Lack of a dedicated graphics card is another downside of the Lenovo laptop. Gamers will be really disappointed with this device. Moreover, instead of a 1TB HDD, the manufacturer should have used a 256GB SSD. Solid State Drives enhance performance by increasing read and write speeds.

Good Audio Quality: There are two drivers on the front of this laptop. RMS output of 3-Watt is more than enough and will satisfy most customers. Moreover, the sound quality of this laptop is also impressive. Bass levels are quite deep and vocals offer good crispiness.

All the required Connectivity options this Lenovo Laptop has 

You will not feel limited on this laptop when it comes to connectivity. It offers all the features that a user would ever need like optical drive, RJ45 jack, Wi-Fi, USB, and HDMI.

Other key features:-

  • Sports HD webcam
  • Runs Windows 10 Home
  • Gives decent battery backup (4cell battery)


  • Lightweight and slim
  • Optical drive and RJ45 jack
  • Long lasting battery
  • Sound quality is good


  • Low on RAM
  • No dedicated GPU
  • Slow
  • Cheap build

Verdict: I do not find any reason for why a customer should purchase the Lenovo G40 80E400X3IN laptop. There are certainly a number of better options available in the market. This device limits users on all fronts be it graphics, performance or design.

Price 32000 Rupees
Screen 14inch, 1366×768 Pixels
Processor Intel Core i3 5005 Processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics
Operating system Windows 10, 64bit
Hard Disk 1024 GB
Connectivity Three USB Port, Bluetooth, Audio Out & Microphone Ports, HD Webcam
Warranty Two Years


Lenovo ThinkPad E550 with 3 USB Port and Powerful Intel Processor

Lenovo’s ThinkPad series laptops have always attracted people who do productivity related tasks on the go. These laptops are famous for being lightweight, compact, and fast. However, the only problem people face while buying a ThinkPad is of money. Most ThinkPad series laptops cost a fortune and not everyone (at least in India) can purchase it.

So around a year ago, the brand came up with an affordable laptop in the ThinkPad series i.e. the E550 laptop. As of now, the base version of this laptop is listed only on Flipkart EBay with a price tag of 38,000 rupees.

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Solid Build Quality: I must say, for the price you are paying, the build quality of the ThinkPad laptop is exceptional. Although it sports a plastic body but gives the same carbon fiber feel like other more premium laptops of ThinkPad series offer.

The top panel is sturdy and does not suffer from flexing or creaking. Wide keypad offers a great typing experience. Individual keys come in smiley shape and have a good travel distance. There is even a central TrackPoint button for scrolling through documents and web pages. Its trackpad is quite sensitive. ThinkPad series laptops sport the right and left click button at the rear of trackpad and so is the case with this device.

Lenovo ThinkPad E550 Review and Specifications

The Lenovo think-pad comes An Immersive Display

The ThinkPad E550 sports a wide 15.6-inch display panel. It has a resolution of 1366 X 736 pixels and generates vibrant colors. Decent viewing angles and high contrast ratio make it a good platform for watching movies. The LED backlighting system offers a really high brightness of 200 nits.

But cannot run heavy programs: My advice is – do not shortlist this laptop if running games and heavy applications are your primary goals. It sports an average performing Intel Core i3 5005U CPU coupled with 4GB RAM. Moreover, the onboard HDD storage is limited to 500 GB only.

I would like to point out though for casual users who use laptops for browsing web, watching movies, typing documents and light gaming; the E550 will prove to be a great solution.

A Windows Laptop with 7 Hours of Battery Life

There cannot be a better laptop than this in terms of battery life. It sports a 6cell battery and will last for more than 7 hours on a single charge. The ThinkPad E550 is also loaded with a bunch of connectivity features that we do not usually get on compact netbooks like full-size HDMI port, RJ45 jack, and optical drive.


  • Durable
  • Mind blowing looks
  • Keypad gives good feedback
  • TrackPoint button
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Offers really long power backup


  • Sound quality is average
  • Low storage

Verdict: From this discussion, it is pretty clear that the ThinkPad laptop is not for every user. Lenovo as made this device for people who travel a lot and do productivity related tasks on the go. It can also be a good home entertainment laptop.

Price 38000 Rupees
Screen 15.6inch, 1366×736 Pixels, 200 Nits Brightness
Processor Intel Core i3 5005 Processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, Intel HD Graphics
Operating system Windows 10 Home, 64bit
Hard Disk 500 GB
Connectivity Three USB Port, Bluetooth, Audio output Microphone Ports, RJ45, HD Webcam

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