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Three Blades Crompton Greaves Ceiling Fan Below Rs 2500

Crompton Flyleaf 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Review and Specifications

Crompton Flyleaf 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Beautiful color on walls, designer window curtain, decorated table lamp, and a wooden long bed are some visible things in the decoration of a bedroom. Not only that even the ceiling fan in that room has to be in standard quality and in an appealing design. A good quality good looking fan certainly compliments to the decorations.

Actually, in my opinion, one cannot ignore this ceiling fan factor. Or else it will be the same as wearing a slipper on a designer suit. Thus, an elegant efficient ceiling fan is also an important factor plays a greater role in improving decoration of a room.

Crompton Greaves has been a trusted brand in the Indian electronics market. It makes durable electronics products. In fact, Crompton, Usha, Havells are some top name making Indian electronics manufacturing respectable in terms of quality and durability across the world.

In this article, I talk about a brand new Crompton ceiling fan, which has won my heart by its awesome looks. This has a sturdy build, cool design, and Crompton logo means it is durable, too.

Appropriate Room Size for this Fan

As the official documentation says it bears 1200 mm sweep so it should be installed in a room has the size of 10 to 12 square meter. Further, in order to optimize this Crompton fan for better air delivery, ask electrician to install it close to three meters above from the ground.

Built and Design

For a sophisticated design, I will give this fan 10 out of 10. I always appreciate a design that has a great appeal without too many fancy attachments. In a simple word, a beautiful woman is in a mild makeup. The fan, in terms of design, is what I just said. There are only a few additions for looks enhancement but the brilliant selection of color combination and the design cut out makes it a premium looking ceiling fan.

Not so power efficient

The fan model is the first launch of manufacturer’s new series “Flyleaf”. Although it is powered by an efficient motor but is not low in electricity consumption. 72W power input though not too high but not too low as well. Since its current price is on a higher side, I was expecting a power-efficient motor on this model. By looking at its air delivery and power consumption, it appears though Crompton is charging too much for a truly attractive design.

Modest Air Delivery

The figure of air delivery defines how efficient a ceiling fan is in cooling a room. This Crompton fan comes with 218 per minute air delivery which is just modest. In fact, some noted and advanced ceiling fan models could even go up to 300 CMM. Then the 218 CMM although not too low but not very high as well is apparently not so impressive. Remember it is not cheap in fact costs close to 2500 rupees. Thus, it is legitimate to ask for a bit higher air delivery.

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Excellent Warranty

Even if specifications and design of this Crompton fan didn’t impress much, still you should consider it because of the two years of onsite warranty. Recently I replaced my ceiling fan; the whole process was quite tiresome eventually.

However, if you decide to buy this, Crompton engineer will make a visit on a service complaint request. As far as I know, other manufacturers will ask you to unplug motor unit and visit the nearest authorized service center. Whereas Crompton ensures customers are free from these hassles.

Pro Features

  • Elegant Design
  • Two years on-site warranty
  • Reliable and Durable
  • Noiseless

Final thoughts

The Flyleaf Ceiling fan from Crompton is one good product I would recommend in the thousands of branded and non-branded models available in online markets. It bears a great appealing design. And, its two years of onsite warranty is just a cherry on cake. The build quality of this fan gives me a sense that it will certainly last more than five years.

Price 2450 Rupees
Motor Speed 390 RPM
Sweep 1200 mm
Air Delivery 218 CMM
Power Input 72 watt
Speed Setting 4
Blades 3
Warranty Two Year; Only Manufacturing defect; Onsite

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