Currently, at home, I use a desktop with Intel i3 Processor and Windows 7 operating system. This system I bought last year in June. My old system, which is still my favorite, has an Intel Core-2-Due 32-Bit processor with 4GB RAM, and Windows XP Operating system. I used the system for close to six years. Therefore, there was a kind of special bonding between the system and me. However, Since Microsoft announced no further support for XP and most of the applications I was using became incompatible with XP operating system, so I had no choice but to purchase a new CPU with the latest configuration. Since I started using the new system, I realized my old desktop was very slow.

Recently I decided to revive it. After all, it was still my favorite desktop. However, the decision to restore it was not merely, because I liked it, rather economical and practical.

A new assembled CPU with the latest configuration would cost not less than 15000 Rupees. So, rather than spending 15000 or 20000 Rupees, would not it be excellent if I can make my old CPU run faster by spending no more than 4000 Rupees. I am going to share how I did it and how you can do the same.

So that was an economic reason. What is a practical reason? The rational basis is – by the use of SSD as the boot drive — an old CPU can run faster than the CPU with the latest config. By replacing HDD drive with an SSD, even a Celeron processor based CPU would perform as good as a CPU powered by Intel i7 Processor.

Install SSD to Make an Old PC Run Faster

Besides, no longer I need to stick with the same Windows XP OS since technician told me Windows 7 might not function smoothly on the current configuration. The system would become slow and would a headache while working on it.

Primary Reason why is CPU not booting when motherboard light and Fan is ON

Now time was to check whether the system is in the condition to restore or not. I checked the wire connection and pressed the power-on switch. The CPU started as it should be — but there was no display and no light in keyboard and mouse. The system needed a thorough cleaning. The system had not been used for one and half years.

You must have an air blower home to clean computer or home and kitchen appliances. Once there was a malfunction in my desktop, which has the i3 processor. It was not getting started. I called up to a technician; he promised to come by 5 PM; when made follow up call, he said by 6:30 PM he would be on the Job at my place. Finally, he turned up around 8 o'clock. The system had no issue. It just needed a proper cleaning. Due to Lots of dust on the motherboard, it was not booting. The technician took out his air blower, nicely cleaned the system. The CPU was booting fine after the service.

After waiting a full day in frustration and then for 5 minutes of service, I paid 250 Rupees. Not acceptable to me. I would not have minded had he come on time.

Therefore, I knew that the old system is not getting start probably because of dust. If I nicely clear it up, it may start booting. So rather than calling a technician and get frustrated for a day again, I decided to order an air blower. As the dust is a problem for human same, it is for appliances. Instead of paying 250 or 350 Rupees to a technician, just to clean dust from the internal circuit of machines why not should I keep an air blower so that as and when there is a problem I could use it to fix in no time.

How I spent 4000 Rupees to Restore Old PC?

With this article, I share the details of things I bought to make my Intel Core-2-Due based CPU faster than Intel i3 Based Processor. I am drafting this article on my old system, which has been fully restored. I love at speed my old system boots on the SSD — much faster than my new system which appears slow despite having latest Intel i3 processor since it boots on an HDD.

Often we replace CPU once in three to four years since hardware becomes outdated. The arrival of the SSD, however, has disturbed the trend. Do not replace CPU replace HDD of it. Buy an SSD and make your desktop with any outdated Intel/AMD processor as good as the most advanced Intel i7 Based system regarding performance.

You might be thinking I am not a computer technician, how can I fix an old system. As you have no idea what to do next, similarly I, too, had no idea. Still, I ventured since my old system of no use. But I had no one to guide, but for you, I am here with full details. Follow my steps you would be able to renew your old PC and make it usable again.

If you are a gaming freak, you should be the first to switch to SSD. You would experience the enhanced performance of your system when you hammer it by playing the latest HD action games.

550 Watts Cheston Electric Air Blower for Computers

It is a primary air blower with a 550 watts motor, which runs the fan inside at an impressive 14000 RPM speed. In the sales box of this air blower comes the machine and a nose pipe. Near the hand-control has the power switch. Press the power switch the device starts blowing air. There is no speed control function, though.

Cheston Electric Air Blower PC Cleaner 550W 14000 RPM

The current price of the air blower is only 700 Rupees. The brand Cheston has an excellent reputation in the market. Therefore, I see every reason to trust the product for impressive durability. Since it has turned out to be a good buy for me, it could be an excellent buy for you, too.

Dust is one of the biggest threats to electric appliances and electronics in our homes. Therefore, getting Cheston Electric Air Blower is a worthy investment. It will save money in long run. Its price is fair, too. Having single function is a great thing. That means the machine would remain working many years to come.

Multipurpose Air Blower to Blow off Dust from Difficult to Reach Areas

Use this electric air blower not just for PC cleaning. Use it to blow away the dust hidden between boxes on kitchen shelves. First, free the shelf, then clean, and then arrange all the boxes there takes lots of time. However, with this air blower, it becomes a lot easier. Ask someone to put a hand on the boxes to stop them from blowing away while you blow off dust.

Further, the Cheston Electric Air Blower for computers is also useful for blowing away the dust from the difficult to reach areas in your house. For instance, over the time dust gets collected behind computer table and remains stuck between wires. To broom there while wires are connected is very difficult. However, thanks to this air blower now I can keep the area neat & clean. Thus, purchasing the Cheston electric air blower is a wise and sound decision.

Thus, the electric air blower is one of the purchases you make to make an old PC run faster.

Buy 700 Rupees


ADATA SP580 Premier 120GB Internal Solid State Drive

If you have read the recent articles on Gadgets Shiksha, you would know why Made in Taiwan is better than Made in China. The Adata is Taiwan brand has a strong reputation in the world market for affordable memory components. Recently I bought an ADATA 120GB SSD for 3400 Rupees. Essentially, SSD is the thing that would make my old PC run faster.

Since most of the time I write, I do not require a large memory on my desktop. The Adata SSD is the cheapest among all the SSD available. On top of that, it is one of the fastest and most reliable SSD.

Samsung, Kingston, and Adata are three best brands for SSD. Among the three, Adata's technology to make SSD stable is as good as that of Samsung, which is at the top of the business at present. I am planning to buy an SSD either from Samsung, or the same SSD for my Windows 7 system.

ADATA SP580 Premier 120GB Internal Solid State Drive

SSD requires a specific tune-up. You need to run the ADATA SSD application to tune up the SSD for more prolonged, stable, and faster performance. Install and run the Adata application after OS installation and update has been completed.

Making SSD as the primary boot drive does not mean the existing HDD in your desktop is of no use now. You need a SATA cable to connect the HDD to the system Motherboard. I am working on a tutorial on – how to boot Windows OS on an SSD and use HDD as the secondary data storage on a PC.

How long does SSD Last?

If used with care an SSD might last 20 to 50 years. Here is a calculation to explain to you how such durability could be achieved. If I write 5GB data and delete 5GB data every day, then is 15 Years lifespan for the Adata SSD. However, the fact is I write on average 200 to 500 MB data only every day. Now you calculate how long my SSD would last at this speed of use. In fact, Samsung offers ten years of warranty on its SSD. Whereas you would never get more than the one-year warranty on HDD, note this.

Install SSD to your slow laptops to make it run faster and to extend its battery life. SSD boosts system performance and securely stores your vital data. Since SSD has no mechanical drive, chances of its failure or stops working is close to NIL.

Adata offers three years of warranty on all of its SSD variants in the market including the SP580 Premier.

What is an ideal size for SSD? That depends on three things: what are the minimum hard disk size you required, the budget you have on hand for a new hard drive, and the SSD technology.

The SSD memory technology works on the concept of bigger is better. Essentially, Larger is the SSD size, longer it would remain usable. At the current price of 3200 Rupees, the Adata SSD is an excellent option if you wish to make your old PC run faster.

Buy 3400 Rupees


Stanley 66-039 – Best Mobile Screwdriver Set 6-Pieces

To fix an SSD on your desktop, you need tools to open screws that hold components of the CPU together. Therefore, I bought the Stanley toolkit. However, it turned out to be a poor decision. The toolset is for unlocking tinny gadgets like smartphone, tablet, and laptop: none of the hand tools was fit to open up CPU cabinet and HDD screws.

Stanley 66-039 Precision Screwdriver Set 6-Pieces

Apparently, Tools and knowledge never go waste. Therefore, I do not regret the purchase. Yes, I am yet to use the tools but buying the best mobile screwdriver set was not waste of money.

You must have a toolkit in your home. When, which appliance would stop working is hard to predict. Whatever bucks you would spend on purchasing a toolset, you would recover by not calling a technician to fix the system failure by yourself.

The Stanley tool set contains six tools. I paid 250 Rupees for it. Sooner or letter, I would recover the spent money by repairing appliances by myself.

Buy 250 Rupees


Made in India Sony Micro Vault 8GB Pen Drive

In this article, I had explained – how to make a bootable pendrive for Windows OS from ISO file. One of the requirements I had suggested was an 8GB Pendrive. I did not have a pendrive in 8GB Size. Hence, I bought the Sony Pen drive 8GB.

There is nothing special about the pendrive. It is just a regular piece of hardware. However, still, there is something great about it. The pendrive is a “MADE in INDIA” product. I have two more pen drives; I bought them around two years back. Both are “Made in China.” However, in 2018 I could buy a “Made in India” pendrive. Credit goes to the effort of the present central government for making this a reality.

Made in India Sony Micro Vault 8GB Pen Drive

The Sony pendrive has almost no weight. In fact, it is lighter in weight compared to the 16GB HP and 2GB SanDisk pendrive. Isn't it great? Our Indian factory could produce more an advanced quality pendrive than Chinese plants could.

Why I am very so excited about the pendrive being a Made in India product is that it opens of hope that we can surpass China. When we can make better quality pendrive, indeed we can produce every part of electronics and computer here. Buy the pendrive, your heart will feel with proud to see “Made in India,” engraved on it.

For the price of 350 Rupees, the Made in India Pendrive from the respected brand Sony is a fair deal. HP for a Made in China pendrive asks Indian consumer to pay 550 Rupees. Is there any confusion left in deciding that Made in India product is the best option. By the way, I should not forget to inform that the Sony pendrive does not come with a cap. Though it makes no difference, still some of you might consider that aspect.

Buy 350 Rupees


HP KY619 3 Buttons USB Optical Mouse

When I switched to the new system with Intel i3 Processor, I had also bought an HP mouse & keyboard. While I am still using the HP mouse, Keyboard did not last even a year.

For regular use, the HP mouse is the best choice at present. If it could remain functional close to two years on my computer table despite being daily used 10 to 15 hours, it would last even longer on your working desk.

Undoubtedly, the mouse is the best mouse under 500 Rupees in our market. Amazon has rated it with “Amazon's choice” tag. At the price of 385 Rupees, the HP mouse is an entirely worthy product.

HP KY619 3 Buttons USB Optical Mouse

Next is the HP Keyboard K1500. I am a great admirer of the brand HP. In fact, HP products always worked for me. I just praised the HP mouse. I am very disappointed with HP keyboards, though. HP K1500 keyword did not even last a year. So I have now concluded that HP is not a reliable brand for Keyboard. I would never buy an HP keyboard ever. Logitech is the best brand for a computer keyboard.

Therefore, I bought Logitech MK100, a combo of a wired keyboard and a wired optical mouse. I have already been a fan of Logitech keyboard. For typing, Logitech keyboards are the best solution. I like the design of keys on Logitech keyboards, which makes typing a real fun. To order the Logitech keyboard mouse combo, you need to spend only 700 Rupees, a fair price indeed.

The name Logitech is also an excellent choice for a computer mouse. However, somehow I feel much more comfortable with the design HP provides to its computer mouse. In my opinion, the design of the HP mouse is much more user-friendly and better than that of the Logitech mouse.

Buy 385 Rupees


Champion Home Office 800VA UPS with Auto Voltage Regulation and Shine Wave Technology

I do not think there are any better UPS than this Champion UPS for your desktop. It comes with 800 VA capacity and has three output socket. If there is frequent fluctuation in your area, the only UPS you should buy is this Champion UPS. I have been using it for last three years. It has been working fine. Before this Champion UPS, I had a 600 VA Numeric UPS. That lasted only one and half years. Have no incertitude or second thought as to why not save money by buying a mediocre UPS at 1500 Rupees price from a cheap brand. The cost of 2500 Rupees for this UPS is right. Even if it looks costly, in the long run, it will save money. You are buying a UPS to protect your computer, so avoid arbitrate at this level.

Champion Home Office 800VA UPS

This website has a viral review piece on this excellent UPS. That answers all possible queries related its performance and how to use it appropriately. Here I would only say that the Champion UPS is a fantastic UPS with an outstanding performance at the right price. I am already using it with the i3 processor system. For my old computer, which runs faster now, I need one more UPS. I am going to buy this champion 800 VA UPS.

Buy 2500 Rupees


Hilex MINI STRIP 8 Plug Point Extension Strip with Fuse Spark Suppressor

Next is a flat extension box to extend power supply to multiple systems at your place. I am sure you are having one. If not and if not sure which one should you buy, I suggest the Hilex Mini 8-Plug extension box. For the price of 200 Rupees, it is a right extension box. On the quality parameter, though I would not mark it very high. Once a plug is in the socket it becomes challenging to get that out; you need real muscle power. However, its build quality is decent.

Hilex MINI STRIP 8 Plug Point Extension Strip with Fuse Spark Suppressor

There is no individual ON/OFF switch for each plug point instead has a universal ON/OFF key for the extension box. For 200 Rupees, I find this extension box Okay. Now let us see how long it lasts. Whether you buy in an online or offline store, any extension box with minimum two three-pin sockets would cost not less than 175 Rupees.

Buy 200 Rupees


Conclusion: In one of my upcoming article, I am going to explain — how to install SSD and how to use an SSD to make an old PC run faster. Also, how to mount HDD as the secondary storage and SSD as the primary boot drive. So follow us on social media and if you have any quarry, complain, or concern, send us through the comment box below. I promise you would get prompt resolution.